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Project Superman, Part 2

A Victim of the Illuminati's 'Super-Race' Projects and Montauk Experiments Speaks Out

By Michael Andrew Pero
Archive Posted Oct. 27, 1999

The school year is now winding down and I still have not made my final decision as to what school I am going to attend. From out of the blue at the end of the school year a coach from the University of Rochester shows up and wants me to attend.

My father and I sit down to discuss that school I am going to attend. We are at a Chinese restaurant on route 17 north in Ramsey. My father sits me down and he starts talking. He said, "Andy, I have nothing against Penn State, it's a fine school. However, why are you going to college? To get an education or to play football?" I said "to get an education". He said "Good, now what are the odds of you becoming a pro football player?" I said "slim to none". He said "Good, so since you are going to school to get an education and not to play football don't you think you should go to the best school you can possibly get into?" I said "Dad, I WANT TO GO TO PENN STATE". Then he said "I'm going to be the one paying for your school, IF YOU DON'T GO TO THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER I WILL NOT PAY ONE THIN DIME FOR YOUR SCHOOL AND I WILL NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN, DO YOU HEAR ME! Now Rochester is a much better school and I'm sure you will be much happier there, I'm going to pay for it and that's that".

So, I end up turning down a division 1 scholarship to attend a division 3 school and end up paying $18,000 dollars a year to attend the University of Rochester. For the longest time I absolutely hated my father for making me go to the University of Rochester. I suppose I could have come up with the $3,000 dollars on my own, but it was the fact that he said that "he would never speak to me again" if I didn't do what he wanted was what really pissed me off. And then on top of all this then he springs on me that I will have to take out a student loan in my name to help pay for going to school at Rochester. I remember this as clear as day, because after that I remember I swore that I would never let anyone tell me what to do with my life again. The strange thing is that's not how he remembers it at all. He denies ever saying that to me, but I remember specifically because I was heart broken that I wasn't going to go to Penn State. The strange thing is I remember my father, at about the same time, making a joke that he had been out of the Navy for 15 years and for some reason they wanted him to come in to give him a physical. He doesn't remember that either.

August 1988-

Football camp starts at the University of Rochester. Things seem to go well. Let's just say that I am VERY focused on performing well on the football field. I had trained very hard all summer and I was in the best shape of my life. I do extremely well during the training camp; I'm sure not by coincidence, I get my freshman year roommate, we will call him Brian.

Brian is also a freshman and is an offensive and defensive lineman. He is 6-1 and 245lbs. He is huge, I mean I thought I was muscular until I saw this guy. He talks openly about his steroid usage, and even goes so far as to tell how that when he came to camp "the coaches didn't recognize me, when I walked into the coaches office, they said who are you?" and I said "I'm Brian XXXXXX from Irondaquite" (he was supposedly a local kid, Irondaquite is a local town). He talks about how as a senior in high school he weighed 185 lbs, but then started doing "juice" as he worked out with the New York state power lifting champion. He goes from 185 lbs to 250 lbs in 12 weeks. As a freshman he is the second strongest kid on entire the team, I am the third.

Sept 1988-May 1989

Camp is over, and classes begin. I get an "odd" message stating that the dean of the Psychology department wants to see me???? So I go in to see him. I sit in a high back green leather chair and I am facing him as he is sitting behind his big desk. He asks me if I would like to participate in some kind of special "study" the University is conducting. I tell him "Have you ever heard of a Dr. Purrizzo" his face suddenly becomes white and expressionless. I could tell that he had. At that moment, I hear a very slight creak from behind my left shoulder. I get out of the chair and there is a door on the wall. I open it. Inside this "closet" the dean has a wet bar. But there, crouching on the floor, is Dr. Purrizzo. I instantly grab him by his throat and tell him that if I ever see him again I am going to kill him. He starts to beg for his life and I throw him into the bar. I walk over to the dean's desk and from the bottom I pick it up and flip it over onto him and I yell something at him like "you stay away from me you lying f*cking piece of shit". And I run out of the office.

A few days later I get a message saying that the dean of psychology wants to see me again. I ignore it and don't go.

A few days after that I get a third message from him telling me that if I don't come in to see him he is going to throw me out of the school. I'm saying to myself "f*ck this", Brian is insisting that I go. "Dude, he is going to throw you out of school, go in and do what ever he says". "F*ck you" I tell Brian. I decide to go in and give this ass hole a piece of my mind. As I walk to his office I am furious and I am going to kick his ass. I remember walking in, but I don't remember leaving.

After that I was a different person. I felt like I had blinders on "tunnel vision." I remember people thought I was the biggest "ass hole" because they would say "hello" to me as I would walk to class and I would walk right by them. Like they weren"t even there, I was off in my own little world oblivious to my surroundings.

Room 101

There was one building which I would walk by everyday. Everyday, I would get the feeling that I had been there before. This particular building gave me a disturbing feeling in my stomach, yet I knew that I had never entered that particular building because none of my classes had been in that building. Everyday as I walked by I would get this "flash", "room 101" and I seemed to know exactly how to get there.

One day I went in, the building had a suspended walkway in the middle of it (it was very modern). I walk across the bridge, turn right and go down the stairs. All the way to the bottom. At the bottom I turn right again. There is a small hallway with only 2 doors. One on the right and one on the left. Both doors have like a sliding name plate holder on them. The one on the right is supposed to say "101". It does not, it says "Janitor Supplies". I am very confused. I turn to the door on the left to see if it says "102." The slot is blank. I turn back to the door on the right and reach for the handle. The door is locked. I leave the building. Everyday when I pass that building I would get the same uneasy feeling. Like I have been there before, or there is something strange about it. A few days later I go back again, and again the same thing. The door says "Janitor Supplies" and it is locked. I leave again.

The third time however was different. I get to the door and it says "Janitor Supplies", At this point, I'm just giving it a casual look. I go down there, I look at the door, it says "Janitor supplies" and I start to walk away. I'm pissed off and confused. As I'm walking away, I said to myself "screw it" and I go back to check the door. I reach for the handle AND THIS TIME IT TURNS. THE DOOR OPENS.

