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The Next Voice You Hear
Part C


By Delamer Duverus
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Jan. 29, 2004

Editorial reprints from The American Sunbeam
September 5, 1977 to November 21, 1977

Part IX, 'Resist Not Evil'
I have long been convinced that the meaning of the words, “Resist Not Evil” has not been made clear enough for our children to understand, because if they were explained, children would not grow up to become adults fighting a battle which they cannot possibly win unless they devote their entire lives to fighting it, and never know a moment of peace, or freedom from fear. How can we be successful in resisting that which we do not understand, and should not do it the honor of identifying with a name?

“Therefore hath God made man to walk upright but he has sought out many inventions.” Ecc’l.

Evil is an invention, and by resisting it we oppose it, and when we oppose it we give it reality, and make it strong. The more we resist it, the more power it will have over us because the battle we are fighting is really against ourselves. This is vanity, and vanity is born of pride; it was dignity that God gave us, not pride, or vanity. Dignity is just being good at being oneself, and through understanding, making full use of that God-given gift that distinguishes humanity from all other creatures on Earth; Critical Analysis. It is beneath our dignity to do anything contrary to our nature, and isn’t that what evil is; doing that which is contrary to the laws of nature; which is The Laws of God?

Evil is a dead end, with emphasis on the word “dead”, and as Saint Paul warned us when he told us; “Death is an evil thing;” we should not be tempted into doing anything that will endanger ourselves, or our people in the future.

We should not resist evil, but we should resist temptation to pursue any course in vanity. If we honor our mothers, and our fathers, and we can win the respect of our children, and our parents, that is the meaning of the term, dignity, and there is a difference between the terms love, and respect. To win respect we must have self-respect, but parents, and children can love even those who are totally lacking in self-respect. As a matter of fact, we can even love those we don’t like, because love is a necessity to all living creatures.

This is an important thing to remember, especially when we are involved with those who are wittingly, or unwittingly guilty of “The Unforgivable Sin”, which is “Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit”, which is “Putting Asunder That Which God Has Joined Together.”
It is generally believed that this applies only to a man and his wife, but it is my conviction that it also applies to turning children against their parents, friends against friends, and one race, or one religion against another.

“The Holy Ghost is the Love that Binds the Universe Together,” Jesus told us, and if the Holy Ghost is a part of the Divine Trinity; then: “Therefore; what God hath joined together; let no man put asunder.” You could ask for no better defense against the Tyrean Legion than to remember this truth.

I have been an empath from the time I was a child, so I can recognize the mind of a Satanist, so I always consider them a joke when they try to implant thoughts in my mind which are not mine, and the one thing a Satanist lacks is a sense of humor. They become infuriated when you mock them, or make them feel ridiculous.

After losing my wife I had no further interest in maintaining the home she and I had shared, or the fruit trees and flower gardens we both enjoyed caring for, so I gave it to my son-in-law and daughter, and rented a studio for myself in the other part of town to work on garden sculpture. It was at that time that I learned that for every trained artist in our society there are ten thousand art critics conditioned to believe they know more about art than the artist, and because I like the way God created things, and dislike distortion, abstractions, and senseless non-objective monstrosities, I received much criticism for my classic designs. I was particularly amused when one man called at my studio every day to look at one statue of a wood- sprite, and confessed that he would enjoy having it in his patio, but was afraid of what his neighbors would think. I asked him what he would think if one of his neighbors had one in their patio, and he informed me that he was different in that he was not a bigot, but all of his neighbors were.

“Keep thine own counsel, and let no man steal thy crown.” ??? Jesus.

I was busily engaged in modeling on a statue of Father Chino, the Jesuit from Kent, Seigno, Italy, who built most, if not all of the early missions for the Indians from New Mexico to California, and out smarted the Spanish government by building two bell-towers on each of his missions, and by not finishing the second, he was not required to pay taxes to Spain. Suddenly the voice forced itself into my consciousness, introducing itself with the usual string of obscenities, indicating a limited vocabulary, informing me that I was a total failure, and had no reason to continue living, so why didn’t I get a gun and blow my brains out, and put an end to all of my troubles?

I listened for a time, amused by the stupidity of the transmitter, then began to laugh at the idiot. That time I answered the voice, suggesting to it that I was too busy to become involved in the ridiculous games, and advised the owner of the voice to get a pair of roller-skates and try roller-skating out on the freeway if they had nothing better to do to occupy their time. The transmission stopped.

