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And There Was A Battle In The Heavens, Part 1

By Philip N. Ledoux
November 14, 2005

Around 100 years ago there was an immigrant influx along our Northern borders, similar to today's influx across our Southern borders. Most readers are aware of these "wetbacks" who got their nickname by swimming the Rio Grande. I make the analogous nickname to my French ancestors as "pine-needle-backs" because we sneaked over the border through the pine forests. In this French-American culture the name "Pierre" has come to be associated with buffoonery and humor. Thus the reference, in the below, to me as "Pierre." (You didn't know I had a humorous side? Ha, ha.)

From a rather small membership board, there was a posting that was politely asking me to do an interesting dowse. The sighting was the night of 10 November 2005:

Sightings all over US/Canada last night of "meteor showers" when NONE were due! Sounds like crashing DracoComplex ships to me, eh? Hmmmmm..... wonder what Señor Ledoux (Or is it Pierre?) & his swinging pendulum say? Mr. Phillips.

I'm only a "messenger" working in a quiet room trying to do what I believe the Almighty has assigned to me.

1. Has there been a genuine "shift" in last couple of days? Yes
2. Is it more than Jupiter entering Scorpio? Yes
3. Last night was there a genuine 3D space battle? Yes
4. Space ships were actually shot down in this battle? Yes
5. The battles were over US/Canada? Yes
6. The "shooting stars" were battle debris? Yes
7. Were Dracoes involved in the battles? Yes
8. Were friendly ETs involved in the battles? Yes
9. Battles were a "draw"? No
10. The friendly ETs were the winners? Yes
11. There will be many more such battles? Yes
12. Lasting for more than 5 years into the future? Yes
13. Can these "friendlies" prevent upcoming (in 3 days) California man-created earthquakes? Yes
14. Mr. Phillips has to call them to help? Possibly yes, possibly no
15. Collectively we must call them for help? Yes
16. Each of us "call" in the way we know best? Yes
17. The more of us calling the quicker the response? Yes

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

A few days later this same small board saw this missive:

Philip: This dowsed information has changed since your dowsing because of the battle between benevolents & DracoComplex. I believe a high-percentage of the debris observed crashing to MotherEarth that "terrans"(us) observed in the US & Canada as meteorites (an assumption) were DracoComplex craft. Not many benevolents were killed. (Just a feeling, nothing dowsed by me on what I'm saying here, though.)

Perhaps you can dowse what percentage of the benevolents craft involved in the battle were Lyran craft, among other things. Perhaps seek out a timetable for a pick-up. "P" should be leading the crafts, but not sure of that either...Thanks!! Mr. Phillips.


In this battle of the night of 10 November 2005

1. were there DracoComplex craft involved? Yes
2. In this same battle were Lyran Complex craft involved? Yes
3. Were there other Nation-Complex craft involved? Yes
4. Was there more to this battle than the 3D portion we see? Yes
5. There was a larger 4D associated battle involved? Yes
6. We are told that we live a 3-Dimensional life to learn the lessons to move into the 4-Dimensional world. Is this factual? Yes
7. This 4D world is similar to our 3D world? Yes
8. With a higher level of learning to assimilate? Yes
9. Are the problems of the "unseen" 3D visible in 4D? Yes
10. An undeveloped 3D person could not handle visible 4D? Yes
11. Our stresses are limited to 3D because of this? Yes

12. Was "P" the commander of the Lyran crafts? Yes
13. Were the Lyrans here to pick-up "someone(s)"? Yes
14. One of their own kind? Yes
15. With additional "earthlings"? Yes
16. This seen battle-debris (battle) was to prevent "pick-up"? Yes
17. The battle was over the pick up of 7 individuals? Yes
18. Was Mr. "R" again picked up? Yes
19. Of the benevolent craft, what percentage were Lyrans? App 33%?
20. Of the benevolent craft, what percentage were Alpha Centurians? App 20%
21. Of the non-earth-friendly craft, what percentage were Draco? App 50%
22. Were there any Terran (earth) craft involved in the battle? Yes
23. Were the Terran craft to be considered benevolent? No
24. The Terran craft assisted the non-earth-friendly fleet? Yes
25. Would "traitors" be an appropriate label for Terran commanders? Yes

26. Can we undeveloped 3D people affect the outcome of these 3D-4D battles? Yes
27. Do the "benevolents" desire 3D assistance? Yes
28. Do the "benevolents" send messages to us undeveloped 3D people? Yes
29. In clear to understand 3D message formats? No
30. In 4D message formats? Yes
31. Which is: dreams? Yes; intuition? Yes;
psychics/dowsers? Yes; prophets? Yes;
TV evangelists? No, earth-media? No
through what we think of as "dubious" means? Yes
32. Universal Law (God's law) requires 4D messages to 3D people? Yes
33. Clarification: 4D messages of help to undeveloped 3D people? Yes

