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Bone Marrow Brew - A Do-It-Yourself Curative

[Editor's Note: Print this out immediately and stick it in a drawer or folder. Make copies and pass them out to your friends. Send it far and wide. Our thanks to Phil Ledoux for sharing ...Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 26, 2005


Here is something that will cure any known ailment, even those ulcers that haaven't closed after a year or more being open, cancer, nerve damage, you name it. Insturctions and notes at the end have to be followed closely especially not exceeding the temperature limits. I have used it on myself and family. It is the curative that finally cured my nerves after 2 curare poisonings.The story of the inventor is so typical of anyone trying to cure too effectively, and/or posting the truth.

Philip N. Ledoux

Here is an interesting curative. The problem is that you have to prepare and/or make it yourself and requires some glassware or stainless steel ware. I was given the formula by a man who had cured his own nerve degeneration problems and knew it would cure my problems after curare poisonings. In addition to the formula, he sent me a tape with the history of the curative.

There was a strange noise in the background. After many playings, I recognized the sound. He was recording at a local ocean beach in Florida so that nobody would know what he was recording, the background was the waves breaking on the beach. Yes it got that serious and more so! Being an older man he made the middle of the night piss call we all experience in old age. As he walked by his second story open apartment window, he was knocked to the floor by something. Took him awhile to gain his senses. When he got up and looked out the window, there were two men in full decontamination gear, one holding a long wand up to his open apartment window. When they saw him looking at them, they took off high speed. He had been selling over $1,000 worth of the curative to doctors who were curing their worse case cancer patients with it. He didn’t listen to the warnings given on the phone. He was using the right curative on himself, but “they” were pumping more nerve gas into him than he could counter.

Now, what is this formula that is worth killing over?

The bone marrow contains a curative/repair factor that is common to all mammals. If you extracted the factor from dog bones, it would cure a baboon, extract from pig bones and it would cure the horse. For man, cow bones are the most commonly available. When beef is hung to cure, this factor is not killed within the bone marrow. When the beef is “boned” you need to extract the factor promptly, although if the bones are kept in the “hanging room” they keep OK for a week or so.

All slaughter houses have power meat saws that can slice the bones lengthwise to make it easier for you to extract the marrow. Here in America it is difficult to keep buying the bones, because if the federal inspector finds out what they are being used for (cure human beings), the operator either stops selling to you or he is shut down. To those on these forums, this is “old news”. So, if you can find a butcher who still bones his own or a small slaughter house, always use some kind of pretext or story; I have show dogs and a friend gave me the secret – fresh bones. "You can accumulate some for me, but keep them in the cool room please, and so my dogs can get at the marrow, can you slice them please?" Or some such cock and bull story that is convincing. Otherwise, you’ll not have a bone supply for more than 2 months. From experience I know that it works.

You are going to duplicate the old lard rendering process, at low temperatures. The material is a “live”, “living” thing; you have to handle it almost like a baby. Never too hot, and never too cold after rendering. Never over 110 deg. F.

Tools needed:

#1 An oven that you can regulate at 110 deg. F. The absolute limit is 120 deg. F. But because ovens fluctuate you have to target 110 deg. F. This is the most difficult item to find. Most will regulate around 130 deg. F. Some “over the counter” ovens do regulate this accurately. I’ve found the clue is that as you turn the heat control knob on an oven you can feel the wiper move over something inside; if it continues that way below the last printed number, chances are that it will work for you. Buy a max=min “U” tube thermometer. Place the bulb in the top of the oven; close the door, and let it operate overnight. Check thermometer in the morning. Zero out the thermometer and continue to operate, check off and on how it is regulating with the high and low being around 110 and hopefully not above 115 deg. F.

#2 Glassware or stainless bowl to collect drippings.

#3 Collander of some type, screen type OK. Dual screen is difficult to clean. Needs to be fine mesh.

#4 Colander stand with legs long enough so that drippings do not touch colander when collected.

#5 Tall (somewhat narrow) clarifying glassware with handle of some kind.

#6 Teaspoon, metal or similar tool to scrape marrow from inside bones

Prewarm the oven for at least 4 hours, 8 hours better. Scrape the marrow into the colander. Place colander in the oven (may have to adjust shelves) on its rack, place collecting bowl under it. Close door. Let it render for 8 hours. At 110 deg. F. it is a very slow drip. Remove everything from the oven after 8 hours. (be sure to keep door open minimum amount of time for any opening of door.

Carefully pour off contents of bowl into clarifying tall pitcher. There will be a scum and settlings that you try to avoid placing into the clarifying pitcher, so there is some loss. Place the clarifying pitcher into the oven for another 4 to 6 hours. A glass door and glass pitcher help on this to observe the settlings or clarifying process. Do the clean-up of utensils promptly or they will be a mess to clean! “been there done that”

Pour off into clean glass or cottage cheese type containers; cap. Place in a warm but not hot location out of sunlight. Usually upper kitchen cabinets are a good place.

One to three tablespoons per day. Get it down any way you can! Make a soup, let it cool until you can keep a finger in it (remember 115 deg. F. MAX. mix in the curative. Add crackers if necessary. It is very “greasy” tasting. My wife disliked it, so I mixed it into peanutbutter which she liked. If I mixed in too much, she would tell me to take it back to the store it was rancid. Hmmmm. But it worked even at 1/10 the dosage, it took longer.

With wounds, etc. that do not heal, take internally and apply to wound liberally. Use bandage to keep curative on the local. If you’ve processed correctly, you can cure absolutely anything.

The bones have to be “fresh”. All supermarket bones are frozen, shipped to local supermarket and then thawed. This kills the factor you are after. Do not believe any words to the contrary. Usually small butcher shops that still bone are honest and will tell you if you ask. When transporting in the winter, wrap container in a blanket; if it “catches cold” it will not cure. Likewise some locations are too hot in the summer, be aware.

I wish I could give credit where it was due. I lost everything in a computer disaster, although the instructions are easy enough to remember. The originator could read Egyptian hieroglyphs and dark ages manuscripts, both of which contained the original formulas. It took the man 3 years to adapt the instructions/formulas to today’s reality. That in itself must have been a monumental undertaking.

Philip N. Ledoux


Reader Feedback

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From: Rachel

Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 8:51 AM
Subject: Please, Immed. Assistance Re Do-It-Yourself Curative by Philip Ledoux

Dear Mr. Adachi,

I thank you immensely for your printing of Philip Ledoux's Do-It-Yourself Bone Marrow Brew Curative article. I have an immediate need for assistance with the recipe as I have been unable to get the marrow to completely liquify and pass through the collander even in the last 15 and a half hours! Am I in danger of ruining the recipe? Should I go on with the "cooking" until it is completely rendered. Will I be endangering myself at all to ingest any of it after such a long time "cooking" at 110 degrees, even if it is not completely liquified. Maybe you can get a question to Mr. Ledoux very soon. I don't know what else to do. Getting this right is of utmost importance to my well being!

Thank you so much for your time. I do hope you can help me as soon as posssible. you can of course email me as well.


From:   Philip N. Ledoux

Reply #2,
  This is one of the most puzzling problems I've ever encountered. After thinking it over some time -- were the bones "split" with a saw? If they were not, this is why no results. You have the butcher split the bones on his meat saw. When you get home you use a small spoon to scoop out the marrow and other things within the marrow. This "goop" is put into a collander. The bones have to be "fresh" meaning that they have been under refrigeration after the meat has been removed, and never have been frozen.
  Philip N. Ledoux


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