Paranoia? That evening it was reported on the radio news broadcast that at about the time I had been receiving the transmission the owner of an exclusive Western-Wear Shop in the city had just sold an expensive pair of western boots to a customer, and the customer was paying him in cash. According to the customer, the man looked at him with a strange expression on his face, excused himself, turned and walked into the rear of the shop, leaving the customer to wait for him to return. Moments later the customer heard the sound of a shot, and went to investigate. The owner of the shop had taken a revolver, gone into the basement, and had shot himself in the head, killing him self instantly.

There was no suicide note, the man was not having financial difficulties, he was having no problem with his health, and his home life was harmonious, and yet he had shot himself to death for no apparent reason. Why? Was he a victim of the same transmission I had received at about the same time he had been thinking on the same wavelength, and had been forced to kill himself in my stead?

Some time after this bit of twisted parapsychological experimentation utilizing electronics to increase the power of a depraved mind, I was entertaining several friends in my studio, and the same voice penetrated my consciousness, repeating the suggestion that I was a failure, and had no reason to want to go on living, so the only thing for me to do was kill myself to put an end to my troubles, because I could not hope to stand against my fate, or be successful in anything I attempted to do.

I have never believed in success, or failure, because neither of these two terms have any meaning in my life, so it was obvious that the idiot doing the transmitting did not know me as well as he should have if he expected to control my process of thinking. I asked my two friends if they thought I had any reason to commit suicide, and they thought I was joking until I explained to them what was happening, and they enjoyed the joke as much as did I, especially when I commented that, if I was creating such a problem for the experimenters that they wanted me dead, that in itself was reason for me to consider myself vastly successful, and worth the effort required to continue living, if for no other reason than to be an irritant to them.

That evening, just as I had expected, there was another suicide in the vicinity of my studio. This time it was a young doctor who returned to his home, walked past his wife and children in their patio without speaking to them, as if he were in a daze, and did not even see them, went into the bathroom and cut his wrists with a razor, sat there and bled to death before his wife managed to get the bathroom door unlocked. As it was in the case of the earlier case I recounted, the doctor had a good practice, he was not having financial difficulties, or health problems, and his home life was harmonious. He left no suicide note, and no reason could be found for his suicide.

In the next installment of this series I will not try to furnish further evidence of this maniacal determination to control human minds. I could cite so many incidents to prove my suspicions, but I am certain that everyone else can also, if they think about it, and remember such strange, and inexplainable suicides, and homicides that made no sense at all, but in my next installment I will strip away the mystery, and explain how it is done, and why.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Revelations.

Part X, The Fungus Among Us
One of the greatest mistakes most people make is in dividing their nights from their days, or one day from the next, or the preceding day, because time is not a rigid law that governs life; it is only a relative means by which we measure our progress in evolution. Even in our supposed civilized societies there are those who would seem to be thousands of years ahead of others m the evolution of the species, depending entirely upon which one of the types we use as our standard for measurement.

While one extreme struggles to pull the species ahead, the other extreme struggles even harder to hold the species back, so it would be impossible to determine at which plane of our species we can establish the dividing of the speciel mind. We do know, however; when the two extremes become too widely separated, a division of the speciel mind is inevitable, but what most people do not seem to realize is that evolution of the species depends upon spiritual enrichment, not technological control of the speciel mind.

Those who worked to develop machines, and electronic devices as a service to their people, meant them to be the servants to humanity, not the masters; but those who chose to worship these machines, and electronic devices, and serve them as gods, being spiritually retarded, perverted them, and used them against their people to put themselves in a position of power, and in that way, they were able to convince many that they were superior, when in truth, they are spiritually retarded. Machines, and electronic devices possess no spirit, and have no loyalty to any master, are aware neither of God, nor their own creator, and those who serve them, worship them, or use them against their people are less than the machines, or electronic devices, because they are enslaved to masters that exist without mind, or spirit, and a slave is never equal to its master.

By the same token, it is just as much a mistake to not separate the living from the dead, because death is an eternity of non-existence, and the dead do not have the ability to communicate with the Living, unless the dead possess brains in which to store memory, and knowledge for identity; in which event, they are the “Living Dead”.

