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The Silent Massacre, Part 4
Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America

By Nicholas Kirkland <>
March 14, 2009

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[ESMC = Electronic Stalking and Mind Control]

Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America: The Silent Massacre, Part 4 (Mar. 14, 2009)

The Handlers’ Bosses

In the foregoing narrative, I talked about various techniques and actions of the handlers who perform the ESMC. That they are evil, degenerate voyeurs and psychopaths should be as clear to the reader as it is to every victim. However, the handlers themselves are only trained hirelings. Who empowers them? In other words, who gives handlers the permission or the orders to apply the ESMC. Who identifies the targets that they harass? Who provides them the devices and the know-how to carry out the ESMC? Let us look into possibilities of the “bosses” for whom the lowly handlers work.  

FBI & The Infraguard

Michael Rothschild’s article in the February issue of The Progressive called “FBI Deputizes Business” identifies businesses as possible perpetrators of electronic torture and mind control. The article reveals that the FBI, now overseen by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), formed a group of businesses called the Infraguard in 1996 under the Clinton administration (1992-2000) ostensibly to stem and pre-empt any perceived terrorist threat within the United States. The meaning of “terrorist threat” is at best very vague and gives those essentially FBI-sponsored vigilante groups the legal right to attack any American citizen whom they wish with absolute immunity.

The Bush administration (2000-2008) built upon that little-known group in his post-9/11 attack on democracy as a key element in quelling any opposition or suspected opposition to his regime within the United States. FBI Director Robert Mueller called that megalithic vigilante group the “first line of defense.” It does not require a molecular physicist to imagine the abuses that are certain to accompany any such para-law enforcement program. In sparsely populated areas such as many parts of the Deep South, Infraguard probably depends on small firms and businesses owned by bigoted and small-minded ultra-conservatives to spy on and exert mind control upon selected targets. Those targets are very likely to be people whom the business owners dislike or are afraid of for one reason or another.

Many of those Intraguard “businesses” are Fortune 500 firms, including companies  that hold defense contracts with the U. S. Government. It is a well known fact that businesses buy Congressional cooperation through Political Action Committees (PACs), which include religious, social, and civic organizations, some of which exist to promote the aims of foreign governments within the United States. Thus, broadly interpreted, Intraguard can include those latter organizations, such as the Jewish Defense League (JDL), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and radical pro-Israel and other Christian Fundamentalist groups, in its domestic spying program. The tentacles of those organizations reach into the smallest towns and even into rural communities.

It is not clear whether the FBI provides the names of the targets or simply allows the Infraguard to identify the targets. It is equally unclear whether the intelligence community does the “hooking” of the targets and then allows the handlers to perform their ESMC or whether the handlers may actually have a hand in the targets’ “hooking.” At any rate, the Infraguard’s weapons include intrusions on the targets’ computer and telephonic communication, physically spying on and “investigating” those targets, interference with their mail, monitoring the targets’ business and business contacts, and very likely using secret FBI electronic and mind control methods on the identified targets.

Buttressing the powers of the Infraguard, a Bush Executive Order signed July 17, 2007, allows Federal authorities to seize assets of dissenting citizens who "directly or indirectly" hinder Bush’s Iraq War agenda. If Bush’s tactics against war protestors were not a sufficient threat to American rights, on October 23, 2007, the House of Representatives passed legislation called “The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act,” which allows law enforcement to arrest individuals whom they suspect hold radical ideas BEFORE they “turn violent.” With powers that broad, it is not difficult to perceive that they also include using high-tech surveillance and neurological weaponry on those targets. 

It should be obvious to any TI that his handlers are professionally trained in the application of their electronic torture and mind control methods. It should also be abundantly clear that psychologists and psychiatrists had a hand in developing those skills and probably training those handlers. After all, that group assisted the CIA and the US military in developing interrogation and torture methods used against Guantánamo detainees, a program approved by The American Psychological Association.

If the FBI, other U. S. intelligence agencies, and law enforcement do not actually carry out the electronic and mind control assault on American citizens and residents directly, they can relegate that power to those organizations affiliated with the Infraguard program. Those groups probably include the following:

(1) Big business and research facilities, particularly those with government defense contracts, and even smaller independent, individually owned companies in smaller cities and towns.

(2) Some PACs, including civic organizations.

