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 "But if the discretion of the people has not been informed, how can their will be determinative?"  -Thomas  Jefferson
Towards a New World Order
[Editor's note: The extraordinary essay you are about to read is posted at Rick Malinowski's web site under the heading of Mission Statement. Few people, in my experience, ever bother to read a web site's mission statement. All the more a pity, for a bright jewel of craftsmanship lays hidden in a dusty corner of this little known site. Rick's powerful writing ability and investigative skills first came to my attention via the chemtrails story. And now here, in a web site mission statement, he spells out the agenda, the players, and the methodology of the New World Order gang with an adroitness, succinctness, and clarity that few could match. They say that men of substance rise in Times of need. The revolutionary forefathers of this once Great Land had the words of Thomas Paine to fortify and unify their resolve to free themselves from tyranny. We, thankfully, have the likes of  Rick Malinowski to call our own.]

                                                                                                                 By Rick Malinowski

Around the middle of the twentieth century, our country's leaders began aggressively experimenting with a new political tool--the wholesale, arrogant, and unrestrained use of the lie. In unison, they worked hard and tirelessly to establish the lie as an acceptable alternative-reality; slowly elevating it to parity with the truth. During the years that followed, they practiced using their bizarre new tool at every conceivable opportunity. When questioned by those of us who thought that we were gaining an awareness of their agenda, they would either resort to some well orchestrated diversionary tactic   aimed at derailing our questioning, or attempt to justify their new paradigm as a means of expediently conducting the so-called business of the American people--an answer which we naively, although   reluctantly, were willing to accept--while in truth, they were actually using their amoral sophistry to slowly, yet effectively, replace the reality of our perceptions, with a surreal perception of our realities. Only when this transformation in our minds was finally complete, and they were convinced that of our ranks had succumbed to the power and persistence of their many lies, did they feel it was safe to begin evolving the next phase of their appalling and shocking agenda--an agenda too horrible and repulsive to ever reveal to the American people.

As time passed, and we grew more accepting of their obvious lack of character and integrity, and became increasingly more complacent with their unending rhetoric, these same unprincipled men and women began testing the effectiveness of their cleverly designed political agenda for our lives. The sole purpose for these social experiments, was to test the potential submissiveness of the American people and their propensity to readily accept an imposed overlord culture--to in effect, measure our  willingness-to-surrender, against our resolve-to-resist. The same methods and tactics used to   deliberately, and successfully, disseminate disinformation against our foreign enemies, in order to  alienate, confuse, and demoralize their people, were purposefully employed with utter disdain and    contempt against the people of our own country. The ultimate purpose and intent behind these deceitful maneuvers, was and still is, total domination and uncontested control--of everything.

This unbridled and unbounded passion for power and domination has not diminished over the      intervening years; rather, it has continued to expand in both abject coldness and unconscionable,      inhuman detachment. Now, as the millennium is about to dawn, these dangerous super-elitists,  encouraged by the apparent past successes of their social research, have vehemently renewed their unchallenged assault, focusing now on the most basic and fundamental of our  personal freedoms. With  heightened ferociousness, they have now begun their final assault  upon us--the adjudicated,    non-elite citizens of the United States of America--seeking to strip us of the few remaining liberties to which we still hold fast.

This new breed of totalitarians--the super-elitists--emerging from among the ranks of the world's     back-stage politicians; military, industrial, and economic power brokers, new age zealots, and environmental mystics; have finally revealed their intentions, and exposed their absolute          determination to relegate all those persons, considered by them to be of a lesser intellect, reason, inner strength, and innate value, to a subservient existence--as virtual citizens, in a virtual democratic republic, with virtual liberty and virtual justice for all--all but themselves, of course.

Now, nearly fifty years after this deception began in earnest, we find ourselves in a life-and-death struggle against a cleverly concealed enemy who has learned through trial and error how to manipulate and control everything we think, see, hear, feel, do, and believe; and to carry out this diabolical stratagem with perfect stealth and assured impunity. In fact, we have been so thoroughly infected by this insidious virus that some of us have even come to love the indefensible slaughter of our personal identities, liberties, and sense of purpose and responsibility. Even now, many of us are willing to yield our blood-bought inherited freedoms to these malignant benefactors, because doing so promises to excuse us from having to think and act independently, with individual accountability and a measure of personal risk. Some of us actually believe that we can safely relegate the weightier side of  responsible living to these beneficent caretakers--adopted custodians of our fate--and yet     not be morally impoverished by this reckless decision. We have been led by these malefactors, over time, to thoroughly discount the true price and value of our freedoms, and to greatly underestimate the profound cost of ultimately recovering what we have been conditioned to frivolously surrender.

