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We All Have Cancer and How It Starts

By Philip N. Ledoux
November 2, 2005

The following is taken from several books I have read some 20 or more years ago. The story of Dr. Beardsley (some people say I do not have the name correct) was easy to memorize because of my interest in cancer.

A Dr. Beardsley, a Scottish embryologist, searched a lifetime to find the answer to cancer. In his old age he found the answer; he also knew that he might not live long enough to prove his ideas correct, thusly he wrote it all down and published it in book form. There was much interest and experimenting done as the book circulated among the scientific community. The problem was that the chemical analysis abilities of the times were not exacting enough to prove the theory correct or not; thus the experimentation and interest "died on the vine". We will meet this book later in this story.

Embryology was hardly the place anyone expected to find an answer to cancer in the late 1800s, and still isn't by today's standards. I took an excellent pre-med biological course at UNH in 1950; yet it too lacked the facts needed to understand how we all have cancer waiting to "blossom." The key to all this is the little advertised fact that after the egg and the sperm unite, two half-chromome cells combining to create a full chromosome cell which is the start of life, there seems to be some strange high-jinks of nature taking place. As most people understand, once the full chromosome cell is formed, it divides and divides millions of times until in the end another human being announces its way into our world. It doesn't start that way.

When the full chromosome cell starts to divide, when there are 8 daughter cells, if you take a careful inventory of the results, there are 2 full chromosome cells and 6 half-chromosome cells! That is not a misprint; that is exactly what Dr. Beardsley had discovered which led to the solution of cancer. I don't think anyone has really solved that mystery of how the normal division of full chromosome cells end up being both half-chromosme AND full-chromosome cells; but just knowing this fact can lead to understanding many things about the human body that seem to be mysteries.

These 6 half-chromosome cells continue to divide and multiply, but they hurriedly run down the fallopian tubes (a race for time) and cling to the uterine wall. They need nourishment so they start to "chomp" on the uterine wall for sustenance. [I use the simpler descriptions because this is not directed at the scientific community.] The full chromosome cells continue to multiply also, but take a leisurely stroll down the fallopian tubes; where they eventually meet up with the "chomper cells" (the half-chromosome cells). The "chompers" feed the full-chromosome cells, which develops into what is called the gametophyte, or the stage that has no real definable shape. The question to ponder here, and which leads to understanding is: at this stage the placenta is not developed, what does the gametophyte live on?

The "to-be" embryo and the chomper cells develop separately although the chompers feed the to-be embryo. Around the 30th day after conception, the placenta starts to develop, the chompers start to slow down, and by the time the placenta is fully developed the chompers are fully shut down, although both "bodies" continue to develop independently. This is the stage that the embryo begins to be identifiable, and has a shape or protective "skin" of some kind; it is also the stage when the sexual organs start to develop, but are of neither sex, thusly called "gonads". The gonads need half-chromosome cells to do their intended future work, yet do not exist, everything in the embryo so far is/are full chromosome cells. BUT. Remember the "chompers"? They are the half-chromosome cells. The design engineers of the human body were clever; they used the chompers for dual duty - feed the gametophyte and when that job was done, become the cells which will produce the egg or sperm needed to continue the species with.

Now comes the rub, as they say. The chomper cells know what they are supposed to be and where they are supposed to go; thusly the chomper (half-chromosome cells) migrate through the embryo, headed for the gonads. As the reader can imagine, there are very small windows of opportunity in each of these phases of human embryo development. If the mother is severely shocked during the development of the arm or leg bud development, the person can end up with hands at their shoulders or many variations of this. It is similar in normal development as the chomper cells migrate to the gonads. There is a moment in time when everything is frozen in stop motion. The end result is that most of the chompers are within the gonads, but there are the ones that weren't fast enough. The result is that all over our body are these "chomper" cells. Just laying there doing nothing. Sort of like development dust that never got dusted off at the right time.

The design engineers were again clever, they had a solution just in case the lost chomper cells started chomping, where they were not supposed to be chomping. The pancreas produces a special huge protein molecule, one that is designed to not be usable by anything in the body. Attached to this large protein molecule is one molecule of cyanide. Immediately I hear "Where does this cyanide come from?" There are some foods that do contain natural cyanide, and if none is available, the body can fabricate it from basic building blocks. As this combination huge protein molecule with one molecule of cyanide attached courses throughout the body, if a chomper cell has activated into the chomping mode (which is cancer) it bites into this large molecule of "food", releases the cyanide, which in turn kills this new cancer cell which I've been referring to as a chomper. Actually these cells are dormant chomper cells until they activate; after activation they are properly called cancer cells. It is amazing the dual function processes within our bodies, and more amazing the checks and balances built in.

Now, let's visit the father and son team of the Krebs; kreb in German translates into "cancer", and it is strange how two men named "cancer" solved the remaining riddle about cancer!