For some reason I feel very nervous and scared. I was afraid to go in. I push the door open and very casually look in. It's very dark and I reach for the light. The room is very small (only about 8 x 10). I look around and the room is very "sterile". No books, no papers, nothing. There are only two things in the room. One of those large athletic room training tables. It's like a high cushioned table that athletes sit on to get their ankles taped. Or if they are injured they lay on this to be examined. It was black. The only other thing in the room was a very small gray metal desk and a wooden chair. There are no papers, no books, nothing.

As I'm about to leave, I reach for the desk drawer. I yank open the drawer, and the only thing in it is a thin brass metal plate. I flip it over and it says "101". My heart stops, I instantly start to sweat. All of a sudden I AM VERY SCARED. I drop the plate, slam the drawer closed, close the door and get the hell out of there.

Looking back and trying to piece this all together, this is what I believe happened: Either on my second visit to the dean's office or at some point there after, they somehow hypnotized me. I can't remember exactly where or when, but I believe they then instructed me to go to that particular room, "room 101," at a certain time on a certain day every week, and I would just "go" without thinking or knowing anything about it. This is where all of the initial "ground work" "programming" "hypnotic suggestions" or "brainwashing" or what ever you want to call it took place.

I say this because after visiting "the room" I started having these "memory flashes". Like a 5 second clip of a 10 minute movie. In the room I remember laying there, we discussed my Silva mind control as well as many other things. The instructor instructs me to go to my "level." And then would begin his work, implanting the various different ideas and suggestions they were researching with my reactions and responses. For some reason, the Library also gives me the "creeps."

How you use the "Silva method" is as follows. You close your eyes, relax, with every breath you are becoming more and more relaxed. The chair you are laying in is becoming softer and softer and you sink further and further into it as it softly wraps around your body. You feel warm and safe as your body becomes totally relaxed. Picture yourself standing on the edge of an ocean. The sky is blue, the ocean is blue yet almost green from the sunlight. It's an absolutely gorgeous day. Picture yourself floating, upward as you leave your body. You look down and see your body as you soar towards the sky. You are not afraid, and you can soar as high as you want and you start across the ocean. You look back at your body and it becomes smaller and smaller until you cannot see it any longer. You turn back and all that is ahead of you is blue sky and blue ocean, and like a god you are flying among the clouds. Ahead of you is a very large cloud with a structure on it.

As you get closer you can see that it's an elevator. You land on the cloud, touching down as softly as a feather touching your skin. The cloud is as solid as rock. It is because you say it is, this is your mind, it is a place where you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT and WHERE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The only limits here are the limits of your own imagination. Walk over to the elevator. There is only one red button, push it. The doors open, get in. Turn around there is a control panel, push the bottom button. The doors close and the elevator suddenly starts to descend. You look up, the elevator is made out of a gray steel cage. There is no roof. The elevator starts to descend faster and faster. You look up and see the walls of the elevator shaft are brilliantly colored rock with swirls of orange, black, white and silver. You see a huge number "10" painted on the side of the rock go whizzing by as the elevator is now falling faster and faster. You look up and see the number "9" go by. As the numbers go by you are going deeper and deeper into the center of your mind. The center of the universe. 8, 7, you're becoming more and more relaxed 6, 5, you feel the power of your mind surge as you go deeper and deeper, your mind becomes more and more powerful with every moment 4, 3, 2 the elevator automatically starts to slow down, 1. The doors open, you step out onto a white cement platform.

It is 6 feet wide and 6 feet long. Blackness is all around you. There is a small silver railing to the left. Walk to the edge and look over. You see nothing but a huge black hole. A swirling vortex sucking everything into it. Jump off into the vortex like a skydiver. You are falling, turn your self around and look back at the bottom of the platform as it get smaller and smaller. You are not afraid, stuff is whizzing by you as you fall a giant clock, a car, people you know, off to the left you see a huge neon sign go flying by "1500". You fall faster and faster and you feel yourself going deeper and deeper into your mind. "1400", "1300", "1200", when you get to "100" you will automatically slow down. Blackness is everywhere and you can see nothing. You feel your foot touch the ground as gently as stepping onto a pillow. To your left is a blue neon door. Walk to it and turn the handle. As you open the door you see a huge magnificent room blue neon room. This is your room. Your "special place." The center of your mind and the center of the universe. When you are in this room you can do ANYTHING and NOTHING can ever harm you.

The room has 20 foot ceilings and has a blue neon glow. Being in the room is like being under blacklights. Your whites glow, your teeth glow, you look very tan and healthy. You have never looked better. On the walls you have gems, great artwork, sculptures, the room is magnificent. To the right is the universe machine. With this machine you can travel anywhere in the universe with your mind, anywhere. To the left is a set of stadium doors. Walk over to them and push them open. You enter into a huge under ground dome stadium. So big it is almost unimaginable. When you play here, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Score as many goals as you want, run for as many touchdown as you want. They only cheer for you. Head out the doors back into the main room. To your left is the most important thing. Another room, this one has a red glow coming from it. You walk over to it, and enter. THIS IS THE HEALING ROOM. The room has a red neon glow. There is a large circular fountain in the middle of the room. If any part of your body is injured when you are in this room it will glow bright red, if you have tennis elbow, back pain, a headache, an injured knee. That part of your body will be transparent (like looking at an x-ray) and you see the injured part of body glowing bright red. To cure ANY AILMENT all you have to do is enter the fountain. This is the fountain of youth with magic emerald green water. If your knee hurts, soak it in the fountain and your body will heal itself within moments. If you have a very bad injury, lay in the pool but also use the flashlight. The flashlight produces an extra power full beam of light which you shine on the injured part of the body to heal it.

The healing pool and how I used it is a major link to understanding what they wanted from me. When the instructor tells me to go to my level, I do. What he tells me to do is this. Go to the healing room. He then appears like a hologram and is talking to me in my mind. He holds out his hand, in it is a test tube with a neon yellow substance in it (like antifreeze for your car). He informs me that this is a TOP SECRET formula and what it does is IT MAKES YOUR HEALING POOL EXACTLY 1 MILLION TIMES STRONGER THAN IT ALREADY IS!!! I PULL OFF THE CAP AND DUMP THE YELLOW SUBSTANCE INTO THE POOL AND THE POOL INSTANTLY STARTS VIOLENTLY BUBBLING LIKE SOMEONE TURNED ON THE JETS IN A JACUZZI. This is now the healing pool in my mind, it will stay like this forever and never decrease in strength. THIS NEW POOL CAN CURE ANY INJURY NO MATTER HOW SEVERE. "COOL! this is awesome" I remarked. Some how he also rigs my mind so that if I injure my self my mind will automatically send "me" to the healing pool.

