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The Silent Massacre, Part 3
Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America

By Nicholas Kirkland <>
March 14, 2009

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[ESMC = Electronic Stalking and Mind Control]

Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America: The Silent Massacre, Part 3 (Mar. 14, 2009)

Nobody quite understands how telepathic (non-auditory) communication occurs; yet, that it exists is undeniable. As early as 1952, a scientist briefed the Pentagon on the “possible uses of ESP [extra-sensory perception] in psychological warfare.” Since then, research on that topic via the intelligence community has become part of the government’s experiments on mind control. In the 1970’s, Stanford Research Institute engaged in intensive research on it, calling the telepathic messaging “remote viewing.” Experiments included giving selected persons only geographic coordinates and asking them what they saw there. The results were astonishing. The Russians have long been interested in telepathic communication and have attempted to train their astronauts to communicate non-verbally.

The handlers constantly repeat certain phrases to the target and make suggestions to him, oftentimes of a sexual nature. As they make those suggestions, they mention names of family members and friends of the target. After hearing those suggestions day after day, finally, the target expects to hear those phrases and expects to hear the innuendos. The next step is for him to start relating to those suggestions and believing them. Such is the perverse psychology employed by the depraved individuals who handle the targets. I believe that many of the aberrant    acts that we see in the media stem from subliminal suggestions that perpetrators of ESMC make to targets.  

There is growing proof that the equipment of the perpetrators of the ESMC also has the ability to communicate with third persons, or persons who ordinarily might interact with the target. Those persons are instructed subliminally to say certain things and use certain words that cause the target to believe that they are accomplices out to do the target harm. The third parties are not aware of their brain manipulation. Likewise, most targets are not aware of that capability, and thus do indeed believe that those people are working against him. Unlike willing and paid accomplices, those third parties unknowingly do the handlers’ evil work.

About a year ago, the handlers started repeating my thoughts back to me. There are several possible explanations for the handlers’ doing that: (1) They are recording those thoughts on tape, which they probably forward to another location. (2) They are repeating the thoughts to others either present or also monitoring me who cannot hear those thoughts. The thoughts are probably picked up over earphones attached to the computer. Perhaps only one person can listen at a time; thus, they repeat the thoughts to others. (3) They simply seek to annoy me and continually remind me of their capability of hearing my thoughts. (4) The thoughts may be echoes of my own psychological “voice.”

In “talking” to the victim’s brain, the handlers use code words and expressions. Many of them are embedded in their statements and not readily recognized as code; others are very obviously code. Regardless of how the codes are stated, they signal to the target’s brain certain reactions that the handlers expect of him. If a victim notices the context, or situation, in which the handlers use the codes and his bodily or mental reactions to their codes, it is not difficult to figure out the meaning of most of those codes. For example: “I scream,” or “ice cream,” both pronounced the same, instills anxiety; “Come in,” spoken as if they were inviting someone into their home, opens up the victim’s mind to questioning; The expression “beats the shit out of me” makes the victim feel an urge to defecate; and “I see you” and “I hear you” prepare the victim psychologically for brain “mining” by the handlers. “Go git ‘im” causes an involuntary erection.

The code words and expressions used by the handlers strongly hint that the handlers employ hypnotic pre-suggestions to trigger thoughts and actions in targets. Several times I have awoken suddenly during the night, when the handlers have not yet realized that I was awake, to hear very weird music and the drone of a kind of singing, or chanting, using particular words. On one occasion, a male was chanting, and I heard the word “vibrate” or “vibration” and my code name “Estados Unidos.” Then he started a kind of chant in which he repeated, “We love you.” The “love” thing is most definitely deception. The chanting may have also been deception.      

Much of the handlers’ talk and the holographic images that they project into the victim’s thoughts relate to sexual themes. They particularly emphasize deviant sexual behavior. Almost all of their induced thoughts and dreams involve sex. The perverts particularly seem to enjoy sodomizing the victims with whatever means they use (perhaps directed sound aided by psychological suggestion). Other victims with whom I correspond have mentioned the same sensation; others are probably too embarrassed to mention it. The emphasis on sex appears to be more or less standard operating procedure in ESMC cases. Most targeted individuals report handlers’ voyeurism and infatuation with genitalia.

