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By Richard Petty Deegan <>
March 21, 2000

Lima, Peru.
Peruvian vice-presidential candidate and former minister Francisco Tudela spoke out yesterday against the New World Order inclinations of international organizations and their attempts to impose their will on sovereign countries.  Speaking on the Sunday morning news program Counterpoint, broadcast in Peru on Frequencia Latina decried these efforts as nothing more than “neo-colonialism”.

Tudela stated that the electoral commissions sent to Peru are “obedient to a political agenda that is placing a series of pressures upon Latin America seeking to control the minds and public opinion of the people in an attempt to seek political docility, so that we will do whatever they want.”

He stated specifically that his complaint was not against the OAS, because Peru is part of the OAS and has freely invited observers from this group to assist in the review of the electoral process. Rather, he took umbrage with “those observers invited to our house who represent no government, and who have been selected by nobody.  These are institutions installed in cities such as Washington and Berlin, and they want us to do what they want-they want to organize our political systems to what they feel is better.”

He questioned the form in which “these observers give pronouncements that could be interpreted as policy pronouncements, by which only one side is accused of irregularities (which supposedly being subtle cannot be proven), while the polarization and irregularities of non-governmental participants is overlooked.”

Tudela was immediately attacked by the local representative of the National Democratic Institute (The Carter Center), Luis Nunez. Nunez stated that the “ideological neo-colonialism” cited by Tudela reflects language no longer in fashion, because the world is no longer defined in ideological terms.  He said that Tudela’s opinion should be respected because “We are in a sovereign nation, and after all, it’s but his opinion.  As a Venezuelan, I feel like an absolute Latin American and a democrat”. Nunez then went to plead with the Archbishop of Lima, Juan Luis Cipriani, to soften his statement that the Carter Center observers demonstrated ignorance, and only wanted to impose their own preconceived plans.

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