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Articles & Letters about Psychotronics:
Electronic Mind Control & Involuntary Body Manipulation

From Ken Adachi <>

The Dark Side of the KP Yohannan & Gospel for Asia, Inc. (Sep. 26, 2004)

Beaming Subliminal Messages: Mind Control Now 'On The Air' Sept. 25, 2004 by ZS Livingstone (Sep. 26, 2004)

Electronic Harassment (Sep. 14, 2004)

Fernando's Story: Bolivian Implant Victim Recounts Life as a Lab Rabbit (Aug. 20, 2004)

Stealth Microwave Towers & The 2004 Presidential Election (July 30, 2004)

Who Profits from Child Kidnappings, Electronic Stalking, and Mind Control? (Apr. 12, 2004)

Teenage Self Mutilation (Apr. 12, 2004)

Government Guinea Pigs & Mind Blowing Video Games (Mar. 30, 2004)

DARPA Neuroscience (March 28, 2004)

Iranian Student, Victim of Psychotronic Torture, Seeks Relief (Mar. 25, 2004)

Microchip Implants, Mind Control, & Cybernetics (Mar. 24, 2004)

Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence [Excellent Microwave MC overview] (Mar. 24, 2004)

The Next Voice You Hear Part (Mar. 18, 2004)

Suspects Microwaves on Campus (Mar. 14, 2004)

NSA Mind Control and Psyops by Will Filer (Feb. 6, 2004)

Mass Mind Control in the Present-Day U.S.-The Big Picture by John Quinn (Feb. 6, 2004)

Andy Pero, Montauk 'Superman' Programming Victim (Jan. 6, 2004)

Introduction to Mind Control & EMF Weapons (Jan. 6, 2004)

British Protesters Topple Mobile Phone Masts as Health Scare Spreads (Dec. 6, 2003)

The Menace of Satellite Surveillance (July 31, 2003)

Microwave Mind Control Symptoms & Published Evidence (June 5, 2003)

Controlled America Conference Presented July 12 & 13, 2003 (June 2, 2003)

How to Block Microwave Mind-Programming Signals by Montalk (May 8, 2003)

Mind Control 101, An Introduction By Dave McGowan (April 27, 2003)

Total Population Control by Nicholas Jones (July 12, 2002)

The Ultimate Orwellian Nightmare (Jan. 17, 2002)

Mind Control 101, An Introduction (August 13, 2001)

The Secret Uses of Microwave Mind Control by the British (July 10, 2001)

Global Mind Control Slated For Humanity By 2004 (June 27, 2001)

CIA Mind-Control Operations and THE SYNDROME (June 13, 2001)

Current Mind Control In America: What We Think Is Going On (Mar 10, 2001)







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