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And There Was A Battle in The Heavens, Part 2

By Philip N. Ledoux
November 5, 2005

14 November 2005


The following message appeared on the educate-yourself_forum board. It helps to have a "thread" to the battle, in this case through an actual observer "Judith". Maybe I should have asked permission of Judith, yet I was all "primed" to dowse before I got a reply - and being a public board I took the liberty to use the information, which I lightly edited. (There must be thousands of "Judith" in southern Ohio. Smile)

There are many neophyte dowsers who have a combination of curiosity and disbelief over some of these dowses. I make a few comments to assist these people: Whether you realize it or not, you create an astral thread that connects somehow to the requested dowsing event. In some things that involve a chain of command I seem to "lock-in" on the operators and my friend seems to "lock-in" on administration, which gives him a 2 day edge over me. Notice how this dowse starts with a logical extraction of the observer's statements. The answer then leads one to "the next question". Gradually life experiences and reading knowledge gets mixed into creating "the next question", and finally all the observer's comments are used up, but "the next question" is developed from what I call "points of reference" that exist within one's head or brain. Readers in general are not interested in how to narrow down numbers, thusly 10 questions are condensed into one, a few other similar things are likewise condensed. (end of comments)

The message-post:
Hi. I'm in southern Ohio .. saw several lights moving in all directions .. and then one would look like it was a falling star, not shooting .. and then it would disappear and then reappear .. there were lots of them .. they were visible, then invisible .. but NOTHING came downward, like it was falling .. I can't for sure remember the times, but it was around 11 P.M. EST ... when we looked up into the sky .. there it was. Some were bright, some weren't .. but they were erratic in flight .. no pattern like an airplane, no pattern like debris, no pattern like shooting or falling stars.. many saw it.

The dowse:

1. Was the Battle that Judith saw over U.S. "soil"? Yes
2. Was the Battle that Judith saw over Canadian "soil"? Yes
3. The Battle area was approximately 1,500 miles in diameter? Yes
4. The perspective would make it appear "above"? Yes
5. The vision of "a falling star" was a space-craft? Yes
6. This "falling star" was a disabled craft? No
7. This "falling star" was a maneuvering craft? Yes
8. The "added power" made the craft visible? Yes
9. This was similar to the after-burner thrust on modern fighter jets? Yes
10. The "visible then invisible" was directly related to extra thrust? Yes




11. Debris would be seen but not falling to earth? Yes
12. "NOTHING came downward" because only partial maneuvers were seen? Yes
13. "some were bright, some weren't" is the difference between craft type? Yes
14. Some were more powerful than others? Yes
15. And this was the difference in brightness? Yes
16. "no pattern like an airplane" was because the total maneuvers were not visible? Yes
17. The extra needed power-phase made craft visible? Yes

18. Were craft damaged? Yes
19. The damage would force withdrawal from battle? Yes
20. Are there formal "rules of engagement" 'up there'? No
21. "anything goes" are the basic rules? Yes
22. There were approximately 60 craft involved? Yes
23. Space craft were equally divided between friendly and non-friendly? No
24. The battle started with approximately 7 space craft? Yes
25. Friendlies were outnumbered 3 to 1 ? Yes
26. The battle started as "dodge and seek"? Yes
27. Until "help" arrived? Yes
28. Then the actual battle took place? Yes
29. Friendlies were still outnumbered? Yes
30. Outnumbered approximately 2 to 1 ? Yes

31. If a craft were "shot down" would that be seen? Yes
32. Were any shot down in this battle? Yes
33. The "shooting down" weapons disintergrate-vaporize? Yes
34. This is why nothing seen falling to earth? yes (weak)
35. Approximately 12 craft total were casualties? Yes
36. In human terms "all hands lost"? Yes

37. The original "taxi" mission was successful? Yes
38. Some were injured? Yes
39. Some died? Yes
40. 2 "passengers" died? Yes
41. Of the crew of 7, 2 pilots died? Yes
42. Back-up pilots aboard? Yes

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

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