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How to Make CDS Water, the World's Most Powerful Germ Killer & Disease Eradicator at Home ~ For Next to Nothing

From Ken Adachi,
First posted-March 15, 2013,  Latest update-May 16, 2024

How to Make CDS Water, the World's Most Powerful Germ Killer & Disease Eradicator at Home ~ For Next to Nothing (March 15, 2013)

Not interested in making CDS Water yourself?  No problem. You need ready-made CDS Water Concentrate
CDS Water Concentrate (4,000-24,800 ppm Chlorine Dioxide on Demand, No Mixing Required (April 22, 2019)

 Video Tutorials & Testimonials on Chlorine Dioxide, MMS, CDS     
  (MMS and CDS are different types of solutions containing Chlorine Dioxide)

The Basic Science of MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) Sep. 4, 2012

MMS Protocol 1000 and Protocol 2000 by Jim Humble

Amazing Testimonial re. CDS Water & Lyme Recovery
Reader Says CDS Water Is Helping Her to Recover from Lyme (June 19, 2018)

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Latest Updated Notes 

Update, May 16, 2024: A great deal of censorship and suppression of information, testimonials, and videos about the therapeutic capabilities
of MMS and CDS Water has taken place since this article was first posted in 2013. Google and other mainstream US search engines, have modified their algorithms to either completely eliminate articles  favorable to MMS/CDS or alter their search ranking order so that they only appear on page 15, instead of page 1. Youtube has removed THOUSANDS of video testimonials from Youtube channels like Mark Grenon's of the Genesis II Church and other websites or blogs which contained personal testimony confirming the remarkable ability of MMS or CDS to safely remove pathogens, parasites, toxins, fungus, bio-film, and mold, thus helping the immune system to help the body recover from debilitating health conditions.

This suppression of Chlorine Dioxide's efficacy is a direct result of the growing awareness around the world in the past 15 years of Chlorine Dioxide's amazing therapeutic track record to resolve a wide spectrum of health issues, both big and small. Big Pharma, the FDA, the 'Health Care' and Health Insurance industries, organized medicine and their obliging attack dogs in the Ministry of Mainstream Media Misinformation have waged an unrelenting propaganda blitz that has intensified greatly since 2017 on radio, TV and the internet to vilify and demonize MSM (a "dangerous bleach"), its vendors, its champions (Mark Grenon & his sons were arrested on Aug. 12, 2020 and sentenced to lengthy prison terms in July of 2023 for the 'crime' of helping people improve their health) and any website or Facebook page, or Youtube channel which advocates for its use. The simple truth is that as more and more people came to realize just how well MMS and CDS perform to safely and effectively disable the pathogens and toxins that are at the very core of chronic health debilitation - AND that they no longer NEED to go to the doctor's office to address their health problems since they can do it themselves -- at home -- with MMS or CDS Water, at very little cost. I realized 40 years ago that conventional, allopathic, mainstream medicine is a RACKET, designed to continually MILK you for your money while only addressing and alleviating your SYMPTOMS, but never curing you of ANYTHING.  

Therefore, it's the loss of profit$ for Big Pharma, organized medicine, and the BILLIONS that mainstream media conglomerates earn from pharmaceutical advertising that is at the heart of Demonization campaign against MMS. The FDA and their bosses in Big Pharma don't care about your well being, safety or longevity. They never have. They care about profit and the power & political influence which those profits bring to them. Organized medicine wants to continue to destroy and cripple your health with pharmaceutical poisons while convincing you that you can't live without them or their buddies in the insurance racket.

  Many countries outside of the USA have now forbidden the sale of ready-made MMS solutions (meaning a bottle of sodium chlorite solution and a bottle of 50% citric acid solution). However, you can still legally obtain the dry ingredients used to make sodium chlorite and citric acid solutions, by adding the water yourself in the stipulated amount and make your own solutions of MMS for about 60% LESS than if purchased as ready-made solutions. Send me an email if you'd like more information on obtaining pre-measured bags of dry ingredients (ComboKits) for making MMS and the CDS Production Rig if interested in making your own CDS Water as explained in the article seen below.  ....Ken

April 8, 2018:

When Jim Humble originally talked about MMS in his books, videos and articles from 2005 forward, he said his Sodium Chlorite solution was "28%." However, it was later realized that the sodium chlorite flakes he was using to make the solutions from were a mixture of 80% sodium chlorite, plus 20% of other, inert salts including sodium chloride (table salt). This mixture ratio is intentionally maintained by the manufacturer of sodium chlorite flakes in order to keep the flakes as stable as possible for shipping safety and for longer shelf life. So the correct concentration description of Jim Humble's sodium chlorite solutions should have been "22.4%" and not 28% as he was stating prior to 2011 (Jim Humble has been correctly calling it 22.4% since 2011 forward).

