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Blotting Brushes: Weapons of Plaque Destruction

E-Y posted September 6, 2012

Blotting Brushes: Weapons of Plaque Destruction (Sep. 6, 2012)


Natural Oral Health: Dr Phillips' Blotting Brushes Achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth is within the reach of everyone. This message has never been more valuable at a time when fewer and fewer people can afford expensive dental treatment.


Achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth is within the reach of everyone. With proper care through the Phillips Blotting Technique, you can expect to keep your teeth and gums decay and disease free for a lifetime. Cavities, uncomfortable dental cleanings, oral surgery and tooth loss can be avoided by using this simple, revolutionary technique. Despite all the specialty toothpastes and mouthwashes available today, people still have gum disease, many without ever knowing it. For over 50 years, the Phillips Blotting Technique has been effectively used to eliminate the causes of gum disease. Those who have been fortunate enough to use this unique dental hygiene program have enjoyed a lifetime of fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums. Even patients with severe gum disease have used this programme as an alternative to costly, painful surgery. 
Gum Disease and Cavities

The first signs of gum disease are easy to diagnose and often originate, contrary to popular belief, in the teenage years. No matter how old you are, if your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, or you notice a white or yellow build up where your teeth meet your gums, you will have gum disease. In advanced stages, the bleeding may stop but the teeth begin to move apart and the gums recede, eventually to the point where they can no longer support the teeth. The cause of gum disease is plaque that forms along the gumline. When plaque collects there, it causes gingivitis, an irritation of the gums which causes them to swell and bleed. Healthy gums form an elastic seal around each tooth to keep plaque and bacteria away from the sensitive root. Plaque toxins and enzymes attack healthy gums, eventually creating crevices as the gums loosen and pull away from the tooth. 

The bacteria harboured in plaque turn sugars into acid. Normally this acid is not strong enough to dissolve the enamel on teeth, but under plaque, these acids become strong enough to dissolve teeth. Removing the plaque with the Phillips Blotting Technique will eliminate the crevices where acid-forming bacteria hide. In a clean mouth, free of plaque, even sugary foods cannot damage the teeth. An exception to this is soda pops, with the diet sodas being the worst because of their high acid content. Normal toothbrushing, unfortunately, pushes plaque deeper in the crevices around the teeth. The Phillips Blotting Technique, utilizing a specially designed brush, reaches into those crevices and “Blots” the plaque out. Once these plaque deposits are removed through “Blotting”, the gums are on their way back to being healthy and protecting teeth. Making the Phillips Blotting Technique a part of your daily oral hygiene will ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy for a lifetime.

The Phillips Blotting Technique is a method of mouth care that actually removes plaque. Plaque is the sticky, white substance that forms on teeth, between them and in the area between the teeth and gums, called the sulcus. Quite simply, plaque is the cause of dental disease. Whereas brushing moves this plaque around the mouth and under the gums, the Phillips Blotting Technique is the only proven dental hygiene method that actually removes it from the mouth and this is the key to total oral health for a lifetime.  

The Phillips Blotting Technique itself is based on capillary action; that is the principle at work when a sponge soaks up liquid or when paint is drawn up into the bristles of a brush. Capillary action lifts and holds plaque in the brush so that it can be removed.

Of course, no matter how well you have cleaned the teeth, your mouth still remains 90% dirty, as teeth occupy on 10% of the surface of your mouth, so it is just as important to clean the gums, cheeks, roof, floor and tongue as well. Learn how to eliminate bad breath without mouthwash. The Phillips Blotting Technique covers all of this and more

The Blotting Brush - a 'natural' toothbrush

4 row, 41 tuft slender head for greater maneuverability Utilizes a gentle .007" diameter DuPont TynexTM nylon bristle. End rounded textured bristles that draw plaque and debris from gingival crevice. Complete with a maintainer cover to protect and reform the bristles. Concentrated bristle effectively draws plaque by capillary action. Changing to a new brush every 2-3 weeks is recommended (depending on usage)

Originally developed in 1969 the Blotting Brush is generally smaller and has textured bristles that are thinner than in conventional brushes. The bristles are designed to go under the gumline and between the teeth to draw in plaque and particles of food.  You can floss with the bristles too.
Dr. Phillips dedicated his periodontal practice to the belief that patients should be taught to care for their own mouths; that gum disease and subsequent surgery and tooth loss were unnecessary if the mouth was cared for properly. He lectured tirelessly around the world to promote teeth for a lifetime. The Phillips Blotting Technique definitely goes beyond the brushing and flossing routine to give you a new standard of clean. Its simplicity and inexpensiveness makes it understandable and affordable for everyone.

Blotting Brush film clip

This film was nearly lost in the archives after Dr Phillips died in 2003.  First time users of the Blotting Brushes should purchase a copy of the DVD so they comprehensively understand the Blotting Technique.  It is also worth watching every six months or so as a reminder. Learn how to eliminate bad breath without mouthwash. The Phillips Blotting Technique DVD covers all of this and more - you will understand the principles and be able to use the Blotting System effectively and efficiently.

Film Clip on The Blotting Technique To really benefit from this technique we strongly recommend you watch the free YouTube film clip on the Blotting Technique. Originally a video filmed in the early 1970's it is extremely helpful for the beginner as the inexperienced first timer tends to  make this simple technique far more difficult than it is.  Watching this clip definitely helps 'blotters' accomplish the proficiency necessary to achieve real healing.

Dr Joseph Phillips explains The Blotting Technique for healthier teeth and gums.


[Uploaded by TheToothWizards on Nov 1, 2011

The complete guide to The Blotting Technique as explained by Dr Phillips. At the moment these brushes are available internationally from The clip is an old converted video (fashions and hairstyles are definitely last century!) but the information contained here is extremely valuable.I suggest you use the brushes daily and 'blot' the teeth and gums very gently. No toothpaste is required. The gentler the better. Use a tapping motion rather than a brushing action. It may take a while to become used to this way of cleaning your teeth but it works so much better than 'conventional' brushing.The blotting action stimulates the gums whereas brushing with toothpaste deals only with the teeth. This 'conventional' method of brushing merely pushes plaque from one side to the other and into the gum crevice where gum disease starts.Two points about the clip:

1. The small head brush referred to has not been in production for some time but we are making them available again from mid-November 2011.
2. At several points during the clip Dr Phillips suggests you swallow the saliva that has built up as you brush. I suggest you spit this out instead.

A close up film clip on tooth enamel has recently been released. We all believe the enamel surface of our teeth to have a smooth surface. Watch the short film and understand why we need to keep our teeth clean and free of the bacteria that causes gum disease. It is really worth watching all the way through. ]

Due to the popularity of The Blotting Technique we have opened a separate website where you can purchase them directly:
Read about Blotting Brushes: Weapons of Plaque Destruction

"Those who have been fortunate enough to use this unique dental hygiene programme have enjoyed a lifetime of fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums". Dr J E Phillips, International Oral Health Society


Blotting Brushes - The Key to Oral Health for a Lifetime (Dec. 30, 2011)

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