There are many who have given up their bodies, and are presumed to be dead, but still live, and there are many who possess bodies, and are presumed to be alive, and are dead, and when we learn to distinguish between the two, we are wise to separate the living from the dead. Of this you can rest assured, those who have given up their bodies, but retained their spirit, do not communicate by electronics, and they do not intend to harm you, make you harm yourself, or persuade you to harm others to your own destruction. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is a liar, because even God, and Satan must exist within humanity to influence us in our evolutionary process, and we are given the choice as to whether we become Man, or Demon.
This could require a more involved explanation than I have space to give here, but to put it in as simple terms as I am able; The Battle is between Man, The Son of Man, and Satan, Asmodius. Eternal Life, or Eternal Death. You make the choice, but keep in mind that even in death there is no oblivion, there is the awareness of being without reason for being, or place in which to be, and that is Hell.

If anyone expects me to identify the source of the transmissions by name, race, religion, or nationality, they will have to be disappointed, because that is impossible. Their name is Legion, as we were told in our Bible, and they are, for the most part, nameless, and faceless pawns of the Living Dead. The one that I eventually identified as the source of the transmissions directed at me was either a Master Sergeant, or a Technical Sergeant in the Army Signal Corps. I could not make out his rank distinctly, but I did get a good look at his face before I burned out four of his plated circuits in succession before he got the message, and broke off transmission. He was a prissy looking pervert, with a puffy face, and a complexion that looked as if he had been pickled in brine in the manner of fresh pork.

I cannot be certain at which military reservation he was posted because I did not have an opportunity to triangulate his location, but I do not believe he was operating under orders of a superior officer, and his vocabulary of four letter words would not be found in any of the Signal Corps Manuals with which I am familiar.

It is not my intention to identify these unimportant individuals, however; but rather, to identify the sources of the transmissions, and explain how they are accomplished so that you can defend yourselves against them, and not be deceived into believing you are receiving messages from the dead, or you are losing your mind, or you have been singled out to be given commands from either God, or Satan. The Legion of the Damned are quite human, in appearance, at least, when they are viewed in their physical form. If you can observe them from a mental, or spiritual reality empathetically, however; you might not consider them to be human, and you would be justified in your conviction.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Revelations of Saint John.

There are many disadvantages to being an empath, of course, but anyone can become empathetic when they understand what it entails. Most empaths are people who have suffered temporary amnesia, and after recovering, choose to retain access to both brain segments, giving them full use of all three segments of their brain at all times. If, as it is claimed, most people only make use of one fifth of their brain capacity, and they are using only one third of their brain, they are only using one fifteenth of their full brain potential, while an empath uses all three brain segments, and has access to all fifteen potentials. This makes it necessary for them to avoid living in large cities, or congested areas. They must also develop the ability to reject the depressions, and frustrations of those around them, and to distinguish the difference between their own moods, and thoughts from those of others, but most important; they must learn that all illnesses of the body begin with a concept of illness in the mind.

A sick mind can create sickness in the bodies of everyone in its environment, and a sick body can create sick minds in everyone within its environment, unless we learn to identify that which is of ourselves, and that which is of others, and not of ourselves.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Saint Paul.

The advantage of being an empath, however; is well worth the price, and the price is continual vigilance. An empath has the advantage of using one segment of their brain to watch the other segments at work, but more important than that, an empath has the advantage of being able to communicate with any other form of life, and to observe the minds of others at work to understand them, and in understanding this, an empath also understands the full meaning of the words: “Judge not lest ye be judged,” and; “As ye judge, so shall you be judged.”

I recall one instance when I was in a military hospital in England during World War II, when a Freudian quack offered to give me several Pounds Sterling, suggesting that I go out on a pass and get drunk, and forget my problems. I told him that my problem was that I was sick of the stupidity I was forced to tolerate in the military, and in the government back in the United States, and with his stupidity added to that, the last thing I needed was a sick hangover to add to my problems.

At another time, an army sociologist put his hand on my leg and asked me if I liked women. I knocked it off, and told him angrily that I really didn’t, but I had not found anything to replace them, and I had only married a woman because I was a masochist, and liked to punish myself. He got the message, and I didn’t have to repeat it to him in stronger terms.

Another sociologist, this time a W.A.C. Corporal asked me during an interview in a military hospital after I had returned to the United States, if it bothered me to be in a shower with another man. I told her I had never been in a shower with another man, but I was sure that if I had been, it would have bothered me very much. Her brain began to curdle, and she wanted me to explain in what way it would bother me, so I told her that a shower is only intended for one person at a time, and anyone would bother me if they tried to use a shower with me, and that included her. I explained that I considered a shower to be intended for personal hygiene, not for Carnal Knowledge.

