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Project Superman, Part 7

A Victim of the Illuminati's 'Super-Race' Projects and Montauk Experiments Speaks Out

By Michael Andrew Pero
Archive Posted Oct. 27, 1999

But the whole thing seemed so bizarre that it didn't make any sense. He spent years trying to permanently blank my memory but because of the safety systems I had installed in my mind when they first started programming me and creating their "Manchurian Candidate", I specifically designed my own system so that the system would automatically "reboot" no matter what, and there was no way to destroy it (it is quite clever I must admit). This pissed them off something fierce since they have no way of destroying me, they can only try and control me. During one of the sessions, he slipped and told me "Do you have any idea how much damage you have done to the organization?" and I said "good you f*cking assholes", but then he said that they were now using the FBI physiologists to gain the control of all the FBI agents when they came in for their mandatory physic evaluations.

Think about it? Who watches the FBI physiologists? When I heard this I was still in their altered state of reality and I would go on my daily life everyday with no memories of what was happening at his apartment. Somehow I found my self in the FBI office in Atlanta, and I was there to tell them the story about what was happening to the FBI during the physic evaluations. "Watch the physiologists" I said and the director of the FBI office knew exactly who I was, and he kept on asking me "Who are You" "Who are You" (He knew I was the guy who stuck the pencils in the wall from before, and told of the stage hypnotists) and he kept on saying "Do you have Any idea how many people are looking for you?" and I kept telling them that I came in as soon as I regained my memory. He said "how convent, they keep erasing your memory". He didn't believe me when I told him that I have no memory about anything he is talking about. A specialty team of FBI agents were on the way from Washington the moment that it was discovered that I was in Atlanta. But somehow I gave him the information and then I disappeared and I was back in my apartment. I don't know how I did it but that's what happened.

As it turns out the whole thing was true and nearly the entire FBI was under the control of the Illuminati, and when they would say the "magic word" they would all turn and say "HEIL HITLER". After a few months the FBI got control of the situation (supposedly) and arrested all of the physiologists involved, deprogrammed all of the agents, all of the military generals, as well as most of the members of the Senate I would assume and Congress, as well as President Clinton.

My controller (Aaron) when the whole plot was exposed said that he had to do some very fast talking to save his life and said to me "do you have any idea how much damage you've done, you've reduced the organization down to me being the new head mind controller because they arrested everyone". Several members of the Illuminati wanted to kill my son and his mother in retribution for what I had done, but [did not] since I had no memories of them (and they thoroughly detest me).

As part of their control over me they have separated me from my powers somehow. I cannot move anymore objects but it is very very slowly coming back to me. However I do remember jumping off a 5 story parking garage in Buckhead (the affluent singles bar area in Atlanta) when the FBI was chasing me (I didn't know who they were) and I just did it with out thinking, and simply ran away. My programmer (now also Aaron) simply erased my memory of the whole event. I didn't know that they were FBI agents at the time, all I knew was that they were "men" after me. Going way back to the initial programming all I would do in situations I simply "run", get away. I think I also walked into another FBI office at point in some time and I was half way inside the door when I suddenly got this uneasy feeling as I looked at the FBI agent behind me, he was a tall black man and when he began sweating bullets my instinct just took over and I ran away. How, when and where that happened is still a mystery to me.

In July of 1997, one of the Army officers (Mr. Green) who had been instrumental in my development back in Rochester and who I had swore if I ever got loose I would kill, tried to kill me. I remember being in Aaron's apartment and he put me into my trance. When I awoke again I was literally in chains from head to foot. It was Mr. Green. He took 50,000 milligrams of cyanide and mixed it into a small glass of coke and forced me to drink it. Nothing happened. I just burped as loud as I could and told him to go f*ck himself. He became frantic and calling me a "son of a bitch" and he then pulled out his 45 revolver and shot me point blank in the head. The impact knocked me unconscious but when I came to I saw three shell casings laying on the floor. Aaron erased the whole event from my memory, and about a week later (when he had me in my trance) told me that the attack was "Unauthorized" and that I no longer have to worry about Mr. Green again. In fear for his life, Aaron and I had a fight and stopped speaking to each other as he could not cover up the memories any longer and he knew that I knew that he knew that I knew kind of thing.

I move back to New Jersey in October of 1997 and have since been trying to piece it all together. I know who my new controller is. For the longest time I could not figure it out the fact that they would not simply let me go and not have some one watching me, but now I have figured it out, it is my mother, and they hopefully don't know that I have figured it out.