(3) Some religious groups, particularly the “born again” types.

(4) Perhaps even intelligence-sharing foreign countries, such as Israel, which often operates through its subservient American organizations such as the B’nai B’rith, the Jewish Defense League, and the Anti-Defamation League. Those organizations are known to have maintained “hit lists” for many years.

(5) Perhaps even segments of the medical community.

(6) Almost certainly law enforcement.

The perpetrators of ESMC (as well as the means they use to apply it) have to be known by the U. S. Government. Bill McIntosh, an ex-U. S. Navy defense employee and also a longtime target, authored a carefully researched paper on directed energy in which he says that the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) conducted experiments in the late 1960’s on the health and psychological effects of low intensity microwaves. He quotes Richard Cesaro, Director of DARPA, as saying that the program's initial goal was to: “. . . discover whether a carefully controlled microwave signal could influence the mind" to be used "for potential weapons applications."

In 1971, when Senator Sam Ervin’s committee questioned Army officials about those U. S. citizens under surveillance, the Army claimed that they kept only 7,000 under watch. Under questioning, they later admitted to double that number. Finally, it was learned that as many as one out of every four Americans is under surveillance. McIntosh wrote that “the military claimed many very trite reasons for keeping track of so many civilians; [however], information indicates that human test subjects and all their acquaintances were the bulk of these numbers!” Keep in mind that that information dates back to the 1970’s. Although surveillance alone does not constitute electronic and mind control assault, consider how simple it would be to take constant surveillance to the next step in parceling those targets out to groups of local handlers for physical and neurological torture. 

I suspect, in fact, that there may be two distinct parties involved in electronic torture and mind control:

(1) The major organization actually “hooks” the mind through the still-secret device and method. That element would probably be national in scope. It either selects the targets or allows lists to be submitted to them for targeting.

(2) After the targets are hooked, a second group, the actual handlers, take over. The handlers themselves probably do not know how targets are hooked. They only carry out the  techniques of electronic torture and mind control on the targets.

Targets suffer from indescribable physical and psychological torture. Yet, they can probably get some small satisfaction out of the fact that the handlers, who are obviously already seriously disturbed individuals, gradually become more psychologically ill and socially maladjusted the longer they ply their evil work. Over the years, the torture and voyeurism that they employ weighs upon their degenerate minds. Although they obviously enjoy making people suffer and receive tangible rewards for it from their bosses, their handiwork eventually leaves them as mentally affected as their victims.

The Handlers’ Accomplices

Electronic and mind control assailants also often depend on local accomplices to help with their aims. I classify the accomplices as active and passive. The first group actively participate in street theatrics, gang stalking, and entering targets’ houses; the second group knows what is going on but keeps quiet. Unknown persons have entered my house in my absence on several occasions and taken items and rearranged other items. In October of 2008 while I was away on a several-day trip, someone entered my house and took from the center of my bed a round magnet with which I always sleep that measures two inches in diameter by a half inch in thickness. That magnet never leaves my bed and my house. When I change sheets, it goes right back into the bed. The assailants’ purpose was doubtlessly to enter again while I was gone and replace the magnet, either in its normal location or in a nearby location, to make me think that I was losing my mind, one of the pervs’ main objectives. Surely enough, I found the magnet in January, 2009 at the back of a little-used closet.

Accomplices of the ESMC perpetrators perform the actual foot work. Many of the accomplices work in legitimate businesses such as delivery organizations. In my case, UPS has failed to deliver at least five items that I ordered or that someone was sending to me. Two of the items were returned to the senders without my being notified. Never once did a UPS driver leave a notice on my door or in my mailbox that he had attempted to deliver packages. Accomplices also work in the postal system, telecommunications companies, especially local internet providers, and other legitimate businesses.

They local helpers of the ESMC assailants do not forcefully enter houses of targets but use master keys that open any locks. Likewise, they will never steal any item of great value. After gaining entry, the accomplices will rearrange items in the house or place them in locations where the target would never put them. Their mission is: to make the victim think that he is going crazy; to let the target know that they have the power to enter whenever they wish; to remind the target that he is under constant watch; and to frighten or intimidate the target. They once dropped a 9 volt battery and six AA batteries into my garbage disposal, which I discovered when I turned on the disposal. The batteries had come from a night table drawer where I keep them. That meant that the accomplices had inspected every area of my house and had gone through all of my belongings. 

