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Blotting Brushes - The Key to Oral Health for a Lifetime

December 30, 2011

Blotting Brushes - The Key to Oral Health for a Lifetime (Dec. 30, 2011)

The Blotting Technique

was developed during the 1960's by Dr. Joseph Phillips and remains as effective today as it was back then. The only difference is that thanks to the internet, more people around the world are able to benefit from it.

It is abundantly clear that Dr. Phillips was a man ahead of his time. Not happy with his patients returning again and again with poor gum conditions, he set about devising a method whereby he could help prevent their gums from deteriorating between appointments.

By chance he saw, during a film on African culture, members of the Masai tribe fray the end of a twig they picked from bushes in the wild, and used to clean their teeth. Rather than dismiss this as a primitive tribal habit, it set him thinking as to how he could harness this approach in his practice.

Upon further investigation he discovered this 'twig' to be from the Salvadora Persica (Mustard tree) and arranged for some to be sent to him. Using the same principle of the frayed end, Dr. Phillips developed the Blotting Brush using a frayed nylon bristle. His patients were then able to use the Blotting Brush between appointments and right away he noticed a reversal of their conditions. He then set about perfecting his Blotting Technique so that Blotting Brush users would get the best out of this method..

Dr. Joseph Phillips was a periodontist (a gum specialist) who taught each patient that gum disease, subsequent surgery and tooth loss were wholly unnecessary if the mouth was cared for properly. Dr. Phillips' extensive research was destroyed in a fire after his death. Therefore without access to his valuable papers and records, this book can only be treated as anecdotal.

Even after retiring from active practice, he lectured tirelessly in the USA and internationally to promote 'teeth for a lifetime'. His Blotting Technique goes beyond the traditional brushing and flossing routine to give you 'a new standard of clean' that promotes the health of your teeth and gums. It's simple and inexpensive making this simple technique understandable and affordable for everyone.

The key to total oral health 'for a lifetime'

Dr. Phillips described his Blotting Technique as "a method of mouth care that actually removes plaque". Where conventional brushing with toothpaste can move plaque around the mouth and even into the gumline causing gum disease, Dr. Phillips' Blotting Technique is a simple technique that removes it from the mouth.

The technique itself is based on capillary action: the same principle at work when a sponge soaks up liquid or when excess paint on a canvas is drawn up into the bristles of a brush. Capillary action is what lifts and holds plaque in the brush so it can be removed.

No matter how well you clean your teeth using conventional brushing, your mouth remains 90% dirty.

Dr Joseph Phillips explains The Blotting Technique for healthier teeth and gums.


[Uploaded by TheToothWizards on Nov 1, 2011

The complete guide to The Blotting Technique as explained by Dr Phillips. At the moment these brushes are available internationally from The clip is an old converted video (fashions and hairstyles are definitely last century!) but the information contained here is extremely valuable.I suggest you use the brushes daily and 'blot' the teeth and gums very gently. No toothpaste is required. The gentler the better. Use a tapping motion rather than a brushing action. It may take a while to become used to this way of cleaning your teeth but it works so much better than 'conventional' brushing.The blotting action stimulates the gums whereas brushing with toothpaste deals only with the teeth. This 'conventional' method of brushing merely pushes plaque from one side to the other and into the gum crevice where gum disease starts.Two points about the clip:

1. The small head brush referred to has not been in production for some time but we are making them available again from mid-November 2011.
2. At several points during the clip Dr Phillips suggests you swallow the saliva that has built up as you brush. I suggest you spit this out instead.

A close up film clip on tooth enamel has recently been released. We all believe the enamel surface of our teeth to have a smooth surface. Watch the short film and understand why we need to keep our teeth clean and free of the bacteria that causes gum disease. It is really worth watching all the way through. ]

Some people:

• Get out of bed in the morning and spend about 45 seconds vigorously brushing their teeth.

- Only brush their teeth - few people ever brush their tongue,cheeks and gums.

• As teeth occupy only 10% of the surface of the mouth, what happens to that remaining 90%? And what would your body be like if you only washed the same 10% of it every day?

When Dr. Elmar Jung and I first met in 2007, I handed him a copy of Dr Phillips book 'Acquiring and Maintaining Oral Health' suggesting that he read it and let me know which sections would need to be revised in the light of modern techniques. Dr. Jung returned the book to me about a week later and said that at most he would change very little. He was amazed that such valuable information was made available so many years ago yet remained largely unacknowledged.

Conversations with Dr. Phillips

Over several telephone conversations with Dr. Phillips in Wisconsin between 2001 and 2002, he took the time to explain the reality of dentistry to me and helped me understand the mechanics and benefits of his Blotting Technique.

