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The Silent Massacre, Part 6
Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America

By Nicholas Kirkland <>
March 14, 2009

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[ESMC = Electronic Stalking and Mind Control]

Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America: The Silent Massacre, Part 6 (Mar. 14, 2009)


This paper is long. Let me summarize in few words the above material. Only governments and power brokers have the power, money, manpower, and other resources required to invent, employ, and sustain in total secrecy electronic assault and mind control. Countries such as the United States, Israel, Russia, probably China, and others have long experimented with mind control. Only the government and the power brokers who control the government can direct the intelligence community and law enforcement on every level of government either to engage in ESMC or refuse to investigate it – perhaps both. ESMC MUST NECESSARILY INVOLVE PORTIONS OF THE GOVERNMENT ALTHOUGH IT MAY NOT BE OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED.

Secrets of the atomic bomb, space craft, stealth air planes, and other cutting-edge objects were very closely guarded for years; yet, eventually those secrets leaked out. Much attention is being focused on electronic and mind control assault and a massive amount of information is being disseminated concerning its origin. Some of that information is probably right on target; other “planted” misinformation probably only confuses the issue. The point is that one day, probably in the very near future, the secrets of electronic torture and mind control by remote will also be revealed.

In the meantime, tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of productive and intelligent American citizens fall victim of electronic and mind control assault. Their lives are ruined, and many of them lose their lives to that silent death. Most of those victims have already lost all faith in their government to protect them and even their belief in democracy. I invite readers to study the cases of victims of electronic torture and mind control in the United States and then argue that those victims would be worse off under Chinese Communist or Russian rule than under so-called American democracy. If such electronic torture and mind control can take place in the cradle of democracy, why should targets support that democracy? 

As a longtime victim of electronic and mind control assault, I am now also a dissident American. My handlers sometimes tell me telepathically that I am un-American. I reply that if THEY are Americans, I most definitely am UN-American. For the last time in this article, I repeat that electronic assault and mind control CANNOT be carried out without high-up government knowledge. Government leaders who sponsor this type of sick socio-politico operative can never succeed. Instead, they create many dissidents and malcontents who will eventually bring down this government. If targets have violated the law, let them be formally accused and be able to face their accusers. That is the American way -- or it used to be.    

What Targets Can Do

What can victims do to defend themselves, halt electronic stalking and mind control activities, apprehend the cowardly perverts who carry it out, and punish them and their accomplices?

--    Remember that the perpetrators of your ESMC are the criminals, not you. Your  total loss of privacy, even in the case of your most intimate thoughts, is frustrating. However, keep in mind that whatever the criminals know about you and your thoughts, they are not going to publish them in the New York Times. I continually laugh at my perverted handlers and tell them that I really don’t care what they see, hear, know, or think that they know, or do. I remind them that although they can temporarily play with my mind, they cannot own it. I am the master of both my mind and my body.

--    Remain positive. Despite the unsettling nature of the ESMC activities, targets must make a special effort to maintain a positive attitude, especially when around others. The handlers will continually humiliate you. One of their favorite methods is to cause unwanted orgasms in female targets and cause unnatural erections in male targets. They will attempt to convince you that those sexual reactions occur naturally at the mention of certain names, usually family members. Know that that is utterly false. Those actions are caused by the perverted handlers. The handlers will do everything possible to isolate you from relatives and friends. Make a special effort to maintain or re-establish relationships with friends and family members, including going out to lunch and dinner with others, visiting them, and writing others often. Remember that the perpetrators of ESMC are trying to ruin your lives. Do not let them. I start each day by stating how great the day is, whether it is rainy or sunny or cold or hot.

--    Maintain your health. This is very important, as the perpetrators of the ESMC seek to make you a couch potato. They will whisper to your subconscious to binge eat, to watch more TV than usual, and to eat the wrong kinds of food. They will also whisper to you that you have no energy, that you feel extremely tired and that you must rest. They will discourage you from making improvements in and around your home. Despite your listless feelings, go about your activities and make a point of getting plenty of exercise. A clear correlation exists between physical health and mental health. Defy the pervs. Make a concentrated effort not only to maintain your health but even to strengthen it.