Items taken will often consist of anything that they believe might be helpful in their mind control efforts. For example, on one occasion, intruders stole from my desk a roster of an English as a Second Language class that I had taught. That theft probably represented addition sleuthing into people whom I know, as they often mention names when they talk to me telepathically.  

Domestic Terrorism

Why have electronic stalkers and mind control artists and their accomplices not been caught? They will be. It is only a matter of time, perhaps a short time. However, their evil has long gone undetected and unpunished because of the following reasons.
-- They operate in total secrecy; therefore, their locations are unknown. The handlers probably take an oath of secrecy. Otherwise, one of the handlers tells a relative who tells a friend and soon the truth is out.

-- They employ a method or methods of electronic harassment and mind control not yet fully understood. There are those researchers who believe that handlers use, in addition to microchips, other means to communicate with the victims’ brains. Whatever method is used, it will require some type of transmitter/receiver, although those instruments may function slightly differently.

-- Their electronic stalking and mind control activities leaves little or no evidence. A part of the whole scheme is to operate in a manner that leaves no trace of evidence that could lead investigators to the perpetrators. The handlers count on victims not having tangible evidence to submit with their complaints of ESMC. Without proof of assault, of course, law enforcement has either the pretext not to investigate or finds
little cause to investigate.

-- Victims are reluctant to make complaints, as they have no proof of assault and cannot identity the assailants and do not want to appear foolish.

-- Psychiatrists, doctors, and others in the medical community do not recognize the existence of ESMC. Indeed, if they acknowledge that patients who suffer ESMC are not paranoid schizophrenic, they then find themselves unable to treat those symptoms in the traditional psychiatric manner. 

-- Law enforcement has been almost completely uncooperative.

The cowardly sneaks who carry out ESMC are textbook cases of domestic terrorists. In addition to committing terrorism, the stalkers are guilty of (1) stalking, (2) harassing with malicious intent, (3) coercion (in attempting to make the victim do things that he/she does not want to do with their mind control methods), (4) psychological and virtual rape, (5) breaking and entering (which they often do to intimidate the victims by unlocking locked doors, turning back clocks, moving items in rooms, hiding other items, etc.), (6) burglary and theft (which they commit when they enter a victim’s home and take items to confuse and disorient the victim), (7) recording a victim’s conversations without his/her consent, (8) peeping tom-ism (through their ability to view the victim), (9) assault and battery (by using electric shock, etc. against the victims), (10) slander (by circulating false rumors and stories that lack proof about the victim), (11) libel (when those rumors and stories are put into print in the from of emails, etc), (12) computer hacking and phone tapping, (13) conspiracy, (14) in some cases, blackmail and extortion, (15) first degree murder (when a victim suffers a fatal car crash because of sleep deprivation), and (16) attempted murder (when their plans do not succeed).

In addition, the domestic terrorists violate FCC and other laws regarding the illegal use of electronic equipment. However, they will NOT engage in credit card fraud, identity theft, extortion, blackmail, or any other activity that will force them to communicate in writing or that will be traceable. Should that happen, the FBI and local law enforcement would be forced to look into those crimes and record them as crimes.

Keep in mind that electronic assault and mind control contains two elements: (1) electronic harassment and (2) mind control. In the first instance, it is often conducted from close range by persons using homemade or easily purchased electronic devices. Those criminals may live next door or in an adjoining apartment. The target will often have a good idea of the perpetrator’s identity and may even also be able to gather sufficient evidence to bring suit against that individual or individuals. Electronic harassment is very often linked to gang stalking. Those acts can oftentimes be recorded on videotape and presented as evidence although the victim probably cannot count on the authorities for much assistance.

On the other hand, mind control, which also invariably includes electronic assault, leaves no evidence and the perpetrators are unknown. The perpetrators operate by remote, perhaps over very long distances, and leave no trace of their work. I have not yet communicated with any mind control target who has been victimized in a traceable and prosecutorial manner.

