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Help needed for April Fools Day “capers”

By Philip N Ledoux <>
March 16, 2008

Re: Engineered Banking Crisis on April 1, 2008? The April Fools Day Dowse (March 4, 2008)

I will try to keep this very simple using the mind-set I had when I first encountered all this ‘creating our future,’ ‘countering the bad guys,’ ‘working in the etheric.’ Kindly allow me to start this with an abbreviated joke that is appropriate to our collective efforts.

One young boy (of a team of young brothers) who were perpetually creating trouble, is being questioned by a new pastor who is huge in stature and has a booming voice: “Do you know where God is, son?” With no response, his voice gets louder and sterner: “Do you know where God is?” After a third question with finger waving in the boy’s face, the boy runs home and hides in a closet. The other brother finds him and asked what happened? “GOD is missing and they think we did it.”

Those who have figured out this game of life, and didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water, know that GOD is not missing regardless of what we have come to call him as. The link I’d like to make to this humorous short story is that TPTB, the Illuminati, the Dark Side are like those boys; they just enjoy getting other people into trouble and stand back and laugh at these sideshows they have created, especially when someone has been “duped,” fooled into thinking black is white or accusing innocents of wrong-doing. But when the “heat is on” they are nothing but “bad boys” at heart and are afraid of the consequences of being “found out.”

April Fools Day is one of the Dark Side’s special days for exercises, sacrifices and just plain drunken revelry. From logic, dowsings and insider-tips many of us are aware that the “bad boys” (TPTB) are up to a “false flag” operation in two week’s time, and it is highly probable that it will be a dirty bomb or something along that line targeting one of three cities that many have labeled “highly probable” targets. The targets that I am aware of and their order of importance are: Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois and Portland, Oregon [and Ken Adachi adds: Florida City, Florida (Homestead Air Force base) and the Turkey Point Nuclear power plant-courtesy of Don Nicoloff, researcher, writer, talk show host, & psychic snooper].

I believe it was the “Psychic Warriors” who invented or improved a basic approach to countering, modifying or mitigating hurricanes some years back. Then articles appeared seasonally in Educate Yourself asking “everyone” to join in on the effort to mitigate hurricanes, with abbreviated instructions for beginners to join the effort. This April Fools Day exercise is an adaptation of these previous efforts as applied to countering the negative plans of TPTB. Last October Portland’s emergency exercise was supposed to have “gone live” and as such it was a fizzle. Educate Yourself had posted “Help Wanted” on that counter operation. Someone informed me that “off planet help” defused the planted live devices. That does not mean that our efforts failed. “Off planet,” on planet, unseen help cannot do a thing to help us UNTIL we FIRST try to do something and re-try and re-try to do something to help ourselves. Not until we take the time, effort and mental sweat to help ourselves, will any unseen forces (call them anything you please) can give us “a hand.”

For Beginners:

If you would like to join “us” in countering this April Fools Day exercise, and are puzzled as to what to do, here are a few guidelines.

Close your eyes and try to mentally picture (as best you can) a target city. It is just like remembering a birthday party back-when with your eyes closed. Physically you are anchored in the here and now, but mentally you travel to another place and time. That is easy and not fraught with danger. But when we tangle with TPTB, dark forces or possibly satanic forces, we can easily get into problems and not realize it! So, step #1 is to ask “light beings,” angels or even The Creator Himself to create a circle of protection around yourself; and when “the exercise” is completed, do remember to apply simple courtesy and thank these unseen beings for that protection and release them from the requested “chore.” When we work in the etheric (this is my descriptive term, there are many others equally valid) anything, everything and the impossible are possible. You need a screwdriver? Reach over and take it out of that toolbox. Yes, all you have to do is think about it and you have either created it or someone will create it for you in the etheric; first step is to think you need “something” and bingo, but you’ll have to reach for it.

With hurricanes we used any kind of picture or map location of the storm, even a 3rd grade sketch worked. We placed our finger on the storm location on the map, closed our eyes and “did our thing.” Using a map of USA or even a childish hand drawn map with the city locations and their names, place your finger on a target city, close your eyes, picture yourself “zip, I’m there” and search around a bit. You will immediately focus on something, and go to it, that is the desired target. It might be a bit hazy or lack detail; don’t worry, you are at the target object. Obviously you and I are not bomb defusing experts! Remember that in the Etheric the impossible is everyday normal. Why not call in a defusing expert? In the here and now you might question the kind of help you got; but remember, you are in the etheric, your eyes are closed, your mind is in control. After explaining the expected false flag operation, ask your expert what s/he needs, and give it to them.

When I first ran across such things I thought it was first class, high grade, knee-deep B-S. Then one day I was information dowsing on a very sensitive subject; accidentally I was getting contrary answers. The questions asked were lengthy. I got the inspiration to check my base line (what is my Yes, etc.) during the question formation. It changed 3 times during the asking of one question!! I stopped the dowse and did lots of thinking and asking others what happened, what do I do? Said simply: the dark side didn’t want me to snoop on them via information dowsing, and their hidden hand (or finger) was changing the swing of my pendulum; the finger was unseen but the effects very real in the here and now. I’ll admit to being a slow learner, but I quickly started to believe in and understand the unseen. So, I can empathize with the skeptics.

The Specifics

In school we learned that 1 + 1 = 2. That works when counting, but look at a marriage: 1 + 1 = 3 or 5 or whatever! A team of horses will pull more as a team than they can individually. Therefore to keep it simple, there is also the rule that 1 + 1 = 3. Whenever we join forces in the here and now, or in the etheric; 1 + 1 + 1 = 9. This is why we try to coordinate our efforts.

This board contacts readers from all over the world. How do you coordinate world-wide? If we set a “Zulu time” or “Universal time” or “Grenwich Mean time” somebody somewhere is going to have to get up in the middle of the night, others will be in the middle of physical daily work, and so on. To simplify, because there is enough readership, we merely ask readers to coordinate “on the hour” whenever they are free to do so. Please do not steal time from your employer! Ask for etheric protection, take whatever type of map you have handy, place your finger on one of the target cities (rotate systematically), and proceed with your specific “brand” of defusing a device or moving it “out of town” or whatever ideas you can come up with. Then, thank your protectors and release them. It need not take more than a minute, longer if you have the time available. Do this starting today and everyday through April Fools Day.

In the past I’ve had a lots of egg on my face because events didn’t become reality. I am certain that TPTB have a false flag operation set up for April Fools Day (in all 3 cities, but only one to become real) which is to trigger a bank-run which will bring in martial law. If our combined efforts foil that plan, I’ll gladly wipe all kinds of egg off myself, and thank the Almighty in the process.

Philip N. Ledoux

Reader Comment

Subject: Banking Crisis American Attack
From: Dawn
Date: Wed, March 12, 2008
To: Editor


I just read the dowse on the coming attacks. I had the thought, that along with the concentrating on preventing these occurrences. Wouldn't it also be beneficial to concentrate our energies on picturing TPTB getting uncovered. Their evil intents and the evil people behind them brought out into public. If we were all to picture and focus our energies on bringing it all to light. Could we not possibly create the extermination of those with ill intent?

Dawn G /Ohio


Subject: April Fools Day Dowse
From: Ann
Date: Thu, March 13, 2008
To:   Editor

Hi Ken

Any updates from your dowser friends on this project? Wondering when are the exact times we can all work the maps to support the avoidance of
another 9-11-like event? It's a great idea to focus our intent. Let me know if I can help.

Love your website--
Ann M


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