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SS Abraham Lincoln

By Philip N. Ledoux
February 1, 2005


I just ran across this information last night about relief efforts in Sumatra and the surrounding area. Suspicions confirmed would describe it about right; and I am certain you too would agree with that.

It centers on the USS Abraham Lincoln our largest air craft carrier which has been in the news off and on for decades. Therefore it is "Navy". Never served on the big ones, but I have tried to weave some of the Economic Maze into the analysis. Hope you like it. I think this can be published without repercussions to you and your family.

Philip N. Ledoux

From: BryanD
To: 1Starfly
Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2005 8:39 AM
Subject: Letter from USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Subject: USS Lincoln

No Relief in Sight for the Lincoln

By Ed Stanton

It has been three weeks since my ship, the USS Abraham Lincoln, arrived off the Sumatran coast to aid the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Dec. 26 tsunami that ravaged their coastline. I'd like to say that this has been a rewarding experience for us, but it has not: Instead, it has been a frustrating and needlessly dangerous exercise made even more difficult by the Indonesian government and a traveling circus of so-called aid workers who have invaded our spaces.

What really irritated me was a scene I witnessed in the Lincoln's wardroom a few days ago. I went in for breakfast as I usually do, expecting to see the usual crowd of ship's company officers in khakis and air wing aviators in flight suits, drinking coffee and exchanging rumors about when our ongoing humanitarian mission in Sumatra is going to end.

What I saw instead was a mob of civilians sitting around like they owned the place. They wore various colored vests with logos on the back including Save The Children, World Health Organization and the dreaded baby blue vest of the United Nations. Mixed in with this crowd were a bunch of reporters, cameramen and Indonesian military officers in uniform. They all carried cameras, sunglasses and fanny packs like tourists on their way to Disneyland.

My warship had been transformed into a floating hotel for a bunch of trifling do-gooders overnight.

As I went through the breakfast line, I overheard one of the U.N. strap-hangers, a longhaired guy with a beard, make a sarcastic comment to one of our food servers. He said something along the lines of "Nice China, really makes me feel special," in reference to the fact that we were eating off of paper plates that day. It was all I could do to keep from jerking him off his feet and choking him, because I knew that the reason we were eating off paper plates was to save dishwashing water so that we would have more water to send ashore and save lives. That plus the fact that he had no business being there in the first place.

My attitude towards these unwanted no-loads grew steadily worse that day as I learned more from one of our junior officers who was assigned to escort a group of them. It turns out that they had come to Indonesia to "assess the damage" from the Dec. 26 tsunami.

Well, they could have turned on any TV in the world and seen that the damage was total devastation. When they got to Sumatra with no plan, no logistics support and no five-star hotels to stay in, they threw themselves on the mercy of the U.S. Navy, which, unfortunately, took them in. I guess our senior brass was hoping for some good PR since this was about the time that the U.N. was calling the United States "stingy" with our relief donations.

As a result of having to host these people, our severely over-tasked SH-60 Seahawk helos, which were carrying tons of food and water every day to the most inaccessible places in and around Banda Aceh, are now used in great part to ferry these "relief workers" from place to place every day and bring them back to their guest bedrooms on the Lincoln at night. Despite their avowed dedication to helping the victims, these relief workers will not spend the night in-country, and have made us their guardians by default.

When our wardroom treasurer approached the leader of the relief group and asked him who was paying the mess bill for all the meals they ate, the fellow replied, "We aren't paying, you can try to bill the U.N. if you want to."

In addition to the relief workers, we routinely get tasked with hauling around reporters and various low-level "VIPs," which further wastes valuable helo lift that could be used to carry supplies. We had to dedicate two helos and a C-2 cargo plane for America-hater Dan Rather and his entourage of door holders and briefcase carriers from CBS News. Another camera crew was from MTV. I doubt if we'll get any good PR from them, since the cable channel is banned in Muslim countries. We also had to dedicate a helo and crew to fly around the vice mayor of Phoenix, Ariz., one day. Everyone wants in on the action.