After his death in 2003, Dr. Phillips' work was almost completely lost. Although holistic dentists across the USA pleaded with his family to maintain his important legacy and continue to make the Blotting Brushes available, the energetic driving force had gone. Because of the difference these brushes have made to our oral health, my wife Phylipa and I didn't want to be without them either. I spoke with Dr. Phillips' daughter Paula and she was delighted to let me promote the brushes as her father had done before.

Graeme Dinnen

Together with his wife Phylipa, Graeme Dinnen runs Resources For Life, a natural health centre in Chichester, West Sussex. They have used the Blotting Brushes and Blotting Technique since 2001 and have helped resurrect the brushes from becoming a distant memory.

For more information on Blotting Brushes:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Blotting Brushes

The Blotting Brush - a 'natural' toothbrush

How long can a person with gum disease expect to keep their teeth?
The chances are usually very good that the gums can be healed. Once the gums are healthy and maintained properly using the Phillips Blotting Technique, there should be no reason for losing teeth. Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, and this can almost always be accomplished.
At what age does gum disease usually start?
Most people mistakenly believe that gum disease begins around age 35 to 40. Gum disease usually starts in the teenage years and is manifested by bleeding gums. The symptoms go unrecognized until bone damage is evident, usually around age 35 to 40. At this time there is little or no evident bleeding.
Are all gum diseases curable? 
99% of gum diseases are curable using the Phillips Blotting Technique. An incurable form of gingivitis is caused by leukaemia. Desquamative gingivitis, another gum disease, is also incurable, but its symptoms can be greatly reduced by achieving a thoroughly clean mouth.
How often should I clean my mouth? 
If your gums are infected, you should be cleaning your mouth two to four times a day. Once the gums are healthy, cleaning the mouth (Blotting crevices and cleaning the rest of the mouth) twice a day will maintain good oral hygiene.
How much time should I spend? 
For the technique to be effective, you need to spend about six minutes per session Blotting the crevices around the teeth. But since the mouth can never be too clean, you can never Blot too much.
What assurance do I have that this technique will work? 
People have been using this technique for over 50 years without getting a cavity or gingival disease. Many of these people had serious dental  problems before using the technique. Even elderly patients who had never even brushed their teeth have been able to keep their remaining teeth and avoid surgery using the Phillips Blotting Technique. Only in cases of severe systemic blood diseases has the Blotting Method not worked.  
How long will I have to continue Blotting?
Hopefully Blotting and total mouth hygiene will become a lifelong habit. You can enjoy fresh breath, a clean mouth, free of cavities and gum disease, if the Phillips Blotting Technique is done properly over a lifetime.   

Do I still need to floss?
You can gently floss with the bristles of the Blotting Brush or use a regular flossing tape.
“My sincere belief is that a dentist can keep your teeth for you only by teaching you to help yourself."
Dr. J.E. Phillips

Due to the popularity of The Blotting Technique we have opened a separate website where you can purchase them directly:


The MiniBlot

The MiniBlot is a Blotting Brush for infants and children that can also be used by adults with a specific need for this smaller brush head.

We recommend ‘blotting’ children’s teeth and gums from an early age with the ‘MiniBlot’. This is easy to do and will stop them from developing inappropriate brushing techniques. 

No toothpaste is required for this process.

The bristles used by the MiniBlot are the same capillary-action bristles as used by the Blotting Brush. These are designed to draw out plaque from the teeth and gum areas.  The Blotting Brush is a 4 row, 41 tuft slender head; the MiniBlot is a 4 row, 25 tuft slender head.

• You can start to blot your baby’s gums with the Mini Blot or even let your baby have a go themselves as long as you supervise them. This establishes blotting as part of their hygiene routine.

• Remember the Blotting Technique requires no toothpaste. Just start blotting your baby’s teeth as the first milk tooth breaks through (usually at around six months, although this can vary).

• Blot your child’s teeth and gums for a few minutes twice a day, once just before bedtime and at least one other time during the day.

• Supervise blotting until your child is competent on his or her own

The bristles used by the MiniBlot are the same capillary-action bristles as used by the Blotting Brush. These are designed to draw out plaque from the teeth and gum areas.  The Blotting Brush is a 4 row, 41 tuft slender head; the MiniBlot is a 4 row, 25 tuft slender head.

Due to the popularity of The Blotting Technique we have opened a separate website where you can purchase them directly:


Dr. Joseph Phillips Blotting Brushes: Weapons of Plaque Destruction (Sep. 6, 2012)

Testimonials Sent to Paula Phillips About the Dr. Joseph Phillips Blotting Technique

Although we ask clients for permission to reprint their full name and town or city or residence, some understandably feel that the nature of their condition is a little sensitive for such full information.  Equally some feedback has been given by people who are well known in their field of work and understandably do not wish to see their full or stage name associated with a testimonial.