For a couple of years when making CDS Water, I was using Jim Humble's original concentration of 22.4% Sodium Chlorite solution. However, I wanted to produce 500 ppm CDS Water in a shorter space of time and decided to change my concentration of Sodium Chlorite from 22.4% up to 24% by adding less water to the original formula used to make 22.4% Sodium Chlorite solution (instructions included with the ComboKit). By adding 24% Sodium Chlorite Master Solution, plus an equal amount of 50% Citric Acid Solution in the Mixer bottle, I can produce 500+ ppm of CDS Water, using an aquarium air pump, in about 45-60 minutes, provided that I maintain the water bath surrounding the Mixer bottle with boiling hot water changed every 10 minutes, to keep the water bath as hot as possible.

I can produce CDS Water in any ppm concentration desired. If I wanted to only make 100 ppm CDS Water, then I would use a smaller amount (E.g. 1/4 oz. in the Mixer bottle) of 22.4% Sodium Chlorite solution and run it for a shorter time, until the CDS Water tested at 100 ppm. However, I prefer to make two quarts of 500 ppm CDS Water to store in the refrigerator. Remember, two quarts (64 oz) of 500 ppm  CDS Water will dilute down to TWENTY quarts of 50 ppm CDS Water. If I drink a total of 8 oz of 50 ppm CDS Water each day, it will take FOUR days to finish one quart. If I drink 12 oz daily, then it takes me 3 days to consume 36 oz and TWO days to consume 32 oz if I drink 16 oz per day of 50 ppm CDS Water.  

32 oz bottle of 50 ppm CDS Water
To dilute the 500 ppm solution, I'll take 3 oz of 500 ppm CDS Water and add 29 oz of distilled water to it = 32 oz CDS Water at 50ppm

16 oz bottle of 50 ppm CDS Water
For a 16 oz bottle, I add 1.5oz of 500 ppm to 14.5 oz water = 16 oz CDS Water at 50 ppm.

I prefer to ingest CDS Water in the 50ppm range, but I can go down to 25 ppm (many people do) or go up to 75 or even 100 ppm without feeling an aggressive oxidizing action in my mouth. However, if I go up to 150 or 200 ppm (or higher), it's TOO HIGH and will feel uncomfortable  and too strong for the mouth. It won't hurt me, but it's not pleasant.  So for purposes of drinking it, I usually don't go over 100 ppm.  

The idea is to take enough to kill off bugs slowly and steadily, rather than getting sick or a headache from rapid die-off waste products. For enemas, I would use 50-100 ppm CDS Water. It works fine at the concentration.

End of update notes]

How to Make CDS Water                                                             Pavel  Eiselt Demonstrates How to Make CDS (Dec. 2011)  

CDS stands for Chlorine Dioxide Solution. Chlorine Dioxide is a greenish-yellow gas that readily dissolves in water. We release this gas from a solution of Sodium Chlorite (now called MMS1 by Jim Humble) by "activating" it with an equal amount of 50% Citric Acid solution inside a glass Mixer bottle. We then screw on the Mixer bottle's plastic lid which has two holes drilled in it to accept two lengths of 1/4 inch tubing (silicone tubing is ideal, but vinyl tubing is okay). Each tubing length is only inserted a short distance (E.g. 1/4 inch) inside the Mixer bottle lid (I use a thin bead of Goop to seal where the tubing enters the hole so the tubing can't be easily pulled out of the lid and holds a tight gas seal). One length of tubing is 24 inches (66 cm) long which I use to blow air (by mouth or with an aquarium air pump) into the mixer bottle which will then force the chlorine dioxide gas coming off the activated Sodium Chlorite solution to vent into the second length of tubing which is inserted deep into my first bottle of distilled water (through a hole in the screw-on cap which I've marked as "A" in the photos seen below).