The evil nature of the handlers comes across clearly. For example, they laugh and taunt as I pray for friends and family with serious physical problems. One of those persons is an eighty-six year old man who has suffered with cancer and heart problems for years and who is legally blind. Another one is a baby about six months old who because of birth defects wears a pacemaker and a feeding tube. The perverts are well aware of those peoples’ conditions; yet, they poke fun at them as I pray.

As the target forms thoughts in his mind, the handlers’ computer apparently provides the handlers dates, biographical facts, and other information to add to and correct the target’s thoughts. The purpose of this is to intimidate the target into believing that the handlers are all-knowing. The handlers, in fact, often blank out data in the target’s mind so that they can supply the information to him. Mind control has been developed into a fine art that includes every facet of a target’s thought.   

Very curiously, the handlers use many odd means to project their voices. When I shower, the handlers cause voices to come over the falling water. The second I turn off the water, the voices stop. They can even cause my stomach to “growl” and inject words and phrases into the resulting growling sound. Sometimes when I push or pull an object and friction occurs, I can hear the handlers’ voices. I believe that those voices are the continual loop play tapes of their subconscious voices.  

The handlers go to great lengths to make the target believe that their device is aided by appliances in the home, i.e., refrigerators, air conditioning, etc. However, I very often throw the main breaker when I retire at night to cut off all electricity. Despite that, the voices come through loud and the handlers are still able to cause their ESMC effects. Thus, the electrical devices obviously have little or no bearing on the handlers’ delivery of voices and electronic harassment. More deception.

The handlers may also know several languages, including Spanish. In addition, their computer software can interpret other languages. That type software has been available for years and in fact is used to make actors in movies appear to be speaking different languages from the original ones used in making the films. Latinos, Afro-Americans, and East Indians have cooperated with the handlers in harassing me at various times; however, they were probably simply accomplices and not a part of the ESMC teams.

As in the case of the electronic torture, the voices will follow the target wherever he goes. For that reason, it appears that satellites are probably somehow used to project the voices. In a 2003 article named “Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance,” author John Fleming writes that satellites are employed for “manipulating a person's mind with an audio subliminal ‘message’ (a sound too low for the ear to consciously detect but which affects the unconscious). In trying thereby to get a person to do what you want him to do, it does not matter if the target is asleep or awake.”

Subconscious Whispers

Very importantly, in addition to the “audible” telepathic talking (audible only to the target), mind control targets should be aware that their handlers also continually whisper into their brains in tones so low in volume that the target’s consciousness does not pick them up. The victim is completely unaware of the whispers, which makes them all the more dangerous. It took me years to “hear” those subconscious whispers. Many targets never hear them. Nevertheless, they are there.

The whispers are part of the handlers’ voice-to-brain messages that operate on three levels: (1) “Audible” messages that the target hears as talking “aloud” and projected telepathically into his brain. This occurred to me in December, 2005, as I was driving in Texas near the Mexican border. Naturally, only the targets hears those voices. (2) “Audible” whispers, which some targets may “hear” as they are being directed into his subconscious. I developed the ability to hear those whispers only about a year ago. I am not certain whether the handlers wanted me to hear the whispers or I simply learned to hear them despite their secrecy. (3) “Inaudible” whispers and talking conducted by the handlers as an undercurrent of the former two messages. The target cannot “hear” the third level whispers and talking, which run concurrent with the audible ones and ply the target with subliminal messages 24/7 on loop play tapes. Because they cannot be heard, the third level messages constitute a very grave threat. I do not regularly hear those loop play messages; however, at times I hear snatches of them.

I discovered the third level of messages strictly by accident or perhaps through the power of The Great Spirit. One night, I noticed that whenever my beard stubble brushed against the pillow, causing friction, I heard voices in addition to those voices and whispers that I could already “hear.” I began to “listen” more carefully when I made those movements. I also hear the third level messages occasionally when I slide an object over another object, creating friction. The friction apparently causes the third level voices to become “audible,” much like an old phonograph needle on a record.

