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Engineered Banking Crisis on April 1, 2008?
The April Fools Day Dowse

[Editor's Note: Don Nicoloff mentioned to me three days ago that he's getting a psychic impression that a false flag operation will be attempted in March or April 2008. Don finds that the traitors often use a city name that matches the state the city is found in. For example, in Texas City, Texas a false flag operation was aborted a couple of years ago. This time, the target city may be Florida City, Florida.. I'll post more after I talk with Don Nicoloff..Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux and Tim W. Hicks
March 2, 2008

Engineered Banking Crisis on April 1, 2008? The April Fools Day Dowse (March 4, 2008)

April Fools Day 2008 Dowse Part 1

This is an introduction to an amazing dowse by Tim W. Hicks (see Part 2). Usually on significant dowses made public, I ask others to check my information. Normally Tim checks my dowse point by point and occasionally adds a bit himself. Tim will indicate that he agrees or does not agree in [brackets] following my Yes or No answers. This time Tim really opened up and gives us all a unique insight into the unseen, this is published below as Part 2.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone was also asked to verify my dowse. His return email checked exactly as did my dowse. ZSL did make an additional comment: There might be a ritual murder of Prince Harry similar to the occult rite practised on his mother. Harry is not Prince Charles son.

The original dowse by PNL:

A psychic friend was told (psychically) to remove her money from the bank within 30 days? Yes [agree] This would be approximately 1 April 2008

Are TPTB planning on declaring martial law the first of April? YES [not agree] [see follow up dowse]

Martial Law will close the banks? Yes [not agree][but, if bank runs can be made to be violent, then there is justification for martial law, possibility of staging violence]

Will an equivalent of 911 occur on April First 2008? Yes [agree] [see follow up dowse]

Will it be an atomic event? Yes [agree] [see follow up dowse]

In one of the key potential cities? Yes [agree] [see follow up dowse] (Dallas, Chicago, Portland)

This has been pre-planned 2 years in advance? Yes [not agree] [much longer]

All 3 are "pre-wired"? Yes [agree] [see follow up dowse below]

Not until "the day" will a specific target be chosen? Yes [agree]

Is it possible that all three will "fire"? No [agree]

Can this event be prevented? Yes [agree]

Neophytes and experienced working together can prevent this event? Yes [agree]

Working together as we did in hurricane mitigation? Yes [agree]

Working together "on the hour" is the best coordination method? Yes [agree]

(What is the best mental-picture to concentrate upon?)
Is concentrating on disabling the atomic-trigger the best mental-picture to utilize? YES [agree] [the more detailed a visualisation is equal to more desire and passion is equal to more effective creation]

It will require 2 weeks of coordination before the event? Yes [agree]

We must start coordinating by 17 March 2008? YES [agree]

Individuals should target one city each session? Yes [agree]

And each session cycle through the potential targets? YES [agree]

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux


In the past, as individuals, we have concentrated on hurricane mitigation by using a current weather map, or any map (including hand drawn), placing a finger on the "target" and concentrating on reducing the wind velocity and thinking of storm rotation contrary to actual direction. People without experience can actually be as effective as "old hands" as incredible as it might seem. In this type of "unseen work" 1 + 1 = 3; 1 + 1 + 1 = 9; etc. This is why we try to work together at the same time; and "on the hour" (or half hour) is the simplest method of coordination for widely distributed participants. Use a simple map; place your finger on the potential target city, while thinking of disabling an atomic device (bomb). Disabling means anything you imagine as needed to be done, and in detail if possible, or as an assistant helping an expert.

April Fools Day 2008 Dowse Part 2

Tim W. Hicks continuation from Part 1

Is the accuracy of the dowse 85%? yes

Is there an active plan to false flag attack an American city? yes

More than one city? yes

More than 5? yes

Is this plan in an active "go" status? no

Is there some ingredient(s) in the "go" status formulation that is/are not satisfied at this time? yes

If this formulation became satisfied is there approval to execute without re approval? yes

Is this formulation contingent on timing with other planned activities to create fear and mayhem? yes

Do these other planned activities include a banking system collapse? yes

Also man made earthquake activity/damage within the U.S.? yes

Also removal of the present president and installation of a new president? yes

Do all of these planned activities need to occur in the same time frame to satisfy "go" status? yes