The intentions of such insinuations is, of course, to plant impressions on the mind of the individual, and to create patterns of thought, and it is always a delight to play with their minds empathetically, and watch them shrivel in disappointment, and defeat.

Next week I will explain in detail how electronics are employed to add force to these perverted minds, giving them access to individual consciousnesses far superior to their own, and which they could never enter with their own weak, retarded mentalities.

Part XI, Spontaneous Reaction
The most terrifying sound I have ever heard was the sound of absolute quiet, and although that may seem to be a contradiction to the thinking of many people, not very many hear the sound of absolute quiet and live to tell about it afterward.

What most people think of as absolute quiet is to be in an environment where the sonics are so completely harmonious no discordant vibrations react on the nervous system, and consequently no sound is being recorded on their consciousness, permitting them to relax, and to enjoy the tranquility of the harmonic balance. There was sound, however; but the sound was not discordant, and therefore; not registering on the consciousness.

Absolute quiet is the result of an atmospheric condition in which sound vibrations are not being carried, and consequently there is nothing to be recorded on our nervous system, and the vibrations that cause sound are deadened. The only way in which I can describe this phenomenon is to call it a sound vacuum, and although the invisible circle made a loud sound as it came toward me, there was no sound in the center of the circle, and seconds after it encircled me it moved on, unscrewing a huge, fifty feet high tree out of the ground, and laying it very gently down, pointing away from me. Another tree of equal height, and size, only twenty feet away was not even disturbed enough to cause its branches to move.

Many people have had similar experiences, so I do not consider my experience to be unique, and my reason for relating it is only to explain the phenomenon of sound, and the lack of sound. I recall reading of one case in which a young girl astride a pony was picked up by a similar vacuum and carried almost a mile with the pony still galloping in flight, and both the pony, and the little girl were put down again, gently, unhurt, to continue on their way home. The parents of the girl were following behind in their car, and witnessed the phenomenon, and later, described it as a miracle.

I could write many volumes relating stories of such miracles involving what is usually referred to as natural phenomena, but I am sure that there are many others who could also, and the subject about which I intend to write at this time is not about natural phenomena, but about those who use phenomena as a means of mind control for purposes of evil. As I have stated many times in the past, when a chance occurrence is understood, it can be repeated by intent, and when this understanding is used for evil purposes, our only defense against it is to understand it as well, or better than our perverted attackers and use it to defend ourselves, or to destroy the power of our attackers.

“If thine adversary forces thee to go with him a league, go with him twain.” “The cup they have filled unto you, fill unto them double, and the things they have done unto you, do unto them double.” Jesus Immanuel, The Christ.

“Mystery, Mother of Harlots and Abominations on the Earth.” Revelations of Saint John.
Mysteries are the result of ignorance, and since understanding resolves mysteries, we should never allow a mystery to go unchallenged, but even more important, when mysteries are resolved by those whose research we support with our contributions, or taxes, we should not permit the knowledge gained by their research to be used against us as weapons to control us, or lead us into their captivity. The knowledge gained by them at our expense does not make them superior to us, but if they develop into megalomaniacs as a result of having gained knowledge, they have forfeited their right to maintain their positions, since they have violated the trust we put in them.

Megalomania is a mental disease and it will spread throughout the world if it is permitted to exist, making enemies for us where once we had friends, and justifying the distrust of other nations, because we permit megalomaniacs to hold positions of honor, and respect in our government, and in our institutions of learning.

I have heard many self-appointed authorities state that a person under hypnotic control cannot be made to do anything that is contrary to their nature, and this is a lie. Any person under hypnotic control can be made to believe that fire is water, poison gas is perfume, hot is cold, cold is hot, pain is pleasure, and pleasure is painful. Under the influence of a trained hypnotist a person can be made to commit murder, or suicide by post hypnotic suggestion, and what is even more insidious, a subject can be hypnotized by radio, television, telephone, and made to respond to external stimuli to perform acts placed in their mind at the time of hypnotism by post-hypnotic suggestions, or commands, unless they cancel out any such commands by critical analysis.

Hypnotism can be used against individuals who permit themselves to be dominated by other individuals, or it can be used even more effectively against large groups of people in political rallies, theatre audiences, and wherever large groups of people congregate, and emotional excitement runs high, and anyone can be affected if they do not guard against having their thought processes led, directed, and controlled. Don’t let anyone mislead you, or deceive you into believing otherwise.

“Keep thine own counsel, and let no man steal your crown.” Jesus.

