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The Silent Massacre, Part 5
Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America

By Nicholas Kirkland <>
March 14, 2009

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[ESMC = Electronic Stalking and Mind Control]

Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America: The Silent Massacre, Part 5 (Mar. 14, 2009)

After getting the psychiatric and physical exams and still being unable to see anyone in the sheriff’s office, I sent a certified letter to the state attorney general’s office on June 10, 2008, asking that office to investigate my complaints. By this time, I had decided that regardless of the almost certain stigma, I was no longer going to hide the fact that I was a victim of mind control Thus, I attached a summary of my experiences that included the mind control portion. I have both my mailing receipt as well as the initialed delivery confirmation from that office. I never heard from that office. They did not even acknowledge the letter except for initialing the delivery receipt.

After more than two months had passed since writing the letter to the state attorney general without getting an answer, I then wrote to the Public Affairs Division of Louisiana State Police for statistics on electronic stalking and mind control, defining clearly both terms. That office answered tersely, “We do not have statistics on such incidents.” That meant that my complaint, and doubtlessly those by other targets, had gone unreported by local law enforcement in its monthly crime statistics report to the state office. No surprise there.

In my correspondence with other victims, I learned that in case after case they had sought out the FBI, state, and local law enforcement for help and had received none. Some of those victims even stated that policemen and other law officers later moved into houses and apartments near them. In all of my communication, I never found a victim whose case was investigated. In my case, although an investigator initially came to view the proof of ESMC, he never filed a report, obviously never investigated, and refused to meet with me afterward.

Electronic stalking and assault (in this case, on both the body and the mind) are crimes in any civilized society. That I could not identify my assailants should not have been a factor. Many victims of crime cannot identify their assailants. Watch the “who dunnit” programs on TV. In many cases, victims are assaulted without seeing their attackers. Although naturally that makes pursuing the assailants more difficult, law enforcement is responsible for at least attempting to locate the criminals. In the case of ESMC, the victim should only have to describe their attack. They should not have to tell law enforcement who is doing it and how it is done.

Let us review our seventh grade civics. On all three levels of government – national, state, and local – there are three branches, the executive, judiciary, and the legislative. The legislative branch passes the laws, the judiciary interprets them, and the executive enforces them. Law enforcement belongs to the executive branch on all three levels.

Most of the higher officials in the executive branch, including law enforcement on the state and local levels, are elected by the people. Thus, if law enforcement is indeed a part of the ESMC conspiracy, they are using public funding to harass private citizens. In other words, the taxpaying victims are not only unprotected by law enforcement but they are also helping to finance their own electronic and mind control torture.

U. S. Intelligence and Law Enforcement Examined

The stand-back, hands-off position of the FBI and local law enforcement is understandable only if one considers that those authorities themselves may be involved in electronic assault and mind control activities. Ask yourself the following questions.

(01) Who would have the equipment to carry out electronic assault?
(02) Who would have the knowledge about how to use that equipment for ESMC?
(03) Who would have a ready opportunity to use the equipment?
(04) Who can communicate through a network that allows them national coverage?
(05) Who has the authority to investigate people and obtain their personnel and military files?
(06) Who has the financial resources required to buy the equipment, procure the handlers, train those people, and pay them for their services 24/7?
(07) Who has the technical expertise to train handlers in electronic stalking and mind control activities?
(08) Who has secure facilities where extra-legal records on the targets and information gathered on the targets can be kept?
(09) Who has the authority and funding to send hundreds of investigators into the field to conduct interviews with people who know the targets and record those interviews.
(10)) Who has the connections to pursue victims from city to city, state to state, and country to country as they seek to escape the effects of ESMC?
(11) Who can best start rumor campaigns and spread misinformation about the targets?
(12) Who can prevent investigations by law enforcement into complaints of ESMC? (13) Who can encourage the medical and scientific communities to maintain silence on ESMC and psychiatrists to label victims paranoid-schizophrenic without looking further into the subject?
(14) Who can summon the assistance of telephone companies, public utility companies, and internet providers in tapping phones and hacking computers of victims?
(15) Who can command the cooperation of the post office and the package delivery services into misdirecting and interfering in other ways with the victims’ correspondence?
(16) Who has the human resources to fill the internet with lies, misleading material, and deceptive information on electronic stalking and mind control?
(17) Who has the equipment and the capability of tracking a person within his home or any other structure and pinpointing any place on that person’s body?
(18) Who has the means to encourage neighbors to ostracize a victim in his own neighborhood?
(19) Who has the power to direct the resources of the IRS, DEA, ATF, and other agencies on the targets?
(20) Who has the capability of gaining access to the targets’ financial records and credit reports?
(21) Who has the clout to silence Congresspersons, especially the Committee Chairpersons, from ordering a national inquiry into widespread and increasing allegations of ESMC?
(22) Who has the capability to garner the cooperation of elements of all ethnic groups against a target?
(23) Who can make certain that no ESMC complaint is submitted on local law enforcement’s monthly crime report?
(24) Who has the influence to keep any mention of ESMC out of local newspapers? (25) Who has the authority to issue policy statements denying that electronic assault even exists?
(26) Who has unlimited human resources to use in this manner?
(27) Who can legally allow or block out frequencies over the air?
(28) Who can subsidize the rent of policemen and other local law enforcement to rent an apartment or house next to yours?

