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Balancing Of Light

By Philip N. Ledoux
May 22, 2005

Steven, Jeniffer & Gang,

I create dowsing charts for Barbara Shepard, whom I consider an expert in charkas, auras and associated phenomena. Working with her has been a liberal education for myself. She has been working for many years on a complete manual of the charkas, which should be released in mid June 2005. Because of the quantities of original discoveries and copywrite laws, I am not at liberty to share very much of the brilliant work she has accomplished. As I was working on the next to the last chart, one of the not very obvious concepts hit me between the running lights which answers many questions we all have about the forces of darkness.

Obviously our etheric body develops along with our physical body. Just as the physical body can have defects during development, so can the etheric body. It is reasonably easy to recognize physical defects, and not very easy to recognize etheric defects. As the charkas develop, the development includes many necessary, invisible connections which manifest in our wonderment as to how we can be "classified" so accurately by our zodiacal sign. Here is one of those factors that just might explain a puzzle for so many.

One of the invisible connections and developments controlled by one of the lesser known charkas, installs the "Dark Mind" which is needed to balance the "Light Faculty". I have known about the "dark side" since childhood Sunday School days. Today, 6 decades after learning the fact, it started to make sense. For every ying there is a yang, for every up there is a down, for every day there is a night. When light was created there was a necessary balancing dark created. Man has a "light side" but he also has a necessary balancing "dark side"; it is when they are not balanced that mankind gets into trouble. Angels of light were created, therefore a balancing of angels of dark must have been created; probably more in the realm of joy and sorrow being balancers rather than what has been overemphasized in our schooling. It was when the creatures of dark (the balancers) decided to dominate and became creatures of dark-ness that we got into trouble. Likewise as man develops the Dark-Mind / Light-Faculty balance, it is when the Dark-Mind is overdeveloped that we experience the "Illuminati", The Powers That Be and people who seem inherently evil. It is a bit like the "muscle freak" who worked on developing only the biceps and forgot to develop the remainder of the body's muscles.

It is all so utterly simple! How come I didn't recognize it decades ago!

Philip N. Ledoux


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