A second hole is drilled in the cap of water bottle "A" to accept a 1/4 inch length of yet another tubing which is then inserted through a hole in the cap of water bottle "B" and extended to a length of 6-8 inches to deliver the gas to bottle B. I also drilled two holes in the cap of bottle "B" and allow the second hole to act as a vent for the air/gas mixture. If I wanted to make a third bottle ("C") of CDS Water, I would then nstall another length of tubing in the 2nd hole of cap "B" and run that tubing through the cap of bottle "C" (extended 6-8 inches deep) and leave the 2nd hole of cap "C" open to vent the air/gas mixture.   

(Making two quarts of 500ppm CDS Water at one time is more than enough for my purpose. If you consume 1 oz  of 50ppm CDS Water each hour for 8 hours per day, you will use up 8oz daily (or 4 oz daily if you only drink 1/2 oz hourly). Therefore, one 32 oz quart bottle will last you 4 days (or last you 8 days if drinking 1/2 oz hourly) and 2 quarts will last 8 days (or 16 days if drinking 1/2 oz hourly).

I'm using one quart (one liter) plastic bottles made of translucent HDPE when making my CDS Water with the CDS Production Rig. HDPE is much safer than clear PET bottles. Some people use clear PET bottles to hold their CDS water, but clear PET bottles will leach chemicals into any water, and more so into distilled water or CDS Water. Therefore, it's preferable to use translucent HDPE bottles for making CDS and .then store in a glass bottle - with a screw-on plastic cap -  in the frig (do NOT use  a metal cap).. 

After we're done infusing our bottles of distilled water with chlorine dioxide gas, we're going to unscrew the caps, remove the CDS rig and pour our CDS Water into glass quart bottles and store in the refrigerator. It's OK to use clear glass bottles since the frig is dark when the door is closed. If you don't cap your bottle of CDS water, it's going to turn completely clear within a few hours, since the chlorine dioxide gas will escape into the air from the top of the bottle (if you allow it to). 

Over many weeks (12-18), CDS Water that's at 500 ppm or lower concentration will gradually come out of solution, even in a glass bottle kept in the refrigerator. The hue of the yellow-greenish color will gradually begin to fade after 3-4 months in the refrigerator. CDS Concentrate, on the other hand, at a concentration of 3800 ppm, will last substantially longer in the frig before beginning to lose its strength (12 months). 

The Low, Slow & Steady CDS Water Protocol
People who are trying to address a health problem will get better results by drinking a small amount (1/2 - 1 oz) of CDS Water at 25-50 ppm, every hour for 8, 10, or 12 consecutive hours each day, rather than consume a large amount, at higher concentration, once or twice a day. I keep a digital timer in my pocket for 60 minutes to let me know when I need to take another swig from my 16 oz clear glass CDS Water bottle, which I keep near me. I will often let the CDS Water remain in my mouth as I swish it around my teeth and gums for a few minutes before swallowing. This will clean your teeth and gums like you cannot believe and rid your mouth of most germs which can cause gum and teeth infections. If you currently are having trouble with gum, mouth, or teeth infections, you're going to be very pleasantly surprised to notice the improvement in your oral health by swishing CDS Water frequently throughout the day. CDS is a truly amazing oxidizer-disinfectant which will knock down just about every pathogen in the book, yet it's incredibly benign and gentle to the body.

(You should read The Basic Science of MMS (Chlorine Dioxide)  to understand how and why Chlorine Dioxide works as well as it does:

Here's my step by step procedure for making CDS water using the Air blow method:


CDS Produciton Rig and Master Solution bottlesYou need 4 things:

A) 22.4% or 24% Sodium Chlorite solution,
B) 50% Citric Acid solution,
C) Distilled water, and
D) a CDS production "rig" consisting of a mixer bottle, 3 or 4 lengths of 1/4 inch tubing, and 1 or more quart-size HDPE plastic water bottles with screw-on plastic caps.

A) A 22.4% sodium chlorite solution can be purchased ready-made from internet vendors and can be used to make CDS water, however, I prefer to make my own Sodium Chlorite solutions at home by mixing the dry ingredients with distilled water myself. (See "Ingredients for making CDS water" at the end of this article).