I have had my self "deprogrammed" by one of the "Montauk Boys" and am going through my 21 day recovery period, which coincidentally ends today. And that is where I am at. Now I have to figure out how to get my powers back. I must figure out some way to get in contact with the FBI and figure out some sort of "plan". In the mean time the information I have collected states that now the Illuminati are attempting to control the world through the recording business and the media. Inserting subliminal messages through all the major recording studios, they have now gone to actual application with the broadcasts of the 425MHz mind controlling frequencies with towers all over the world (the one in Russia is targeting California) and they are controlling the television companies and are starting to insert hypnotic messages into everything we watch and read. I can only do my part to try and stop them, I hope some other people will help this time.

As more of my memory comes back I will add in more detail to the time line. In the mean time I am faced with one major question in regards to all of this.

Who am I? And is it really me?

March 10th 1998- "As world war II ended and as the debris of Berlin smoldered, the American intelligence 'services' quietly courted Nazis and their Quislings in the Soviet satellites. Some 5000 European 'anti-Communists,' according to the Washington Post for June 9, 1982, quietly emigrated to the United States. In the early days of television, young Ronald Reagan's fund-raising acumen was tapped by the 'Crusade for freedom,' a CIA front. The then 'liberal' celluloid cut-out and FBI informant appeared in a cameo spot to talk viewers out of their hard-earned dollars to fund the migration of East European 'freedom fighters' to the United States - these paragons were really diehard Nazis. The CIA, Pentagon, and an army of Nazi recruits have since consummated as ideological bond that has held in sickness and in stealth." -- From: Virtual Government - CIA Mind Control operations in America. P 150, by Alex Constantine

Secret location of Rochester Facility (Located in Rochester NY)

This is not only the truth about what the United States government has already done, but these operations are not only still going on but have escalated in their scale and have become so integrated into today's society, that the public is starting to believe the "lies" the government is protruding to "discredit" anyone who comes forth and states that they have been a "victim" of a government mind control experiment, or some other sort of illegal horrific government based medical experiment.

What the government is doing to "cover their tracks", simply is they come up with a fictitious medical term to "explain" what all these people are emembering. In this case they came up with the "false memory syndrome". The fact that all these people are simply "delusional" or "crazy" and they (conveniently) need medication. It conveniently explains their "memories" of the wrong doings and government torture done to them as all simply being "figments of their imagination" and "it all never happened". It also shuts them up as they are now heavily sedated.

I know this as to be fact because it happened to me when I attended the University of Rochester between the years 1988-1992. The horrific experiments were conducted at the secret facility illustrated in the map of Rochester N.Y above.

These are the individuals responsible for the kidnapping, and most disturbing of all are the torture, murder, and illegal horrific medical experiments being done on American children TODAY. They actually are the NAZI PARTY working in conjunction with different branches of the United States government in order to find effective way to control your mind and to control the minds of All the United States citizens as well as the rest of the world in order to form "The New World Order". A single military based world government where free speech, free thought and free will will only be a memory of the past.

This is also the Same group that was hypnotizing citizens as well as the United States Army using stage hypnotists in the mid 1990ís. The United States government (THE PART THAT WAS NOT YET UNDER THEIR CONTROL) eventually passed a law making it illegal for stage hypnotism to be performed in the United States because of this exact group. Their secret location was never revealed until now as they have not yet been prosecuted. Why? Because the network of government collaboration between the different branches of the government and the Nazi party have become so intertwined that it virtually has become impossible to sort out "Whom" is really responsible, because the whole operation's success is based upon secrecy.

This is also the same group, the certain individuals and groups within the United States government and the diehard members of the Nazi party who were brought over from Eastern Europe named as "the freedom fighters" with the money donated by the American people who gave during Ronald Reagan's fund- raising campaign. Which then was cleverly tapped by the "Crusade for freedom," (A CIA front operation). This group of fanatics then attempted to overthrow the FBI by planting their agents "posing" as FBI psychologists. The "agent" would then hypnotize (brainwash) the FBI agent during their "psychological evaluation" into giving their loyalties to Adof Hitler and the Nazi Party! Sound too outrageous to be true? Believe it! You probably never heard anything about this conspiracy because the FBI covered up this plot as not to expose their own incompetence as the group had almost the entire FBI under their control until the conspiracy was exposed (I would estimate it happened sometime between 1996 to 1997). The FBI is still looking for who is responsible for these plots, and here they are! At the Rochester location.

