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Use MMS to Stop Teeth, Gum, and Mouth Infections ~ Dead in Their Tracks

E-Y posted September 4, 2012

Use MMS to Stop Teeth, Gum, and Mouth Infections ~ Dead in their Tracks (Sep. 4, 2012)


Mouth, Gum and Teeth

General MMS Cleansing Mouthwash:

Mouth and gum diseases respond promptly to MMS. Just make up a 10 drops dose of MMS:

1) Take 10 drops of sodium chlorite (MMS 1) and add 10 drops of the 50% citric acid solution (or 50 drops of citric acid 10 % solution, or 50 drops of lemon juice).

2) Wait 30 seconds when using the 50% citric acid solution, or 3 minutes when using the 10% citric acid or lemon juice, then add about 1/2 glass of water (4 ounces).

Use a soft tooth brush and pour the liquid onto the brush and brush your teeth and gums very well. Be gentle at first. Do this 3 or 4 times a day for the first three or four days. Then do it twice a day until everything is totally cleared up...Use the extra solution to rinse and gargle your mouth. Do this slowly so that some of the Cl02 gas has time to simmer out of the liquid.

The invisible Cl02 gas will kill all the germs and bacteria in your mouth without harming sensitive gums or sore places on the tongue. Then for a few weeks brush your teeth at least once a day with the MMS solution. Your mouth should be in much better condition after one week, but it will continue to improve for several weeks before it gets to the condition of being a lot healthier than ever before. You can then cut back to two or three times a week.

Emergency Toothache Options:

There are many reports of people whose toothaches were stopped completely within a few minutes of holding activated MMS in the mouth for two minutes. This would be one of those situations where you couldn't get scheduled for dental work and you have no choice but to clinch down on cloves to mask the pain - which might mean days or weeks while you wait for an opening on the dentist's waiting list. However, after one or two MMS treatments, the tooth ache might not reappear for 12 to 24 hours. The reason for tooth-pain is usually that bacteria has found a home deep in a tooth cavity and bacteria are feeding on nutrients near or touching the nerve.  The tooth will not cause any more pain until more food is pressed into the crevice and new bacteria begin feeding again. Generally the pain will be gone for good.

This procedure can be executed with a low dosage like this: one MMS drop in a small cup with 5 drops of the acid activator. After three minutes, add 1 or 2 table spoons of water and stir it with a toothbrush. Your toothbrush is now nicely sterilized. Stir the mixture onto the brush, carry it into your mouth, and brush the tooth or teeth where the pain is felt. Carry more MMS into your mouth and repeat for two minutes or more. Often you can even kill an absses inside of a tooth by using DMSO.  Just mix an equal amount of DMSO with the MMS and an equal amount of water and use that on the tooth brush to brush the tooth with the absses.  Doesn't work every time, but will most of the time.

How to fix an Abscessed Tooth, with Archbishop Jim Humble



Published on May 20, 2012 by JimHumbleLive


Perfect Jim!!

I've been brushing with MMS (no toothpaste for over 2 years, no dental issues... Orally for 4 years, good health labs every 6 months, many on my Lyme support group also use MMS as I introduced it to the Lyme community just over 4 years ago...Thanks for this demonstration, about 1000 on my group will have the opportunity to view it and for sure it will be used in the future when others have dental issues on my group....



Regarding a Pressure-sensitive Tooth:

It should be noted that if your tooth is pressure sensitive - meaning that when you bite down on it then pain is felt, this usually indicates a pocket of infection forming under the tooth. In this case, mere brushing is futile but you have a powerful option for reducing and eliminating the infected tooth. Do it quickly.  Use DMSO with the MMS for this purpose.  It usually works, but you must remember that the MMS and DMSO must be used within 10 minutes as the DMSO kills the MMS after 10 minute.

What about Candida and Bad Breath?:

While your one-drop mixture lasts, if you have any white candida film on your tongue, brush your tongue. While in there with brush in hand, if you have bad breath, brush the extreme back of the tongue where sulfur dioxide is produced by some types of bacteria. One clinic has a patented tongue brush and a special MMS-like fluid that quenches the bad-breath bacteria. But in your case you already have MMS which produces Cl02 gas, and a tooth brush already in your mouth, so shove the brush back to the gagging point and clean the back of your tongue. There's no excuse for MMS users to have bad breath. Other people may notice that you no longer have "a filthy mouth."