As it turns out, the suggestions he made to me while I was under hypnosis in combination with the Silva method adhere to my mind extremely well. And for some reason it REALLY WORKED. Some time later they gave me another "test tube" full of another "top secret government formula". This one was neon lime green. The instructor tells me DO NOT EVER USE THIS TUBE WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION OR INSTRUCTION!!! This one is 100 million times more powerful than the yellow one and it is highly unstable. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IT WILL DO TO YOU!!! KEEP IT IN A VERY SAFE PLACE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I answered "yes" and then proceeded to create this really "cheesy" looking sign and stand which I then "duck taped" to the side of my fountain. It was made of poster board and a wooden stake. With my really bad hand writing I wrote in black marker "DO NOT USE.. BREAK ONLY IN A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION." And under this I "duck taped" the green test tube to the poster board, and then "duck taped" the sign and stake to the outside wall of the fountan. Sort of off to the side and out of the way. It was blatantly an eye sore to the room, but this was MY responsibility, and it was MY sigh and it was MY room. So there it went, and there it stayed.

There were other suggestions as well of course, like telling me how to "turn on and off my pain receptors" like a light switch, how to control my adrenaline glands and be able to turn them "on and off" like a faucet. How to control fear. I also remember them testing me a lot with these puzzle blocks I had to assemble to match the picture, connect the dots for time, word association, all kinds of these "mind puzzles", (IQ testing type puzzles). This is what I remember from room "101".

The Small Lab

I remember being tied to a metal table and them placing electrodes on my body. They began to shock me at different intervals and increased the voltage when I wouldn't corporate with them. The thing is these insolent bastards kept asking me "Why are you so hostile toward us? Why are you fighting us?" My answer would always be "If you think I'm hostile now just wait until I get loose you Nazi motherf*ckers!" I tried my best to be brave, and I fought back with all I had. When I came to I found my self tied to a chair with my hands tied behind me. They began working me over. I know I had to be drugged because the punches for some reason didn't hurt. They always wore gloves or hit me with a rubber hose as not to leave any marks. And the more they hit me the more it didn't hurt. There was also a metal cart next to me with all kinds of surgical instruments on it. There were all kinds of syringes there as well. This is also why I assume they drugged me.

I remember then placing needles in my eyeballs and also in my ear drum in order to shock me into submission. They beat me in this small room several times, I remember Mr. Green was there, this Nazi guy and his buddies.

{note: remarkably, this "dr. green" has turned up in several sessions involving people who were being 'deprogrammed' by psychologists who have stumbled on to what seems to be a vast mind-control conspiracy. Do a "find" search in the following article for dr. green. Also, for more information on the Nazi-CIA connections to a widespread mind control scenario, you can also read about the group. Also, read about the unusual nazi - new jersey connection - branton}[Note from Ken Adachi: Dr. Josef Mengele of Austzwitz fame often used the name "Dr. Green" or "Mr. Green"]

I know they were Nazi's because I have a very keen eye when judging people and this guy just didn't seem to be an American. He was the guy in charge, and he ordered another guy to come over and start to work on me. This guy that came up to start beating me I made rude comments about his attire. He was wearing a yellow short sleeve shirt in Rochester NY after labor day. So I start sassing him about his shirt and how the only two types of people would wear a yellow short sleeve shirt in Rochester, either he is a homosexual or he is a foreigner who is trying to look American, it's one of the basic slip ups spys make (a fashion blunder), and he was probably German because Germans like their pastels that along with the psychotic look in his eye told me that he was some type of "Master Race" genetic freak.

I was basically pulling stuff out of my ass but I figured 'why not'? He is going to beat the shit out of me anyway, I might as well try and play with his mind, it was the only offensive weapon I had. As he starts punching. I'm calling him a Nazi bastard, telling him how we American's kicked their ass in the war. But when I insulted Adolph Hitler, and called him a faggot and an idiot, this guy starts freaking out and yelling at me in German "blah..blah! blah! Miene Fuhurer..blah ..blah". "What do you know, he is German!" I say. I had broke him mentally. For some reason his punches didn't hurt, but he was hitting me so hard that he was knocking me over in my wooden chair.

What was happening was every time he knocked me over with a punch he would weaken the legs on the chair. My taunting in combination with the fact that he couldn't seem to hurt me with his punches really got under his skin. So he goes over and gets a baseball bat off the metal shelf and is going to hit me with it. That's when I really feared for my life, and I pulled at my ropes with all my strength. Somehow I broke free, and spent a few seconds getting the ropes off and everyone seemed to be in shock that I had broke out of the chair and they all sort of stood around. I go after the Nazi who had been beating me and who had the bat. I feel literally that I am fighting for my life and to this day I don't know where I got the strength, but they all jumped on me and I flung them off me like they were five year olds. I got to the guy with the bat punched him once he dropped the bat I picked it up and struck him twice in the head, while his head was pressed against a table basically crushing his skull. I started swinging the bat around and I hit two other guys in the head with the bat and I saw lots of blood coming from their head as they lay on the floor. Then they all rush me at once and they are trying to pin me down but they cannot and I manage to get over to the only window in the room, I throw it open and I am about to leap out when I see where I am. I look out and it's straight down at least a hundred feet.

Your not going to believe this and I know that it sounds absolutely crazy, but I am in the top of the Library looking down at the ball field. I know I was in the library first from the view and second from the shape of the room one side was almost rounded, and now with the view there is only one place it could be and that is the top of the library (the location of the labs are enclosed in the drawing on the other diskettes). I knocked out several more guys but there were just too many of them and eventually they got me down and stuck a needle in my butt and then I was out.

They gave me several beatings and several electric shock sessions there. That's all I remember of the sessions. They were trying to break me, but I wouldn't let them, so the beatings continued at night. I remember telling my roommate the next morning that I felt like my face had been hit by a truck, but yet I had no idea why my face was hurting.