Will occurrence of a portion of these planned activities satisfy "go" status? yes

Are these the main ingredients to formulate a "go" status? yes

Are there other less significant ingredients? yes

For the purpose of this dowse is it needed to pursue these other less significant ingredients? yes

To aid the understanding of the reader is it needed to expand on these planned activities before pursuing these other less significant ingredients? yes

According to plan, are the false flag attacks on American cities to follow the other activities ? yes

Is the purpose of this sequence to prepare a weakened, excited and aggravated population for the attacks? yes

Is this series of events to institute martial law in the U.S. and generate a demand for war expansion in the middle east? yes

Ultimately suspension of the U. S. Constitution? yes

Are the false flag attacks to be of one kind of attack system? yes

Are these to be nuclear? yes

Nuclear detonation and explosion? no

Radiation exposure "dirty bomb"? yes

These attacks are to be executed by elements with the desire to blame "foreign terrorist" possibly with domestic assistance? no

These attacks are to be executed by elements with the desire to blame domestic terrorist? yes

These attacks are to be executed by those that want to suspend the Constitution then establish their own type of government? yes

Those that have approved and would execute these attacks are already in control of all major portions of the government? yes

They have the desire to remove the facade of freedom they still operate from and replace it with full monitoring and compliance to the government? yes

Do these people have technology to create earthquake activity? yes

Is this earthquake technology primarily scaler technology? yes

Would activation of this technology be by the same groups as would execute the false flag attacks? yes

Was the recent earthquake in England man made by this scaler technology? yes

Was the purpose of this earthquake to serve as targeting and calibration verification practice prior to actual use to target inside the U. S.? yes

Is it the desire of the leaders of these groups to remove the present president before the 2008 election? yes

Is the intended reasoning for this to create fear, a sense of unease, and a population better primed for the attacks on U. S. cities? yes

Is it planned that the present president will be determined to be of unsound mental stability and unable to lead? yes

Is it planned that he will be perceived to be unable to lead the nation though a banking system collapse? yes

Is it planned that this will be presented as the first public signs of mental inability? yes

Is it planned that a new president will be installed to deal with the financial crisis and the "natural disasters" earthquakes? yes

This will provide an political environment that has the population in support of a change of the president without election? yes

Thus a population that is ready to give up more freedoms to the new stronger leadership of the new president (dictator)? yes

If these ingredients are in place then the false flag attacks can be more effective to drive the changes desired by these groups? yes

In the category of other lesser ingredients, these lesser ingredients can be considered as considerations not as go or no go decision criteria? yes

Is the effect of intervention of non physical beings and energies in these considerations? yes

The people at higher end of these groups are aware of and consider this possible intervention? yes

This possible intervention will occur only if invited by real and passionate intent and desire? yes

This possible intervention must be invited to be within respect for free will and self determination/creation? yes

This possible intervention can only be an extension of the real desire and intent of those actually in the reality being effected? yes

These times and possible realities are choices to be made/created by those who will reside in them? yes

This is an opportunity to understand the laws of intent based creation? yes

This is a gift direct from God/Creator? no

This is a responsibility for evolving spiritual growth? yes

In the understanding of the responsibility of this growth, then it becomes as a gift from God/Creator? Yes

end of dowse


The circumstances painted by this information is a call to all who are willing to face the fact there exists within humanity some groups that will sacrifice our blood to empower themselves with a combination of our fears and willingness to let someone else lead us through the darkness. They are willing to sacrifice our blood to create the perception of darkness to create the need for leadership that they are eager to provide.

I suspect this tired old game reaches all the way back to the uncivilized times when those that would be tribe or clan leader secretly killed the weakest members of the tribe or clan to create the need for a leader/protector/chief to protect the tribe or clan from some outside predator. These targeted members most likely were the very young or very old, the most defenseless. These targets create the most emotional response and they would be the most easy targets as these individuals are cowards at heart. This new leader/protector/chief then gave himself power over the young and brave warriors he assembled as his army of protectors.