If you answered “Law Enforcement” to all twenty-eight of those questions, you are correct.

Electronic stalking and mind control simply cannot exist without the knowledge of the FBI and other Federal intelligence gathering agencies. Period. That hints of a vast and widespread conspiracy that must necessarily include local law enforcement. That conspiracy is secret, well organized, and thoroughly implemented. It is highly possible that conspirators may include legally constituted and outwardly respectable groups. If that is correct, the FBI, DIA, DOD, CIA, and other American intelligence units would have to train those selected groups, provide them the equipment and know-how to use it, and advise them.

A victim’s only recourse is to inform law enforcement of the crime. Those authorities are expected to investigate and assist the victim. If law enforcement is the perpetrator, to whom else can a victim turn for help?         

About ESMC

Four main points stand out: (1) Electronic stalking and mind control pervades the United States of America, targeting victims that represent the make-up of the entire population; (2) Conspiracy, deception, and secrecy are key elements in those activities; (3) Perpetrators of that electronic stalking and mind control conspiracy operate on national, state, and local levels; (4) Many of those conspiracies operate with the acquiescence and under the protection of law enforcement on all levels of government.

Ordinary electronic stalking can be carried out by many people and groups, using home-made or altered devices and equipment that can be easily purchased. Mind control, on the other hand, is quite another activity, which requires high-tech equipment, a great deal of organization, intensive training, utter secrecy, and the ability to operate from afar. Amateurs can carry out electronic stalking; only highly trained technicians can carry out mind control.  

Electronic stalking and mind control on United States citizens started as early as the mid-1980’s. The experiments probably began back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. David James Fratus, a prisoner in the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah, wrote of his experiences with ESMC in that facility in a 1988 letter. I include below some excerpts from that very long and descriptive letter.

“I began to receive, or hear, high frequency tones in my ears. Like the test pattern on a TV set. The volume or intensity of these frequencies is adjustable and some are so high and piercing that they've literally had me climbing the walls. You cannot imagine what it has been like confined to a cell 24 hours a day for almost a rear [year] now, being brain blasted by high frequency impulses--no respite, no place to hide, and having not the lightest notion what was going on.

For the climax in this series of weird events, I began to hear voices in my ears. Voices that change pitch and timbre in contrast from being a cartoonish high and squeaky, descending through the octaves, including everything from sinister Darth Vadorish to basically normal characteristics. The reception of these voices into my inner ears is as vivid as though I were listening to a set of stereo headphones, and they are able to mix, match, and blend them in conjunction with the frequency tones creating a raucous cacophony of audio discord that disheartens the soul.

Now for the clincher. The various effects of this device have been progressively increased throughout this eleven-month onslaught, finally arriving at full potential with the end result being that I am now having my brain monitored by an omnipotent computerized mind reading or scanning machine of some sort. No hoax, no illusion to what I'm experiencing. These people have devised or acquired a specialized unit that reads absolutely everything--physical as well as mental functions, and are able to cause severe impairments and dysfunctions via this remote-control scanning device.

This scheme of sleep deprivation, headaches, and audio torments is relentless and being used to break down my resistance and wear me to a mental frazzle, permitting no mental privacy, berating and picking my thoughts apart, and attacking my mind with an insidious tirade of sickening innuendo and threats. They are going into my subconscious, or memory bank, bringing forth unpleasant memories long ago forgotten, and I am being punished for past as well as present indiscretions. I can think of anything from the past-- a friend or situation from 30 years ago for instance, and the voices will provide names and particulars. I have repeatedly tested and attempted to trick them on this. No way. They have better access to what's in my head with this nefarious invention than I do.