To Paula Phillips, daughter of Dr JL Phillips

Dear Paula,
Just to let you know that the advocacy of your father is truly a miracle in my dental care. I first got your video, manual, and brushes four years ago. I shared the material with my dentist and he laughed at the idea. Since that time two pockets that were getting to the depth of needing the care of a peridontist have actually receded in depth and my dentist is impressed. I used to have a "prophy" every six months and now have not had my teeth cleaned in four years. I saw my dentist for a check-up yesterday and he said there was not a trace of plaque and that he would see me in a year. This is truly amazing. I am 70 years old and my dentist says that I have the gingival-dental margin of a "youngster". I have referred several of my friends to you and will certainly refer others. You have my total and unreserved endorsement and I pray you well in your endeavor to continue your father's mission.
Sincerely,                     Name and Address supplied

I am very pleased to have discovered your blotting brushes. My mouth feels really clean all day. I wish I have known about them years ago. I doubt I would have gum recession now. My daughter, aged 26 is also using them and is very pleased too. She has found regular brushing to be ineffective around wisdom teeth.

We highly recommend this product for everyone.    Sharon Hulme,  West Sussex

I’m writing to tell you how I got on with the tooth Blotting Brushes. When I read about them they seemed a strange idea, but I was ‘desperate’ to try anything that might help me.  You see, for 2 or 3 years, my mouth has been so dry at night it was like the Sahara. It would wake me up at night it was so uncomfortable, and drinking water did not help.  Neither did my dentist who just said “Well juices dry up as you get older (I’m 65).  And every night I was scraping loads of plaque off my gums and teeth.  I would never get  my teeth feeling really clean.

Even so I was a bit cynical, as nothing else had worked!  My teeth now feel clean (bliss), my mouth is so much better at night, which means I can now sleep right through.

So thank you very much, from now on I’ll be spreading the word to my family & friends.       S. Joiner, Truro, England

I've been using the Blotting Brushes now for about a month and I'm very surprised how well they work ! There is almost no plaque on my teeth and I no longer use any toothpaste or other conventional brushes anymore. My gums cling very tightly onto my teeth. I'm very happy ! I don't have major gum or teeth problems, but I want to prevent these problems in the future.  Maya D.  France

“Before I started using your brushes (about 3 months ago) my dentist (no longer) told me that I need to have all my teeth out and the gums cut by surgery to remove the affected parts.   Thanks to the Blotting Brushes, my gums are now at least 70% stronger and getting better every day.

This is a simple technique with such far reaching health benefits. 

With many thanks for your very kind help.”   Tina B., NSW, Australia

“My husband and I are very impressed with the Blotting Brushes.  My teeth have never felt so clean and smooth.  It's quite remarkable.  I decided to get them after having a row with a dental hygienist who made my mouth bleed so much I was spitting out clots - not good for me!  I'm an alternative healthcare therapist and I'm for a gentle natural approach to alleviate all conditions. I will be recommending the blotting brushes to everyone.”  C.M. Fife

“I didn’t start blotting immediately; I kept putting it off.  After waking a few times with face ache, I wondered if it was from brushing bacteria into my gums and so began the Blotting Technique.  Not surprisingly, it stopped the face pain (which I have had a lot of) and I haven't had it since. My bleeding gums have also stopped as have the night sweats that I thought were menopausal or tonsil stones, so I would imagine I am saving my immune system a lot of work by adopting this excellent technique.”  Janine G. Hampshire

I feel secure in now again having a source of the Blotting Brushes…Please feel free to use my endorsement of the Blotting Brush. I am 79 years old, and I have all my teeth but one. I started using the Blotting Brush in 1976.  Elizabeth Johnson 

Dr. Phillips is truly a pioneer of his time. When my family and I took his class, we did not know what to expect. What could we learn further that might help save our teeth and gums that we must already know from many years of consistent dental care in the traditional sense. We were truly in for a lifetime of knowledge on how important Blotting would be for our entire lives! Doc Phillips showed what having a CLEAN mouth could do for the life of our teeth. I now have a grown family and still – daily – practice what I learned from Dr. Phillips. I have all of my own teeth – and hopefully will continue to strive for this purpose the remainder of my years.   Thank you Doc for a wealth of periodontal knowledge and lessons learned well before it became “popular” to be slightly left of center…Please continue informing a new generation how they can adequately keep their gums and mouth clean and fresh smelling also.         Maryann Przybyl

Thank you for taking so much time to answer my questions, explain things to me and for all the information. You were helpful and now I know that possibly some of my qualms about typical dental care were right. Now, I have some hope.              Deborah Turner