The Girl and "The Jump" October or November 1988?-

I am walking through the parking lot on my way to class. It is morning. A car pulls up along side me from behind and stops. It's a full size Lincoln or something (a very large car), it was brown. The doors open and five men step out. They are all white. The first two I instantly recognize. It's the man in green and the man in blue. The same two I recognized from High school and before. The next one I also have the feeling I have seen before. He was about 6-2 medium built about 190 lbs. He is dressed in a long black leather coat. He has a full head of blond white silver hair and blue eyes. He looks like something out of Adolph Hitler's dream of an "Arian race". He somehow has a very European face. He is "older", I would estimate mid to early forty's. He is expressionless, with high cheek bones. I can very vividly picture his face. I remember just by his looks and mannerisms he is a very serious person. I didn't know it at the time but he is the man who is in charge of the beatings in the roof of the library (he is a Nazi, one of their genetic experiments). During one if the beatings in the "small lab" I named this person "Adolph" and from here on in that is what I call him. The last two were around the back of the car. They were dressed in sort of a "sport suit." Dressed like an "agent" or something, dressed nicely but built for travel. I didn't recognize them at first sight.

They stayed in the back behind the car and they were quite large. The man in green says that they want to talk to me, and he instructs me to get in the car. I become scared. I told him that if he wanted to talk to me, start talking, but there is no way I'm going to get into any car with five guys I don't know! He said that he wanted to talk to me about participating in some sort of program. I told him that what ever he wants from me the answer was "no". He then said that "NO" was an unacceptable answer, and that I was going to participate whether I liked it or not because I was too valuable and "NO" was not an option. He then said "Andy, get in the f*cking car." I said "No." The man in the black leather coat with the white hair "Adolph" grabs my arm and starts pulling me toward the open car door (back seat drivers side). My instinct just seems to take over, I wrench my arm away from Adolph let me tell you I START RUNNING. This is going to be difficult to explain without a visual aid but here goes. The parking lot was a very long and thin lot, not like a square, but like an "I", only two places to park your car, on the right or on the left and its very long. The lot is located below the level of the campus by about 70 to 80 feet. There is a long slope as an embankment and about every 100 yards or so there is a set of stairs to get in and out of the lot. At the top of the stairs there is a main road which runs along the entire campus. So once you cross the road you are right there on campus. Buildings start about 50 feet in from the road.

I break away from Adolph AND I START RUNNING. I ran as fast as I could for the stairs. The stairs were about 50 yards away, I reach them unmolested. I turn back and look to see if they are chasing me. They are not, as I look back all the men have gotten back in the car and I just catch a glimpse of the last car door closing. I pause, thinking the car is going to come towards me, the tires squeal but in REVERSE. I think, it hits me, they are going to cut me off at the top of the stairs. AT THAT MOMENT for the second time I felt the "the rush." The first time was when the man was going to hit me with the baseball bat. But for the first time in my life I felt like I was running for my life. That if they beat me to the top of the stairs it was all over. By "the rush" I mean the adrenaline rush, your mind closes like having blinders on and the surge of power your body feels when it's life or death. If you have never been in a situation where you truly "feared for your life."

You really cannot understand the feeling I am talking about. I bounded up those stairs, three of four stairs at a time. At the top is a car parked right in front of the stairs, it's maroon but it's facing the wrong way. I crouch next to the rear fender and I see the first car about 200 yards away and I hear the engine rev as the driver floors it. Flying over the speed bumps. The car passes the parked car and I dart across the road. Out of my left ear I hear the screech of tires skidding, as I look the car has stopped and I see the drivers eyes in the rear view mirror. It is turning around. I get on the sidewalk and then 30 feet onto campus ground. For some reason I feel safe and I stop running in order to "blend in". There are many people around walking to class. I look back at the car, it looks like it's going to jump the curb. It does and All the students scatter like ants seeking cover. I'm left standing there by my self. A girl, who I had never met before, when all the others ran away, for some reason she ran to me. She grabs my arm and without saying a word tells me that she is not afraid. That instant seemed to last forever.

I hear the driver gun it. As the rear wheels now jump the curb. With my right hand I grab her left hand as I scream RUN! I turn and run for the nearest building. My right arm lags way behind me after two or three steps as her left arm is stretched as far forward as it can go. She is not fast enough. We are not going to make it. With my right hand I let go, I point to the right and yell "RUN." Out of my right eye after one or two steps, I don't see her. I slow down and turn to look back. She has stopped running. She turned and is facing the oncoming car placing herself right between me and the cars path believing they will stop or turn to avoid her. She is about 5 yards behind me, I am at the base of the steps of the building. All I hear is the engine as the driver floors it. She has no chance, I have no chance of saving her. This all happens in a split second. I turn back toward the building and leap up the stairs. The car is right behind me. I jump from the stair to the railing to side of the building, scurry up as I hear the crash below. Somehow I'm on the roof. I take a quick look around and there is nothing but pipes coming up out of the tar and a single door. I run for the door and when I get there it is locked. I hear someone calling my name, I go back and look over the edge. There are two cars below me, the Lincoln is crashed into the building, the maroon car that I hid behind for a split second is undamaged behind it. The man with the white hair is standing there looking up at me. He starts talking, he is stalling, he says "Andy, that was very impressive, very impressive indeed. Do you have any idea what you just did." He backs down the stairs and gets a running start...

The building is a perfect square. The first floor all the way around is glass. From there up is all marble. On the corners are big square pillars. Which stick out 90 degrees from the side of the building forming a perfect right angle. I had jumped from the stair railing to the side of the pillar to the side of the building back to the side of the pillar all the way up to the top (left, right, left, right all the way). Grabbed the railing and leaped over. He tries to get to me the same way I came up the side of the building, comes close but slides back down the side again. I'm looking right into his eyes as he slides back down. He is yelling at me "I'm very impressed Andy, you have extra ordinary abilities". I yell back "F*CK YOU". He continues, "You just did what we call a five step 90 degree vertical climb, how do you explain that!" I yell back "I'M WEARING MY NIKE'S." The instant I said that ,I hear a chuckle behind me. I spin around. There are four guys on the roof sneaking up behind me. The man on the ground keeps yelling for me to come back to the edge, I ignore him. The four men now have spread out. They are moving very slowly towards me. They say they are my 'friends'. I say "if you are my friends stop and don't come any closer." They keep moving closer. Two of them reach in their jackets and pull out pistols.