I make my own 24% Sodium Chlorite solution by adding only 6 ounces of distilled water to exactly 120 grams of Sodium Chlorite flakes. This will yield a little over 8 fluid ozs. of 24% Sodium Chlorite Master Solution which I keep in a brown glass, Boston Round 8 oz. bottle in a kitchen cabinet (The formulations found on the internet for making different concentrations of sodium chlorite is based on weight in ounces, and not volume in fluid ounces as I am describing here. My 12oz. Dry Ingredients Combo Kit (more info below) formulation will yield about 12 oz. in weight. This is my Master Solution bottle which I will label "24% Sodium Chlorite" and store in my kitchen cabinet. Originally, I filled up a 1 or 2 oz. amber glass dropper bottle and counted out drops to make the CDS Water, but I no longer count out drops. I now use a 1/2 oz paper cup to measure out 1/2 oz., or 1 oz. or 1.5 oz. of each Master Solution and pour into the Mixer bottle.

B) I make the 50% Citric Acid solution by adding equal amounts of citric acid powder and distilled water. For example, if I want to make a 12 oz. (by weight) master solution of 50% Citric Acid, I'll mix 6 ozs. (170 g.) of citric acid crystals with 6 ozs. (170 ml) of distilled water and store in a brown Boston Round glass bottle marked "50% Citric Acid Master Solution".

C) I purchase Arrowhead or Sparkletts distilled water from the supermarket here in southern California because I know with certainty that the water is 100% distilled and free of minerals (I tested it many years ago with a TDS meter). If you buy a well known national brand of distilled water, it will likely be 100% distilled, but if you buy a local market, unknown brand of water marked "distilled", it may not be distilled at all ( I tested that too). Stick with a national water company brand or get a TDS meter to check whether your local brand of distilled water is truly distilled or not.

I fill my two "A" and "B" 32 oz. plastic bottles with distilled water up to within one or 2 inches of the top. I want to leave a little head room for the chlorine dioxide gas to expand into the first bottle of water. You can start making your CDS Water right away or you can refrigerate the two quart bottles for 2 hours before making CDS Water, because cold water will absorb much more chlorine dioxide gas than room temperature water.

(After I finish making my CDS Water, I will pour the MMS from the Mixer bottle into a larger glass bottle, fill it to the top with water and store it in the frig. This is labeled "MMS Water" which I use as a sterilizing agent, adding one ounce to a basin of water in which I'm soaking newly purchased vegetables or fruits (after I had washed them 3 times with hot water). You can also add an entire bottle or two of MMS Water to bath water and soak in it for 20 - 30 minutes. The sterilizing action of the MMS Water will rid the skin of infective conditions including acne, psoriasis, boils, toenail fungus, etc. Laying in the tub, I put the back of my head into the bath water covering my ears (for 10 - 15 minutes) so the MMS goes into the ears and works on ear wax or any infection one might have in the ears.)

D) The CDS Production Rig includes 3 or 4 lengths of 1/4 inch silicone tubing (which you can buy from a store that sells aquarium supplies or from the internet), one, two, or three quart (liter) size HDPE plastic water bottles with screw-on plastic caps, a glass Mixer bottle with a screw-on plastic lid. I use amber glass supplement/vitamin bottles for my Mixer bottles. They come in many different sizes, but the 7 oz. size is convenient (see photo above). I wanted a bottle size that will fit inside a large size coffee cup or better yet, a deep ceramic or glass bowl which I will half fill with boiling hot water to serve as a hot water bath in which I'll half immerse the Mixer bottle while making my CDS Water (more on this later).

