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The Next Voice You Hear
Part B


By Delamer Duverus
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Jan. 29, 2004

Editorial reprints from The American Sunbeam
September 5, 1977 to November 21, 1977

Part V, Avaunt Ye Big, Bad, Bold Critter; Flee!
Those of you who have followed this series, have by this time concluded that I am totally mad, suffer from hallucinations, or know what I am writing about, and if you are one of the last mentioned, you will be correct. Any of you who are familiar with spontaneous-piezo-electricity, electro motion, electro-dynamics, or electro-graphics will probably suspect that I know a great deal more about my subject than I have written, or can write, and you will be quite correct. Much of what I know, and understand will not be discovered for another ten years by science-technicians, so there are not words to explain it yet; and even after it is discovered, it will take another fifty years for them to tire of playing with it, and give it to the people who have paid for their research, and to whom it really belongs.

“Vanity of vanities saith the preacher; all is vanity.”

In vanity, the pseudo-scientists will be convinced that since they discovered it, it belongs to them, and anyway, the rabble couldn’t understand it anyway, so why give it to them but the truth will be, as it has always been; they did not discover it, it discovered them. It is just that they are so preoccupied in pursuing their theories they did not become aware of the truth until it led them into a blind corner, and they had to recognize it in order to get themselves out again.

How long is a wavelength, really, and is it determined by the diameter of the sleeve in which it is contained, or by the speed of the transmission? What is it that makes the difference between a microwave, and a macrowave?

There are only three types of energy, and each one of the three is coupled in Positive, and Negative for opposition, but God also put a Joker in the deck, and sometimes He even plays the games with Deuces Wild, just to confuse the minds of the Asmodians, because Our God does not play the game for sport; He plays to win.

“If any man aspires to be a king, he must first become a servant.” JeSus Immanuel.

In Part IV of this series I referred to a Hebrew Scholar with whom I conducted my research. It was this same Hebrew Scholar who left New York with me to go to Arizona, to engage in further research, and investigation into what we had discovered in the ancient writings, and we were not surprised when all of the mathematics we had taken from our Bible proved to be quite accurate, and awe inspiring. We worked under controlled conditions, and only on a minute scale, using microchemistry, and in this way we were able to learn the awesome power in nature, and realized that to try to use such power irresponsibly, in vanity, would be madness.

We also became aware of the fact that there were mad men in our governments, and our military, who would not hesitate to use such power in vanity to conquer nations, and people, and they had already proven themselves to be irresponsible. We closed the portals we had opened, and resealed them, putting the key back where we had found it, praying that if the portals were opened again, it would be by someone living in a more enlightened age, at a time when spiritual values become more important to humanity than physical values. With proper leadership, Earth could be made to become a paradise with what we had learned, but with improper leadership, Earth would become a place of total desolation, but humanity has insisted upon paying homage to inferior people, for the wrong reasons.

What Malachi told us in his writings is true, but humanity has to learn this for themselves. They have been paying tribute to Asmodius with tithes that belong to God, and have been worshipping idols.

Our first stop after we had reached our destination was in Phoenix, from where we made our trips to the Superstition Mountains, and there we found the landing dock with the carved stone lions on the two sides of the flat landing place. There was a sheer drop of several hundred feet, and although the carved lions were almost completely obliterated by time and the elements, they were still recognizable, verifying the legends of the Pimera Indians concerning a race of golden hued people that came to trade with them in long boats when the ocean covered most of the land, and the mountain tops were islands in the sea.

When the oceans receded, and no longer covered the land, according to the legends of the Pimera, the Golden People went underground and built a city beneath the desert, and still live in their city beneath Death Valley, and are known as “the Tanto”.

Each morning, while my friend and I were in that area, strange objects would rise up through the corona of clouds above the mountains, and disappear suddenly, leaving what seemed to be a pillar of mist rising up into the sky, to remain for about five to ten minutes, then dissipate slowly, but that is another story, and does not relate to the subject of the voices, or the projected illusions.