Fear, hate, shame, guilt, lust, greed, and particularly prejudice are all forms of hypnotism, placed into our consciousnesses by others, sometimes with good intentions, sometimes unintentionally, and sometimes with malicious intent; but, regardless of the reason for these shackles of enslavement being put upon us to burden us, if we expect to remain free, we had better examine each of them in the light of reason, reject them, and replace them with more intelligent safeguards such as responsibility, understanding, critical analysis, and most important, communication.

Contrary to Doctor Rhine’s studies, we are not possessed of “Extra Sensory Perception”. What we do have, is Extended Sensory Perception, which is Empathy. This is also the basis for Parapsychology, Psychokinesis, Psychometry, Telepathy, Teleportation, and Apportation. If you are one of those skeptics who choose to believe that these things are not possible, or do not exist, every nation in the world has been investing large sums of money to develop these powers in individuals exhibiting special proclivities during testing. Britain has been involved in the studies longer than any other nation, and has had the greatest successes, but Russia has been pushing a close second, while the United States, although having the greatest potential was rather late in contributing to the research, and has not yet begun to take the study seriously. The United States government is now supporting schools engaged in these studies, such as Duke University, and Johns Hopkins, to name but two, but most of the work being done in this field in this country is being done privately, and without government support.

When governments take these things seriously, you can be sure that the studies are not being conducted for the benefit of the people, so the people had better start taking these things even more seriously, if only to understand them, and develop a defense against them.

How many Americans really understand Radar, Sonar, Microwave, Laser Beam, Encephalograph, Time Condensed Burst Transmission, or for that matter, Motor Mimicry? How many people really understand how sound can be transformed into energy, and energy can be transformed back into sound, to be made audible as voice transmission to be heard around the world?

A farmer in Canada had a cistern that suddenly began to function as a radio, receiving the programs being transmitted by a radio station many miles away. Another man in New Jersey began to receive radio broadcasts every time he turned on the water faucet in his kitchen sink. A woman began to receive radio broadcasts from the filling in one of her teeth.

I repeat; that which occurs by chance, when it is understood, can be repeated by intent, and the use of this knowledge in the possession of ruthlessly irresponsible perverts becomes an evil against which you have no defense unless you understand the phenomenon, and guard your self against it with continual vigilance.

Part XII, The Price of Freedom
I heard a Sunday Philosopher on the radio comment sagely: “A braggart is a person who has a total recall concerning an event which never happened.” I am certain that he was convinced that he was being very profound in this sage observation, but I wonder how many of his listeners realized that he was not being profound at all, but instead, he was being very superficial, and just as fallacious as he was shallow in his observation.

According to my dictionary, a braggart is one who boasts of his deeds, or abilities, and boasting is a matter of exaggeration of one’s abilities to the point of being offensively vain. A person who has total recall of an event which never occurred is not a braggart, he is a novelist, or a liar, but what should we call an entire community of people who have no memory of an outstandingly strange event which all of them observed together? How can we explain a total loss of memory concerning an event which was observed, photographed, and discussed at great length by a group of mature people, when the length of time between the observation, and the attempt to reaffirm the event was only two years?

The truth is that it is not only possible to make a person have total recall of events which never happened, it is also possible to erase a memory from a person’s mind and make them lose all recollection of an event which did occur, and was recorded. It is not only possible to create, or erase memory in an individual, it is also possible to perform the same feat in large masses of people.

I doubt very much that there are very many people still alive who remember the “Black Tom Explosion” of 1916, as a personal experience. It occurred on July 30 of that year, and, curiously enough, although only two people were supposed to have died in the blast, their bodies were never found. So it is only presumed that they did died, since no proof was found to substantiate their deaths. The explosion was supposedly traced to German saboteurs, but even this was not proven, because, as I recall, no saboteurs were named or identified. But even more strange, the explosion of the munitions plant was timed to occur when the plant was empty of people, with only a watchman (known to every one as “Black Tom”) on the premises.

I refer to this incident only because, for three days prior to the explosion, a large orb remained suspended over the area, remaining stationary both night, and day, disappearing only after the explosion started. As I recall, everyone was interested in the strange golden orb that glowed brightly, and everyone was talking about it, and gathering together to watch it, and yet, a number of years later, when I mentioned it to those who had watched it with me; not one of those people remembered it. Few of them even remembered the explosion, although that is an established historical fact, and my home was close enough to the munitions plant to have our windows blown out, and our chimney tilted by the shock of each one of the blasts recurring for many days during the fire; and we would see the sky light up with each timed explosion.

