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Educate-Yourself Newsletter, May 15, 2003-Part 1

By Ken Adachi <>
May 15, 2003

Dear E-Y Newsletter Subscribers,

Welcome. I’m sorry for the long delay in sending you this newsletter. I have a great deal of new, interesting, and extraordinary information to pass along in this edition and I hope to continue to send out this newsletter on a monthly basis at least, and perhaps bi-weekly in the near future. Following these introductory remarks about the NWO and Planet X, I’ll get right into that new and extraordinary information.

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I’m rather surprised, but very pleased to report, that there are now over 10,000 subscribers to this newsletter! How about them apples!

Like my web site, this newsletter will broadly cover 3 areas of interest:
1. Self sufficiency in matters related to health
2. Free energy and related discoveries
3. The New World Order manipulations

Nibiru, Planet X, or the 12th Planet
When I read ZetaTalk in 1995 and wrote Coming Attractions in 1996, I was much more anxious about this period then, than I am today, May 15, 2003. I no longer believe that we will have a pole shift with massive earth changes at the end of this month. I’m not certain, of course, but the majority opinion from trusted sources says that it’s not going to happen. (If it does happen, then you’ll probably have to wait quite a while for the next newsletter ;-). I’ve recently posted many articles referencing Planet X on the Current News page. You can read more at this link:

I had originally intended to keep my web site content limited to information about natural healing methods and health related topics. Free energy gradually snuck its nose under the tent because it was too exciting not to talk about and the New World Order agenda forced itself upon us and had to be considered, like it or not (as you’ve probably noticed by now).

Today, there are now dozens of top notch web sites with great writers and essayists devoted to NWO developments who can keep you abreast of the latest in Illuminati sponsored deception and psychological operations (psyops), so I won’t be devoting a great deal of time to that area in the newsletter. I expect that most people who subscribe to this newsletter are generally aware of the main elements of the Illuminati agenda. If not, you can always read my NWO overview here:

You can find many excellent NWO web sites on my Links page under the heading of “New World Order”

Natural Health
New Discoveries: I have been privy to new discoveries and developments in recent months that have exceeded anything I might have imagined. I’ll begin with a thumbnail sketch of a new water device and other new products from a remarkable Canadian inventor/researcher who can only be described as a Tesla-like in vision (and ability) within his chosen areas of investigation. I can't reveal his identity at this stage, but his research output is so Extraordinary, that for now I’ll simply call him “Mr. E”. What began as a purely investigational visit was soon transformed into an opportunity to bring these phenomenal discoveries to a wider audience through my web site, Educate-Yourself. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be associated with Mr.E, as his creative output is enormous, but even more important, of a very high caliber. After you witness the photos I’ll soon upload to my web site, you’ll understand why I’m so enthusiastic. The first three items described below, alone, have the potential to herald a revolution in water improvement and agriculture that will dwarf any related advancement to date.

1. Structured Water: Mr. E assembled a new device that will imbue ordinary tap water, well water, etc. with a “Unified Field” life force energy that’s greater than that of mountain spring water from a pristine mountain range. It’s superior to any water improvement system presently available-including those notable devices from Johann Grander. Plants fed with this water exhibit a burst of growth activity that can only be described as ‘explosive’ and ‘unreal’. The health benefits from drinking, cooking, and bathing with this structured water can be significant. These Unified Field (UF) water structuring devices are available in different sizes and configurations to meet the intended requirements. A portable size, with or without filter, can be utilized for counter top, under counter, shower, or attached to a garden hose. A whole house unit attaches to a ¾” inlet water supply pipe and supplies the entire house. A special unit designed for water shops and water bottling operations, can handle large daily volumes of reverse osmosis, distilled, or demineralized waters. A larger institutional sized unit can be fitted with piping ranging from 1”- 2” and can process up to 330,000 gallons of water per day. I’ll post greater details about these units, cost, and amazing photos of plants grown with this water at this link within a few days:

ADZ: While not currently intended as a product, a special liquid has been created by Mr. E to visually demonstrate the concentration of life force in any water sample employing an alchemical process. By adding 10 % by volume of a substance I’ll call “ADZ” to a pre-heated (180 degrees F) water sample, a milky precipitate called ‘water milk’ will form that is proportional to the concentration of ‘aliveness’ or life force in the water. ‘Water milk’ itself is a valuable by-product as it contains a concentrate of the life force and is utilized in other products developed by Mr. E. When running this test, distilled water reveals no water milk, while Unified Field structured water will precipitate a large amount of water milk and other categories of waters (tap water, well water, pond water, etc) will test out somewhere in between. Minerals play an imporatant role as carriers of the life force, but not all water containing minerals carries the life force. It's either created by Nature by running through the earth as 'telluric' water and (when mature) rises up to a forested mountain top and comes out as spring water or it can be re-established with a water structuring device. The more ‘natural’ the source of the water (mountain spring), the greater is the amount of water milk produced. ADZ eliminates the need for expensive electronic testing machines like the electronic Voll Dermatron machine to get a measurable indication of the life force. I’ll soon have a video demonstrating ADZ tests performed with various types of waters. For now, ADZ will only be available to dealers handling these products, but may become more widely available in the future. Impressive as the ADZ water demonstration is, the most convincing proof of the effectiveness of Unified Field structured water remains its stunning effects on plant growth. More info will be uploaded to this link shortly: (contact me if you want to know more about becoming a dealer for these products:

2. AT7: This is my acronym for a liquid concentrate that is added only in drops-per-gallon to water. You can then germinate seeds, grow sprouts, root young plants, or fertilize growing plants with this liquid ‘structured’ fertilizer. No laboratory chemicals are involved with any of the products developed by Mr. E. Only substances from Nature are used which are encoded with special energies to increase their vibrations. Plants fertilized or rooted with AT7 show incredible growth activity far beyond the normal range of expectation. When you combine the use of AT7 along with structured water from the water device mentioned above, the results are simply off the chart. I first saw the amazing results in person at Mr. E’s greenhouses in Canada. I also have scores of photos taken that I will soon upload to my web site. The reality of this discovery sunk in much deeper when I used AT7 on my own potted patio plants after returning home from my trip. In only two weeks, I was amazed to see the explosion of growth activity that took place! I’m convinced that this additive will produce a revolution in agriculture. The seeds produced by plants nurtured with AT7 and fed with UF structured water produce far stronger and higher yielding plants that even the best of organic heritage seed stock. More info and greater details will be posted at this link within a few days:

3. Alkalizing Salt: You can spend two or three thousand dollars for a Japanese water ionizer and consume alkaline water to raise your blood’s pH to the ideal range of 7.1 –7.3 pH or you can spend a fair amount on Coral Calcium and similar MLM products to raise your alkalinity in a somewhat unbalanced manner (too much calcium by percentage), or you can take a pinch of Mr.E’s Alkalizing Salt daily at a much lower cost and get 80 major and trace minerals from land and sea sources as a percentile distribution found in Nature. You can add a small amount of this salt to distilled or reverse osmosis water in order to re-introduce minerals into the water (remineralize) and raise it’s pH at the same time. When sprinkled on food, it makes food taste delicious. You can bath with a teaspoon of this salt to absorb its minerals and experience an etheric body cleansing effect that will help raise your body’s vibrations. You can add a pinch of this salt to ANY beverage to raise its pH from acidic levels such as coffee, juice, tea, etc. How about $18 plus shipping for a ¼ pound bag-(enough to last a single adult for two months)? More info can be found here shortly:

Many more interesting products and new developments from Mr. E will be presented in future newsletters. To quote Nikola Tesla from his 1892 speech announcing the discovery of Radiant energy: “See the excitement coming!”