The second and third level subconscious whisperings take many forms, for example,
-- Giving victims negative commands. Their commands are often very subtle, for example: “If I were you, I’d . . . ; I think that you should . . . .; and Why don’t you . . . .” In addition to the commands, the handlers, by employing the inaudible whispers, cause victims to misplace items, blank out names, dates and events, make errors while calculating and writing, say things out of context while talking with others, and act in strange ways that are completely alien to their usual demeanor and behavior. The perpetrators also attempt to ruin the health and looks of targets by encouraging binge eating. They whisper to victims that they are voraciously hungry or that they should eat more sweets than usual. Their aim is to get the target hopelessly out of shape and debilitated. Their whispered commands are often sinister, causing targets to harm themselves. Some targets have actually committed suicide as a result of suggestions by the handlers and holographic images to that effect.

The power of suggestion to the brain’s subconscious is truly amazing. The handlers condition targets for mind control by inducing “dreams” in which the victims plays out whatever role the handlers assign him. On one occasion while I slept, the pervs caused me to believe that I was an elderly Confederate veteran of the Civil War reminiscing about his experiences in the battle of Gettysburg. I was telling about my horse being shot and going down, about my being wounded, and about seeing comrades blown to bits with cannon balls. I woke from the “dream” with real tears in my eyes.
-- Making statements about the victims’ family members and friends intended to cause estrangement of relations between them and the victims and thus isolate the victim. In my case, the handlers continually mention my son, to whom I am very close, and my two sisters, always while causing an involuntary erection. Such is the evil nature of the ESMC assailants. I telepathically tell the handlers that they cannot damage my relationship with my son, that my love for him and his family is undying, eternal, and unconditional. Despite that, they continue to attempt to cause me to think of him in a different manner.

-- Causing victims to think in negative terms about almost everybody and everything. Their device(s) cause absurd thoughts in victims. For example, I have an elderly first cousin whom I like but to whom I am not particularly close. We rarely visit. Yet, one day while thinking about calling her, the thought of being an heir of hers surged into my mind. My cousin has three children, several grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. That negativity colors many of my normal thoughts. Their software also causes me to hear negative and suggestive words in place of ordinary words when I watch TV or listen to the radio.

-- Introducing deviant sexual ideas and feelings that victims would dismiss and reject if they were conscious of them. The handlers continually emphasize incest, necrophilia, and other sordid sexual acts in their talking. I cared for my bedridden mother for eight months before she died; on one occasion, the sickos showed me a holographic picture of my climbing into bed with her just after she died.   

-- Creating in victims a lack of confidence in themselves by disparaging their capabilities and accentuating their faults. Whenever I work at home improvement projects or assemble items, the perverts ridicule, taunt, and curse during the efforts, telling me that I’m doing it wrong. Indeed, they do their best through their voices to my brain to cause me to do it wrong.

-- Sending victims on wild goose chases and believing things that are not true. This has happened to me on various occasions, once, for example, when handlers sent telepathic thoughts about the owner of a defunct radio station in another city that I suspected may have been a clandestine site of the local operations center, and I actually went and located his house. On another occasion they convinced me that surveillance bugs were hidden throughout my house, and I took screws out of receptacles and other items. In still another instance, they made me believe that my nephew’s business computer had been hacked to obtain his business transactions and accounts and that one of his employees was responsible. They also cause me problems in reading instructions and interpreting maps if I am traveling, for example, turning at the wrong exit or missing an exit ramp.
-- Repeatedly telling the target that he is crazy. One of the aims of the sociopaths is to cause the target to think that he is losing his mind. I continually tell the handlers who monitor me that THEY are the sickos, not I.

The sub-conscious whispers are one of the handlers’ principal weapons. In 1999, long before I learned to hear those whispers, the perverts’ whispering caused me to develop acute anxiety. Not long after my mother died, I was sitting in the patio when I suddenly felt panicked. At the time, I did not have the remotest idea that the anxiety was induced by the handlers.