U. S. Intelligence: the NSA, FBI, CIA

Does the U. S. intelligence community know about ESMC and how it works? A resounding yes. A journalist in a July 2008 Yahoo news article wrote about visiting Guantanamo and interviewing some of the detainees. One of them was Omar Khadr, an Islamic Canadian who was only fifteen years old when he was captured in Afghanistan in 2002 and brought there. Omar told the interviewer tearfully that he had lost both arms and both legs; yet, the boy was in perfectly sound physical condition. Interrogators and brain control experts from the CIA, DOD, and other U. S. intelligence agencies had taken control of his mind and had convinced him that he had no arms or legs. As I write, Gitmo prisoners are being allowed trials by Federal judges. However, Khadr’s lawyer warned that he is almost a basket case. His prison torturers doubtlessly erased any memory in his mind of his neurological torture. 

The mind control handlers operate by remote. Thus, some type of instrument, or receiver/transmitter must be used to make contact with the victim’s brain. That radio may be a scanner, ham radio, or a clandestine radio station guided by GPS. Regardless of the type of device, it must operate along a particular frequency, a frequency that can pick up the electromagnetic pulses of the human brain. If a radio is used, that frequency must necessarily be blocked. If not, any listener could happen upon that frequency and hear the whisperings and other mind control operations of the handlers, blowing the entire operations. If it is indeed a blocked frequency, the local law enforcement, the FBI, and the FCC have to know about and approve it, additional proof that law enforcement has to know about ESMC.

Since 9/11 the Federal Government has assiduously monitored all radio frequencies to prevent terrorists from communicating with each other. Intelligence routinely scans the air waves for suspicious activity. It is an inescapable fact, then, that the Federal government has to know about electronic stalking and mind control. If the Federal, state, and local law enforcement are not involved directly in ESMC, their unwillingness to investigate makes them knowing accomplices. 

I live in a rural area in Ouachita Parish (county) in north central Louisiana. In late 2006, not trusting the local authorities, I made a trip to the nearby city of Shreveport to seek out the FBI to make a complaint about the electronic stalking and mind control activities. I outlined verbally to one of the agents what was happening. I also gave the agent a CD with parts of my journal and my thoughts about those effects. In fairness to the agent, I must reveal that I also showed him several items from my house that my handlers had caused me to believe were bugged. (He did not examine those items but pretended to make a note about them.) Later, I realized that the “bugs” were simply part of the handlers’ mind control games; the agent did not know that the items were NOT bugged. The agent asked only two questions: was I homosexual and was I being blackmailed? Those questions strongly suggest to me that that particular group is being targeted with ESMC for purposes of blackmail, extortion, and perhaps annihilation and that the FBI is well aware of that exploitation. Naturally, I heard nothing else from that meeting. I visited that office a second time early in 2007 with the same result.

The refusal of the FBI to listen seriously to complainants and to investigate their claims indicts that agency. An electronic stalking victim whom I later met in person had also recurred to the FBI to complain. The victim told me that the agent to whom she made her complaint said with a grin: “Makes you feel like you’ve got nowhere to turn, huh?” She stated that “He was quite aware of what I was experiencing.” That victim, a grandmother and a very soft spoken, almost timid person, had worked for a single telecommunications company for thirty-five years before she retired. Like most victims, she lived alone. A policeman lived next door and a Fundamentalist preacher lived across the street. The victim had no idea why she had been targeted.  

For the sake of argument, let us consider that the FBI and local law enforcement just may be using electronic stalking and mind control, although illegal and inhuman, to attempt to combat crime. If there is any element of truth in that conjecture, it is not supported by statistics. Crime continues to grow at an alarming rate. Moreover, our government is based on the principle of “due process of law” and justice for all, including drug smugglers, murderers, rapists, and others. An indictment of crime and a trial by jury are the cornerstones of our democracy. When law enforcement becomes the judge, jury, and executioner by using covert electronic torture on targets, they trample on and make a mockery of those democratic principles.

I searched the internet for statistics concerning the categories of FBI investigations. The FBI has about 60 field offices and over 12,000 agents. It has divisions whose agents and clerical assistants continually investigate and surf the web for information on high-tech crimes and information relating to terrorism. The internet is literally full of references to electronic stalking and mind control. In fact, one cannot surf the internet for terrorism without encountering some of those articles and web sites. Yet, I did not find a single reference to the FBI’s having investigated a single case of electronic stalking and mind control activities.