I can converse with my antagonists merely by thinking what I wish to say.... and I welcome you to the Twilight Zone!! How the hell is this being done?? They are using those frequency impulses to perpetrate some very vicious maltreatment on me. With the apparent ease of manipulating a keyboard, they can, with a flick of the switch, strip me of all energy and motivation to where I'm forced to lie on my bunk and stare at the wall like a zombie. I've been left in this state for weeks at a time--literally chained to my bed without the actual use of physical restraints, having not the energy to walk back and forth in my cell even a few times. For almost the entire eleven months I have continuously been made to feel low down and chronically depressed.

It is inconceivable to me that the technology of this awesome device can be unique and possessed solely by the State of Utah, but I may very well be wrong. When I first entered the prison in May, 1986, one of the psychologists who conducted my initial classification interview inquired as to whether I had ever heard "voices." That seems to be the key word around here. . . .The proficiency of the apparatus I'm dealing with is sophisticated far beyond anything scientists had apparently imagined in use at that time. I have since heard many references made to people hearing "voices" by both inmates and staff, which would indicate that these people were in possession of, and employing this technology at least that far back. This is what prompts me to wonder how they could have had such an innovative piece of equipment in use, operating with apparent perfection of technique, without the scientific and medical community in general being aware of it. Quite a puzzle.

At least two inmates that I know of have been badgered to the point of having attempted suicide as a result of this mental torment, and something stinks to the high heavens here! All of the staff, as well as a number of inmates, are aware of what is happening, so I can't fathom how it can remain, or even at this time, be a kept and closed secret human nature being what it is. They [prison authorities and guards] are so very smug and secure in the belief that they cannot be brought to account for these blatantly illegal acts due to their well rehearsed methods of official denial, isolation, and absence of witnesses, bogus psychiatric evaluations, and of course, the fact that this mental torment is being accomplished by a faceless machine, operated by anonymous antagonists from an unknown location and distance.”

What happened to Fratus in the Utah prison represents the most heinous crime against humanity. In another case, the TV program “48 Hours” on August 16, 2008, told about Florida playboy Fred Kretsmer’s spending eight months in a California prison and later hearing “voices.” Kretsmer later murdered a woman. Did the voices that he heard urge him to kill? Several victims with whom I corresponded who also hear voices had served time in prison. Thus, it appears that psychological torture in prisons is widespread.

However, only the most naive, uninformed persons will believe that state prisons exercise a monopoly over those torture devices and methods. Other elements of law enforcement must know about them. Moreover, how did those prisons acquire that technology in the first place? Why use electronic torture and mind control on prisoners who are already incarcerated and removed from society? Besides the sick satisfaction that perpetrators get out of torturing helpless inmates, they may also be accomplices in carrying out the same ESMC methods on the American public. Keep in mind that Fratus wrote his letter twenty years ago. Imagine how much more sophisticated the equipment, the software, and the mind control techniques have gotten in the last two decades. And imagine how the spread of that evil has proliferated in the meantime.

I suspect that in years to come we will discover that some mass murderers and parents who kill their children are victims of mind control. Two such murderers have made news in the last few years: Andrea Yates, who drowned all five of her children, and Leanna Laney, who killed two of her young sons and left a third one incapacitated for life. Both women were believed to be good, caring, and devoted mothers. Both women heard inner voices commanding them to commit infanticide. One of the women said the voice was that of the devil; the other one, that it was the voice of God. The husband of one of the women worked with NASA. I believe that the voices were devils, but human devils. In addition, killers like the D.C. snipers, John Allen Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo, show markings of people under the influence of mind control perverts. In addition, the various school massacres may have been caused by perverted handlers whispering instructions into the student assailants’ brains.

ESMC could not have been developed without input from psychologists, psychiatrists, electronic and aerodynamic engineers, very highly trained computer programmers and technicians, probably physicists, chemists, and pharmacists, mind control and interrogation experts, i.e., the intelligence community, and others. Nor could it have been developed without the knowledge of the FBI or the blessings of the National Security Agency (NSA). It is surprising that at least one of the scientists or government officials involved in planning the original ESMC techniques has not spoken out and revealed the sordid secret. However, the fact that participating in ESMC makes them criminals and subject to imprisonment is probably sufficient persuasion to keep them quiet. In addition, they probably fear they will also become victims of fatal “accidents” and other mysterious deaths if they talk to authorities or to the press.  