As a result of the anxiety, I saw a psychiatrist twice and took two prescriptions of Prozac. I gradually rose above that problem and in a few months got off the drugs and have not taken them since then. Nor will I ever take them again. Now that I know the cause of the panic attacks, the assailants can never again induce that condition. Nevertheless, they still continually attempt to do so. In my case, the code word that they use to induce anxiety is “I scream,” which when pronounced together sounds like “ice cream.’    

The handlers also use their “silent” whispers to extract information from the target. For example, whenever the target thinks of a person, he will also think their first name. Let us say that the person who comes to the target’s mind is named Joe. All the pervs have to do is ask, “Joe who?” The target then tells the handlers Joe’s surname. I have attempted to resist telling the handlers surnames; yet, there is something in the human brain that makes him think of the last name whenever someone asks “Who?” The handlers, of course, know that and use it to their advantage in obtaining information about many people whom the target knows.

Other Manifestations of the Handlers’ Voice-to-Brain Messages
The ESMC assailants are also able to project voices and other sounds through objects near the victim, i.e., the TV, a PC, and other electrical devices and even into the open air near him. Their sounds can take the form of knocking on the walls, dogs barking, falling stacks of lumber, and birds cooing or singing. Some of those sounds might be heard by others if they were present; however, the stalkers are careful not to make the noises if there are visitors. I live alone, as many victims do, and my dog often barks at some of the noises that the stalkers project into the yard and pasture. One can buy computer programs that make those same sounds.

The stalkers can send their voices through a radio, even when the radio is turned off. They can also make you think that people at nearby tables in restaurants and other public places are talking about you by projecting voices into your ears/brain that seem to come from their direction. (Directed sound again?) In applying their evil, the electronic stalkers make use of equipment that changes their voices to hide their identity. Voice changing programs are readily available on the internet for purchase. They can also record the voices of people with whom you talk and duplicate those same voices.

I reject completely the belief by some targets that the handlers practice behavior modification. Behavior modification implies turning bad into good. If there is an element of behavior modification in their actions, it is to form aberrant behavior, not exemplary behavior. No, their purpose has nothing to do with behavior modification. In my opinion, the handlers are only perverted hireling manipulators.

However, knowing is conquering. After I had been made to look ridiculous several times by my handlers, I learned to discipline my mind from falling for the handlers’ whispered schemes. I am now very careful about what I do and how I go about it. The handlers also used to delight in making me forget to take items with me when I left the house and forget where I had placed other items. I used to sometimes lock my keys in the vehicle. Now I make a concentrated effort to ensure that when I leave the house I have everything I intended to take with me. I also now rarely misplace items in the house because I am much more alert.

In addition, my memory has actually improved, as I now concentrate on names and facts. The handlers’ whispers can still make me forget someone’s name or a place momentarily, but a while later, I remember them. Of course, sometimes the handlers do this intentionally so that they can “help” me remember. I have learned to be very careful, knowing that they will make me forget something so that they can supply the answer, trying to make me dependent on them. More elementary psychology. The handlers’ computer software has programmed me to reverse many of the letters in words that I type, for example placing the vowel before a consonant or the reverse. I have to be very careful now in typing and then go back and review what I have written before sending anything by email.


There is irrefutable proof that many university, medical, and defense contractor scientists have developed microchips and other devices that operate with computer programs to achieve that capability. Many of those methods have been patented. Scientists know that certain radio frequencies can pick up the natural frequencies of the human brain.

My handlers made me believe that their equipment at first only picked up a few one- and two-syllable words of my thoughts. I even heard them talking excitedly about picking up those fragmentary thoughts. That was total deception. They have long had the ability not only to pick up complete thoughts but still further to hear those thoughts a few words BEFORE those thoughts fully develop in the conscious. They sometimes play those thoughts back to me in my own voice, with my own accent, and with my own pronunciations. I have often wondered why. Perhaps it is just another psychological tool thrown into the equation to annoy the targets, for it is does bother targets that they self-consciously “hear” their own thoughts, or perhaps it makes recording the targets’ thoughts easier to do.