At that point I say "F*ck this" and lunge at the guy on far right (he was the smallest). I get by him and run for the now open roof access door. The men with the pistols shoot at me. They couldn't have missed because it was a range of only 6 or 7 feet. There was no sound, and the guns looked a little "funny". They weren't shooting bullets, it was some sort of dart gun, or pellet gun. I don't know what it was, all I know is it wasn't bullets because they shot me and I just kept running. There are two more guys right inside the door. They have the same guns. I blow by them and they shoot me too. I make my way down to the first floor. The wrecked car is to my left wrapped around the pillar. I see a bloody hand under the car and blood is seeping out from under the car everywhere. I run out the door to my right, down the stairs, and out onto the quad. I'm running as fast as I can. I look back and they ARE chasing me this time. I run into Wilson commons (a huge open multilevel glass building which is the student center). I STOP running and casually begin walking among the crowd. I feel safe with people around. I'm inside the building. Two men in suits run in behind me, I start running again. Willison commons is basically a six story glass box. The entire middle is open. There is a spiral staircase which runs along one side of the building. There are three ways to enter the building. From the top, which is connected to the quad by a walk way. From the main entrance which brings you to the main floor, or through the basement (cafeteria level). It is easily a 100 foot drop from top to the very bottom.

I'm at the top with two men behind me. I go for the stairs and start going down. I get three levels down and enter on to the main floor. The man with the white hair is coming right towards me with three other guys in suits. I turn and run back up the stairs. The other two men are right there. I'm trapped. I turn to my left and leap over the railing without looking. One of them yells "NO DON'T DO IT." I thought I was jumping just to the main level, which is only about one story. I fell all the way to the bottom. Which is at least 50 feet. When I jumped, I did it with no hesitation and no fear. I truly believed that if they caught me my life would be over so again without hesitation I hopped over the railing without hesitation. I leaped over and immediately focused on where I was going to land. Like a moment in frozen time, I didn't wave my arms or yell, my body was frozen like a statue as it fell. My mind suddenly took over, and I envisioned my legs as being "steel springs" (my lower body is extremely strong from weightlifting) and I squeezed my legs and butt as tight as I could. Knees bent, head up, just like I was squatting 500 pounds. I hit the ground hard, and I mean with tremendous force. It was just like "BA-BOOM"; the thing is it worked. Just like steel springs my legs absorbed the impact and I literally "bounced" several feet in the air then came crashing down on a table. As I'm laying on my back I open my eyes and they are all looking at me from the point on the staircase which I had jumped. They thought I was dead. But something inside me says "get up" and I did. They start running down the stairs after me, and I start limping away. My dorm room is only two buildings away. I go out the basement entrance and ran as fast as I could right for my room. I make it back, and rush in, Brian is there, I start freaking out "LOCK THE DOOR" "DON'T LET ANYONE IN" "THEY ARE AFTER ME". I feel my body start to collapse, I climb into my bunk bed and curl into the fetal position and I am out like a light.

I hear voices, "I told you I hit him." I feel hands all over my body but I cannot move. Everything is black. They ask me how is my ankle? I tell them its fine! I've already healed it!

I wake up, and I am in some kind of shock. I'M DAZED, CONFUSED, IN SOME SORT OF HAZE. I am not all right, it's like the world was spinning. I look at the clock and it is 2:00 AM (I was out for approximately 14 hours). Brian is gone, I'm still dressed and I wander outside. My mind is not there. I remember what happened but it is like a bad dream. My head and my mind keeps spinning, around and around, what happened? Did that really happen? I wonder back to the building where the car crashed to see if it really happened. There are lights all around the building. As I get closer I see men in yellow jump suits working. These men were not with the University maintenance department. There are three vans, a man is painting the railing that the car hit. But it's fixed. Two men are on their knees working on the marble block which was damaged by the car. I stop and watch them. One of the men sees me and calls for another man. He points at me, the other man promptly puts something to his ear, either a phone or a radio type device. I am looking right at him and he is looking right at me. I turn back and start walking back to my room. Brian is now there, I enter the room and he is pissed "WHERE DID YOU GO" "WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT OF BED?" He puts me to bed, and then I hear him pick up the phone and start dialing. I'm out within seconds.

I wake up, and it's in the afternoon. I'm still in some sort of shock. I am not all right, I can feel it. I get dressed and head right for the building. I'm still in some kind of daze. Everything is one big blur. I get to the building. There is no sign of any damage. No broken glass, no cracked marble block, no mangled railing. Nothing! I go to the marble block where the car crashed, examine it, I find nothing. I go to the railing it's like new. It looks out of place almost, too new, I look at it carefully, it's freshly painted. I put my finger to it and that paint is still "tacky". I go to the other railings and they are all still tacky. But what I noticed was the cement around the whole area was "white". {sounds like a little 'reality engineering' taking place there - branton}

The cement which held the other railings in place matched the white cement perfectly. I go back to the damaged railing and look down. The cement holding that one in place is not even close IT IS GRAY. I put my finger to it. It's dry and hard but very gray and looks too new (it had sort of a gloss to it). I go back to the marble block, again I see nothing. I put my hand to it and I think I feel something. I take my student I.D. out and run the edge along the block. I hear a "click" or "skip", when I looked very closely you could see a hairline crack running all the way through the block. I retrace my steps all the way back to Wilson commons. I get to the commons and I enter. It's crowed, as I start walking through the crowd, there seems to be some kind of commotion, everyone is looking at me. When I make eye contact with them, they look away. I turn the corner into the main room. I look at the spot from which I had jumped, and there are men in suits MEASURING with one of those long tape measureís they use in sporting events (it's like a big wheel and you crank it to retrieve the tape). They are measuring all the distances. From how far I jumped to how, to how far I ran, everything. Then I see a group of men in suits (6 to 8) are walking to my left. One of the men sees me and as he tells someone else he points to me. The man with the white hair emerges from the pack, and like a deer caught in the headlights I FREEZE. I cannot move as I watch him walk toward me. My instinct tells me to run but I am paralyzed with fear. He walks right up to me, and that's all I can remember.

That night, I sat in my room with my elbows on my knees and my head between my hands. As I think about the events which had happened, the room begins to spin. I'm very scared, I don't know what to do. I want to call home. I want to call my mother. I can't remember the number. I'm looking for it. I find my address book and I find the number. Dialing the number seems familiar, but it feels odd. As the phone starts to ring, Brian opens the door and enters the room. He sticks his finger on the phone and I am disconnected. He starts to speak to someone in the hall, they enter, it's the man in green and the man in blue and Adolph. The sight of these men in my room, speaking to Brian. They know each other, and they know where I live, I'm thinking. This causes such fear in me that the room spins out of control and I black out as the two realities came crashing together.

