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Mass Quarantines Likely If
America Faced Bioterrorism Attack

" The government would also have the legal power to force people to be immunized, although as a practical matter it is probably impossible, O'Brien said. "What are you going to do, go into somebody's home and tie them up?"

[Editor's Note: Does anyone reading this still think that they are living in a constitutionally protected Republic? This article is a good example of the disinformation/propaganda that is setting up the public for the "terrorist biological attack" that will surely come and the "emergency measures" that our Illuminated government servants will be "forced to impose" in order to protect us. The Tavistock  technique of public brain washing employed here is always the same: gradual, but unrelenting acclaimation and habituation to the idea of accepting the loss of personal liberty and constitutional rights from the government in exchange for their "protecting" society at large, which is, of course,  pure rot. The real plan is to destroy America and most Americans.  I would be very leary of buying into this orchestrated stampede to get vaccinated when the "terrorist" attacks kick in. You will likely have much more to worry about from the vaccine that will be given than from the supposed terrorist's threat. Note the  following: 1. There is no reporter taking credit for this "article" 2. Who is supplying the information?  A 'former top lawyer for the CIA'. and 3. the curent crop of Tavistock approved buzzwords: "rogue", "hoarding" and the ever present "Iraqi threat". ],2933,31376,00.html

               CHICAGO -(AP)  In an America that guards its civil liberties, police can't just
               shut down cities, make mass arrests and quarantine thousands of people.
               Or can they?
               Current and former federal officials said Friday that if there is a terrorist
               attack with biological weapons, private rights would quickly be swamped
               by the need to protect the public. State borders could close, vaccines
               could be rationed or commandeered, the Army could even take over
               cities within weeks of a deadly attack, an American Bar Association panel
               "To an extent, people are going to do what needs to be done and worry
               about the legal niceties later," said Suzanne Spaulding, a former top
               lawyer for the CIA and the Senate Intelligence Committee.
               The ABA panel, part of the annual meeting of the 400,000-lawyer
               organization, played out an imaginary terrorist campaign to infect
               Americans with the plague - from the first tips by an FBI informant in
               New Mexico to closure of the Minnesota borders and riots in Cincinnati.
               Along the way came word that a rogue Russian scientist and the Iraqi
               military were involved. Eventually, the FBI, CIA, National Centers for
               Disease Control, the White House, Pentagon and governors of several
               states were also involved - each with broader power than many people
               probably know they have, participants said.
               Under the hypothetical scenario, law enforcement could do little when a
               would-be terrorist shows up at a Santa Fe emergency room with a case of
               the plague. The investigation intensified, and the FBI got much broader
               authority, when several people died of the plague after attending a
               concert in Minneapolis.
               Political pressure intensified, with a demand from 20 senators of the
               opposite political party from the president that the White House declare a
               national state of emergency. Then came word that the terrorists planned
               another attack during a street festival in Cincinnati.
               Under this scenario, the FBI could go to a special court for permission to
               investigate foreigners, but could not begin stopping everyone in
               downtown Cincinnati who resembles a tipster's description of a suspected
               terrorist, said Eugene Bowman, deputy general counsel for the FBI.
               Nor could the FBI order the downtown area cordoned off and every
               building searched, Bowman said. Agents would need warrants based on
               better specifics than those offered in the hypothetical terrorist attack.
               But local police could do what the FBI cannot, so long as it was based on
               the need to protect public health, said Terry O'Brien, legal consultant to a
               national notification network tracking infections diseases.
               "The idea is to prevent the epidemic," not to catch and punish a
               wrongdoer, O'Brien said.
               The president could declare martial law and federalize state National
               Guards, said Michael Wermuth, head of a group advising the government
               on how well it is preparing for nuclear, chemical or biological terrorism.
               The attorney general and the defense secretary could also invoke a
               federal law that lets them call in soldiers to keep order if police or other
               law enforcement cannot, Wermuth said.
               "The military can be engaged directly in arrests, search and seizure and
               intelligence collection for law enforcement purposes," Wermuth said.
               "There's very raw authority to use the military to do any number of
               things that (look) like law enforcement, or to assist public health
               authorities by (enforcing) quarantines."
               The government would also have the legal power to force people to be
               immunized, although as a practical matter it is probably impossible,
               O'Brien said. "What are you going to do, go into somebody's home and
               tie them up?"
               On the other hand, the government could take control of vaccine
               supplies, even if it meant overriding state governors bent on hoarding
               their in-state stockpiles, the panelists said.
               The hypothetical exercise ended short of the president declaring
               nationwide martial law, and without the arrest or trial of the terrorists.

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