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Wes Thomas and The Mind Control Discussion Forum

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
May 13, 2002

The Mind Control discussion list was started by Wes Thomas ( ) in November of 1999. Previously I had recommended his chat site for people who wanted to gain more insights into the difficulties and concerns facing the victims of mind control, but the moderator, Wes Thomas, has recently surprised me with an e-mail (May 2002) which incorportes such an absurd demonstration of self righteous megalomania and debunking nonsense, that I am now in serious doubt about WHO this guy really is and who is he working for? If he actually believes the crap that he sent in that e-mail, then I have to consider the possibility that this bird himself in under mind control and runs that chat forum in order to control and manipulate it for the CIA/NASA crowd!

Imagine, after talking with him on the phone 3 or 4 times in late 2000 and supplying him with information he sought from me, after touting his chat forum on my web site for the past 3 years and recommending him on my Links page, he suddenly sends me a blistering diatribe about statements I had written on my Mind Control index page concerning microwave arrays that are being rapidly installed countrywide for the purpose of mind control, but disguised under the appearance of cell phone towers. Apparently, Wes has no problem with the cell phone tower cover story! And this from a guy who suppose to be a voice of some sort on the topic of mind control!

According to Wes Thomas, Preston Nichols (of Montauk book fame) is a nutcase. According to Thomas, Wilhelm Reich never worked for the CIA, was never involved in mind control research, and died a natural death in the Lewisberg Federal Penitentiary in 1957, despite thousands of articles and documents to the contrary. Oh brother, is this guy living on the same planet as I am? Or is this guy yet another CIA robot set up to look like the good guy 'helping' victims of mind control? You decide for yourself. I've already arrived at my conclusion.

Here is the url for the Wes Thomas mind control chat list:

In case you want to join, let me forewarn you that Wes Thomas has lots of rules to comply with; lots and lots of rules.

Other sites that you may wish to visit include:



Subject: Wes Thomas and The Mind Control Discussion Forum
Date: Tue, January 22, 2008
To:   Editor

I subscribed to Wes's and right about the time they started. About the same time, I found myself the target
of some cheap-ass harassment using hidden speakers. When I mentioned it on Wes's site, I got some sarcastic responses suggesting that the poster
knew me. I also noted that messages allegedly posted by "Wes" were, in fact, posted by more than one person. One, for example, was probably
German, based upon his sentence formation.

Note was happened to, after I reported them to the FBI as a site used by hit and revenge contractors.



Hello DH,

Thanks for your info.

At the time I was reading that web site, I heard from other people who also got dumped by Wes without doing anything out of line, like saying they would pray for the victims of MC, etc. I mean what is with this guy? Is he an MC stooge himself? I got that impression at the time and now you tell me this.

Regards, Ken


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