The FBI continually monitors and even infiltrates known organizations that engage in domestic terrorism. It is ridiculous to consider that the FBI does not know about high-tech harassment, the instruments used, and how the instruments work. Moreover, the FBI, Secret Service, NSA, and other agencies share the responsibility for the overall protection of the President, Vice President, cabinet members, Supreme Court justices, and Congresspersons. It is absurd to think that those intelligence agencies do not know about electronic stalking and mind control, how to prevent it, and, if discovered, how to neutralize it.

The subject of electronic stalking and mind control remains taboo. The controlled media will not touch that topic. Only on the internet, where data is still largely unfettered by the power brokers, can one find information on ESMC. In performing my research, I found on the internet multiple accounts by and about victims of ESMC, and I corresponded with scores of those targeted individuals. Most of those correspondents appeared to be regular people whom one would expect to live next door. Many of them had braved the stigma of being labeled schizophrenic to complain to the FBI and their local law enforcement. Not a single case had led to an investigation.

Law Enforcement

Like the FBI and other national law enforcement agencies, local level law enforcement has also been non-responsive to victims. There may be several reasons for that.

(1) Local law enforcement knows little if anything about electronic stalking and neurological assault. Officers on the local level very seldom receive training in high-tech crimes involving the human body. If they have received training, that instruction probably covered only the electronic effects and did not address the mind control element. In addition, most law enforcement officers, as well as the general public, simply cannot comprehend how twenty-first century technology can be utilized to invade the human mind and affect the human body.

(2) Victims can normally produce no hard evidence concerning their complaints, let alone identify their assailants. As law enforcement rushes to point out, that gives them little to work with in pursuing the assailants. It also provides them a very convenient excuse to do nothing.

(3) Victims are very reluctant to make complaints concerning neurological attacks for fear that they will be considered crazy and treated as such. Indeed, psychiatrists and others have convinced the world that persons who complain of electronic stalking and mind control must be textbook cases of paranoid-schizophrenia. I remained silent for three years after I knew what was happening for that same reason. When I finally did brave the stigma of being labeled crazy to present my complaints, surely enough the investigative officers apparently thought or pretended to think that I was crazy.

(4) Authorities are reluctant to publicize information in the media concerning electronic and neurological attacks, as many citizens would become alarmed for their safety. The difficulty in enforcing laws making citizens safe from high tech assault causes law enforcement to maintain silence. The assailants are quite aware of the authorities’ dilemma, and they exploit that weakness.

(5) In some cases, law enforcement may even knowingly permit and sometimes even abet and actively participate in those stalking activities. If not, they may have very good ideas about people and groups that might engage in electronic stalking without pursuing those ideas. It is no secret that law enforcement officials in many places have “protected” certain criminal elements either for money or other benefits or out of sympathy for those groups. Vigilante groups are known to enjoy police and other law enforcement support and protection in some areas of the United States.

My experience with local law enforcement has been at best disappointing. After several years of enduring electronic stalking and mind control without having proof of it, I finally found that proof. Here is what happened. I read on the internet a victim’s advice that aluminum foil could ameliorate some of the effects of the ESMC. Thus, I placed heavy foil over the three windows of my bedroom. At night I could hear what seemed like puffs of air hitting against the foil, sounding much like rain drops falling on large leaves of plants.

After several weeks, I walked into the bedroom in the day time without turning on the light, and I saw the foil perforated with literally hundreds of holes in the foil. Those holes ranged from pin size to perhaps a forth of an inch diameter. The smaller holes seemed to be perfectly round; some of the larger holes were somewhat jagged. The windows on that side of the house face almost due south. My satellite TV dish and satellite internet dish stand right outside those windows to pick up the satellite signals from the southern sky, a hint that ESMC may have something to do with satellites.  

I prepared a written complaint to submit to the sheriff’s office about the holes in the foil. In the complaint, I was very careful to mention only the electronic stalking element, not the mind control element, knowing that any mention of mind control would only make me look like a crackpot. Before I had time to print out the complaint, the stalkers, who have access to my computer, changed the date from January 14, 2008 to November 14, 2008 to make me look crazy. Fortunately, in scanning the report before I submitted it, I caught that change in my date and corrected it by hand.

When I drove that same day to the local sheriff’s office, I parked in front of the large three-storied building. The moment I stepped out of the truck I felt strong vibrations. My dog in her portable kennel in the back of my pickup truck also started to shake uncontrollably, just as she does when under attack from the electronic stalkers. That suggests that the sheriff’s office either houses some very sophisticated electronic equipment that is manned throughout the day or there is an exceptionally strong electromagnetic force in that location.