As for the Indonesian officers, while their job is apparently to encourage our leaving as soon as possible, all they seem to do in the meantime is smoke cigarettes. They want our money and our help but they don't want their population to see that Americans are doing far more for them in two weeks than their own government has ever done or will ever do for them.

To add a kick in the face to the USA and the Lincoln, the Indonesian government announced it would not allow us to use their airspace for routine training and flight proficiency operations while we are saving the lives of their people, some of whom are wearing Osama bin Ladin T-shirts as they grab at our food and water. The ship has to steam out into international waters to launch and recover jets, which makes our helos have to fly longer distances and burn more fuel.

What is even worse than trying to help people who totally reject everything we stand for is that our combat readiness has suffered for it.

An aircraft carrier is an instrument of national policy and the big stick she carries is her air wing. An air wing has a set of very demanding skills and they are highly perishable. We train hard every day at sea to conduct actual air strikes, air defense, maritime surveillance, close air support and many other missions not to mention taking off and landing on a ship at sea.

Our safety regulations state that if a pilot does not get a night carrier landing every seven days, he has to be re-qualified to land on the ship. Today we have pilots who have now been over 25 days without a trap due to being unable to use Indonesian airspace to train. Normally it is when we are at sea that our readiness is at its very peak. Thanks to the Indonesian government, we have to waive our own safety rules just to get our pilots off the deck.

In other words, the longer we stay here helping these people, the more dangerous it gets for us to operate. We have already lost one helicopter, which crashed in Banda Aceh while taking sailors ashore to unload supplies from the C-130s. There were no relief workers on that one.

I'm all for helping the less fortunate, but it is time to give this mission to somebody other than the U.S. Navy. Our ship was supposed to be home on Feb. 3 and now we have no idea how long we will be here. American taxpayers are spending millions per day to keep this ship at sea and getting no training value out of it. As a result, we will come home in a lower state of readiness than when we left due to the lack of flying while supporting the tsunami relief effort.

I hope we get some good PR in the Muslim world out of it. After all, this is Americans saving the lives of Muslims. I have my doubts. Ed Stanton is the pen name of a career U.S. Navy officer currently serving with the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group.

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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 21:54:24 -0500
Subject: Re: Letter from USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN
From: Daniel Marvin <ddm52@j...>

Dear Ed Stanton,

First, I understand why you used a pen name inasmuch as you want to retire as an officer and you know that your signing your real name to the truth as you wrote it would send you home or to Leavenworth. The shame of it all is that you no doubt had at least a Navy Captain, perhaps even an Admiral, in charge of your ship. He should have and could have made certain the primary mission was accomplished and that your ship was not used as an entertainment and feeding center for those who you spoke of in your gutsy letter.

Thinking back to Vietnam and knowing that our leadership - from General William C. Westmoreland on up through General Harold K. Johnson and into the White House of Lyndon Baynes Johnson KNOWINGLY gave the enemy sanctuaries inside Cambodia and the free and protected use of the Mekong River as their main supply route to carry weapons, ammunition and other war goods to those enemy who would then turn those weapons on our people and our allies, killing and maiming soldiers and civilians, should make us want to take action to demand the truth be told the world about their aiding and abetting the enemy. General Westmoreland admits these facts in his book "A Soldier Reports" and I quote from his book in my book "Expendable Elite - One Soldier's Journey Into Covert Warfare" and yet not one major media personality has dared bring these FACTS out for the world to judge.

I believe in my heart that 80 to 90 percent of the casualties in Vietnam were a direct result of our government not permitting us to fight the war and win. Why is that? It should make people everywhere wonder what our leadership may be doing at the present time to aid and abet the enemy in Afghanistan or Iraq, knowing no one will have the guts to report it to the American people or the peoples of any free nation. We have the finest, bravest men and women in our armed forces, all of them volunteers, and none of them aware for a certainty that they are being given the opportunity to win the war they are sent to fight in. Vietnam should be an example for us to demand the that our armed forces be given the wherewithal and the latitude to WIN and that our media be permitted to give us the full story of what is being directed by our military and political leaders.

As an example - IF the Koran does in fact tell the Muslims to kill all Christians and Jews and IF the Koran is what they preach from in the Mosques that we permit to stand - WHY DO WE LET THEM STAND??? This is from one who has been there - in Korea and Vietnam and other places..