People think without realizing that they are thinking. They cannot help thinking. That is quite natural. It is a psychological phenomenon that once targets are aware that the handlers can read their thoughts, the targets subconsciously articulate those thoughts carefully and become very conscious of those thoughts, knowing that somebody else is “listening.” That actually aids the handlers in hearing and seeing the thoughts more clearly. The handlers not only hear one’s thoughts, probably wearing a headset attached to the computer, but they can perhaps also see the thoughts in writing on their monitor. When my handlers repeat my thoughts so that I can hear them telepathically, they also repeat some words, like “the,” as if a third grader is reading from a book. That may simply be deception. If the thoughts are indeed recording in writing, a narrative of those thoughts probably appears somewhat like the computerized captions for the hearing impaired on TV. There is evidence that the handlers’ equipment and software can also see and record the very images that your thoughts see. In other words, they can also see what you see in your thoughts! Science fiction? Hardly.

The mind reading capability not only gives stalkers access to everything in the victim’s mind but also provides them massive amounts of information about friends and family members of victims. The stalkers feverishly exploit this information 24/7. In my case, the stalkers constantly whisper the names of my son, two sisters, friends and acquaintances, and even people whom I do not really know but who might creep into my thoughts to gather information about those individuals. Knowing my thoughts also gives the stalkers my computer passwords (and thus control over my communications), information about my business matters, and previous knowledge of my actions and movements.

The perverts’ equipment and software also have the capability of inducing dreams and thoughts while the victim sleeps. In those dreams and thoughts, the handlers introduce certain people, some of whom the victim knows, though not always very well, and others who are unknown to the victim. In the dreams, they set up particular scenarios in which the victim is one of the actors, doubtlessly to study his interaction with the other actors. In addition to the induced dreams and thoughts, the handlers also start sentences and then stop, letting the victim finish those sentences. And they flash photos before the victim’s eyes while he is in a dream-like state of consciousness and ask him questions about those people. I have awoken suddenly to see pictures being passed in rapid succession before my eyes. Their monitors register the victim’s pulse rate, emotions (including his sexual inclinations toward other people and his level of anxiety), whether the victim is telling the truth about questions he is asked, his dislike of or fondness for certain people, places, or objects, and many other physical and psychological reactions.    

Of those capabilities, Number 12, voices, and Number 13, mind reading, loom above the others in conquering the victim’s mind and spirit. In fact, hearing voices and having minds read sound so incredible that most victims do not report their electronic stalking and mind control assault to law enforcement. After all, if one hears voices and believes that people can read his thoughts, he must be crazy. And that is exactly what psychiatrists tell victims, that they suffer from dementia or paranoia-schizophrenia.

Several targets with whom I have corresponded claim that their handlers can inject mind-altering and body-function drugs into their bodies. While that may be possible, it presupposes that those drugs have already been deposited somewhere in their bodies and posed for release at some point. That probably can actually be done. However, I suspect that the targets’ handlers deceive them into believing that those drugs are being administered by playing with their minds. Again, pre- and post-hypnotic suggestions may figure in that belief.

Mind control follows a well established plan, based as much on psychology as on physical manipulation. There are three sequences to that plan: (1) Surveillance. In this sequence, the handlers not only watch and listen to the target’s conversations with others and monitor his movements but they also, through their method of “hooking” the target’s brain, silently “mine” the target’s thoughts and memories. The object is to reconstruct the target’s entire life, identify all relatives, friends, and acquaintances of the target, and learn any smut connected to the target. Only with this knowledge can mind control be used effectively. (2) Silent voices through their voice-to-skull method. The target will not be aware of this; yet, handlers are conditioning him or setting him up psychologically for the last and final step of mind control. During this time, the handlers may begin their electronic torture. (3) “Audible” voices augmented by consistent, continual, and strong electronic assault. With the knowledge gained in the first sequence and the pre-conditioning accomplished in the second sequence, the handlers now begin to bombard the target with voices that only he can hear, manipulate his thoughts and actions, and generally torment him. They hope and expect that the outcome will be the total disability of the target to function in society.    

Nicholas Kirkland

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