The senior Kreb wanted to become a doctor and "travel west"; thusly in his medical education he included "frontier medicine" as he studied to become a doctor. While he practiced on the frontier, he learned many a folk cure for cancer. Are you the betting kind? I'll bet you that being named Mr. "cancer" he had more than an average interest in cancer and really latched onto the old herbalists and grannies who knew how to cure. Eventually he settled in the San Francisco area. By this time, there were plenty of rich who's diet shifted the body's acid/alkalinity from alkaline to highly acidic; and the poor were able to accomplish the same thing too. Thusly at that time, there was high interest and many a doctor did private research into cancer. The senior Dr. Kreb remembered the grannies using apricot, almond and prune pit cures they cured cancer with on the frontier; thusly he had a cellar full of laboratory mice whom he experimented on to cure cancer before he attempted to try it on humans. Some mice he cured, others he couldn't; it was a big puzzle he himself never solved, although he kept trying.

The junior Kreb grew up in this atmosphere as the laboratory assistant, and decided to make medicine his career. Apparently he too inherited a great curiosity about cancer. To help on the expenses of his medical education, the junior Kreb worked as a research assistant to a doctor at the Stamford Institute. His job was to review research papers published by other researchers and synopsize them for his superior. At this time junior Kreb's friends had found Dr. Beardsley's book in a used book shop in San Francisco. Everyone knew that the theory was a failure, so it became a practical joke to give the book to Kreb Jr. It was lucky for posterity that Kreb Jr. took it seriously, talked about it with his superior at Stamford. The superior was highly interested and asked Kreb Jr. to review it for him. The synopsis further fueled interest, and Kreb Jr. was asked if he could prove or disprove the theory with further research; the answer was that he could easily do that in 3 or 4 months, which he was assigned to do. Three months later he reported to his supervisor that the theory could not be proven until somebody became a pharmacist, a micro-biologist, a bio-chemist, a medical doctor and 3 other major field of endeavors as a accomplished expert. There was much consultations between the superior, the Dr. Kreb senior, and Kreb Jr. The superior tried to convince Kreb Jr. to become that man, and Kreb senior pledged support for the total project.

Can you imagine two men, one funding the project and the other educating himself and simultaneously researching, that today requires billions of dollars to accomplish; all tackled by two dedicated men!

The first puzzle that Kreb Jr. solved was that there were two kinds of laboratory mice or rats. One kind were inbred heavily so that they developed cancer spontaneously. The other had cancer injected into them and were cancerous. If the mice/rats had been injected with cancer, the Kreb senior's kernel extracts did not work. BUT, if the cancer had been developed naturally, the extracts worked 100% of the time. That was a major breakthrough. And Dr. Kreb Jr. was in middle age by then. The perfection of the extract came about quickly at that point in time. It was called Laetrile, later it was called Vitamin B17, and later yet many plays on Kreb as Krebiozon, or plays on the word cancer. All were necessary in outmaneuvering the FDA and the AMA.

Because of the solid research by the now Dr. Kreb Jr. the formulations worked miracle after consistent miracle. At first they cured cancer by the dozen, then by the hundreds and later by the thousands. Most readers of this forum are aware, but many who will receive a copy have no clues about cancer cures. If you will dig into the history of cancer, you will discover that a medical cancer system has been created so large that if a cure for cancer were applied today, within 6 months the total American economy would collapse; it is that much intertwined into the total economy. Therefore any cancer cure is a threat not only to the AMA and its membership doctors who do not decide policy, but also to the American government itself. Thusly the AMA and the FDA combines forces to stop all applications of cancer cures that affect more than a few people. So it should be no surprise that as Dr. Kreb Jr. was driving home from a presentation in Los Angeles, his rear window and front window where shot out with shotgun blasts. Eventually the harassment became so severe that the Krebs gave up publicly curing cancer. Dr. Kreb Jr., I read early this year, was still living; a very elderly man and doing nothing about cancer publicly.

So, yes, you can cure yourself using prune and apricot pits; notice the omission of the almond. And the extracts (concentrations which sometimes are needed to result in a cure) of these pits can be bought, sometimes with needed conniving. These fruit pits contain an almost identical huge protein molecule with a molecule of cyanide attached that in the human body acts exactly like that produced by the pancreas. Of necessity curing cancer has become a "do it yourself" proposition. This presentation is mainly the story about Dr. Beardsley and the Doctors Kreb senior and junior. I will complete this with the sad story about the almond which relates in this story. Do remember that there are dozens upon dozens of cancer cures that work.

Once Dr. Kreb Jr. presented the mechanics, theory, etc. of the fruit pits and their extracts, the unholy trinity of AMA, FDA and Federal Law combined to eliminate the largest supply of cancer cures that existed and that was eliminate almond consumption in the USA. That couldn't be done directly but observe how clever the bastards got: By simple chemical analysis it is easy to demonstrate that the almond seed (pit) contains cyanide. A false flag of horrors was raised about this, and all imported almond seeds had to not contain cyanide to be allowed into the country. The next step was the discovery that there were two kinds of almond trees, one had the magical ingredients in its seed, and the other lacked the necessary complex combination that included cyanide. The "feds" mandated that all the almond orchards that had fruit seeds that contained the artificially-dreaded cyanide be cut down and replaced with "non-cyanide producing" trees. The result is that today, you cannot buy an almond seed that has the cancer curing abilities. This does not imply that almonds are not good for you, they are excellent for many reasons. I have been sticking to the cancer story in this presentation.

Philip N. Ledoux

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