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Dowse: Sept. 12, 2006 'Engineered Event' at Long Beach, California?

[Editor's Note: I got a phone call from a friend in Los Angeles. He heard of a possible staged 'event' that might occur in the Long Beach area (big port facility) of California on September 12, 2006. I asked Phil to run a dowse on it and see what comes up. It's better to announce the possibility of an engineered 'terrorist' event before the fact and thus guarnatee its cancelation if such an event had in fact been planned

Update Sep. 11, 2006. the person who gave me the original tip told me that a trance medium was contacted and given only the date of Sep. 12, 2006 and the U.S. as a location. The medium came up with three clues: 1. Navy, 2. event at sea (possible missle), and 3. Long Beach, California.

September 5, 2006

5 September 2006   What is important about Tuesday 12 September 2006?

A tip was given to a person to not show up for work the following week at his job location in Long Beach, California by a friend who formerly worked with special forces. The tip was given Tuesday 5 September 2006; which follows the Labor Day holiday.

Base-line normal

1. Is there something important about 9 Sept through 13 Sept 2006 time period in Long Beach, California? Yes
2. Is this something important to occur 12 Sept 2006? No read
3. Is this something important time flexible? Yes
4. Time flexible within the time frame stated? Yes
5. Tides are involved in the timing of the event? NO
7. Involves a time element relating to atomic detonation? NO
8. Time involves entering restricted areas? Yes
9. The event involves secret military operations? YES
10. The event involves a ship? YES
11. There is a special cargo onboard the ship that is the target? Yes
12. Not more than 6 people are officially "in the know"? Yes
13. The ship loaded cargo in China? Yes
14. The ship is due into the Chinese docking facilities at Long Beach? Yes
15. The target cargo was manufactured in China? NO
16. The target cargo was manufactured in Russia? Yes
17. The cargo is a key element to a larger plan? Yes
18. This larger plan involves Russian troops in USA? Yes
19. Without this key cargo, the plan cannot be implemented? YES

20. This counter operation is figuratively black hats vs. white hats? No
21. This counter operation is within the black hat organization? Yes
22. The original operation was not for the good of Americans? Yes
23. If counter operation is successful, secondary plans will be utilized? Yes
24. Secondary plans are in preliminary drafting stage? Yes
25. Both plans involve the total USA? Yes
26. Currently select leadership (USA) knows about these plans? Yes
27. And current select leadership approves of these plans? Yes
28. These plans are all part of the destruct phase of America? Yes
29. These plans are in the planning/execution phase of lower level world planners? Yes
30. Who have a "cart blanche" in details as long as overall plans are followed? Yes

31. The tip was given because counter operation damage debris could affect the contract-work area of tipee? Yes
32. Is spiritual/etheric help needed in this counter operation? No read
33. Is spiritual/etheric help needed to counter the overall destructive plans? Yes
34. In other words, we collectively can prevent America's destruction? YES
35. The planning for America's destruction is done at a central location? Yes
36. The main central planning is located in Denver, Colorado? Yes
37. In the underground airport facility? Yes

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

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