--    Do not discuss your ESMC harassment with every friend, family member, and acquaintance. They simply do not understand and cannot understand. However, if you have a perceptive, intelligent, trusted friend or family member who is open minded enough to believe hard-to-believe circumstances, let that person know what is happening. A confidant who truly believes you can be very supportive.

--    Do NOT visit a psychiatrist. The ESMC assailants want targets to go to psychiatrists, knowing that the doctors will diagnose targets as schizophrenic or paranoid. Once targets see a psychiatrist, their credibility is compromised.

The evil perverted assailants will do everything to convince targets that they are mentally incompetent, including continually whispering to them “you are crazy.” Indeed, the handlers’ activities will often cause targets to exhibit the very symptoms that psychiatrists associate with schizophrenic and paranoia in attempting to defend themselves against forces that they cannot see and do not understand. However, the general public is increasingly becoming aware of ESMC, and friends and family members of targets who have been designated “demented” are beginning to see that those targets are not truly mentally unstable. In only a few more years, the psychiatric community will have to redefine schizophrenia, paranoia, and other mental disorders because of the electronic and mind control assaults that cause those symptoms. This will not occur, however, without a great deal of pressure from the outside, as psychiatrists have no way of treating remote-induced symptoms of schizophrenia and paranoia resulting from ESMC.

--    Resist any effort on the part of law enforcement to make you submit to a psychiatric evaluation. In our system of justice, targets should not have to prove that they are sane. Indeed, the burden of proof falls on law enforcement to prove that targets are mentally deranged. That is why authorities want to send you to a psychiatrist, usually one that they customarily use and can depend on to do their bidding. Know that mental incompetence cannot be proved by your words and actions alone, and that the state and local law enforcement have no power to act unless your actions have the potential of harming yourself and others. Nevertheless, targets should make every effort NOT to look insane by falling into the handlers’ well laid traps. If necessary, make the authorities prove that you are insane. Despite your frustrations and the handlers’ whisperings, do not act irrationally.

--    Make special efforts to stay in contact with family members and friends, for the handlers concentrate on isolating you from society. Maintaining contact will not be easy. The handlers will have hacked your computer and tapped your phone lines. I recently got a call on my cell phone that showed the phone number of good friends, a man and woman couple. The person who called pretended to be the woman; however, the female speaker spoke with an accent and the voice was most certainly not that of my friend. Moreover, she ended with an exaggerated “good-byeeeeee,” which would have been totally out of character for my friend. That meant that the caller had used some means to make the call through my friends' account at the communications provider; otherwise, the real number of the caller would have showed on my phone. The caller probably wanted me to say something later to my friends about the call to make me appear crazy. I did not.

--    The handlers will cause problems with your computer and will intercept your emails to others and also those that come from others. They will also suddenly cut off conversations by phone, create static that makes talking impossible, cause your voice to echo (only you will be able to hear those echoes), and sometimes divert the calls so that their accomplices answer. Manipulation of your communications system is ultra important to the perverts’ plan to isolate and frustrate you.

--    Record the handlers’ actions and your thoughts about them. Those thoughts will change over time as you learn increasingly more about your handlers. Their ESMC tactics will also change, becoming increasingly more complex as they go through their repertory of capabilities. It is very important for you to describe the perverts’ electronic and mind control actions accurately and to record in great detail the sensations that you feel and your reactions to those actions. Record the day, date, and hour that particular actions occur. You may see a pattern in the timing. Their actions will normally occur in the evening while you sleep, as you present an immobile target for them and there is less electromagnetic atmospheric interference. Keep a flashlight, watch, notepad, and pen underneath your pillow or nearby to record those actions.