Secret Paramus facility located at 140 Century Rd. (Located in Paramus NJ) There are literally "dozens" of these facilities located across the country. Each one has a different function and specialty. This is a "sister" facility of the one in Rochester NY. The entrance to the underground facility is located in an office building in Paramus NJ., at 140 Century Rd. The building next door (120 Century Rd) is also owned by the same company who finances the project. The Paramus facility does not specialize in mind control, it's specialty is SEX.

The Paramus facility uses women to gain government secrets, industrial secrets, intelligence information. Basically ANY information they are assigned to gather these "sex agents" then go and manipulate their "target", not with guns, or threats, but using one of the most powerful agents of manipulation, sex.

As stated above, the "sex agent" is one of the most powerful means of extracting information. The girls are either brought in at a very young age or I would imagine kidnapped and then are made into a "sexual agent". This is done through a set of very disturbing programming steps. This process includes brainwashing and as you can imagine EXTREME sexual abuse. A process which was used frequently used and perfected by the KGB as well as attempted by the CIA in their "San Francisco house". I'm not sure as to the actual procedures involved in making one of these "sex agents" or where the girls come from. I can bet that 99% of these girls are NOT there on a voluntary basis.

You don't think that our own government would be insidious enough to use girls to get information out of powerful men? Are you that ignorant? But Anyway here is where the top secret underground entrance location is. This location is where the secret societies of the world work. Sometimes in conjunction with the United States government (as well as many other governments) and of course sometime for themselves. This is where these "sex agents" are programmed and trained. At the Paramus facility in NJ {{or is it New Jermany? - branton}}.

The Secret location of the "Relocated" Montauk Project (Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Atlanta GA) The Montauk project (formerly located at Camp Hero in Montauk NY) was first made public by Preston Nichols in his infamous book "The Montauk Project". The Montauk project is simply a continuation of the "Philadelphia Experiment" which was then changed to "Project Rainbow" and "The Phoenix Project", until finally it was moved and renamed to "the Montauk Project". All these projects had slightly different objectives, "time travel", "weather control", etc. These projects were eventually brought all under one roof which was named "The Montauk Project" which was located at Camp Hero in Montauk Long Island. The essence of the project was "time travel". Being able to create an "electromagnetic bottle" if you will around an object, thus enabling the object to be able to "disappear" or become invisible. This was already accomplished back in the 1940ís with the USS Eldridge.

There were problems however. Other than ripping a huge hole in the fabric of time (which an alien species called "the Grays" then used to bring a huge spaceship through and there are an estimated 1 million of them living here on Earth right now), human beings could not travel through time as their spiritual as well as physical "zero point of reference" becomes lost. I am not an expert on this subject, but as best as I can understand it, this is what happens. So more work needed to be done. What we now call our "stealth" technology is actually the Gray alien technology given to us in trade by the Gray alien species. What happened was the Department of the Navy made an agreement with the Grays to exchange technologies for human women and children subjects to conduct horrific breeding experiments. The Grays are what you see when you look at most of the alien drawings made by abductees or people who have claimed to have seen "aliens". This is going on right now down in Miami, FL. (Entrance to the secret underground facility where the U.S. military is conducting horrific genetic experiments on the population of the United States while working in conjunction with the gray aliens - [the entrance] is located next to the Classic Honda dealership in a bank in the Coral Gables area of West Miami, to be more specific) as I have seen it first hand myself. Over the years we developed the technology and can now use it in practice applications in our Stealth fighters and bombers.

Another off shoot of the Montauk project (which had to work with the time travel principal in order to give the spirit and physical body a "zero point of reference") was called the "Montauk chair". What this essentially did was to separate the mind from the body. To be able to separate the spirit and soul from the body. Eventually, with the help of the alien technology the essence of who we are (our spirit and soul) can be separated from the body, transferred onto a computer, digitized, (make any changes in who you are if they deemed necessary), stored, and then put you back into your body.

Who is behind the financing of all of this, as there is no paper trail leading to the government? One of the major contributor's to these horrors is a secret society called THE ORDER OF THE ROSE. Who are the "Order of the Rose"...

