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A Predator's Toolkit
Dr. Gregory R Reid, DD

   Most "professional pedophiles" have worked their trade into a fine science, an art form. They are precise in their plans and use well-tested lures and traps to get kids in a place where they can be molested. The following a "profile of seduction", an overview of how a pedophile works their trade.


1. Drugs (Voluntary and involuntary)
2. Alcohol (To lower the victim's inhibitions and make them confused and vulnerable)
3. Pornography (Printed and video, to lower the sexual inhibitions and arouse the victim)
4. Music, Video games, etc. 
    The pedophile is current on music trends, video games, movies, etc. and their homes often look like a kid's
5. Prestige & Status
   To a boy or teen, hanging around with a dynamic, fun adult with a nice house and a fast car is a very powerful
   lure, a major ego booster.
6. Money & Gifts
   Pedophiles shower their victims with gifts and money, which is very seductive to a kid who may not have much
   materially, and it also puts the boy in a place of "obligation" to the giver.
7. Physical affection
   Pedophiles can sense kids who have little affection at home, which is something every boy or teen needs, and
   he slowly begins giving that affection to the boy a little at a time, making him dependent on it, craving it to feel
   loved and liked and special.
8. Emotional support
   Pedophiles go out of their way to listen to a boy, sympathize with his problems and offer help and advice as
   well as encouragement. This goes a long way with a kid who doesn't feel like he's worth much.
9. Sexual gratification
   Pedophiles are experts on how to seduce, entice, arouse and sexually stimulate a boy or teen, and like it or not,
   it can become an addiction for the boy, especially if it's his first sexual experience. Mix that with needed
   affection, and soon the boy won't know the difference between sex and affection, love and arousal.
10. Time
   Time is the pedophile's most powerful tool. Unlike normal adults who have lives, jobs, children, families,
   hobbies, and other interests and obligations which all play important but somewhat equal parts in life, the
   pedophile has a job, a career, interests, hobbies, etc., only as props to support his addiction - kids. Since this is
   his all-consuming addiction, money, time and interests are all expended toward this one goal - to find his fantasy
   child or teen and molest them, photograph them, use them. Since the other things like work and family are just
   asides, they have enormous amounts of time and energy to devote to the finding of kids, the luring of kids, the
   prepping of kids, for the seemingly endless amount of time spent listening to kids and going places with them
   and buying them things and doing things with them, all in hopes of the ultimate - sex with a minor.

How Predators Pursue Their Victims

   Once a pedophile determines to find a victim, this is the general train of events that often follows:

1.  He Finds the desired child or teen.
2. Befriends them, gains their trust.
3. Gains the trust of the parents so they won't suspect.
4. Makes the boy feel important through lots of time and personal attention, makes him feel he is more
    important to him than anybody.
5. Flatters him. Tells him he's handsome, smart, etc.
6. Makes plans for private time with him,

a. Counseling him,
b. Going to movies,
c. Going to the park, video arcade, beach, pool, concerts, etc.,
d. Plans a camping trip with him,
e. Hires him to work around the house or business,
f. Helps him with his schoolwork.
7. Treats him like an adult.
8. Builds non-threatening affectionate physical contact.
9. Introduces or allows  "adult" activities; smoking, drinking, drugs, pornography, swearing, etc.
10. Starts slowly discussing sex, gaining as much intimate knowledge of him as possible.
11. Remolds his thinking about what is "normal sex", eventually disclosing his "normal" desires for sex with the
12. Having changed his thinking, gained his trust and dependency and accelerated physical contact, the boy is
      now totally vulnerable to being molested.
13. The pedophile plans the time and place where there will be no suspicion or interference or time constraints.
14. After prepping him with alcohol, pornography, etc., while he has broken down the walls enough to start
      molesting him, he tells him: 
- It's normal, 
- All guys do it,
- He knows some of his friends who do it,
- He loves him,
- The boy is "turned on" and that's normal and means he wants it too,
- Guilt is wrong,
- He's the greatest kid in the world.
15. After he's molested him, he makes the boy feel he started it, threatens to tell if he has to, tells him he will  be
      destroyed if the boy tells - whatever it takes to keep him quiet.
16. After the pedophile has  outgrown his attraction for him, he keeps the photos or videos as a memento and
        searches for a new kid.

   This is a general picture that obviously doesn't fit every victim or every pedophile, but it does fit many of them, and in that respect it is very painfully accurate. Knowing your enemy is half the battle in stopping him.

Excerpted from Orphans In The Storm

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