--    Be observant. Watch people, places, and objects carefully. Record your reactions when you see anything that looks even slightly odd. Be careful not to set yourself up for the handlers’ electronic and mind control activities. Usually ESMC leaves no evidence. The handlers, of course, count on your not having proof. Videotape anything that happens out of the ordinary: blinking lights, anomalies in your emails, etc. Record any unusual sounds: loud noises that occur in or around the house, etc. 

--    Remember precedents. Think back over previous events and actions. You had to have been targeted at some point in time. By recalling people, occasions, and incidents, you will probably get a very good idea about when, by whom, and even how you were targeted. Particularly think about any medical procedures, shots, and inoculations that you had prior to your electronic stalking and mind control experiences.

--    Thwart the efforts of the handlers and defy them. As time goes on, you will see that certain actions on your part affect the capabilities of the handlers. You will also learn things that annoy the handlers. I enjoy singing monotonous ditties and repeating a phrase or a sentence for hours at a time (silently, through thought) as I work and putter. Laugh at your handlers and try to make their lives as miserable as they attempt to make yours.

--    Stay alert. The handlers will attempt to make you do irrational things by whispering instructions and suggestions into your brains. Know this. Give much thought to your actions because of that. Remember that one of the major objectives of the handlers is to make you look crazy. Be very careful of their deception.

--    Work to change the narrow mindset of the medical community about ESMC. I am quite certain that at least some psychiatrists recognize the reality of ESMC. Figure it out. If a psychiatrist actually believes that a patient is a victim of ESMC, he loses that patient, for a psychiatrist can only treat real problems with the victim’s brain, not what the stalkers do to his brain. To keep the patient, the psychiatrist is compelled to call the victim’s condition paranoia, schizophrenia, or dementia and then prescribe mind-altering drugs, which only compound the stalkers’ effects. Often psychiatrists will recommend extended treatment in a psychiatric facility for victims who “hear voices.” That treatment is sometimes provided in the American Gulag, or the nearest insane asylum, for few targets can afford private clinics. Several victims with whom I corresponded had been involuntarily admitted to mental institutions because of their symptoms despite not posing a threat to anyone or to themselves. They always came out of those institutions worse than when they went in.

--    Submit written complaints to local law enforcement. Get the complete name of the officer to whom you submit your report. It is very important that the reports be presented in writing so that YOU can word the complaint like you wish. Otherwise, the person with whom you are talking will write it the way he wants to, probably noting that you are nuts. Ask the officer to whom you submit your complaint to sign it. Others have done this and the officers have refused. If the officer refuses to sign, record that in your notes and let him see you doing it. Your complaints will probably never be entered by law enforcement in their crime statistics. Mine were not and neither were those of other targets with whom I have corresponded. Law enforcement wants no record of your complaints about ESMC.

--    Contact your Representatives and Senators in writing. Petitions are meaningless. Write individual letters. It is important that your correspondence be in writing (emails or letters), as their employees may include an accomplice “plant” who will not record and advise higher-up authorities of telephone calls. This will of course reveal your real name. It is time for victims to stop hiding and let the public know what is actually going on in this country. Our reluctance to do so has allowed electronic torture and mind control to go unchallenged probably for decades. 

In addition, send copies of your letters to local and state officials, particularly the sheriff’s office and the attorney general’s office. Do not expect answers or acknowledgements of receipt. Unless overwhelming pressure is laid on the backs of leadership, nothing will be done. Congresspersons, themselves being protected, are probably blithely unaware of electronic stalking and mind control and the possibility of national and local law enforcement in that activity. However, they cannot ignore thousands of letters of complaint. There is strength in numbers, and the number of victims is growing every day.

--    Seek out other victims of ESMC and network with those victims in comparing your symptoms, your thoughts, and information that you have found on ESMC.