Nature’s Pharmacy
I’ve often written that any health problem has a preferable solution found in Nature and not from pharmaceutical companies. I’m presenting unconventional information here about natural solutions that seem to work, but it’s just that, information. I’m not recommending or advising that you should employ these ideas. That’s your decision. You are in charge of your body and your health, not your doctor and certainly not some government agency as some people foolishly believe. Make your own decisions and take responsibility for your life and your health and don’t assign it to others. Here’s info about 3 powerful germicidal tinctures that seem to work and you can make them yourself at home. The orange peel tincture is just one of Nature’s many ways to re-grow hair.

1. Tobacco Tincture: I’m acquainted with a talented healer I’ll call Cathy who constantly studies alternative healing therapies and applies the information learned. She found out about a year ago, that if she soaked pesticide-free, organic tobacco in alcohol (vodka, sake, white rum, etc) for a couple of days, that she will get a powerful germ killer that seems to knocks down most pathogens it encounters, especially the hidden“stealth viruses” that she found (through dowsing) in chemtrails. American Indian cigarettes, found at specialty smoke shops, is pesticide free. When faced with strange ‘flu-like’ symptoms that don’t respond to other therapeutic modalities, she frequently finds that Tobacco tincture will do the trick. A few drops in water is all that’s required. (By the way, those beautiful ‘red’ or ‘pink’ sunsets you see all the time now are mostly due to the desiccated red blood cells mixed in with the chemtrails along with the stealth viruses and other pathogenic radionic energy signatures designed to weaken your immunity and disconnect you from rising consciousness). I explain more in a separate article, but that’s the meat of the story. The article will be found here after it’s written and uploaded:

2. Myrrh Gum Tincture: You can go to the health food store and buy a bottle of Myrrh Gum (herb) in capsules. You can open 4 or 5 capsules and dump the contents into a small glass bottle (2 or 4 oz) and fill with Biccardi 151 Rum (this brand is about 75% pure alcohol). Allow it to sit for a least a few days and shake vigorously before use. Like the tobacco tincture, Myrrh seems to knock down a lot of different bugs and seems to help detox pesticides and other toxic substances. A few drops in a half glass of water is the way to I take it

3. Frankencence Gum Tincture (or Lolbilia): Same deal as Myrrh, germ fighter and detoxifying agent. Soak 4 or 5 capsules full worth of this herb in Biccardi 151 Rum (or ‘Clear” if you can find it) for at least a week before attempting to use. Frankencence is very tough to go into solution, therefore the rum needs more time to extract the herb. I’ll provide more details on how to use these tinctures in the next part of this newsletter.

4. Orange Peel Tincture: I know of at least 5 common plants that will cause hair to grow. I’m sure there are many more. If you want to verify scientifically that this orange peel tincture works, find a place (cosmetic boutique) that has a skin camera and you can see the hair follicles up close. Take a photo or a video of how many hairs are growing in a selected region of a balding area. Pick an area that still has some hair growth activity and is not totally bald. After one month of daily application of the orange peel tincture, look at the same balding area with the camera. You will see a significant amount of new hair growth. I’ve seen amazng results from people who tried this in Japan. Here's how you make it: Get a wide mouth one gallon jar, Peel enough oranges to fill the jar at least half full with orange peels (you can eat the oranges). Cover the orange peels with sake or vodka and allow to sit for at least 3 weeks. You then pour off the liquid into another bottle and discard the peels. Get a pump spayer type bottle and spray your balding area at least once a day after showering and preferably 4 or 5 times throughout the day. The liquid will make your hair somewhat stiff (yes, it's not a perfect world). The hair will only grow as long as you apply the spray. When you stop spraying, the growth activity stops. You can increase your chances of success by rinsing your head with a citrate spray when finishing your shower. Hulda Clark mentions this in her book. It helps keep the hair mantle acid, which encourages hair growth.

Part 2 of this Newsletter to follow …

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