Drilling holes in the plastic lid

You are going to drill two holes in the lid of the Mixer bottle and in the plastic caps of your water bottles. If your water bottle cap has an inner peripheral ring of plastic that seals the bottle from spillage, then keep your two holes in the center INgredients needed to produce CDS waterportion of the cap and not drill through the inner peripheral plastic ring. "1/4 inch" tubing usually refers to the outer diameter of the tubing, so a 1/4 inch drill bit will allow the tubing to easily fit into the hole. If you want to make the hole a little bit tighter, especially if you are using 1/4 inch silicone tubing, you can use a 15/64 drill bit and still push the tubing into the hole with a little bit of effort. I use a bead of Goop all around the tubing where it meets the hole to fasten it tightly to the inside and outside of the cap so it won't easily pull out. The first length of tubing that fits into the Mixer bottle cap is the 24 inch long "blower" tube. The second length of tubing has to be long enough to go from the Mixer bottle into the bottom of your first water bottle. I made mine 22 inches long, but you can make yours a little longer if you want. I made my third length of tubing 18 inches long because I only have to travel from bottle "A" to bottle "B" which are both standing right next to each other. If you want to make three bottles of water at the same time, then drill a second water bottle cap with two holes and add a 4th length of tubing cut 18 inches long. I now use a double drilled hole bottle cap in my last bottle of water, even though I only have one tube going into the cap, to keep the water inside the bottle (if filled almost to the top) from splashing out.

Mixing the two solutions

When I first started doing this, I used to measure out 10, 20, or 30 drops at a time, but I now just fill a 1/2 oz paper cup of 24% Sodium Chlorite solution and a 1/2 oz. paper cup of 50% Citric Acid into the Mixer bottle for a medium strength solution up to, say 250 ppm. If I want to make a really strong CDS solution of 500 + ppm, I'll measure out a full 1.5 oz. of each solution into the Mixer bottle (the reaction will start immediately to liberate chlorine dioxide gas so cap the Mixer bottle quickly as soon as you pour in the second solution to avoid breathing the chlorine dioxide gas). I then screw on the Mixer bottle plastic lid with the two lengths of tubing and place the mixer bottle into a coffee mug or deep bowl that is half filled with boiling hot water. I then elevate the coffee mug and Mixer bottle combo with a stand (or box) so that it stands higher than the two water bottles, otherwise the water from the water bottle could back flow into the Mixer bottle (when not blowing through the blower tube) if you place the Mixer bottle at the same height as the water bottles (the hot water from the water bath will cause the chlorine dioxide gas in the Mixer bottle to produce at a much faster rate than if left at room temperature).

After waiting a minute or two for the chlorine dioxide gas to build up in the Mixer bottle, I'll blow on the blower tube and force the gas to percolate through the water bottles (or I'll attach an aquarium air pump). If I blow by mouth, I keep my tongue on the blower tube while inhaling or preparing to blow into the tube so the chlorine dioxide gas won't come back into my mouth (you want to avoid breathing the gas, which can be unpleasant). It doesn't take long before you start seeing the water turn a greenish-yellow color. The longer you blow the chlorine dioxide gas into the water bottles, the deeper the hue becomes (you can also use a small aquarium air pump to do the blowing for you if you want to make a highly concentrated solution of CDS. Let the pump run for 30 minutes, but keep the bath water surrounding the Mixer bottle boiling hot so the gas will keep coming off readily).

After my first water bottle "A" has a nice deep yellow-green color (see photos below), I'll reverse the position of the two water bottles, so that now bottle "B" will get the first gas coming off the Mixer bottle and bottle "A" will get the secondary gas coming from bottle "B". When the color of bottle "B" is the same as bottle "A", I'm done. I can usually tell from the intensity of the green/yellow color when the bottle has reached about 500ppm or more, but to be sure, I'll test the ppm concentration of the chlorine dioxide gas by using the InstaTest Analytic High Range Chlorine Dioxide test strips (#3002) made by LaMotte.

I'll remove the tubing from both water bottles, and pour my CDS Water into glass quart size bottles with plastic screw-on caps and store in the refrig. If you have kids or older people in the house, label each bottle as "CDS Water." I then remove the Mixer bottle from the coffee cup and pour the leftover MMS mixture into a larger glass bottle marked "MMS Water," fill it to the top with water, and keep it in the frig to be used as a sterilizer for veggies, fruit, or meats.

I then shake out the tubing of my CDS production rig to remove water and store in a large plastic zip lock bag.

Dry Ingredients for making CDS water

You can make your own Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid solutions by mixing the dry ingredients yourself with warmed distilled water, and save about 50% off the cost of purchasing ready-made MMS solutions from vendors. Send an email for more information on obtaining pre-measured 12 oz. MMS combo kits of Sodium Chlorite flakes and Citric Acid powder (enough to supply one person for about 12 months, if drinking a total of 8 ozs of CDS water daily). You can also obtain a ready-made CDS Production Rig, along with a set of labeled 8 oz. or 16 oz Boston Round Master Solution bottles, and the LaMotte 3002 chlorine dioxide test strips if desired.