The first real broad based test that would ultimately determine whether or not this super elite group of power-junkies would be able to, in fact, vanquish the United States its Constitutional premise, and negate the Bill of Rights, was the ubiquitous passage of the seemingly innocuous Seattle law. Here, for the first time in American history, a law was passed that directly invaded the personal privacy of every man,  woman, and child in the United States. In reality, the use or non-use of settles affects no other person except the person using these devices--they are a strictly personal device. Their use  or non-use does not impinge on the freedoms or rights of any other living being. They do not prevent accidents. They do not protect property. They do not do anything whatsoever except help to       preserve the life of the wearer in the event of certain types of automobile accidents. In reality, this law did nothing but afford these power mongers an opportunity to test their social hypothesis by treading on the heretofore forbidden ground of personal freedoms. No thinking person can deny any of these relevant facts.

Now, we are not proposing that seat belts should not be used, nor are we suggesting that they do      not save lives. We are only pointing out that imposing a purely personal behavior on a free people    is wrong, regardless of the apparent benefits it may enfold, and can not be tolerated in a free society that is intent on remaining truly free for any appreciable length of time. Such a move by our renegade government is clearly in violation of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, on which we singularly rely in order to live and to thrive as an honorable and free people.

The real, hidden purpose behind the innocuous Seattle legislation however, was not the safety of the American public; rather, it was to determine, beyond any reasonable doubt, whether or not the culture of the American people had degenerated to the point where we would apathetically and passively stand-by and allow an unnamed shadow group of super-elitists to mount a first-strike attack against our most precious possession--our blood-bought personal freedoms. Through this      test, they sought to measure the degree of substantive opposition that they would likely encounter to  this agenda, as well as all other planned threats to our liberties. Imagine their surprise when they       discovered that the opposition which they feared, was in fact, fundamentally non-existent! Clearly, by our overwhelming indifference and surrender, we more than fulfilled their most optimistic hopes and aspirations, and in so doing, gave them open permission to extend their evil agenda to even higher levels of cultural penetration.

Their most recent excursion into our lives, has been their relentless attack on our Constitutional right to bear arms for the purpose of defending our lives, property, possessions, and loved ones from unlawful attack. They now seek to forcibly ban all firearms and effectively disarm the law abiding population of the United States.

So that there can be no mistake about this; let us state clearly and unequivocally, right here and now, that we are all in favor of gun control--but only so long as this removes all firearms from the hands of those persons who would use them for any purpose not intended by our Constitution. The current    super elitist attack on this last and only remaining safeguard of our freedoms, does not however meet this criteria--its effect, if successful, would only disarm, and render impotent, the law-abiding citizens of our country, while insuring that these weapons become solely the prerogative of criminals, the military, and a totalitarian, political police force. To any thinking person, there can be no other possible outcome for such a deceitful premise than what we have stated. If the super-elitists are as successful in this final assault, as they were with their test case seat belt legislation, then America, as we know it, will be forever and irrevocably changed--within mere months--our once great country   will become a wasteland of freedom and a bastion of oppression and despair that will rival any downtrodden nation in recorded history.

but neither seat belts nor gun control are the real focus of  this discussion....

The expressed purpose and motivation behind creating this web site is, and will always remain, our unwavering concern for the need to both protect and preserve our personal rights and freedoms as free Americans--those same rights endowed upon us, not by some overlord government entity, but   by our God and Creator. We unequivocally contend that we can not, and will not, permit these rights to be apportioned to us as favors by a rogue government of super elitist, wherever and whenever the urgency of advancing their hidden agenda finds the expediency of such a temporary bequest beneficial to their cause--because all such capriciously bestowed liberties are inherently transient, and are just as easily suspended and taken away as they are so selectively and "meritoriously"     dispensed.

We are also fully convinced of the fact that abounding political lies and unfettered invasions of any person's basic freedoms, by any government or entity, are inherently detrimental to the health, well-being, safety, and security of that person--and in fact, any free people, in any country, and at any point in time. Like a virus, every lie, no matter how small or innocuous it may appear in form or demeanor, reduces the ability and inherent power of those who receive it, to cope with the intrinsic problems of living in a real world with its many real pressures and conflicts. As a free people, we are weakened, and therefore threatened, by every lie that we accept and allow to take root in us as a functioning component of our working world view and operational mental attitude.

Nothing is more insidious than the perpetration of spun fantasies and unbridled lies on the citizenry of a trusting nation by its leaders--the deliberate intentional infection of the functional, rational, and healthy thinking of a free people. In essence, all attacks of this sort, if successful, condemn any society to impotence, and destroy the ability of its people to make sound, knowledgeable, and       purposeful judgments. Such an abused population eventually becomes no longer capable of          self-government nor the restrained exercise of their God-given freedoms; but is rendered personally insecure, other-dependent, reactionary, and utterly subservient to an uninvited and undesired social benefactor, lord, and master.