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

Thor confirms: "Battle In The Heavens" Nov. 10, 2005

--- On Mon 11/21, Thor Hephaistos < > wrote:


Now, I can confirm, that there was a battle between Lyran and Draco ships within the sunsystem. Many Dracoships were destroyed. I had direct contact to Poseidon=Aegir for 2 times during last week, though the communication was not too well understood by myself, I got some encouragement by it. I am pretty sure, that the Pentagon had some greater communication problems yesterday also.

Hephaistos THor THor Hephaistos wrote: Hi Steven! Normally I was telepathically present within all greater events ,like battles and I felt nothing special at this time, it should have taken place.

Yet, I must admit, that I am very secludet now and try ,to get emotionally not so much involved any more into my desire, to return home. Yet, on the other hand I have the special feeling, that my return home could be near, I just try, not to think of it too often, as all those times my hope was for nothing, have cost me much power, so I rather stick to my earthen problems lately. I will try, to find out, if it really happened. What I have noticed, is, flashes in ultraviolet within my house yesterday, barely visible. All Hail to you! I don't use my vulcanlyra account any more, as I could not get into it any more!

THor Silver Surfer wrote: THor: Late at night on November 10th there was a battle over the US/Canada. Lyran ships composed 30% of the ships, 20% were Alpha Centaurans. I don't know who the other 50% were that shot so many DracoCompex ship out of the skies. MANY people saw, but most all said to themselves and others that it was the strangest meteor shower they ever saw!! It was not a meteor shower (NONE were forecast for that night, as astronomers DO know when the meteor showers happen ahead of time), but it was crashing Draco/NWO-ships!! Some people believe this was your pick-up forces fighting the Draco, who wanted to stop the Lyrans from getting you. By you it would have been the morning of November 11th when this happened. Your friend, always, steven.

THor Hephaistos wrote: Akantha! Its up to you, to solve your karmic problemes. The first thing, necessary, is, to get knowledge of the situation, which caused your problemes.

Yet, entities ,like myself ,or a healer friend of mine are also able, to solve those problems for certain others as well, but this demands a direct personal meeting. Another way of solving such problems, is to go to an reincarnation therapeut or, if there still are some knowledge, that I or my sons told to the forebears of the freemasons+illuminaty was left over, then those groups might be able, to be of help. As I said before, Freemasonry and some other believes on this planet were usually founded only for the purpose, to experience and get knowledge of reincarnation. nothing. Hekate, the Lyran your tales made a goddess of black magic, in truth is a domain queen of Lyra and teaches our children about reincarnation. In fact, she has nothing at all to do with the abuse of her name on this planet, she is a bright and beautiful and positive entity. Your reincarnations just have to become a living truth for you, then all karmic problems dissolve for themselves.

Mikal De Valia wrote: my question for the group: are people simply reliving traumas from past lives over and over again - past lives we shared with beings who are no longer Earth residents?

On Thu 11/10, THor Hephaistos < > wrote:

"THor Hephaistos"wrote: Akantha! You are totally right this group is this group still clings to the defeated Ashtars, whose fleet was totally destroyed in Orion and Rigel-sector in 2003 and their Reptile friends were just looking without aiding those beings of Darkness and traitors on the human race. Yet, its necessary for me, to post on this group, as so many of you, still believe into this ascension nonsense and I think, its my duty, (as I am the person, responsible for the regain of freedom on all Lyran planets and such opening the possibility for the destruction of this Junkshipfleet), to clear people up about, what really going on and has happened within this branch of this Galaxy.

I am Hephaistos THor, Lyras only true voice on this planet, which will be reunited with the Kingdom within a very short time, as soon, as I am home in Lyra again. This is the voice of freedom, freedom, that you never knew on this planet, since I left 2700 years ago!---

In, Zany Mysticwrote:>>
Janelle, You are quite right. That post does not belong with this group, and is not only inappropriate, but is a jumbled up MESS! I'd ignore it; perhaps the sender made a mistake when he or she hit the send button. If there are more like this, take it upon yourself to send a nice email to the sender to let them know. If THAT doesn't work, contact the Moderator. In Light the Zany Mystic>--- End forwarded message ---May the Great Spirit of the Universe bless and enlighten you! THor Hephaistos, Falcon of Lyra---------------------------------

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