I had periodontal surgery 18 years ago, and at that time my surgeon started my Blotting "routine". It takes a few minutes each day, but I have had no sign of gum disease since the surgery. Plus I have the benefit of a mouth that feels very clean, all the time. With this Blotting Brush, and the proper routine, a person can keep periodontal disease completely at bay!        Brad Richardson

i am very impressed with my blotting brushes.  i was in bed late afternoon, i blotted for the first time for a couple of hours, i noticed this quite strange smell being drawn into the brush, had to get up and rinse off the brush several times. next morning several changes were noticed, my mouth felt cleaner, a lump in my throat while swallowing had mystified me for about 10 days, today it is 95% better. back in bed again today, resting my bad back i have reached for my brush again!  

thank you for showing me the way once again  greville davies 

“I used a Blotting Brush this morning for the first time (without toothpaste), following the instructions from your book. My gums and teeth felt better than they have in ages after just one session”   L.M. Wiltshire

“My husband and I find the Blotting Brushes fantastic. We've been oil pulling for quite a while and that has helped my tooth sensitivity but since starting with the Blotting Brushes a month ago I've had a huge improvement in the sensitivity and my gums have stopped bleeding. I've thrown out the toothpaste and changed permanently to Blotting Brushes.”   PMM, Southampton

"FYI the teeth left from all the yanking dentists became so strong that feel as though someone cemented them in and most all gingivitis gone. Why did I not know about it when my smile was full of my own teeth?"  Mary McLoud, Australia - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Professionals Corner
The following professionals are ones who endorse the Phillips Blotting Technique and are independent consultants. Please direct your questions regarding dental or periodontal diagnosis or treatments to them.

Patrick Sweeney, DDS
910 Iowa Ave.
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
 Dr. Patrick Sweeney graduated from Marquette School of Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI in 1974. He has been practicing general dentistry in Wisconsin for the past 30 years. He studied under Dr. J. E. Phillips for many years and embraced his philosophy on health care and the treatment of periodontal disease.

Dr. Sweeney treats patients from the age of 2 to 102 and is especially proud of helping people keep their teeth for a lifetime. He has seen a relationship between a "healthy mouth and a healthy body." He has helped hundreds of patients with acute and chronic periodontal disease get their gum infections under control, and in turn their health improves. They will often return to the office stating that they feel at least 10 years younger. It is Dr. Sweeney's passion to help people interested in maintaining their teeth for a lifetime and to give them something to smile about.
Dr. Jamie Azdair
330 N. Garfield Ave, Suite #4
Alhambra, CA 91801
Dr. Jamie Azdair and been using and teaching the Phillips Blotting Technique for the last 25 years and has worked closely with Dr. Phillips with regards to many aspects of dentistry. He limits his practice to the use of gold, which he has tested, researched and custom formulated. Dr. Azdair was one of the founding doctors and pioneers who recognized and uncovered mercury toxicity and how it affects living tissue. He has travelled throughout the United States and Europe teaching seminars on dental materials and their effects on the mind and body.
He is actively and continuously involved in clinically researching the effects of the new plastics, composites and porcelain restorative materials and how they affect the body. Even prior to these clinical studies, as early as 1983, Dr. Azdair recognized the negative and harmful effects of these materials and ceased using them that same year. He also specializes in homeopathic, osteopathic and electromagnetic fields of research, practice and study as they relate to dentistry and health in general.


Just a little note to let Resources For Life patrons know just how proud I am of this organization in getting the good news out there that there is hope for those who suffer from gum disease. My father was Dr. J.E. Phillips, the founder of the Blotting Technique of mouth care. 

He worked tirelessly his whole career in the field of periodontics in educating the public on how to be proactive for their own mouth health. The public has been entirely brainwashed to believe that brushing and flossing are the only ways to maintain total mouth health, but yet these are the very things that actually cause gum disease, and ultimately, tooth loss. 

Mouth care can be very inexpensive if done with this method. In fact, changing your Blotting Brush twice each month may cost you around $8 a month and with the proper use of my lather's technique, will also eliminate the need for 6 month cleanings. 

Remember, gum disease causes tartar. Tartar does not cause gum disease. I see many famous people in the news who have extremely bad gum disease, but yet have access to "the best dentists in the business", not to mention more than enough financial ability to get the best work done that is available. One couple that comes to mind is Dr. Phil and his wife Robin. If only they knew about the simplicity of the Blotting Technique. 

I hope that you will learn this technique and appreciate its effectiveness so that you may enjoy teeth for a lifetime. 

Blessings to Graeme and Phylipa Dinnen and Resources For Life for their dedication to natural good health. 



Paula Phillips


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