How to Make 500ppm CDS Water in 30-40 Minutes w/ 24% Sodium Chlorite Solution

I found that by increasing the concentration of my master Sodium Chlorite Solution to approximately 24% by adding only 6 ounces of warmed distilled water to the entire contents of my 12 oz. Sodium Chlorite combo kit bag - instead of the 9 ounces of water required to produce a 22.4% Sodium Chlorite solution - will allow a much higher concentration of chlorine dioxide gas to literally bubble out of the Mixer bottle when immersed in a water bath containing boiling hot water. This allows a higher concentration of chlorine dioxide gas to diffuse into my two quart size CDS Water bottles in a shorter span of time and at a higher concentration than if I used 22.4% Sodium Chlorite solution in the Mixer bottle.

To Make Two Quarts of 500ppm CDS Water
I now add 1.5 oz. of the 24% Sodium Chlorite solution and 1.5 oz. of 50% Citric Acid solution to the Mixer bottler if I want to produce two quarts of 500ppm CDS Water in 30 - 40 minutes.

CDS water of 500ppm concentrationTo Make Four Quarts of 500+ppm CDS Water
If I want to produce 4 quarts of 500+ppm CDS water, then I'll add 2 oz. of each solution to the Mixer bottle. The first two quarts will measure in the 600-650ppm range while the second two quarts will measure in the 400-450ppm range after 25-30 minutes of running time using an aquarium air pump. I change the water bath to fresh boiling hot water at 10 minute intervals to keep the water as hot as possible. I then mix all 4 quarts together to average out the ppm to about 550ppm and store in glass quart bottles in the frig.

If interested, send me an email or leave a voice mail at 949-544-1375 with your email address (spell it out slowly and distinctly) and I'll send you more information. .

Some people feel making CDS Water is too complicated and ask if they can obtain CDS Water ready made. The answer is Yes, of course, and you can find vendors online that typically charge $28 for a 4 oz bottle of CDS of 3,000 ppm, while eBay prices range from $30 - $60 for a 4 oz. bottle, but I use another protocol to produce CDS Concentrate in a higher concentration of 3800 ppm made available as a Premium Gift for a donation which is 30-50% lower than what vendors are asking. You can learn more by reading this link:

CDS Water Concentrate Will Last Longer and Is Easier to Store (April 22, 2019)

With the CDS Production Rig shown here, you can produce 64 ozs. (2 quarts) of 500ppm CDS water for the cost of the distilled water, which works out to approximately $0.60 cents

The CDS water seen on the right is measured at slightly over 500ppm using InstaTest Analytic High Range Chlorine Dioxide test strips (#3002) made by LaMotte. I produced these two quarts in about 45 minutes using a small aquarium pump to push the gas through the water. I mixed 1 oz. of 24% Sodium Chlorite solution and 1 oz., of 50% Citric Acid solution in my Mixer bottle. I increased the concentration of the Sodium Chlorite Master Solution from the standard 22.r% solution, originally set by Jim Humble for people who were consuming drops of MMS in water, to a 24% Sodium Chlorite Master Solution intended exclusively for making higher ppm CDS water in a shorter span of time. By increasing the concentration of the sodium chlorite solution, you produce a higher concentration of chlorine dioxide gas which allows you to make a more concentrated batch of CDS water in less time. I normally ingest CDS water in the 50ppm range. which is more than strong enough. If you put 500ppm into your mouth, you will feel the astringent effect of the oxidation immediately and you won't be able to hold it for more than a second or two. The oxidizing action is too intense. While I produce 500ppm of CDS Water for refrigerator storage, I'll dilute it down with distilled water to the 50ppm range for drinking or swishing in the mouth. If you can handle it stronger, then that's fine, but most people find 50ppm to be plenty strong. It's up to you to determine what you can handle.

For more information, email or leave a voice message at 949-544-1375

Ken Adachi

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Note the amazing germicidal properties of Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS Water) Notice the 5 minute contact time and the ppm concentration of CDS necessary to kill the Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus. The kill rate would likely be the same for Herpes Simplex 2 ( genital herpes).

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