Will MMS Brighten Your Teeth?:

There is misinformation about MMS causing teeth to be darkened. The enemies of MMS appear to have found someone who may have smoked for years and maybe drank strong coffee since birth, or who rarely brushed his BROWN and ugly teeth. MMS doubters present his photos on their web blogs under the general heading of "Look what MMS is going to do to your teeth." In contrast, people who use MMS regularly for mouth, gums, and teeth don't have to make their point with photographs. They simply smile cheerfully with pretty white, glistening teeth. True, some people just play around with MMS never actually using it with consistently or with purposeful discipline. But for those who are serious about their health, over time MMS has a gradual whitening effect on teeth. Years of tartar and accumulated colorings are slowly lifted away.

Will MMS Remove Years of Plaque Buildup?:

Questions arise regarding whether MMS can remove plaque without dental assistance. Many people have called to say that it will.  But it is probably best to pay a dental assistant to remover the plaque.  THEN AFTER THAT, you can prevent the formation of new plaque. Dental assistants are usually trained to tell you that plaque is normal, that everyone needs to come back four times a year for plaque removal. You may be told that there is SLIME in everybody's mouth and during the night it lays down additional film whether you brush or not. A night and morning MMS mouthwash and light brushing will leave you with a germ free mouth. The slime will evaporate through the night, having no bacterial assistance to create layers of tartar and plaque. This has NOT been tracked, measured, or reported adequately. You can test this for yourself and give us a report if you are a serious MMS user.

Will MMS Remove Infections under Abscessed teeth? (Case Study):

From Juan To Jim Humble:

"I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how the MMS is working with the abscessed teeth. I imagine you already know this having worked with so many people already over the years, but dentists really have no way of knowing whether the tooth itself is actually the source of the infection. They take the x-rays and if they see the spot of infection on the x-ray, they say you need a root canal. There is no way of knowing for certain whether it is the tooth or the gum that is the source of the abscess from just an x-ray, but that being said, the x-ray did show that I had a large pocket infection under the bottom tip of the root in one of my bottom molars. I had every tooth in my mouth cosmetically repaired with porcelain crowns in 2003 so when I just recently had this toothache and the dentist told me it was the tooth that was abscessed, I thought it was ludicrous. Even though I saw the x-ray I knew there was no way my tooth could have decayed so much in 6 years after all of the work I had done.

I argued that the infection had to be in the gum regardless of what the dentist said or the x-ray showed. I started looking for miracle cures online and found MMS. As you know, I went with DMSO and MMS and this knocked out the infection in a couple of days, however, the infection would come back in a week or two sometimes and I would have to keep the DMSO and MMS on it again to knock it back out but it did work to stop immediate pain and suffering. I got the idea to put MMS in a Waterpik so that the solution could get down deep into the root canal and this has proven so far to be a more effective way to treat the abscess.

Using MMS in the irrigation cleaning solution knocked out whatever was down there and it has not come back. I put 10 drops of activated MMS inside a full glass of mineral water to fill the irrigation chamber of the Waterpik and did the irrigation cleaning as one normally would use a Waterpik. There are things called cannula tips which are attachments for the Waterpik like a syringe that can be used to penetrate as deep as possible into the canal of the tooth if need be and I used them. Just wanted to let you know this in case there may be some folks you can pass it on to. I hope people know that if the dentist says they need a root canal they should question it and try cleaning the tooth canal with MMS in a Waterpik and see how well they fare.

It is pretty impressive how quickly this method delivers relief. In a couple of hours the throbbing and shooting pains stop and it got better and better quickly and has not come back. I have no way of being certain that my abscess was inside the tooth, although it certainly was deep inside the gum, under the root of the tooth which appeared to be coming from the root of the tooth in the x-ray. The MMS has healed the rest of mouth too. I could feel infections inside the gums on the bottom two areas where I had my wisdom teeth removed 15 years ago. Just brushing with MMS and the MMS in irrigation has knocked that out too since the last time we emailed each other. " -


This page provides information about MMS (Master Mineral Solution) which is a well known salt in solution. The information is not a substitute for licensed professionals who can diagnose, treat, and give medical advice. This page informs people about an option that non-professional people sometimes use as experimental researchers. These MMS web sites describe one well-known salt in solution for limited internal and external use. The wide use of chlorine dioxide and its descriptions do not and can not represent the practice of medicine. These MMS pages assume no responsibility for how people use or understand these descriptive materials. No products are sold or shipped from this web site. No money is collected or billed.


Jim Humble's Protocol 4000 Using MMS 2 (Calcium Hypochlorite) Update, June 6, 2012

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