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 The Illuminati in America

By Svali with interviewer HJ Springer, Chief Editor <>
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 Questions from Readers

Q: ''I read that 'Jenny Craig' and a lot of weight loss centers are in fact 'fronts' for access to women they can program ... Ask Svali if this is true (if she knows) and what other businesses or 'non-profit' organizations are involved, if any ?''

A: My answer has two parts. First, normally, the Illuminati do NOT do much recruiting outside their group (other occult groups do, perhaps). They just don't trust outsiders that much. On the rare ocassions that they do, it is always a young child who is brought in. A lot of the programming cannot be done after a certain age (8) or it will induce severe trauma or even psychosis in a person who is unable to dissociate adequately. You can create some functional states, but not anything near the complex groupings and abilities that trainers like to see.

Now, part two. Many woman who are severely overweight have been sexually abused, and may be already dissociative. They may have other trauma as well. So, if a person were interested in looking for dissociators, it would make sense that they would go to places like this. I wasn't involved in any type of recruiting activities, never saw it done.

Some children are brought in from the outside through:
Child pornography rings; these children already dissociate, so they are "stepped up" into the cult; some parents "sell" their children to be used and trained by the cult; some child psychologists are taught to look for very young children. But in my reality, everyone I knew was generational, on both sides of the family. Wish I could help you, but this is how the Illuminati operated in San Diego and Washington, DC. It's possible that some branches in other states do more recruitment than I was exposed to. I have heard survivor stories of children recruiting other children, for example, although it wasn't done in the groups I belonged to.

A: Addendum: I just want to add that the Illuminati are only one of several occult groups that operate in the North American continent. There are many others, and they may do more recruitment and things that I haven't mentioned. The Illuminists tend to have a more scientific, and military, approach to their programming, whereas other groups operate differently. Some groups, such as the Templar Knights, do NOT believe in demonic worship, although they are Luciferian and practice mysteries. Each group has its own agenda. I can only speak for the Illuminati in the areas of the U.S. and Europe that I lived in.

Q: Having worked professionally in numerous cities and campuses, I have never heard of ritual abuse by leadership in our communities. Svali's experiences appear to be genuine, however I cannot accept the notion that this Illuminati has a dominant role in ritually abusing children, adults and an ability to brutalize others and get away with it without raising suspicions among the cognoscenti. Is she actually inferring that there exists a LEADERSHIP in professional areas and we as a public have not understood the extent of this? Perhaps her experiences should be shared with those in the ritually abused community. Do we really have a threat we need to worry about?

A: In answering this, I need to raise a couple of points.

The Illuminati and their followers are a minority of our world's population. In San Diego county, where the population is over 2 million, there existed 5 years ago 24 sister groups with membership of roughly 60 to 75 each. Leadership council over the county was 13 members. So, in a metro center with over 2 million, the active Illuminists comprised less than 1500 members. The Illuminati are possibly 1% to 2% of the population in the US. What this means is that 99% of the people you know and work with are NOT Illuminati. They are good, hard working people (at least most are) who want a paycheck, and a good family life. MOST of the leaders in our communities and financial systems have never heard of the Illuminati, because they are a minority.

So, why worry about them? Because a small group of evil people can do great damage. I will use an analogy.

MOST people in our society are not involved in child pornography, consider it a crime against children, and would fight against it given the chance. Yet, the small minority of those involved in it do incalculable damage to the children involved. The effects of the crime are greater than the bare numbers involved.

Why isn't child pornography stopped? We have the evidence, law enforcement knows it exists, yet it is a multi-billion dollar industry. HOW do these people "hide" from justice and capture? Why don't the police stop them? Because they aren't stupid. They work under secrecy. They change locations frequently, and kill those who talk to law enforcement. Bribes and other means are used to cover their tracks, and they hire excellent lawyers.

Okay, now lets look at the Illuminists. The 1% of our nation involved are extremely intelligent. They have sworn an oath on pain of death from toddlerhood on to never reveal their true allegience to outsiders.

Do you know how many business leaders in your community are Masons? Yet this is not an oath on pain of death. How much less would an Illuminist share their leanings, or be detected. I have written an article on Suite 101 on ''Why the cult doesn't get caught'' with more information on this topic.

I HAVE shared this information with the survivor community. I have gone to the police, to therapists that work with survivors. I publish on Suite 101 precisely to help educate the public and survivors about this abuse. The main danger of the Illuminati is the 1 to 2 % involved in this group are intelligent, and many are well funded.

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