We left Phoenix to go to the second point of the triangle, Safford, Arizona, and when we located a place to live, the proprietor of the motel, after I had signed the register, told me he had received a call the day before we arrived, asking if I had registered there, and when he told the caller that he had no one there by that name, the caller refused to identify himself, and hung up, which was quite strange since we had not made friends with anyone in Phoenix, or informed anyone we were leaving, or where we were going. Even we did not know in advance where we would be staying in Safford.
It was in the area of Safford that we found the unmistakable foundations of what must have once been large buildings, and the road between the building foundations was still clearly distinguishable, running some distance into the mountains, then ending abruptly at the base of a sheer, high bluff.

It would be difficult to determine if that once great city had been destroyed by the flood caused by the sinking of this continent; the glacier that followed the sinking of this continent, pushing molten lava ahead of it, made molten by friction, and the weight of the glacier; or was it destroyed by being submerged beneath the ocean for so many thousands of years? That too is another story, and is in no way related to the voices, and the projected images.

We were in Safford for about a week, when one night, while my friend was sleeping in one of the rooms of our suite, and I was in another room listening to the radio with the lights out, and with only the lighted dial of the radio emitting a very dim glow, I became aware of an alien presence in the room with me, staring at me out of the darkness. It did not feel like my friend and colleague, but I called his name to be certain, and was not surprised to hear him answer me from the next room, asking what I wanted. I asked him where he was, and he told me he was in bed, and I had awakened him when I called him.

I told him I just wanted to know where he was because there was someone in the room with me, and I wanted to be certain it was not him, and I reached for the lamp nearby to turn it on, ready for whoever, or whatever it was in my room. Before I could turn on the light however; I heard my friend’s voice from the doorway asking me where I was, and when I told him I was sitting by the radio, he asked in a frightened voice: “Then who is this?”

The lights came on, and my friend was standing in the doorway, his eyes wide open, his face white, staring ahead of him in disbelief. “What did you see?” I asked him.

“It was huge,” he told me. “It had its back to me, and it was bent over, watching you, and it still reached the ceiling with its head. It looked like a man in silhouette, but it was bigger than any human I have ever seen, and I could feel his hatred of you just being near him.”

Of course it was only a projection, and I would be inclined to believe that the vermin who transmitted the illusion was no bigger than a microbe in mind, and even less in spirit, but my friend was about six feet four inches tall, and weighed about two hundred and forty pounds, and yet, he said it made him feel like a midget. I stopped being afraid of such projected illusions when I realized that those who created them fear me enough for the both of us, and this should be easy to understand when we realize that it is human nature for people to believe that what would frighten them will frighten others also, which proves that they know nothing about humanity, and even less about Man.

Bear with me, please, and I promise you that when I complete this series and identify these slime denizens for you, you will not fear them again. You may even laugh at them if you are inclined to be charitable, but “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Part VI. Their Name is Legion?
I am an empath, and I expect people to delve into my mind because they will find nothing there that will harm them unless they intend to harm me. When I am attacked, however; I will attack instinctively. I am meek by my nature, but I am not timid, and there is a difference. Moses was the meekest of men, the Bible tells us, but I don’t think anyone would think that he was timid.

Meekness is humility, while timidity is cowardice, and I know of no reason for fearing my enemies since fearing them would make them stronger, because they thrive on the fear of humanity, and I have no intentions of making them stronger. When you stop fearing them, they will start fearing you, and in their fear they are certain to do something stupid, and go into the Chaos that is reserved for them.

I have no objections to anyone delving into my mind, but although I am completely receptive to questioning, and constructive criticism, I will not submit to interrogation, or domination by any power on Earth, for any reason, or under any condition. Death is more terrifying to my enemies than it is to me, and being intimately familiar with what they consider to be death, I would say that their fear of the transition from being, to non-being is fully justified, but this does not apply to the innocent of intent; only to the evil of intent, and to the stupidly arrogant.