The Big Lab

After that I was not the same person, and they began taking me to a lab. Two men in overcoats would knock on my door, I or Brian would open it, they would say two or three words, I would drop what ever I was doing, get my coat and go with them. I had no say, I had no control. That was it I just did it, I don't know why, it was just like when I pulled the car over for Mr. Purrizzo. They had a car outside, I would get in the back and just sit there with a blank stare in my eyes. The lab was, I would estimate, from 30 to 90 minutes away. I say this because the first few trips I remember the trip. I remember getting on a divided two lane highway, it had to have been the New York state thruway (the only divided highway around) and we road for a while. I remember them asking me if I knew where I was, asking me if I knew what time it was, was it night or day, and with a big smile I said "of course I know where I am" as I was proud for out smarting them by remembering landmarks and remembering where we were going and how we got there. After that I remember the men in the car "doubling back" one exit on the thruway, and when we arrived the man with the white hair and black leather coat would ask me again "do you know where you are" and again I would tell them exactly what they wanted to know. After that I don't remember any more "rides". I remember getting in the car in front of the dorm, and then I remember getting out of the car in front of the lab (the facility). I think they finally got smart and programmed my mind somehow so that when they said the word "sleep" or some similar command, I would instantly lay on the seat and would be out like a light until they decided to re-awake me, because after that there was no more "ride" only getting in of the car and getting out of the car.

At the big lab is where the torture continued but the more sophisticated experiments took place. The head of the project was Adolph. He was no ordinary agent or CIA man, he is a Nazi. Him and his partisans just had the "look" of some Nazi genetic experiment. The psychotic eyes, the "Arian" face and features such as the straight blond hair. After I had killed two of his "boys" in the small lab with the baseball bat he kept trying to tell me that he was my "father", and he seemed obsessed with this idea. He had similar abilities of his own, but I was more powerful. I know this because the first few times I tangled with him he threw me, but once I figured out how he was simply misdirecting my force into another direction, I then could take him. He knew this and after I threw him a few times he no longer would try and step in and stop me if I got loose, he would let all of the "hired hands" try and stop me. He was the one who in my mind could stop me, somehow he implanted in my mind that I could not harm him. I didn't fear him, I would just avoid him if I was making an escape. As in my mind he was the most powerful one out of the group. He was also the one who did all of the "coaching" or "directing" if you will. None of the other guys really said much to me. They mostly talked off to the side amongst themselves, and when called upon to help out they never said a word unless it was to answer a question asked by Adolph, never a word directly to me. Remember, at this point they had already had TOTAL control over me, and I mean TOTAL control. They tell me to get in the car, I get in the car. They tell me to stand over there, I go and stand over there. They tell me to stand in the corner, and I was like a "robot" I would go stand in the corner, once there I stood like a statue until spoken to again.

There always seemed to be a guy with a video recorder, recording everything, and I mean everything. Even in the chase across campus when the girl died, one of the men had a camera on his shoulder. I only got a glimpse of it but it was no VHS recorder from SEARS. It was one of those bigger cameras with a light on top that the news crews use, only it was a quite a bit smaller but the same style. So at the small lab as well as the big lab, they were recording everything I did. From how I stood to how I sat to how I stripped down to my underwear. The camera was always watching me.

To start the tests were simple at the big lab. They would tell me to do "push ups," and I would start doing push ups. The thing is I would do push ups until they told me to stop. When I was "myself" (not under hypnosis or their "mind control") I already could do more push ups than probably 99% of the population. 150 maybe 200 without stopping (with perfect form), don't forget I was invited to be on, or "tryout" if you will for the U.S. Power lifting team, and I'm in the best shape of my life.

But when under hypnosis they would tell me to start, and then start playing cards on a fold out card table. I have no idea how long I would do them for but it was a while (1/2 hour, an hour I don't know). I wouldn't think I would just do.

The focus of the initial research, I believe, was to try and unlock the secrets of the mind. How to make the perfect soldier, to make a "super human killing machine". They were finding out how, when under hypnosis, can the mind over come the physical limitations of the human body. How, when under hypnosis, can the mind overcome the physical impossibilities of going against the laws of physics? How, when under hypnosis, can the mind overrule the build up of lactate acid which occurs in the blood stream when muscle contraction occurs? How can the mind allow the body to do things which would normally be physically impossible?

To be able to do push ups for the length of time and the number of repetitions that I did them for would be a physical impossibility. Yet there I am doing it. How could I do it? Because of the way my mind "thinks" if you will, is different from everyone else. Somehow if you tell me to do something on the subconscious level I truly believe that I can do it. So how did I do it, UNDER HYPNOSIS, THEY TOLD ME I COULD DO IT! AND I TRULY BELIEVED THEM!!!

They did all sorts of similar tests on me. I remember next they bring in a squat rack and barbell set. They put a bunch of weight on and tell me that these are "fake plates" and that the bar is as "light as a feather". It's just like doing deep knee bends with no weight at all, and then instructed me to starting squatting. I would then begin exercising until they told me to stop. It was very strange because I could hear the "clang" the weight plates make when you have four or five stacked on each side and you are squatting. In testing at Rochester I squatted 545 pounds as my maximum, when I was squatting in the lab I think I was doing seven 45 pound plates on each side (which is 675 pounds for as many reps as they wanted). I would just start "squatting" and I would not stop until they told me to. Yet it felt like there was no weight pressing on my shoulders at all. It was in reality "as light as a feather", just like doing simple deep knee bends.

Another favorite was to sit me down in a chair and tell me to envision my arm not as an arm but as a huge robotic hydraulic vice. This vice had unlimited power, and ANYTHING they placed in my hand I could crush, just like squeezing an "egg." They then would proceed to place various objects in my hand, and I would crush it like a egg. In my mind I wasn't squeezing an unopened can of Coke. I was squeezing an egg, and I would crush it accordingly. I remember they put some kind of gauge in my hand to see what the pounds per square inch was that I was producing. It was like one of those old hand exercisers you would squeeze. The first time I squeezed it, I broke it, and they got all excited. They had to "recalibrate" another one for me, and again I buried the needle on their gauge, and this astounded them. They made me feel "good" about being able to do these things, and I was sort of "proud" of my self. As my confidence grew, my abilities grew. It was all like a game to me. They would set up some kind of test, something that I should not be able to do, and I would live to prove them wrong.