{{The Rosicrucians? according to the Rev. Jim Shaw, a former 33rd degree mason, when he was initiated into the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of masonry - which actually originated at a Jesuit college in Clermont France and not in Scotland - he was taken to the Scottish rite headquarters in Washington D.C., which sits atop of the pentagram-like street layout of the city. The ceremony took place in the masonic "house of the temple", in which he observed all kinds of murals, carvings and statues involving serpent worship. In the major ceremony, they sat at a cross shaped table covered with roses, an obvious symbolism of the Order of the Rosy Cross or Rosicrucians, which like its allied society the Jesuits, is a conspiratorial group hidden behind religious symbolism? - Branton}}

It is a secret society which is essentially made up of the Catholic Church as well as most of the other powerful religions, (and Yes the Pope himself) have made the trade of sacrificing women and children for horrific experimentation to alien's which is going on down in Miami, in order to gain the technology to understand and to be able to separate the body from the soul {{note: I'll give these bastards the 'technology' to 'separate their body from their soul', if you know what I mean, free of charge! - Branton}}.

As you can imagine that when this gets out it will not be a popular opinion at all, and it would be one of the great scandals of all time.

What is happening now? The "Montauk Project" for some time was moved to Atlanta, but recently has moved from Atlanta back to Camp Hero in Montauk AND IS ACTIVE. Essentially because the Montauk location is the "cross hairs" of the Earth's "Biorhythm's", and is essentially the point on Earth where time travel is most easily accomplished when Earth is the point of origin. So Camp Hero has since been reopened by the Department of the Navy, had the water drained from the flooded tunnels and is now fully operational again.

The Comet Hale-Bopp also caused quite a commotion as to what was going on. This is what truly happened. The comet was supposed to pass right by us (in astrological terms) a very close brush with the planet Earth. What was discovered by the Air force and the Department of the Navy was that the comet was heading right for us. To redirect the comet, "Project Pebblestone" (the current Air force equivalent to the Department of the Navy's Montauk Project) was used. In conjunction with the corporation of most of the world governments [they] were trying to redirect the comet using "particle beams" which we generated from here on Earth. The comet was moved, but then seemed to redirect itself back towards the Earth. It was determined that there was indeed an alien ship directing the comet directly towards Earth.

If it had hit the Earth it would have caused a "nuclear winter" and wiped out the human race within 5 years. So, with the cooperation of project "Pebblestone" and the Department of the Navy, a time hole was opened in front of the comet causing it to pass directly around (or through) if you will the Earth.

The purpose of the comet was indeed to wipe out us, the humans, as well as most of the life on Earth. Who was in the alien ship was not known to us or to any one of the half a dozen alien species which are already here. The act was definitely one of aggression, as the alien's (whoever they were) were trying to "teraform" the planet for their own usage as the comet contained large amounts of "methane". This is what the top organization who actually runs the planet Earth concluded. An organization made up of a council of half humans and the other half made up of various alien races who's name is so secret it has NEVER been mentioned ANYWHERE in print. So they destroyed the alien ship using a top secret Anti-matter bomb (as some say).

The mass suicide's in Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego) where 39 people killed themselves [Heaven's Gate] because they believed there was a alien ship coming behind the Hale-Bopp comet were absolutely correct. They were not correct, however, in believing that the aliens were coming to bring us to a "higher form of human existence". They were in fact coming to destroy us!

Camp Hero is where the Department of the Navy has reopened the Montauk facility and is currently working with a variety of different species of aliens on a variety of covert projects (located in Montauk Long Island).

As more and more of my memories come back to me things become more clear.

March 16th 1998

I remember that I was a member of the Department of the Navy's ultra elite "Delta Force". The term "Delta Force" is usually associated with the Army and special forces units there in. It is generally thought that the highest level of covert operations units for the Navy is the "Navy Seals". This is generally true for all "earth based" operations. For inter-planetary operations the "Department of the Navy" has a group of "very special" solders which can do the same types of superhuman things I have referred to before. For the "very special" projects the secret societies of the world use the "very special" commando forces of the Department of the Navy. A unit so secret that only a few people in the world know of their existence and that force is called "The Delta force!" ("the Delta Force for the Department of the Navy").

As I regain my memory, I remember that Mr. Green, the man who was so terrified of me, was one of the men who raped my mother in front of me while they held a gun to my fathers head when I was about seven years old. I remember 6 men coming into our house. Two of them put a gun to my fathers head and the other four went into the back room and had their way with my mother. I think I was about seven years old. As the men left they were laughing at my father and about what they had just done. My father just sat in his chair and cried. I ran outside and swore to kill these men. This man turned around and put his gun in my face but I didn't flinch. I just stood there and swore to kill him. He looked at me, and thought about killing me for a split second and then slowly walked away, looking at me in the eyes.

I remember that I had made the association of Mr. Green and what they did to my mother and father and that's the reason why they could never break me using beating tactics. I had made the association between him and the entire group. That's why no matter what they did to try and make me one of them I always hated them and would always hate them so there was nothing that they could do because the damage was already done.