I entered the building and found the criminal investigation section. When the duty officer in that office asked the nature of my complaint, I told him. Without blinking an eye, he told me matter-of-factly, as if he were an electronics expert, that the only way stalkers could bother me electronically was in touching me with something like a Taser. Instead of telling him that he was full of s--t, as I was inclined to do, I kept quiet and insisted on talking with an investigative officer.

The duty officer’s remark, though impertinent and uninformed, was revealing. He had obviously been instructed by higher-ups to give that policy statement answer to anybody complaining of electronic harassment. That means that other citizens in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana had previously complained about the same harassment!

To lend credence to that belief, I confided in a dentist whom I had seen over the years about the possibility of a microchip having been implanted in one of my molars. The dentist did not appear the least bit surprised, which strongly implies that other patients had also told him similar stories. He replied that if I had one it would more likely be located in the soft tissue (the gums) rather than the teeth, suggesting that it may have been injected with a syringe. The dentist began condemning various government actions and government surveillance. I do not know whether he thought that he was patronizing a delusional patient or actually believed that the government was covertly monitoring the American citizenry.

The duty officer assigned a junior parole officer who had recently begun working with the office to take my complaint. That officer promised to write up a report and pass my complaint to the investigative section. A few days later an investigative officer, with an assistant, did indeed arrive at my house. The lead officer was supposed to be the resident expert on high-tech crime. I showed them the holes. The officers showed little surprise, asked no questions, and made no comments. The perforated foil provided forensic evidence; yet, the officer did not ask for a sample for forensic examination. I never heard anything else from those deputies. Still more strangely, the senior detective received a promotion a few weeks later from sergeant to lieutenant.

Once again, in February, 2008, I was harassed non-electronically by persons riding four-wheelers at one o’clock in the morning in front of my house and shouting. I live at the end of a long, obscure, private dirt lane with a field on one side and a pasture on the other side, so there was no reason for them to be in that area. Furthermore, my house is the only structure on that lane. I prepared a complaint about that incident and took it to the sheriff’s office later that same day.

After presenting the second written complaint, the sheriff’s office called my son at his work place to tell him that the sheriff’s office wanted me to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. When they called, I was actually on my way back home from visiting my son and his family. There was no reason to call my son instead of calling me directly. Moreover, I had not given them my son’s name, his place of work, or his telephone number. I interpreted their action as a deliberate effort to intimidate me and to suggest to my son that I was crazy.

When I returned home, I visited the sheriff’s office the following morning. They threatened to obtain a court order to force me to submit to a psychiatric evaluation. That appears to be law enforcement pro forma in cases of electronic assault. Although I knew that they could not justify that action, I agreed to the evaluation on my own terms, as I knew that the result would probably strengthen my case. I later underwent the psychiatric evaluation as well as a good physical examination in another city. Both examinations proved me very fit. After my going to much trouble and expense in getting the examinations, the sheriff’s office has consistently refused my requests for meetings.

At the meeting with sheriff’s office officials prior to my having the psychiatric and physical exams, I showed the officers some notes that I had written on electronic stalking (no mention of mind control at this point), which I wanted to give to an investigative reporter for the local newspaper. In publishing a news story on ESMC, I hoped to flush out other victims in the area, as by then I was convinced that there were several other targets in the parish. The officer stated somewhat smugly that publishing the article would not be a very good idea, as (paraphrased) “investigative reporters have a habit of wanting to delve deeper into the matter.” I viewed that as meaning that local law enforcement did not want the public to know anything about electronic stalking. Once again, the officer’s statement suggested that law enforcement knew that other targets in the area were experiencing the same problem as I.

Shortly after that meeting, I got a call one day from an employee in the state-operated Elderly Protective Services, an office that I had never heard of. The Sheriff’s Office had asked her to get in touch with me and visit me – still another evaluation. I realized that her visit might work to my advantage instead of the opposite, so I agreed to her visit. The moment she arrived and I greeted her I could see that she was puzzled about why she had been asked to see me. I invited her inside and we chatted for a few minutes. As she left, she told me candidly that she was confused about the request to visit me, as I was more mentally and physically fit than many younger people.

Nicholas Kirkland

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