“With all thy getting, get first understanding, for understanding is the beginning of wisdom.” “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

“We are free only when we stop seeking after freedom.” Why is this true?

Because seeking after freedom is only seeking after yourself, and if you cannot find it within yourself you will not find it anywhere else on Earth. Freedom is quite simply, freedom from fear, hate, shame, guilt, lust, greed, and prejudice: the last being but a composite of the first six. “Let the evil of one day be sufficient unto itself.”

When my companion and I completed our research into the remains of a past civilization in Safford, Arizona, we returned to the first point of the triangle; Tucson, Arizona, and there we rented a place near the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains to the North. I had been told, and I have ample reason to believe, that these are the oldest mountains on Earth, but that was not my reason for conducting my experiments at that place.

Working with the description of the structure I found in the Bible, but on a miniature scale, we built our structure only six feet in diameter in the desert near our cabin, completing it before sunrise one morning, after which I returned to the cabin to keep a record of the results, leaving my companion to watch. I warned him to remain on the outside of the field of the circle, but neglected to explain to him that the destructive energy was invisible. A few hours after the sun had risen and activated the construction, he stepped into the field to make an adjustment and then came into the cabin complaining of a severe headache, and of feeling weak.

It was not necessary for him to tell me that he had stepped into the circle. I had only to look at his face to know, because he was a pale, grayish-green, and although he insisted that he had only reached in, and it had taken him only a second to make the adjustment, in that one second it had drained him completely of his energy, and his color. Had he spent more time than a second in that circle he would have been dead, his life forces drained from him by an invisible force. “The Light that shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.”

I had not wet down the area around the circle because I did not intend to cook an ox, but I did not want to cook my companion either, so I went out immediately to dismantle the construction, working around the outer section to break the field, and moving to the center, and when I turned over the center part, the grass under it had turned white, and the sandy loam looked as if it were ground glass to a depth of about an inch. The color from the grass, and the ground had been drawn up to coat the bottom of the central object.

What had happened to my companion was convincing proof enough for me, but that was not my main reason for breaking up the construction. A middle-aged man, and a young boy had seen the structure, and had approached it through curiosity, and I was afraid for their safety, so I decided to dismantle it quickly, and when the man asked me what it was, I told him that I was only trying to invent a new way to bake pottery with the sunlight, and I remember the look of amusement on his face when he shook his head, leaving with the conviction that I was some kind of a nut.

I returned to the cabin and made my companion drink large quantities of beef bouillon, well salted; and even with this treatment, it took him three days to recover his strength enough to get out of bed, and regain his color. The moment I broke down the construction, a cloud began to form overhead, and grow rapidly, and within an hour there was a cloudburst, covering about an area of one mile, which was described in the newspaper that next day as a freak of nature which could not be explained.

The Bible had proven itself to be quite accurate, even in the description of the effects of putting together such a construction, proving that the Bible does not lie, but many who try to interpret the writings in the Bible in vanity do. To cite another example of this fact, I would like to point out that crystals are the product of memory, and that which forms m crystals is a part of life, having memory.

Humanity is not capable of creating life, and therefore, transmutation of base metals into Gold is not possible. Huram was a liar. He did not make Gold by transmutation for King Solomon. The story that Solomon took 666 Talents of Gold from the House of the Cedars of Lebanon besides that which he took from the nations in tribute, and from the people, made Silver as stones in the street, and caused to grow on the hills of Lebanon, Cedars as blades of grass is true, but not as we have been led to believe it to be. King Solomon spent his nation into bankruptcy by spending more than he took in per year, and went so far into debt, Silver became worthless. Huram stripped the hills of Lebanon of Cedars to build his ships, leaving only those that were too small to be of any value, and the wind, rain, and sunlight stripped the hills of topsoil, leaving the hills barren, as they have been even to the present time. Solomon had been deficit spending, creating inflation, and destroying his nation, and letting Huram, the Tyrean, convert Solomon’s son to homosexualism, to take over Judea and rule it at the death of Solomon; but Solomon awakened to discover what Huram had done to him before he died, and managed to smuggle the Holy of Holies out of Judea to be hidden in Ethiopia where it remains even today, making sure that Huram could not use it, and although Judea fell, losing its place to Rome, he defeated Huram at his death.

