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Dramatic Photographic Proof that MMS Heals External Tumors, Skin Infections, Cancers, & Diabetic Foot Infections Quickly

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
September 14, 2014

Dramatic Photographic Proof that MMS Heals External Tumors, Skin Infections, Cancers, & Diabetic Foot Infections (Sept. 14, 2014)

The latest MMS Newsletter dated September 14, 2014,

has the most incredible Before & After testimonial photos of the healing capabilities of MMS as seen on both people and animals with severe infections, tumors and skin cancers. Note that the Before photos are graphic and may be shocking for people who are squeamish and unaccustomed to seeing severe conditions, but the After photos are so remarkable, that it's worth the effort to see just how unbelievably curative is MMS for just about any infective situation or disease condition. If you are new to the topic of MMS, read The Basic Science of MMS to understand the mechanism of how MMS will oxidize and destroy pathogenic organisms and cancerous tissue.

The Basic Science of MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) Sep. 4, 2012 (** very important information to overcome any disease condition **)

You also need to learn how easy it is to make CDS water (from MMS), which is much easier for the body to handle than MMS1, without the taste or stomach upset associated with taking MMS1. .

How to Make CDS Water, the World's Most Powerful Germ Killer & Disease Eradicator, at Home ~ For Next to Nothing (March 15, 2013)

You can see the entire September 14, 2014 newsletter and the photos at this link:

You can subscribe to the MMS Newsletter at this link:

DMSO is added to MMS and applied externally for absorption into the body through the skin
DMSO is mentioned in the newsletter in describing the dosage used to cure the individuals shown. DMSO acts as a carrier molecule, bringing MMS into the cells, right through the skin or surface tissue. You can obtain DMSO online at or E Bay. You only need to use 70 % DMSO to get the effects shown here. DMSO is mixed with so many drops of MMS and applied EXTERNALLY to the infected site. You use a cotton pad or even a washcloth to dab the combination of MMS1 + DMSO directly onto the infection or tumor. You dab it on lightly and do not rub. Repeat the dabbing for a few minutes until you used up the 1/2 oz or 1 oz solution made. The cat seen below was cured using 1 drop of sodium chlorite + 1 drop of 50% citric acid, allowed to activate for 20 seconds and then added 1/2 to 1 oz of distilled water. They then added a few drops of DMSO to the mix and dabbed onto the affected area with a round cotton pad (used for cosmetic removal) or a small washcloth. This procedure was followed for 2 weeks and that cat's huge left eye tumor was COMPLETELY gone in FOURTEEN DAYS (14 days). The other photos are equally remarkable. .

You can buy a 16 oz. botttle of 99% pure DMSO at for $17, including free shipping within the USA

To make 70% DMSO, just add a little less than 1/3 distilled water to the 99% concentrate. Eg. 2 oz. of 99% DMSO + 0.9oz of distilled water = approximately 70% DMSO.

Cat cured of huge eye tumor in only 14 days.

Before MMS                                                                              after a few days of treatment

Cat tumro eye before MMS

With daily treatment of MMS/DMSO, the tumor continues to shrink...

cat being treated with MMS midway

At day 14, you barely see a brown discoloration where the tumor had once completely obscured the cat's left eye just 14 days earlier.

cat cure near completion



An Ecuadorian man is cured of Pemphigus Vulgaris, an autoimmune disease, in 45 days using MMS

("These first two photos were sent to us from Ecuador, A man with Pemphigus Vulgaris was “restored to health” in 45 days!")

Before MMS treatment

Ecuador man with severe Pemphigus Vulgaris before MMS

Midway through treatment with MMS

MIdway treated with MMS

His skin is clear in 45 days using MMS

After treatment with MMS on day 45


Badly swollen, generalized infected feet of diabetic individual cured in 60 days using MMS

Before treatment with MMS

Crop a Diabetic feet before MMS Diabetic feet infected

After 20 days treatment with MMS, swelling gone and toe/nail infections improving

After one month using MMS  Diabetic feet after 1 month using MMS

Infection free and clean skin/toes after two months of treatment

Two months after using MMS Feet clear of infection after two months using MMS



On 9/16/2014 Keith Howe wrote:

Just wanted to thank you for the MMS posting. I developed bacterial cellulitis (infection of the fascia) of the hand secondary to a spider bite. My hand swelled up and lost all definition of the knuckles with edema and wasn't responding to topical antibiotics. Today I took colloidal silver and soaked my hand in a one quart solution of 30 drops citric acid and 30 drops sodium chlorite solution (MMS) three times today and it is clearing up nicely.

Keith Howe, D.C.

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