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Order Form For Brice Taylor's Books

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Notes from Ken Adachi, Editor

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Notes from Ken Adachi, Editor

Update: April 14, 2016:

From Ken Adachi, Editor

I've recently spoken with Brice Taylor and the information that was on this form is no longer applicable. Brice told me that the most efficient way to obtain her book, Thanks for the Memories, is to order it through amazon.com.


A new book is $55.99

In the near future, she may offer another signed book offer with handwritten dedication to those individuals who wish to support her efforts and obtain a signed and deidicated copy for their library.

For the past 10 years or more, there have been multible websites which had uploaded Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories, as a free pdf download, without Brice Taylor's knowledge or consent. In some cases, some unscrupulous individuals in Europe had the book translated into the local language and were selling it at conferences, Expos, and on the internet for substantial sums of money without her knowlege or consent. Brice only discovered her book was being sold in the Netherlands, in Dutch, when she was contacted by a person who bought the translated book and wanted to thank her for having the book translated into Dutch. Naturally, these theives are keeping all the money they gain from the illicit sale of Brice's pirated book. Buy her book and help support the rightful owner of one of the most important books to ever come to light on the subject of MK Ultra mind control and its vicious victimization of untold scores of innocent people.

Ken Adachi

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