Through my contacts I have found out that the reason why I am having so much trouble regaining the essence of me is that what these people did to try and control me was they took the essence of me (my soul and my mind) out of my body, smashed my mind into many pieces and stuck me back in my body upside down and backwards {{so to speak - branton}}.

I remember that when I was sent on missions for the "Delta Force", they would send me through a "Time Portal" and then bring me back a few days later. To earth in earth's time. However, when you alter one's time line, they come back different. This is why when I would come back the mother of my child would always tell me that "I am different somehow?". I will explain this more later.

I was also contracted out to be used for "breeding" experiments to other alien governments by the Department of the Navy (and by the council who really runs the Earth - the New World Order). These alien governments wanted to cross me with one of their own to create a warrior class of species. I remember having sex with many different species and in many different places. Again much more into that later.

March 26th 1998- I have put more and more of my mind back together. I have spoke of jumping off high objects and surviving. I jumped off a 200 foot platform for President Bush and hit the ground very hard. As I lay there, the President was furious as he thought they had just killed me. When I got up and then walked over to him he was in shock. I remembering him asking me if "I had volunteered for this". I just looked at him and started freaking out asking him for help.

To put it bluntly as there is no real other way, what the New World Order, the Montauk Project and the [Project] Monarch boys are all about is the controlling and manipulation of peoples minds for usage in their own projects. Once the subjects mind has been effectively controlled they are then used (plugged into) machines, and are then central components in time travel, weather control, and of course more mind manipulation.

The essence of their control and of their tactics comes from the "splitting" of the mind. The "splitting" of the mind entails a process of degradation and humiliation of the subject. The process is different for each individual. But in essence what they do is go into your subconscious and find out what the most personal aspects of your are. Then they use this against you to essentially rip your mind apart. What happens is this, an individual boy who possesses special mental abilities is selected at a very young age (age 5 or 6). The boy is then subjected to various "stages?" of terror and horror to begin to separate himself from himself and his family.

They do things like having several men rape the boy's mother in front of him and make him watch. They put a gun to the fathers head and make the 7 year old boy watch his father sit there helplessly as his mother is raped in front of him. I remember this happening several times, in my childhood.

My "conditioning" involved several levels of physical torture, and horrific sexual abuse going beyond any known descriptive term. They continue to drive "wedges" into the subject's mind until hopefully the mind will "split" apart as it cannot take anymore. One of these "wedges" they used to drive into my mind was the murder of my mother's future husband "Mr. Johnson", back when I was eleven years old.

When my parents were getting divorced, and my mothers one true chance at happiness, was shattered in order to get to me, what they simply did was to program Sally Johnson to kill her husband when he came over. This concludes her defense theory as she pleaded temporary insanity. Theoretically this is true as she could not help herself and was simply following her instructions out as were programmed into her by this group. This particular type or conditioning was done as the Paramus Facility (map enclosed). This effectively drove my mother into a downward, out of control spiral which caused enough discord in my life to give them an avenue of manipulation (an avenue for them to try and "split me").

When a man has an ejaculation what actually happens is this. When the ejaculation occurs the seman which is shot out of the body is the DNA package containing the blueprints for the body. What is unseen is at the same time what is also being transferred is the soul or spirit of the person. We are all creatures of energy, the energy which flows through us is called "kundalini energy". When a man reaches an orgasmic state, during the ejaculation not only is the Semen sent out but the male penis also at the same time sends off the essence of the spirit as well during this period. Both are shot out at the same time. If you ever took the time to notice, the male penis is shaped like an ìantennaî. This is obviously done a for reason, and the reason is that the spirit is also sent out through the penis during the ejaculation.

This is the reason why "test tube" babies are born without a soul. As they were only conceived with the part of us that makes up the body, and as the insertion of the spirit was not part of the conception, this person is born without a soul (since there was no physical transfer).

This one of the primary reasons why Men are used and not women. When the orgasmic state is achieved the "kundalini energy" or "spirit" of what makes us who we are is projected out of the body by the male to impregnate the female. This "energy" or "spirit" can then be captured and digitized and then put back into the body.

To "split" the mind, at the moment of orgasm, the subject is somehow demoralized by an act or subject that is so personal that the horror of this act causes the mind to "split" open like a log being split by an ax. The "new" self or "programmed" response is then inserted and takes hold. They basically split your "self" apart and then insert you with another "self". Whatever they wish to insert into your mind what ever they want you to be, they then insert and that is what you become.