The true story is written in the Bible for anyone to read and understand, if they wish to understand, but in understanding, keep in mind that Huram was not a Jew; he was a Tyrean, and he was able to destroy Judea then, just as the Tyreans are doing in the United States today, and by the same devices.

We don’t call them Tyreans today, we refer to them as Synedrion, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, Khazar Turkic Mongols, Trilateral Commission, Bureaucrats, Communists, Hydra Beast, or any of many such deceptive names, but we should not forget that they are the same mind that was cast down as Titans, and they have a king over them called Asmodius. They were then placed in a part of Earth called Tartarus, which the ancients said was as far below hell as heaven is above the Earth, referring to the spiritual state of being, of course.

I carefully avoided revealing the nature of the structure which my companion and I set up in Arizona, because the fools that are riding the Red Horse, and the Black Horse are already threatening humanity with the Pale Horse, and they are just stupid enough to try to use any weapon they can steal to stand against God, so I have no intentions of telling them about one source of power that would solve all of humanity’s needs, if it were used intelligently, and understood. They would not use such power for humanity, however; but to the contrary, they would use it against humanity as a weapon of conquest.

“Put a beggar on horseback, and he will ride straight into Hell,” I was told when I was a child, and in their state of lust, this would describe the Synedrion quite appropriately. Their name is Legion, and I will go further into this truth in my next week’s writing.

Part VII, The Pit and the Pentagonads
H.G. Wells, as well as many other writers, and serious-minded people believed that there are cities existing beneath every one of the deserts on Earth, and these cities are occupied by people called, among other names, Tanto, or Tonto. It is also said that these people are all that stand between us and another species of sub-human creatures that exist at a lower level of evolutionary development, and deeper into the Earth’s structure, and these humanoid abominations exist on a plane even more depraved than cannibals. They consume their prey while it is still alive, and survive on the life fluid of their victims only, in the manner of spiders rather than carnivores.

Even if there is a possibility that these legends could be true, and I have seen evidence that would indicate that there is more than a possibility that they are true, isn’t it strange, if not suspicious that the Pentagonads persist in detonating nuclear devices deep underground in those areas in which the cities of the Tanto are said to be located?
It is also claimed by many serious minded investigators that our whales have been protecting us from carnivorous sea monsters like that which was described in the “Book of Job”, and referred to as “Leviathan”, and I can personally attest to the existence of these creatures, having seen one off the coast of Long Island prior to World War II, with several witnesses to verify the sighting.

This being undoubtedly true, isn’t it also strange, if not suspicious, that many nations have been permitting unscrupulous slaughter of whales, and other such sea mammals that have been protecting us, reducing our defenders almost to the point of extinction?

The question that I would ask, then, would be; have our enemies already penetrated our defenses, and gotten control of our governments, to force them to destroy the barriers that have been erected to protect us from them, to allow them to surface, and repeat the holocaust that devastated the Earth in the days of Noah?

I am still waiting for someone to tell me who built the Pentagon, who designed it, who did the work, how long it took to complete this mysterious structure, how much it cost to build, and even more important, how deep into the Earth does it penetrate? I know what is in it, but what I want to know is; what is under it, and who co-ordinates its diabolic function? I have been offered many different answers by supposed authorities, but no two answers are the same, and none of the answers make any sense.