This lapse of memory occurred again in Tucson, Arizona in the late fifties, when a group of my neighbors joined me in witnessing a series of strange occurrences, and several years later, when I asked them about it, they had no memory of the events at all. One event was a bright golden orb that remained suspended above the city for several days, remaining stationary (some people even took pictures of the object), and still did not remember. Another incident was three small riats that came together from different directions, circled the “Finger-Rock” in the Santa Catalina Mountains for more than an hour, then went off in three different directions, with one moving down the slope of the mountain to pass over the foothills, giving us an opportunity to estimate its size to be approximately twenty-five feet in diameter, then passing back over the mountain, and going toward the North-East, over the horizon, and out of sight.

Another strange occurrence was a black funnel being made by an invisible object, and extending from horizon to horizon, and although we watched the funnel being made, whatever was leaving it in its wake was invisible, and one of the men witnessing the occurrence with me, and a number of other people, called White Sands to ask if they had released anything that might have made the funnel. White Sands denied any knowledge of the occurrence, and said there was no funnel East of the Rincon Mountains, which is on the East of Tucson.

None of these occurrences are of any particular importance to me at this time because I do know the answers to each one, but what is of importance to me is; two years later, when I referred to the occurrence in talking to those who had witnessed them with me, not one of them remembered, and they were so certain that I was mistaken about their having been with me at the time, I might have questioned my sanity if it had not been for a surprising revelation, and an important observation, which puzzled me at first, but later, gave the answer to the mystery. Everyone under the age of fourteen, over the age of seventy, and those who were considered to be mentally retarded who had witnessed the occurrences had total recall, and described the incidents just as I remembered them, but those above the age of fourteen, and below the age of seventy, and particularly those who were engaged in professions with college degrees had no recorded memories of any of the incidents mentioned. It was as if they had been subjected to complete memory erasure, and even when they were confronted with photographic evidence, and reminded of other incidents preceding, and succeeding the occurrences to prove that they had been with me at the time of the occurrences, they still had no memory of the occurrences at all.

I am trained to recall, or to not recall at my discretion, and my forgettery is equal to my memory, but I become hostile whenever anyone, or anything attempts to control my thought processes, or tries to dictate to me what I should remember, and what I should forget, so I find it difficult for me to understand how any well enlightened person can tolerate having their thought processes controlled, placing themselves in the class of educated morons. The very purpose of education is supposed to teach us self-discipline, because self-discipline is the basis of freedom, and freedom is the right to think for oneself, with responsibility. If education does not teach us to think for ourselves, and thinking for ourselves does not inspire us to remain free, the very meaning of education has been perverted in our society, and our freedom has already been taken away from us by trained automatons, which we know as mechanists, existing without destination, and therefore; without beneficial function.

This is not mysticism, it is “The Abomination of Desolation referred to in our Bible, and predicted by Saint John in his Revelations, although Saint John did not explain how it was to be accomplished, but there was no knowledge of electronics in Saint John’s time, so he would not have been able to explain it even if he understood how it would be accomplished.

Those of you who have read George Orwell’s “1984”, will remember the terms; “Double Think, and Double Speak,” and George Orwell did explain quite clearly how it would be accomplished.

The term, “Mortal Coil” in describing our physical bodies is quite accurate because that is precisely what we are; Living Electrical Coils, with all seven of our senses dependent upon electrical impressions registering upon our sensory perceptions. External impressions have to be received, and changed to conform to our individual wavelength before they can be recorded upon our consciousness, analyzed, and either stored in our memory bank, or rejected.
Radio, and television transmissions have to be put through the same process before they can be received as energy, then translated into audio, and visual impressions for us by the built-in receivers, and converters, but each one of us have the same built-in transceivers that can perform the same function for us. When we perform this function for ourselves, we are consciously aware of receiving, and transmitting communications, but if transmissions are sent on our wavelengths, intentionally modified to bypass our consciousness, we can be deceived into believing, hearing, seeing, and feeling whatever the perverted transmitting degenerates choose to use against us, and if we are not aware of the deception, we can be made to accept the deceptions as realities.

I could write on this subject at greater length, and delve deeper into the process, but I think I have covered the subject quite well, and I think I should end the series with this warning: Believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you think you see.

“Keep thine own counsel, and let no man steal your crown.” Jesus.

Delamer Duverus

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