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Jim Humble's Protocol 4000 Using MMS 2 (Calcium Hypochlorite)

[Editor's Note: There are different dosages and methods of taking MMS. Each method and dosage is given a different "Protocol" number by Jim Humble. Protocol 4000 involves the use of a second type of MMS called "MMS 2" . The original MMS (and now distinguished as "MMS 1") is made using SODIUM CHLORITE crystals, while MMS 2 is made with CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE crystals (taken dry in a gel capsule as described below and then washed down with a glass of water. It's 'activated' by the acid in your stomach). With Sodium chlorite (MMS1), we are mixing drops of 28% sodium chlorite with an equal number of drops of 50% Citric Acid, which will immediately begin to produce chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas. In the original MMS1 application, you would add 4 or 6 ounces of distilled water to the activated MMS mixture and drink it down. This method did destroy pathogens and reverse disease conditions, however, many people experienced stomach discomfort when taking the MMS1 directly in water. A newer method was developed in 2012 in which the chlorine dioxide gas was blown from the activated mixer bottle into a bottle of distilled water. The distilled water easily asborbs the gas and results in Chlorine Dioxide Solution or CDS water (which is much easier to handle without stomach upset).

When you ingest Calcium Hypochlorite (MMS2), it's activated by stomach acid and produces hypochlorous acid which is a potent germ killer, normally found in the body. It does not release "chlorine" as some internet disinformation peddlers have falsely claimed.

Calcium hypochlorite is sold in higher concentration percentage ranges (from 40 - 80%) than sodium chlorite and has a more vigorous germicidal action. Calcium hypochlorite can be obtained at pool supply stores or over the internet. It's often called "pool shock." Jim Humble recommends buying the 65% concentration. Because of the heavy handed FDA goons, Jim Humble is forced to use words like "sacrament" to describe the protocols. Understanding how to properly use MMS by studying Jim Humble's writings and Youtube videos is the key to 100% success in defeating just about any disease condition or infective organism known to man. Some people give up on MMS too soon because of insufficient knowledge and understanding of how to use it correctly. If you get are getting a sore stomach, or nauseous, or sick after taking MMS, then you haven't studied Jim's info carefully enough to understand how to use MMS properly. You can access all of Jim Humble's articles and videos about MMS from this link:   ...Ken Adach]
June 6, 2012

Jim Humble's Protocol 4000 Using MMS 2 (Calcium Hypochlorite) Update, June 6, 2012

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Sacrament Protocol 4000 - MMS2
Last update: 6th of June 2012

I want to tell you that this is a pretty fantastic protocol we have been using for a couple of years.
Finally Mark says, “Why don’t we introduce this protocol to the public?” That makes so much sense I wonder why we didn’t do it long ago.

This protocol is fantastic in that it seems to work almost as well as MMS1 on some diseases, identically as well on many , and better than MMS1 on at least one thing -- prostate problems, whether it be cancer or other prostate problems.

MMS2 has been used to help handle cancer for several years now and has been very successful. In the current cancer protocol (Protocol 2000), it is given 5 times a day. In Malawi when we ran out of MMS1, I had people take one gelatin capsule size zero with MMS2 (now changed to half a capsule) in it 5 times a day to treat the HIV condition, and it worked. We used it successfully on about 200 people in Malawi but also on hundreds of people before I was in Malawi and recently in the Dominican Republic.

MMS2 has been used to heal hundreds of different diseases. It has a high probability of healing any disease you might have.

This protocol is fantastic because it allows almost anyone in the world to get his hands on a killer MMS very quickly and cheaply. But normally, I do not recommend using it to replace MMS1. Just use it when you cannot find MMS1.

What is MMS2?

As many of you already know, MMS2 is calcium hypochlorite. If you don’t already know this, it might surprise you a bit because calcium hypochlorite is swimming pool treatment. They call it swimming pool “shock” and it is sold all over the world to treat swimming pools. Rich people just have to have swimming pools -- they're a symbol of their being rich in most countries. So calcium hypochlorite is available everywhere. When you buy it, the package will say “65% available chlorine", or 68% or 75% or even 80% available chlorine. Well, chemically that is not the truth.

There is no available chlorine in calcium hypochlorite and it never makes chlorine available for use.

What it does do is change into hypochlorous acid as it dissolves in water. It then kills pathogens in the swimming pool and it will kill them in your body as well. There is little doubt that if they didn’t say "available chlorine" but said "hypochlorous acid" instead, they would sell very little of this product, because everyone already knows that chlorine kills pathogens, and few people have heard of hypochlorous acid.