In the light of what has been done to our nation since this structure came into being so suddenly, and mysteriously, if; as we are expected to believe; it is supposed to have been erected to protect us from our enemies, please God, protect us from our protectors.

To return to the continuation of my previous contention, the source of the voices in our heads; after my companion and I had found what it was we were seeking, we dismantled the miniature structure we had erected, and several days after he had recovered from having been drained of his energy, he told me that he had discussed our findings with a business executive in Tucson, and the man had offered to invest a large sum of money to finance further research, and have us erect an even larger, permanent structure, giving him exclusive rights to use our discovery for his own purpose.
Fortunately, my companion did not fully understand the formula I had employed, and could not have explained it, or reconstructed it without my help, but after I had explained to him how the source of energy could be used against us, and our people, he was quick to agree that our discovery was best kept secret, only to be rediscovered, and developed when, and if humanity evolved to a higher state of evolution.

I do not believe that humanity is basically selfish as a species, but unfortunately, they have permitted themselves to be ruled by self-seeking megalomaniacs, and until they learn this truth and rid themselves of such irresponsible mad rulers, the fewer weapons they have that can be used against them, the better chance they will have to survive long enough to reach their destination in time as a species.

My companion returned to New York City, and I remained in Tucson, married, and settled down to a peaceful life on the slopes of the Santa Catalina Mountains, becoming involved in mineralogy, crystalology, and metallurgy, not forsaking my profession as a painter-sculptor. In time, my wife and I located large deposits of alabaster, black marble, and on one of our rock-hunting expeditions we discovered a large deposit of nephrite jade, and it was for that reason that I constructed a sonic drill for use in carving jade.

I was working on the construction of my sonic drill in my studio-workshop one night, and it was after midnight when I decided to retire. My wife was asleep, so to avoid disturbing her rest I decided to sleep in the guest room, and lay down on the bed, lighted a cigarette, and relaxed, lying in the dark, thinking about the progress I had made on the drill, when suddenly I became aware of a presence in the room with me staring at me out of the darkness. I looked up, and there were two red points of light that became bright, like two eyes, and at about the height of a normal human’s eyes. As I lay there, staring up at the glowing points of light, a horrible- looking cadaverous face came into view, greenish, and phosphorescent, with black shadows for nostrils, and an ugly, distorted mouth.

I was fully awake, and not dreaming, and I was convinced that this spectre was trying to break my will to resist it, and force me to turn my eyes away from it, and I knew that if it could, it would kill me, so I refused to submit to it, and after what seemed like an eternity of time, it began to fade, and disappear.

After it was gone, I realized that my cigarette was burning my finger, and I reached over to crush it out in the ash tray on the bedside table, breathing a sigh of relief, and aware of being wet with cold perspiration, and thinking that I had to get out of bed and shower, and put on some dry pajamas. Before I could turn on the lights, however, a gnarled, greenish hand came up over the side of the bed, reaching for my face. I backed away from it quickly, and continued backing away until my back was against the wall, and I could not back any further, and the glowing hand seemed to be determined to sink its nails into my face, and it was then that I became infuriated, shouting at it, striking at it with my fist, and calling it for what it was, in the most descriptive terms I could dig out of my vocabulary. It slithered back, and down over the side of the bed, disappearing, and then I heard my wife’s voice calling to me from the hallway, asking me if I were alright, and when I told her I was quite alright then, she asked me if I had been having a nightmare. "Not really", I told her. "I wish it had been a nightmare, but I’m all right now. I’ll tell you about it in the morning, but I don’t think you will believe it", I told her.

If she had believed me, she would probably be alive today, but she was convinced that I had been having a nightmare, and although I loved her very much, I could not protect her if she refused to believe what I was trying to tell her. When the slime creatures could not get at me, they made the mistake of trying to get at me through her, and she died in her sleep one night, and that was their mistake. If they had left me alone, I would have left them alone, but in killing her they only proved to me that they are more afraid of me than I am of them, and by killing her, they forced me back into the battle, to continue the war that has been waged against humanity for more generations than we have recorded in our histories.