They told me to walk around with my chest stuck out and head held high because I was "the biggest, badest, meanest motherf*ckering stud on the planet and if you F*CK with me I will kill you." This particular suggestion caused some very serious problems later on.

They said we need a name to call you by. This name is something very special, it is the name that ONLY WE may call you by, it is your code name and you should spend some time thinking about it because it is very important. I answered almost immediately "I want to be called THE RHINO" I said. I had chosen this name because it was a name I wanted as my "nickname" on my high school football team. However in high school the nickname was already given to another player so I could not have it, but for some reason I always thought it was really "COOL", and now that I could choose any name I wanted, I chose "the Rhino" and that's why I chose "the rhino" as my new name. At first the man with the white hair and black leather coat as well as the other guys laughed at the name, but after a while it grew on them and they liked it. The man with the white hair and black leather coat would bark out "RHINO" get over here, and it would come running like a puppy and then he really started to like it.

I think they made me choose a different name not only for the practicality of it, but more so to disassociate my "new self" from my "old self." In other words, when they called me they didn't want any association to do with my "old self", anything to do with "Andy". Mostly because they never broke "Andy", since they could not break "Andy" they sort of had to build over him. They squashed "Andy" into a vacuum sealed steel coffin and buried him under tons and tons of ten foot thick steel plates the each the size of a football field, and buried him in the deepest part of my mind. They wanted "Andy" to be totally gone, but I remember they could NEVER destroy or break him. I think that is why I still remember all of these events. That fact really angered the man with the white hair, and really frightened Mr. Green as his worst fear is that I will remember and come back for him. And believe me he WILL see his day in court, for honestly I have no fear of dying anymore because I have touched what is beyond this life and despite all of this I still somehow have an "inner peace" if you will. A fact that I am no longer afraid of the darkness and afraid of the night. But anyway, when they called me they wanted "THE RHINO".

They wanted me to think ONLY as "the Rhino". They wanted the biggest, badest, meanest motherf*ckering stud on the planet, and if you F*CK with me I will kill you "RHINO."

What I didn't know at the time was that my father, when he was in the Navy, was part of an elite ultra top secret nuclear explosion test that he was hand picked for. The name he chose was also "the Rhino". This must have proved very interesting to them. At this point I discover that they had been taking me from the age of 2 years old. As I was from the very beginning part of a HUGE genetic manipulation project along with my father and along with most of the armed forces in the United States which has been going on sense the 1960's. More about this later.

As the conditioning continued they were particularly interested in "the jump." I remember discussing it with them. They asked me how did I do it? I answered "I don't know, but when I jumped I had no fear, as I was falling I was like a cat, calm and cool, again no fear, focusing like a laser only on the landing, before the impact the 'steel springs'." As a result of this, of course, they start having me "jump" off of things. As you can imagine it, what they did to me was not pleasant. When you jump you are a cat, they told me. You will always land on your feet and you will always be OK no matter how high. You will have no fear. Every jump in your mind is as easy and as safe as jumping off a footstool. When you land, your legs become steel springs and will absorb all impact. The size and strength of the steel springs will automatically adjust to the height of the jump for you. There is no pain, and you have no fear!

They started me off with small jumps to begin with (off a six foot step ladder). I remember this because they wanted me to stand on the fold out tray that clearly says "this is not a step" and I didn't want to because it clearly said "this is not a step" so I ended up going to the top step (it was no big deal in terms of height, but it was in my mind a big deal in terms of things you should do and things you should not do). So I specifically remember that. Next it was up a ladder to a platform they had in the "Big Lab", maybe 25-30 feet. Then it was off the side of the big lab outside (the top of the building). We would then progress to jump off objects that were higher and higher.

What they would do is bring me to a certain spot (whether it was a bridge or a cliff) and simply say "Jump", we will meet you at the bottom. And I would simply say "OK" walk to the railing and jump over. I wouldn't look first and then back up and then jump. I would just, jump, RIGHT OVER. I would land like a cat, bounce in the air from the release of the stored energy in the compacted steel springs that were my legs, do a shoulder roll as I landed the second time from the "bounce", stand up, and wait for them. It was just like jumping off a footstool and it was just as easy.

The next day or so, I would find my self wandering back to the same spot during school hours, what ever it was (a bridge, a cliff, what ever) and as I retraced my steps, when I got to the jumping point I would look over the edge AND MY HEART WOULD DROP INTO MY STOMACH. I remember saying to myself "this is wrong, it was not this high" because to me the night before the jump was nothing "like a footstool" now I'm looking at it and saying "NO F*CKING WAY IS THIS RIGHT, NO F*CKING WAY". These things are not physically possible. I became very scared, and I became even more confused.

I remember one night walking through this chain link gate, and I began climbing up this white ladder with a round cage all around it. I'm climbing and I'm climbing, it seemed to go on for ever. I reach some kind of a platform which is made of some kind of metal grating. There is a man standing there and he tells me to climb further, until I reached the next platform. I did notice he was wearing a safety harness and was clipped on to the structure with a rope. I had no fear at all about where I was or what I was doing. The ladder had changed to a 4 inch pole with the rungs now welded on the outside. Like a ladder you would see at the circus. When I reach the top, the platform is only about 3 feet by 4 feet. I remember all of a sudden being almost blinded by red, and then it would go away, red and it would go away. So I turn my back to it. I look down and the man on the lower platform yells to me to jump. I simply jumped off without fear and with out hesitation. I remember freezing like a cat in the air for a split second, and then hitting the ground. I hit the ground fairly hard and my ankle felt a slight twinge of pain, as I bounced I ALWAYS kept my eyes focused on the ground, on the exact spot of landing. I did my shoulder roll, and stood up, my ankle hurt some what but I was fine. This did not seem like jumping off a footstool, it was more like jumping off a six foot ladder. Still no problem at all, I walked off the pain in my foot and didn't think twice about it. I walked over to the group by the car and just stood there. There were three or four dark figures talking amongst themselves. They were in a group and off to the side of the car, it was dark and all I remember is there shadows.