I ask the reader to liken this example to the false flag attacks on 9/11 and the reaction of the U. S. public to give up liberty and the real protection against the real terrorist by not fighting the radical attacks on the Constitution. Our willingness to give away our and our children's birthrights to those whom claim they will lead us through this darkness. There are answers to this disappointing aspect of our heritage. Please consider the following carefully.

The last thing these criminals want is for us to remember some very important information that is given to all of us in the very Life we breathe. I am talking about remembering that we are all created equally in the image of our Creator. That we have the responsibility to decide when there is a real threat to our safety and the safety of those for whom we care, not to just consume the show these cowards present for us to make it easy and convenient for us to choose to empower them. To awaken the God self within us rather than shut it down and cover it in fear. To empower ourselves as opposed to empowering those cowards that send our young and brave to fight and die in the show and circus to convince us that ever more of the same is always needed.

I am talking about remembering that we are created with the ability to create also. And that we can choose to create rightful liberty or more of the darkness our "leaders" create with our creative energies that they convince us to give them. I am not talking about violent resistance. I am talking about retaking the Creator given powers back away from these coward like animals. To do this is as simple as clearly deciding that you as an individual will not conform to this old creation any longer, but will instead take responsibility for making your own decisions and creating your own reality.

This may seem like an unattainable goal or task, it is not. That feeling is your preestablished habits trying to resist change. And there is something more, much more.

There are countless nonphysical beings of Light ready to assist each of us as individuls and together as a unified whole. Those beings that are truely of the Light of Our Creator will not interfer with our birthright of free will. And so, we are free to make the poor choices of the past and can continue to, just like that. Or we can clearly decide to take control away from the power mongering controllers and create for ourselves with the divine help of those that are ever willing to assist us when we have asked. This creative power lies in our desires and beliefs. For if we desire with real passion and believe that we create, the Universe will provide that which we have created. This is the time to take this responsibility.

The information given in the above dowse is a call to understand these wonderful possibilities. We can think we are just observers as the world collapses around us and we cry in vain as we claim we have no power to change it. This is just what the controller "leaders" want you to do. Just look at the elaborate show they have constructed with your creative energies to convince you of it. Or we can proclaim our own divinity, that connection with our Creator. Just this decision made with passionate desire and willingness to try a different belief system, one in which you are all powerful, will change the momentum of this reality. And a willingness to pursue these ways will create a world free of these parasites. For they will have to live of their own creations also! God/Creator is with and in us all, may we each and together allow that fact to shine from us individually and as one.

Timothy W. Hicks

Want to help? Go here: Help needed for April Fools Day “capers” by Philip N Ledoux (March 16, 2008)

Reader Comments

----- Original Message -----
From: Brian Hughes
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Subject: Hit 'em where it hurts

Developing the capacity for intending our reality allows us to 'play' with the illusions that we create whenever we choose. The dowsers have determined that TPTB are planning a series of staged events starting on April Fool's Day (an important date on the illuminati calender) Earthquakes, bank panics, and the triggering of a nuclear 'dirty bomb' are on the docket,eh? OK, so first, think of these 'events' as being illusions, in that everything we perceive to be real is always gonna be holographic in its true nature.

The black magicians know this and they have chosen the usual batch of negative, fear-mongering hocus-pocus. The obvious counter-measure is to 'play' with these illusions by intending that the areas designated for seismic activity remain stable, that the potential panic over money will not have a manufactured basis for any panic to ensue, and that any triggers on nuclear devices will jam up. All of this, done with the understanding for the need to 'bring it on' with the viscerally summoned power of our life force (love energy), directed at the potential geographic areas on the particular time frames will contribute towards their mitigation. 'Put the focus to the hocus-pocus.'

Brian from Massachusetts


Subject: 1.April Fools Day Dowse
From: Steven (Australia)
Date: Wed, March 5, 2008
To: Editor

I just want a brief comment to pendulum results on April attack in America. by plot 9/11 I am myself in the study of data - by Kinesiologic muscle test - and have tried to verify these results.

It is one thing to read about it, but very different, even if it gets confirmed. Yes-an attack, but apparently no atomic bomb, no dirty bomb.... This is my result ..

Mayby Wrong, or not- As always, or what should happen: I will support this mental workers to the deactivation of this bomb.


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