Forced subservience breeds intolerable control, and intolerable control breeds a contemptuous, freedom starved people, who are ultimately forced by such circumstances to resort to extreme and violent measures in order to regain their lost and stolen liberties--to regain their very life. This is an inescapable fact that history has repeatedly affirmed. The super-elitists however, have unwittingly, in their supreme arrogance, elected to ignore this basic tenet of life on this planet--a truth that no person or government can ever safely afford to ignore.

These super-elitists have unilaterally decided that they will ultimately control every aspect and purpose of our personal lives, from cradle to grave--for their solitary benefit. In their supreme      arrogance, they have thoroughly deluded themselves into believing that they alone possess the         wisdom to know what is best for our well-being and should therefore be permitted to determine the parameters and scope under which we will live our lives. They have continued to perpetuate their dark agenda through carefully crafted lies nestled within an altruistic framework of offering to satisfy  what they perceive to be our beckoning and desperate cries for relief from our personal responsibilities and inevitable accountability. They imagine that we long to be liberated from these burdens in order to pursue our more salient goals of hedonistic pleasures and inane self-absorption, free from the accompanying weight of personal or corporate guilt. In short, we are being subliminally conditioned by the seduction of their lies to not only accept their suffocating intrusions into our lives, but to beg for them. In actuality, these super-elitists are telling us that we really don't have sufficient   time or adequate knowledge to deal with the mundane distractions associated with self directed, purposeful, meaningful, and responsible living, and are offering to gladly mitigate these unwanted millstones--to which some of us, all too willingly, have already given our non-refundable permission.

The primary mission of this web site is to awaken the sedated, freedom craving person of us; to rekindle our desperate needs as sentient beings to live, to work, and to be--truly free. We earnestly seek to remove the shackles and chains with which we are being so masterfully subdued and brutally placated. We inexorably seek to expose the ubiquitous lies of these super-elitists; lies that have begun to permeate our very souls, and to bring all of these persons, agencies, forces, and alliances,   along with their infectious agendas, to America's bar of responsible accountability. Finally, we remedially seek to restore the spirit of truth within each and every one of our lives, and to reinstate and elevate our God-given, inalienable, rights to peace, liberty, equality under the law, and the self directed pursuit of happiness--for ourselves and for our children.

Our essential, reverberating demands must be established quite clearly, and in no uncertain  terms--that the insidious spin therapy must be ended, that telling the truth must be made absolutely compulsory and without exception, and that we must receive total, unequivocal satisfaction, by our government, of both of these noble and inflexible demands. For we are in fact, no less intelligent,       responsible, resourceful, resilient, or capable of dealing with real life and its many problems, difficulties, hardships, and dilemmas, than are the super elitists who seek to dominate and subdue us--to do for us all of those things which they are fully, and mistakenly, convinced that we are utterly incapable of doing for ourselves. We must now, here, and or all time, put these wearisome     oppressors on final, inexorable notice. We must indoctrinate them to the fact that we are as capable, and as adept, at dealing with any and all of life's problems and circumstances as are they, and that we do not need, nor desire, to be protected or shielded from any reality of life on this planet--from any truth--either for what they perceive to be for our own good or for any other contrived reason,    whatsoever. We must demand a final end to this oppression and domination before we have no choice left but to inescapably yield to it!

Therefore, we are asking that each and every freedom loving person join us in this quest to regain our corporate humanity and personal self-respect in a world and country only too ardent to        thoroughly destroy it. We are asking that each person thoughtfully resolve in their own hearts and minds to take back our Great Republic, so that we may have something more to bestow on our future generations than the legacy of a perverted and decadent government bureaucracy, and a dysfunctional, depraved, and forever dishonored presidency. We owe at least this much to ourselves, we owe at least this much to our predecessors, and we owe at least this much to the yet unborn children of our once blessed land--to redeem our priceless heritage.

When that point of no return is finally reached, there will no longer be a last-chance opportunity to thoughtfully consider our predicament, nor sufficient time to develop a rectifying strategy. If we do not act now--then that point in time will surely come, and we will we have been masterfully led so      far down the road to perpetual servitude, that we are now forced to forever abandon all possible     hope of ever escaping our apathy-induced destiny. We will, at an unknown moment, at some critical, hidden juncture in time, imperceptibly pass from precious freedom into hobbling slavery--a fateful transition from which neither we, nor our children, will in all likelihood, ever be able to return. Now is the appointed time for us to resolve to begin acting responsibly, while accepting both personal and corporate risk, and purpose to once again--redeem America!


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