Calcium hypochlorite is available in supermarkets in many parts of the world since many supermarkets have a swimming pool section if the town isn’t large enough to have its own swimming pool store.

Keep in mind that:

• All chemicals known to man are poisonous in large quantities including table salt.

If you look in a chemical dictionary, you will see that most chemicals listed are considered poisonous in large quantities, and that most of them are listed as being used in medicine. Each chemical must be used in the correct amount for the job that it is intended to do. That is just standard logic and that is how we use calcium hypochlorite, in just the right amounts to do the job.

Expect the Usual Critics

Let me say right here and now that there will be the standard critics who are either paid by pharmaceutical companies or who are just jealous seeing someone helping the poor and sick get well. They will:

1. Claim that MMS2 is chlorine, a known poisonous chemical; and
2. Quote what chlorine does in large quantities, never mentioning what it might do in the small quantities we use.

I tell you this in advance so you will be prepared for what they'll say. There will be no logic in their screaming, just standard jealousy -- or else they are paid by those who profit from the sick and dying.

Once you explain that calcium hypocholorite creates hypochlorous acid, they will go away, then come back and try to say that the hypochlorous acid releases chlorine. It is all a part of a mass worldwide effort to keep the public ignorant of the truth. The facts are that:

Hypochlorous acid releases oxygen atoms which then destroy the pathogens.
Hypochlorous acid releases chlorine only in the form of table salt.

If they were correct and hypochlorous acid did release chlorine, then you would smell chlorine on every person you meet because the human body makes hypochlorous acid continuously.

The Percentage of Available Hypochlorous Acid

When buying calcium hypochlorite, if the package says "68% available chlorine" what it really means is that 68% hypochlorous acid will be created as it dissolves in water. Now this is important.

The human immune system has used hypochlorous acid to kill pathogens for hundreds of thousands of years.

Hypochlorous acid will kill almost all known diseases -- that’s why they use it in swimming pools. But again, it will also kill those diseases in your body. Nature chose this one chemical because it kills so many different diseases. The stores may not offer you a wide choice of percentages, but almost any percentage listed from 40% to 85% for "available chlorine" is OK. At 40%, you might have to take one capsule to equal half a capsule at 80%. Again:

When talking about available chlorine from calcium hypochlorite, it is really available hypochlorous acid.

Don’t you think it is funny that although it has been known for more than a hundred years that hypochlorous acid is used by the immune system to kill most diseases, and it has been known that the immune system gets deficient in this acid, that the medical people have never thought to give sick people some extra hypochlorous acid to test if it might help? Well, it helps tremendously, but medical doctors have never used it.

When you go to a swimming pool store and buy some calcium hypochlorite, do not worry about the other chemicals that are in the calcium hypochlorite granules. They cannot be poisonous because if they were, thousands of swimmers would be poisoned. Unfortunately, there is no food grade calcium hypochlorite available in the world. We are reduced to buying from pool stores, but we can still save millions of lives.

The human skin is the biggest organ in the body and it will absorb more things than the human stomach. So what is safe for the entire body skin is safe for the stomach. Back in 2005, I personally took calcium hypochlorite for months before giving it to anyone else and since then, I have given it to hundreds of people.

Do not buy sodium hypochlorite! It is different from calcium hypochlorite, and will actually cause you to be taking chlorine and that will make you sick.

Calcium Hypochlorite (MMS2) Healing Information

If you take too much, calcium hypochlorite will cause a Herxheimer reaction. Herxheimer reaction means nausea or sickness caused by killing pathogens too fast. When a pathogen dies, it usually dumps poison into your system which can then make you sick if you killed too many of them at once. It has been proven time and again that a well person without pathogens will never get sick from taking MMS2 in the quantities that we use -- thus if you get sick from taking our quantities, it means you are killing pathogens.

In that sense, a Herxheimer reaction is a good sign, a sign that the MMS2 is doing its job. But you must immediately reduce your dosage because sickness and vomiting use up healing energy and slow down your recovery. Normally, half a capsule every 2 hours will make you well without causing the Herxheimer reaction (nausea or diarrhea). You can take less by opening the capsule and removing some granules. You could remove 50% of it, or more, if needed.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if they call it pool chlorine, or pool shock, or anything else. It must be the calcium hypochlorite chemical at 40% to 85% and of course 85% is by far the best. That means the package will say 40% (or 50% or 60% or 70% or some percentage) that is "available chlorine", which, let me repeat, is not true. It is really hypochlorous acid that is available when dissolved in water.