They cannot hope to win the war against God, and we cannot afford to lose the battle against them as a species, but we can lose if we do not overcome them. The fact that they cannot win their war against God does not mean that we are certain to win our war against them. We can lose, and they are certain to lose, but if we do not win our war against them, the fact that they will have lost their battle against God will be of no consolation to us.

I will take this further, and furnish you with more evidence to support my contention next week.

Part VIII, 'Unclean Spirits Like Unto Frogs'
I will begin this chapter of my supposedly unusual experiences dealing with what is often times referred to as metaphysics by stating that I do not accept metaphysics as the answer to the so-called mysterious happenings in the physical reality because I consider mysteries to be a challenge. Secrets may be the result of vanity, but mysteries are always the result of ignorance; and so, when anything affects, or influences the physical reality in any way, it is not metaphysical, but related to the physical reality. If it occurs by chance, it is the result of physical influences, and if its cause is determined it can be accomplished by intent. Chance occurrences, like accidents, do not just happen; they are caused, and can be avoided, or corrected through understanding of the cause.

“With all thy getting, get first understanding, for understanding is the beginning of wisdom.” Revelations of Saint John.

Let me list a few supposedly unrelated facts which most people never take time to put together, or try to inter-relate, and because they do not, they become dupes of the mechanist atheist anti-Christ. As an empath, I have gone into the minds of the would-be rulers of the world, and if I did not know that there is a God, and that humanity does have a destination in time as a species, and their destination is their God; the fear, the ugliness, and the desolation I found in these supposedly superior minds was a form of madness, and if I thought they would be successful in creating the kind of world they envision for themselves, as their personal utopia; I would not have wanted to remain alive for these many years. Unfortunately for them, however; there is no blessed, blessed oblivion, and their works will follow them where they go, just as mine will follow me, and this is a comforting thought.

In Hindu Theology, the Trinity consists of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, with Brahma as the Creator of the Universe. Vishnu, the second part of the Trinity, is supposed to have had several incarnations in human form, most important of these being Krishna, “The Pervader”, or as I have heard it said, “The Perverter”. Krishna, I have been told, means “Lord”, and I recall one of the Gurus in California called himself “Krishna Muerti”, claiming to be the reincarnation of Vishnu as “The Lord Of Death”.

Have you ever noticed how much those Hindu Holy Men that have invaded this nation resemble frogs perched on toadstools as they sit contemplating on nothing on their pillow discuses, looking all-wise, but being careful to not say or do anything to prove themselves either wise, or stupid? Contemplating nothing, or worshipping death, is not at all wise, especially since they know less about death than they do about life, which is less than nothing.

Did you know that Attila, King of the Huns was a Mongol, and he was supposed to have been “The Scourge of God”, and the name Attila is a Gothic word which means; “Little Father”? Did you know that Lenin also was called by this same title: “Little Father”?

Did you know that Huram, King of Tyre, and cousin to King Solomon, referred to as Hiram in some Bibles, did to Judea what Kissinger has been doing to the United States from behind the government, and the term Huram, or Hiram means “Exalted Brother”, or “Big Brother”?

Did you know that Tyr, from which we get Tuesday is the Son of Odin, or Woden, from which we get Wednesday, and Tyr, from whose name we get tyrant, was the Norse God of War, while it was Huram who bankrupted Judea through wars, and rumors of wars, and deficit spending to support Solomon’s army and navy?

Did you know that Jesus, the Christ cursed Tyre because they used the blood of slaves mixed with squid juice to produce the royal purple dye that was known as Tyrean Purple, and they used the bones of slaves to produce their famous Tyrean Pottery? Jesus cursed that land when he left it, shaking the dust from His sandals, and advising His disciples to do the same lest they carry the evil of that land beyond its borders and spread it throughout the world.