One of the aims of the assailants is to discredit the target by making him look crazy, and they do indeed cause anxiety and other psychological problems in the target that drive him to a doctor. Unfortunately, the medical community either knowingly supports the perpetrators or plays right into their hands unwittingly. The family doctor will usually refer the target to a psychiatrist, who will then diagnose him as schizophrenic. The handlers know that once a target has seen a psychiatrist that whatever the target later says will be viewed with skepticism.

In attempting to defend themselves from unseen and unknown objects from an unseen force, targets do indeed often act in bizarre manners. Many targets are afraid to go to dentists for fear that the dentists will implant or inject microchips in their teeth and gums. As a consequence, their teeth decay and become a physical problem. Other targets will not take shots or inoculations and thus subject themselves to fatal diseases. Still other targets will not discuss sensitive matters in front of TVs because they feel that the TVs are used to watch them. In my case, I built a wall of clear vinyl panels around and over my computer, leaving only the front open, believing that the plastic wall might keep the handlers from accessing my PC. Still other targets place aluminum foil over their windows to ward off the directed energy waves or whatever they may turn out to be. Those acts, however, do not mean that they are crazy. 

ESMC Erodes Trust in Government and Democracy

I resisted for years the notion that my own government might have anything to do with my becoming a victim of electronic stalking and mind control; yet, overwhelming circumstantial evidence and logic tell me that U. S. law enforcement on the Federal level is either directly involved in electronic harassment and mind control or knows the identity of the assailants and either refuses to investigate them or actually protects them. Many TI correspondents trace their ESMC to the early 2000’s, which coincides with the Bush administration (2000-2008). The Patriot Act not only gives U. S. law enforcement carte blanche to monitor American citizens but also excludes those officers from prosecution for the monitoring.

I used to be the type American whose eyes welled with tears whenever he heard the Star Spangled Banner. I was raised to revere the government. Moreover, I served in the U. S. Armed Forces Reserves and spent years working with the government. My ancestors helped found the British colonies, and my ancestors and kinsmen fought in the American Revolution. However, after my experiences with ESMC, I have developed a very strong distrust of my government and the executive branch in particular. I believe that it is patently clear that the FBI, the U. S. intelligence community, and law enforcement on every level either take part in electronic stalking and mind control operation, cooperate with the perpetrators, or cover for the perpetrators.

I kept quiet for over two years after I discovered that I was a target of electronic  harassment and mind control, as I knew that most people would not only doubt my accounts of ESMC but also my sanity. Then I realized that the perpetrators of that evil counted on my remaining silent. In fact, targets’ reluctance to talk about what is happening to them has set back for years our attempts to expose ESMC and the people behind it. Thus, I chose to reveal to the world my experiences as a victim of electronic stalking and particularly of mind control. I would urge other targets to do likewise, regardless of the stigma that they will almost certainly encounter.

In the silent telepathic manner in which the perverts and I communicate, I tell the handlers that nothing lasts forever, that times are changing and that they are “going down.” The sickos are convinced that the establishment will continue to protect them. After all, they have engaged in the sordid practice of ESMC for decades. Once they told me, “I guarantee you that we are protected.”

Nevertheless, eventually the sheer growing numbers of complainants will force law enforcement to follow the laws that they swore to uphold and adhere to the principles of the Constitution that they swore to defend. The general public is becoming more aware of and informed about ESMC, and targets are beginning to emerge from seclusion to insist on law enforcement investigations. More victims are beginning to network on the internet. Until law enforcement acts, I invite other victims of electronic stalking and mind control and other concerned Americans to join me in the war against the demented, evil ESMC torturers and sociopaths.

I am a social scientist with many years of experience in performing research. When I analyze situations, I look for scientific explanations. Yet, due to the secrecy involved in ESMC, it cannot be explained scientifically. Nevertheless, thousands of victims with similar symptoms delivered by remote by unknown forces know the reality of their circumstances. They await an explanation and a resolution. 

The Future of ESMC

I foresee the day when groups of professional extortionists, blackmailers, and swindlers learn the secret of ESMC and turn it into a money-making scheme. They will do that by selecting targets who lead comfortable life styles, torturing them with their electronic and mind control techniques, and then making deals with the targets to stop the ESMC. They will also make money by offering their services to people who want to harm somebody whom they do not like. For a price, the pervs will “hook” that person, torture him, and provide the payer with videos to prove it.