John Finch, an Australian victim, collects case summaries of worldwide victims to submit to the U. N. He now has hundreds of those names and summaries and others are pouring into his website. He can be contacted at the following email address: Likewise, in the United States, Derrick C. Robinson, another TI and also a U. S. Armed Forces veteran, heads an organization called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance whose address is

As I write, an international organization is being formed to represent all targets before the world. I do not know what name that organization will take. However, targets may wish to surf the web, find that organization, and join it. Only by “coming out of the closet” and participating openly in the fight against EMSC can we expect to find the perverts behind it and bring them to justice. Their list of crimes will put them away for the remainder of their evil lives.

A Call to Action

Electronic torture and mind control have been around for decades. Why have they not been curtailed? Here is why: (1) Targets have suffered in silence. Only with the advent of the internet have targets begun to perform research and reach out to other victims. Most of that communication has transpired during the last ten years or less. The internet is the last bastion of communication freedom. The powerbrokers have not yet contrived a way to limit and control its use. (2) Targets have wasted too much time in complaining to each other and have gotten bogged down in self-pity. That does not at all mean that we should stop supporting and communicating with each other; yet, that should not be an end in itself. Targets should become activists instead of habitual complainers.

(3) Targets have depended on law enforcement, national government, and international bodies to “investigate” and stop the electronic torture and mind control. They are correct is doing so; however, only those agencies of the government that are most likely to engage in ESMC or aid the perpetrators or allow them free rein in operating have the necessary expertise to “investigate.” Even if law enforcement and the government are disposed to investigate, what will they investigate? The ESMC is carried out by remote by secret devices through secret methods.

Our Objective

I suggest that what needs to be done is the following: Stop petitioning the government, stop exchanging horror stories, and stop the backbiting and sniping among targets, and instead gather a group of scientists and experts whose purpose is to study the targets’ stories, their symptoms, and the devices known to exist that could cause those symptoms by remote. Such a scientific study will lend credence to the topic of electronic torture and mind control that targets themselves lack. The study group should consist of an electronics expert, an aerodynamic engineer, a chemist, a physicist, a psychiatrist, an acoustics engineer hypnotist, a computer programming specialist, a crime investigative expert, a communications specialist who will know the workings of major phone and internet providers, and perhaps others. Assembling such a group will require much work as most of those persons named are skeptics. As mentioned earlier, the perpetrators very carefully avoid targeting scientists, doctors, and other technical personnel to discourage discoveries of their means and methods.

What can targets do to aid in the development of a study group? (1) Targets can identify scientists, doctors, and other people with special research skills and who either believe that electronic torture and mind control exists or are open minded about that possibility. Those people are out there. We simply need to locate them and enlist their help. (2) Organizations that represent targets can begin a special fund to finance the study. With the internet, actual meetings may not be necessary. They can network using the internet. If targets can identify the right people, those persons will not likely charge for their time and services in conducting research. The only cost may be in consolidating and publishing the resulting data. That report can then be sent to all 435 Congress people as well as major national and state government officials.

(3) Petitions achieve little if anything. Instead of petitioning the government to “investigate” electronic assault and mind control, targets should flood the offices of elected officials with letters and emails of complaints to create awareness and let them know the extent of the problem. The letters should perhaps be directed to selected Congress people. Each target should write to each of those people. Those elected officials will ignore a few letters; however, they cannot ignore hundreds of such letters. Once Congress is made aware, it will determine the next step to be taken. (4) Targets can prepare narratives of their symptoms and particular situations, which the group will be able to study for commonalities and clues. (5) Targets can identify extremist groups nationally and locally that could have motives for conducting electronic torture and mind control assaults. Watch the newspapers, listen to news broadcasts, and keep your ears open to spot those groups.   
Let’s get busy!

Nicholas Kirkland

[This paper is based on my own experiences, a very long and lucid memory, my journal entries, in-depth and ongoing research, logic and reasoning, and correspondence with other targets. The opinions formed from those sources are my own. Should you wish to contact me, my email address is]  

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