I mention these things only to remind you that the minds with which we are contending are not new, but have been with us for longer than our histories have been written. Tyreans fear death with good reason, but like all those who fear death, they attempt to hide their fear by pretending to feel contempt for it by courting it, causing wars, and violence as a way of life, but they do not fight in the wars they create, or expose themselves to threats of violence. They remain hidden, profiting from the wars, and violence they create for others to fight. We have no reason to fear them, or their threats of death unless we are stupid enough to let them make us feel fear, hate, shame, guilt, lust, greed, or prejudice. If we do not fear them, or their threats of death, that confuses them, and they begin to fear us, and when they fear us, they go into chaos in their fury, and frustration.

As I stated in my last chapter, if my wife had tried to understand what I was trying to tell her about the denizens of the slime pit she might be alive today, but she was such a gentle person, like the Phrysians of old, she could not imagine anyone wanting to kill, or destroy for no other reason than that they fear death, and lack the ability to create, so they hate those who do create, and seek to destroy that which others have created. In their insane hatred, however, they have not been able to concentrate on just one victim, or one subject, so they strike at random, killing many to reach a few, and devastating entire cities and nations to destroy one group of humans that opposes them. My wife just happened to be one of those who was thinking on a common wavelength, and did not have the power to resist their assault.

A short time after I lost my wife, I was sitting in my living room alone, reading, when suddenly a voice crowded into my consciousness, shouting obscenities, and ordering me to kill someone the voice only identified by vile epithets, telling me that the person, or persons were depraved, and were unfit to live among decent people. I listened for a short time, then replied by thinking; “1 don’t know anyone who would fit your description except you, so if you will let me know who you are, and where you are, I would be only too happy to put you out of your suffering.”

The voice cut out immediately, and became silent, obviously confused, and disappointed by my response, and I could not repress my laughter when I realized what was being attempted on my mind. I returned to my reading, dismissing the experience from my mind, but that evening I had good cause to recall the experience when I heard on the radio news report that a young truck-driver living right around the corner from my home had become the innocent victim in my stead.

He had just returned from a long haul, and was relaxing, drinking a can of beer, and watching television, when suddenly he got up, dressed, and walked out of the house without saying a word to his wife, or children, got into his car and drove away. Sometime later he entered the police station and said that he had just killed a ranch couple outside of town on orders from “The Man Upstairs”. Meaning, I presume, God.

The couple killed were an ex-soldier and his Japanese wife whom everyone liked, and respected, and who had never done anything to harm anyone. He did not know them, had never met them, and did not even know how to get to their small ranch, and yet he seemed to have been directed right to their ranch home, taking a private road across the desert, and when the man came out of the house to greet him, he raised his rifle and shot him dead. The man’s wife saw the occurrence from the house, screamed, and the controlled killer went after her, going through the house, and out a back window in pursuit, and shot her to death in a clearing behind the house, then dragged her body back to that of her husband’s; then carried both bodies to a dry creek bed near the house, placed them one on top of the other in the form of a cross, then drove into the city to turn himself into the police.

The man who performed this crime had never harmed anyone in his life, was a good husband, and father, was liked, and respected by everyone who knew him, and he did not even know why he had killed a couple he did not even know, except that “The Man Upstairs Told Him To Do It.” He just happened to be unfortunate to be thinking on a particular wavelength, and had no defense against the Slime Creature playing a game with human consciousness for amusement.

The time he had left his home to commit the crime on command coincided precisely with the time the voice forced its way into my consciousness.
Unlike the Jewish people who shun pork only because of their dietary laws, the very thought of being close to swine, or having contact with pork is terrifying to this legion of which I write, and not because of dietary laws. That is why Jesus cast them into the swine, and swine find them even more offensive to them than do we, but more about these filthy degenerates in my next week’s installment.

“Keep thine own counsel, and let no man steal your crown.” Jesus.

Delamer Duverus

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