There is one place in the world where they manufacture calcium hypochlorite at 100%. That would be the best, but any one of the lower percentages will work. What you want and what you get from this chemical, calcium hypochlorite, is hypochlorous acid -- the same as what your body creates to kill diseases. Nature simply does not provide enough hypochlorous acid to handle the really bad diseases.

What if You Are Afraid?

Well, of course, I don’t blame you. If you haven’t seen people get well from this technique, it is sensible to be afraid. You are sick and here is a guy suggesting that you take “pool shock.” First of all, remember that the Genesis II Church does not make a cent from telling you this. There is no way that pool stores around the world would pay the Church -- in fact, they would be more likely to say we are crazy.

If you tell them what you are buying this calcium hypochlorite for they won’t sell it to you.

My church just wants to see mankind get well. That’s our job.

Here is How to Start

1. Buy some gel capsules. They can’t hurt you. Millions of people take them every year. Preferably buy them smaller than size 00.
2. Put one single granule in a capsule and take it. Or use the honey technique given later in this newsletter for one granule. One tiny granule can’t help you any, but it can’t hurt you either. This is the way I do things like this. I take such a small dose on the first try that it can’t possibly hurt me, no matter what. Then I increase my doses slowly. Try it. It is safe. If you have drunk city water, chances are that you have already drunk more than a granule in a glass of water.
3. Keep taking another capsule every two hours and increase the number of granules each time. Anytime you feel like it, stop and wait until the next day to continue. Just keep increasing until you are following the protocol given below.

Protocol 4000 -- MMS2 for Adults and Children

If you have any disease, including the pig flu or any other normal sickness or any of the "incurable" diseases, this protocol may heal it. If you do not notice a good improvement within two weeks, you should go to Protocol 2000 (See If you do notice any improvement, you should continue with this protocol.

The basics of this protocol are that adults or children take MMS2 every 2 hours all day long for 12 hours. Of course, children take less than adults. If you don’t have capsules, see the honey technique given below.

STEP 1. Amounts of MMS2 to take bi-hourly

In each case below, I have given several different ways to determine the correct amount to take. Hopefully you will get it right. Keep in mind however that there need not be any problem if you are a little off. If you begin to notice nausea, reduce your hourly dose by at least 25% (of half a capsule) and keep reducing it as long as you notice nausea or other discomforts. But always increase back to the recommended dose as soon as you feel safe in doing so. If you feel that you would benefit from a little more, increase your dose by 25% for a time or two, but not much more than that.

High Doses Not Necessarily Helpful

Always keep in mind that to cause yourself nausea or diarrhea by taking a little extra will not help you heal faster. The nausea or diarrhea uses up healing energy and slows the healing down. Always reduce your intake if you notice nausea or diarrhea, or for that matter, any other discomfort caused by MMS2.

MMS2 will not cause a healthy person any kind of discomfort in the quantities that we use. The immune system will just thank you for the extra hypochlorous acid.

Hypochlorite always smells like chlorine, as do many chlorine chemicals, but do not worry, as it really is not chlorine.

• A 200 Pound Person ...
... would take half a gram of calcium hypochlorite every other hour for 12 hours. That could be:
• Half a 00 size capsule, or
• 2/4 of a teaspoon of the granules (in a couple of smaller size capsules if the 00 size is not available).

The best way to get an accurate half a gram of calcium hypochlorite, is buying a scale.

Always drink at least 8 ounces of water with any dose of MMS2

• A 160 pound person ...
... would take 400 mg every two hours. That would be half a size zero (0) capsule every two hours. Or you can use a scale.

• 150 pound person = 375 mg every two hours

• 140 pound person = 350 mg every two hours

• 130 pound person = 325 mg every two hours

• 120 pound person = 300 mg every two hours

• 110 pound person = 275 mg every two hours

• A 100 pound person ...
... would need 250 mg doses and that could be half a size 1 capsule every two hours. Or following the above example, one could use a scale.

Always drink at least one glass of water with any dose of MMS2

• A 50 pound (23 kg) child ...
... will need 125 mg every two hours. Again, use a scale. Each will be 125 mg or approximately half a size 2 capsule every 2 hours.

Always have the child drink at least 6 ounces of water with this dose of MMS2.

• A 25 pound (11.4 kg) child ...
... would need 62.5 mg each hour. Take half as much as for the 50 pound child given above.

The child should drink at least 4 ounces of water with this dose of MMS2.