My mind has been split six times. Each time they would split my mind, they would insert the appropriate programming and that would be that. However, because my will is so strong, the programming would not hold. I kept breaking out of it, and they could not control me. Every time I would break their hold on me, they would have to re-split my mind in order to re-insert the programming. This is why my mind is split six times. Normally, when the mind is split once, is all the mind can take. Somehow, my mind was split six times and I survived, I don't know how.

The small lab where they did their experiments on me as I have mentioned earlier is the secret laboratory attic in the roof of the University of Rochester library. The BIG lab where I had most of work done to me was done at the ROME NATIONAL AIR BASE. Located in Rome NY. To maintain security and for discretion they dug an underground tunnel going directly from the Rochester facility (located under the Andrews Street bridge) going to the facility in Rome, where the other "Montauk chair" is located. They use electric cars (as not to create any undo suspicion from ground vibrations) to travel between the two facilities.

Rome National Air Base (located in Rome NY)... Where another "Montauk Chair" is located underground. The reason they went through so much trouble with me is because I have the ability to concentrate and focus on one thought and one thought only. Because I can do this, they used me to operate the "Montauk Chair" and open time portals going to different points in time. What they do is have the "chair operator" focus on ANY point in time in ANY part of the Universe and the thoughts are then amplified and a time portal is opened. A computer then records these thoughts and the time portal is then stored in a computer (on a storage disk). As the work progresses a library of time portals is then created {{note: Al Bielek has mentioned something called the m.a.l.t.a. base, the "montauk alsace-lorraine time archives" underground base, which is located in Germany near the French border in the Alsace-Lorraine region which has been a disputed territory between Germany and France for centuries - Branton}}. When they want to access that particular moment in time, they insert the storage disk of the time portal and they are off and running. The only complication is that the computer must readjust the time portal for the starting point as the "Earth" and our "time" has since moved since the portal was recorded. So once the new calculations are entered as the starting point the portal is then opened.

I have sat in "the chair" several hundred times and they used me to open several hundred portals and make several hundred recordings. The earlier time travel project was the one called project "Southern Cross". Time portals have always been here on Earth (at least as long as modern man). The oldest version of the time portal is an older system in which a huge crystal which has been here since the time of Atlantis is activated by emitting sound frequencies while over the crystal. There are supposedly 8 crystals hidden around the world. Only one has been located, and it is at the corner of what makes up one of the corners of the Bermuda Triangle. Project "Southern Cross" was used to win World War II in the favor to the allies. What the U.S. government did was using this old time machine they effectively went back in time and delivered future technologies to the 1940's to help us win the war. We would deliver communication devices, as well as weapons, made out of 1940 parts and technologies (using bulb resistors etc.). These devices would be delivered to the 1940's along with a complete set of drawings on how to make them out of 1940 parts.

I took part in several of these "deliveries", as well as ran many missions for the U.S. government, going back in time and altering the future. One of the people who I ran these missions with was Duncan Cameron from the "Montauk Project".

March 27th- As I was living in Atlanta I thought I was out of the program and living a totally normal life. As I regain my memory I remember these men coming into my girlfriends apartment and having 50 men rape my girlfriend {{over a period of time? - branton}}. This included animals as well as many other perversions. I remember them raping my sister in front of me. I remember them raping my mother in front of me. Now that I think about it I remember most of my girlfriends being gang raped in front of me. More later about this.

The Babylon 5 movie which came on a few months ago contained a subplot about a human being from the past which came from the past into the future. They are looking for this being. I AM WHO THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. During some of my duties I was sent through the time portal into the future, and actually formed the Babylon project. The producers of the show have sent a message back in time for me and I have received it.

When they split my mind, all six times, they had to expose me to some horror. I remember all of what it took to split my mind. That's all I'm going to say about it for now.

Claims have been made that I was being used up until MID JULY of 1997. This far exceeds what I thought. For the entire time that I was down in Atlanta, I thought I was living a normal life. The reality was that I was being manipulated and having gang bang parties with my girlfriend. When I went to Ft. Lauderdale and spent 8 weeks down there, I thought I was having a great time, The reality is that I was being breeded by the Grays down in Miami while I was there.

One of the De-programmers I have been using, has since tried to manipulate me and I will no longer go to him. I realize now that NO MATTER WHAT I DO, some one is going to try and manipulate me for their own purposes.

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Interview with Andy Pero, Montauk 'Superman' Programming Victim (June 13, 2000)

Project Superman: The Saga of Andy Pero By Eve Lorgen (Fall, 2000)

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