Moreover, they can later approach the victim and ask for a large sum of money to “release” him. Thus, the assailants will make money playing both sides. My handlers have demanded from me $10,000 one time, $15,000 another time, and $30,000 still another time. Of course, I believe that in my case it is plain deception. The assailants will also sell information about other people obtained from targets. Handlers learn from targets the combinations to safes, telephone numbers of many people, financial records of others, the weaknesses and vices of others, and much other information that, in the wrong hands, could result in great personal losses not only for the targets but also from people with whom they associate.

I am very defiant of the perverts, and I go on with my life despite their electronic and mind control effects and the resulting annoyances and inconveniences. The handlers recognize that although they can bother me, they cannot beat me down. On two occasions, the handlers invited me to join them. I laughed, called them a few choice names, and told them, “Not in 500,000,000 years!!!!” They will very often test the target in that manner. That is pure deception.

Unless ESMC is stopped very soon, it will proliferate and we will see an alarming rise in the misuse of the technology used for electronic torture and mind control in other areas: racial and ethnic groups targeting persons in other racial and ethnic groups; religious groups targeting those in opposing religious groups or atheists and agnostics; rightist nuts targeting homosexuals, lesbians, and others following alternative life styles; the wealthy targeting people whom they single out, perhaps for the sport of it and the voyeurism involved; gangs targeting those in rival gangs; mobsters targeting young women and boys for prostitution; drug lords targeting people to turn them into drug addicts; politicians targeting political enemies; social purist psychos targeting for extinction the handicapped and others who do not conform to their concept of societal perfection; and world leaders targeting other world leaders. The more the practice of electronic torture and mind control proliferates, the more out of control it becomes. It promises to become the Armageddon that many people believe will eventually occur.   

The Silent Massacre

When four demonstrating students at Kent State, Ohio were killed and nine wounded by National Guard troops on May 4, 1970, that incident created such international outrage that an incident such as that one will never happen again. Nevertheless, in the United States today a much more cowardly, widespread, and inhuman massacre occurs every day to a growing number of victims in an electronic and neurological onslaught. The Kent State students could at least see and face the troops’ weapons; victims today stand helpless against a lethal unseen force cloaked in secrecy.

Likewise, victims of today’s silent massacre do not have an opportunity to face a court of law in which they might be able to defend themselves. They simply die a very slow death at the hand of unseen executioners. Most targets are plain middle-class Americans of all races, ethnicities, colors, genders, religious and political beliefs, philosophies, and life styles. Many of them, however, have somehow bucked the system or have refused or failed to fit into the socio-economic-Judeo-Christian structure.

An immigrant from a former Communist country recently wrote me about her electronic torture and mind control ordeal in the United States. Here is what she says in her own words: “It makes me mad, especially, because I came from the former communist country and didn't expect such things going on in here.  This is a very, very big disappointment.  Now I do not believe in democracy any more, and, as you, I guess that the government is involved in that too.  I do know my abusers: they are my neighbours; There is also, a coordinator, as a former law enforcement officer living just opposite of my house.  It is exactly as you wrote in your paper.”  

In a December 30, 2008 issue of Science and Technology, journalist Vic Livingston writes that a coalition of law enforcement and vigilante citizen operatives lies behind the attacks. The writer himself had been victimized for five years. He suggests that the coalition is funded by taxpayers’ money and monitored by agents who probably fall within the Department of Homeland Security’s jurisdiction. The author’s electronic and mind control torture, mine, and those of many others first came to light during the George W. Bush administration, 2001-2009. Although my surveillance dates back many years, the electronic and mind control torture did not surface until 2005. In my case, the date coincides with Michael Chernoff’s appointment as Secretary of Homeland Security. Chernoff, son of a rabbi, has very strong connections to Israel, pro-Israel PACs, and pro-Israel so-called Christian Fundamentalists in the United States. 

Today, instead of shooting its citizens, elements protected by the government slowly tortures them to death by remote with directed energy and neurological weaponry that conveniently remains both unknown and unseen. In 1989, the United States Government reacted strongly to China’s attack on unarmed dissidents in Tiananmen Square. Yet, the United States’ silent massacre eclipses a thousand-fold the Tiananmen Square shootings, and it is carried out daily with complete national and international impunity.  

Nicholas Kirkland

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