I watched as a small black figure was climbing down the structure. He looked like an ant on your kitchen wall. He gets to the bottom, takes off his gear and starts running over to us. He is all excited. It's Adolph. He is screaming with excitement and he runs up to me and hugs me and pats me on the back as he talks to the figures behind me. I remember standing there and saying to myself "are these guys idiot's, or just f*cking retarded. What is the big f*cking deal about jumping off a dam small ladder like that! And why the HELL am I out here in the middle of the night to do this stupid shit anyway!" I didn't understand any of it but I remember being very annoyed at them for wasting my time with such simple tasks.

The next morning I woke up and I remembered this strange dream I had. I remember climbing and climbing a white ladder. Like I was on the Eiffel tower, and the gate. When I reached the top I looked for a second at the magnificent view, and then I was on the ground again. This dream was really weird because most dreams you remember for about 10 minutes or so, but I was thinking about this ALL day for some reason. As the day goes by I peace together that this is happening in Rochester, and I think I remember land marks like the 7-11 and I think I know how to get there. Finally after dinner I decided to get in my jeep and try and "feel" my way to this place. Without any mistakes I turn right here, drive for a while and turn left there. I find myself turning onto this grass field and a dirt path. I drive to the tree line and there is a chain link fence so I must stop. I leave my headlights on and walk to the fence. I'm standing in front of the "gate" in my dreams. I see something beyond it and as I focus there is a field, and in the middle of it is a bunch of lights and some type of structure behind it. I cannot make it out clearly because of the shadows from the lights. So I stoop down to one knee and look up. I could barley see because the trees were overhanging my view. It was a huge microwave radio tower. This didn't make any sense, so I put my face so it was almost touching the ground and I looked up and saw the red flashing light ALL THE WAY AT THE TOP. When I saw the red flashing light my head instantly started to spin and I threw up several times right there. I don't know how long I was there, but I remember driving home and I was profusely sweating. Like sweating after you throw up from a hang over. I finally get home, and like my mother Brian is asking me where I've been. So I tell him the story about the dream and for some reason he seem very annoyed about this, but I don't know why. I go to bed still sweating and shaking. The next morning I remember waking up and feeling absolutely terrific.

This event must have occurred soon AFTER thanksgiving of 1988, because during the thanksgiving break freshman year is when I bought the 1979-three speed jeep CJ-5, and then took it up to school. The thing is after I told Brian where I had been they placed a tracking device under the rear wheel well of my jeep on the passenger side (inside the fender on the rear wheel passenger side). I remember this because I was going to my jeep one evening and I noticed a big rock stuck in my tire and I tried to pry it out but I couldn't so I went and got my tire iron to pry it loose from the deep tread (that's the kind of guy I am, if I see something wrong on my car I can't just leave it because it would bother me until I knew it wasn't there). So anyway I pry it out of the deep tread (they were brand new 33 x 12.5 x 15 flotation tires with new tread) and as I pry it out the tire iron and the rock fly up into the wheel well and the rock, the tire iron and this little black magnetic box come out. It was the same size and shape of one of those "Hide a key" boxes, as a matter of fact that's what I thought it was. But it wouldn't open, it was just a box with a magnet and a wire sticking out of it. At that instant I became scared because I didn't exactly know what it was but from somewhere inside me I had my suspicions (since I never put it there). I had parked right next to the bus stop, and as I am holding this little black box a bus pulls up and is going to let some people out, so I said to my self "why the f*ck not" so I ran over to the bus and stuck this little black box under the wheel well of the bus and it pulled away. And with in minutes I had forgotten all about it.

We were having a party at my fraternity that night and as a pledge with a car the brothers of the house had sent me out for cigarettes before the party started. I went out and got the cigarettes and had to park in a different spot when I came back because mine was taken. I got extremely drunk at the party and ended up crashing on one of the many couches in one of the rooms at the fraternity house for a while. So they didn't know where I was. They being a branch of the Nazi underground who is using the University of Rochester, Kodak, and Bausch and Lomb, (to name a very few) as covers for their genetic and mind control programs in order to manipulate the children of America.

"They" thought is was making a "run for it" as the bus was driving all around Rochester, and I didn't come home that night. When I got back to my room at about 5:00 in the afternoon Brian is there, pissed off as hell at me asking me "Where the f*ck have you been?... What did you do last night?" I tell him to go "F*ck himself" and I head for the shower and then I am going to take a long nap. When I get back from the shower, Brian is gone but the man with the white hair "Adolph" is in my room along with Mr. Green and about four other guys. They slam the door shut as soon as I walk in, when I realize they are in my room I try to run, but Adolph says a few words and I cannot move. I stand there like I am in a trance just like I do when I am back at the lab. He starts to chew my ass out, and all I could do is stand there and smile. I guess they had spent the whole night following the bus around, then they finally stopped it and searched it and found that I wasn't on the bus and then they found the tracking device in the wheel well and then couldn't find me, and I didn't come home. They were very pissed off at me. I just stood there and smiled. It was one of the proudest moments of my life! They told me to get in the god d*mn bed and to go to f*cking sleep. So I put a big chew of tobacco in my mouth and played Nintendo for a few hours, before finally going to bed. This is an example of how even though I was totally under their control, they could not totally destroy "Andy" and somehow I found a way to come out. Then even though they had instructed me to go to bed I some how fought the order off and went to bed when I wanted to.

At some point came the "big jump" (as if jumping off the huge tower wasn't big enough). I don't remember exactly when it was, but I clearly remember the event. All along, the main point of spending so much time on all of these jumps was to see if I could make the "big jump" and survive. The theory behind all of this was that once the body reaches a certain speed (32feet sec/sec) you cannot go any faster, you have reached maximum velocity. So, in theory if I could jump off an object and reach 32 feet sec/sec and some how survive, then it didn't matter how high I was jumping from. In other words if I jumped off the tower (a jump of a few hundred feet) and I reached maximum velocity then I could also jump from 500 feet, 1000 feet, or 10,000 feet. It didn't matter how high because I couldn't go any faster. Imagine the potential of a soldier or covert operations team who could jump out of a plane and didn't need parachutes. Think about it! A low flying plane going over a strategic target, the enemy would probably dismiss it as a reconnaissance plane. The team could literately fall from the sky and land practically right on top of the target and no one would know anything about it until months after it was over. This is what they are after, the ultimate solider, the ultimate killing machine.

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