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Marvin, US Army Special Forces (Retired)


TO: Ed Stanton (and others)

From: Philip N. Ledoux

I never had the opportunity to serve on an aircraft carrier. I will try to fill you in on the behind scenes reality that makes a loyal American's blood boil justifiably.

Portugal ruled the seas from 1464 thru 1568, likewise Holland did from 1568 thru 1672 when a secretary to the Bishop of Genoa copied the secret Portuguese sailing maps and brought them to Holland; the change-over then occurred. From 1672 thru 1776 France ruled the seas, that is the basic reason why Canada has such a large French speaking population; but not only Canada, take a look at older world maps and you see rag-tag remnants of French colonialism around the world from this period. As a result of some high-level monkey-shines the spoils of a European war, Canada was taken from France and given to England, not the exact details of which, but were planned 300 years prior down in Italy. The result was that the French quickly lost mastery of the seas because they no longer had access to quality trees for their ship's masts. France had to build its masts from "pieces" held together with iron rings. In battle, when all sails were necessarily in the wind, the French masts would give way; suicide mission from then onward.

Then a tiny Island Empire ruled the seas from 1776 thru 1880, and do realize that the dates I set are not as clear cut as I set, there is an overlapping; the dates I set are the pre-planned change-over dates per a tiny hidden kingdom in Italy. America had all the resources to build the ships to rule the seas while England reigned supreme. Said planners kept America from growing fast enough to do so by endless wars the most memorable one being The American Civil War. By the time America was scheduled to be master of the seas in 1880, the day of steel ruled the seas. German warfare craftsmanship exceeded those of America, but it was kept in constraint by the hidden planners and gradually America dominated the seas. The time-table was for "Some one else" to take over ruling the seas in 1984. It was supposed to be Japan, but the planners had something else in mind, therefore Japan has only a token navy. That leaves America to rule the seas, but necessarily with an arm welded behind her back. This is why "Ed" is justifiably infuriated by what he is observing.

You see, the USS Abraham Lincoln always has an admiral on board, and as far as the crew under him understands, he is "god" of this welded castle of steel. Anything he says is written in stone and executed. But this "god" of the welded, floating city is only a peon in the real structure of power, in fact he is nothing more than a puppet! Let us assume that the Admiral in charge of the "Abe" was adamantly against the free-loaders, and expressed that verbally to his superiors, he would have been given "direct orders" to carry out what "Ed" complains about, and fume and fuss as the Admiral might, he has to carry out those orders. That is probably why he is so inaccessible to the wardroom crews; most likely he is privately expelling his frustrations out of sight.

The mastery of the seas has now shifted. The current "sea of control" is space above. We think of airplanes, and jets as the masters of the air. The technology is such that anti-gravity is an ancient technique, speed is so incredibly fast that it is not comprehensible by even educated engineers. That is why there was no need for a change-over in masters of the sea in 1984. The tiny hidden kingdom in Italy has in its archives the complete plans of an airplane that flew in the late 1400s or early 1500s. And prior to that it forced all kinds of genuine powered vehicles to be taken to sea and dumped. The late 20th century made it feasible to release the control of space from its archives.

This tiny kingdom in Italy cares not one iota about lives, suffering or starvation. The entourage who invaded the USS Abraham Lincoln are lower minions of this kingdom, but they too don't give a rats-ass about lives, nor suffering, nor in actually helping anyone. All Navies have a saying: "The ship runs as the captain runs." If he is sharp, the whole damned ship is sharp. If he is lazy, the whole blasted crew are lazy. Likewise, as the kingdom in Italy is without soul nor heart nor feelings, its lower level hangers-on are without soul nor heart nor feelings.

"Ed", I would just love to be there with you and throttle, choke and royally kick ass to that pseudo rabble of half-humans. Sorry, but it ain't ever going to happen because that unseen kingdom in Italy has so much stuff on the front burner, middle burner and back burner that a frontal assault would be wiped out in seconds as soon as it were discovered.

Philip N. Ledoux

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