• For smaller children ...
... please decrease the dose appropriately for their weight. For example, half of 25 pounds would be close to 12 pounds so use half as much hypochlorite or half size 4 capsule.

All children should take at least 4 ounces of water with the MMS2 dose.

The Honey Technique ...
... is for those who do not have capsules or who cannot take them. Try to get a jar of raw honey because if there is any added preservative, it won't work. Normally, they don't add preservatives, but who knows what they will do next and preservatives will cancel the value of the calcium hypochlorite. But if no raw honey is available, a good quality brand from a supermarket should be OK.

Be sure to check the label to see that no preservative or vitamin C has been added. Natural vitamin C already in the honey is not a problem. Honey doesn't need any preservative and it will last for years or even decades by itself, but many people who deal with honey do not understand that.

Put the honey in the refrigerator. It is absolutely necessary that the honey be at least as cold as a good refrigerator. Then measure out the correct amount of calcium hypochlorite for your bi-hourly dose and mix it into a very small amount of very cold honey about the same size as the pile of hypochlorite that you will take. Do not allow any water or moisture to mix in. Once you have mixed it, immediately put it on the front tip of a teaspoon and take it. Have a glass of water there to wash it down.

It must go down immediately as it will taste terrible when it begins to warm up.

Drink at least one glassful of water. If you do this right, there will be absolutely no problem and no taste

Do not try to use honey at room temperature. It will not work because the honey will begin a reaction with the calcium hypochlorite immediately and the taste will keep you from getting it down your throat. If you do not have a refrigerator, buy some ice and put the honey jar in ice water. Or better still, put a small amount of honey in a plastic bag and put that in the ice water. It will get chilled much faster that way.

The honey must be cold when used.

The water is important. The 200 lb. person, 160 lb. person, and the 100 lb. person should drink at least 8 ounces of water with the honey and MMS2 dose. See above for the amount of water that should be taken with each dose.

For the procedure for babies, please see

Step 2. Procedure: Take MMS2 bi-hourly 12 hours a day for 3 weeks
Do not begin by taking the full amount as recommended above. Take 1/4 or less than recommended for starting off and within a day or two, increase the dose up to what is recommended above. Increase a little bi-hourly.

Hypochlorite always smells like chlorine, but it is not chlorine.

You may not have a lot of different sized gel capsules to choose from. But you can make size 00 gel capsules work by filling them with smaller amounts to fit the recommendations. Or you could get smaller size capsules and load them to fit the amount of MMS2 recommended. Or use the honey technique listed above.

Do Not Overdose
Do not make yourself or anyone else sick by using too much MMS2. You must be careful. From the very beginning, be wary about taking too much MMS2. Don’ t worry, no one has died, but some have felt sick for a few hours after taking too much.

If someone does feel sick, sicker than he already felt, the first thing to suspect is that he didn’t take enough water with the capsule(s). The water is important to prevent nausea and other reactions such as a stomach ache. Always drink more water if you start feeling nausea. Also suspect that he or she took too much MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite) and if the water does not immediately stop the nausea, then take less on the next bi-hourly dose. Try cutting the dose in half the next time.

If you still feel sick from taking half of the previous dose, cut the dose in half again. You may end up taking a very tiny dose, and you may have to take a tiny dose for a day or two or even a week. But keep at it without making yourself sick. If the small doses do not cause nausea or other discomfort, increase up to the full size dose in several steps as given in the doses above.

Normally do not go to larger doses than what are suggested above, as larger doses are not needed.

The amount of time required to heal various diseases

Normally it takes from 3 to 5 weeks to heal HIV, and that also applies to most of the so-called incurable diseases. Some diseases are dug in much deeper and can take longer. Diabetes can take anywhere from one week to one year, but the majority of cases are healed within 6 weeks or less. Whatever disease you have, never quit until you are healed and then do the maintenance dose.

Normally, I always say just continue to take MMS2 bi-hourly during the day (for 12 hours) until you are well.

Step 3, Maintenance
One should always continue with a maintenance dose, as the body does not manufacture enough hypochlorous acid to kill all diseases. If you are older than 65 and are not taking 6 drops of MMS1 daily, take a half dose of MMS2 every day. This half dose should be half of the bi-hourly dose you have been taken as given above.

So, on this 4000 MMS2 protocol, you will be taking 42 doses a week and when taking the Maintenance doses you will be taking seven half doses a week. If you prefer, you could switch to using 6 drops of MMS1 once a day if you have MMS1.

Please save this bulletin because even if you do not use it now, it could save someone’s life at some time in the future.

End of Protocol 4000

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