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Dowse on Dr. R. Boylan's Reported Star Visitors Rescue Mission

From Philip N. Ledoux <>
May 25, 2007

Ken, here is a copy relayed to me by a friend of Boyland's message(s) on his board. My dowse follows Boyland's report.

Philip N. Ledoux

From: Richard Boylan PhD <>
Date: 2007/05/19 Sat PM 07:21:48 CDT
To: DrRichBoylanReports <>,,
Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] May 17, 2007 - D-Day in the Campaign to disempower the Cabal

Friends and Star Kids,

What follows are some of the most stupendous developments to date in the effort to disempower the Cabal currently exerting control in governments and society.

What follows is a report on the dramatic events leading up to the breaching of a secret Cabal prison in New Mexico containing many scores of Fran

The Report also contains an analysis of why this event marks a sea-change in the struggle by lightworkers to break the power of the Cabal, a shift so powerful that I designate it the New D-Day.

In the space of two weeks, my Team of psychic workers and I went from first learning of the existence of a major Cabal installation holding many scores of Star Visitors prisoner to creating the conditions which resulted in for their safe rescue. The description of this Exercise, with chronology, follow.

I have used some discretion in limiting details that are not essential. This helps preserve some privacy where warranted.

First, let me introduce the principals involved. The psychics who have worked closely with me, including on this project are Fran, Marja, Wendi, Suzi, Judy, Marian and Shan-Lyn.

The psychics were on many occasions assisted by Star Visitors, who provided information, clarification of things remote-viewed, and filled in details on data needed for the Mission.

The Good-Guys military and intelligence assets include the same Counter-Insurgency Team (CIT) that previously liberated the Human-Star Visitor clones from the Djupidalur, Iceland installation; aided by Special Forces teams from NSA and CIA. 

Thus, this Mission was the result of combined efforts of psychic Humans, Star Nations, and good-guys mil-intel operators - the Axis of Good.

On May Third, Fran relayed to me important information obtained from her remote viewing. She had discovered a major underground Cabal installation imprisoning and torturing many scores of Star Visitors. The installation is within DeBaca County, New Mexico, and five miles underground.

I used her information to develop GPS coordinates and a Google satellite map of the area [don't ask], surmised that the installation is partly imbedded into a mountainous area, and enlisted the aid of other psychic to develop further information. They all were anxious to help.

Alonia, a Zeta cooperative-consciousnesses group who work with Fran, provided corroboration of all this, and added additional information.

Wendi was familiar with the installation, having Dream-Walked (a kind of out-of-body travel) there a number of times when the Cabal had her their prisoner.

Other psychics on the team developed further information on the kinds of Star Visitors being held and abused. Some were physical flesh-and-blood Star Persons of various races, including some higher-ups within the Star Nations organizational structure. Others were energy beings, such as the Orbs folk. There was even a moderately-intelligent pet of one of the Star Visitors being held, a being of jellyfish-like consistency (without the tentacles) that lived in water and shared thoughts and images telepathically with its master.

Our psychics examined the holding facility. It occupied the lower levels of a secret but legitimate government research installation. The commander of the legitimate government lab was unaware of the Cabal operations going on underneath him. He had been told that there were two tunnel levels underneath his lab that were hot with radiation from a failed energy weapons experiment (true). He was not aware that there were additional tunnel levels under the rad tunnels.

These are the lower levels where Star Visitors were held by extremely powerful, dense, and complex electromagnetic-containment fields, backed by artificially-generated radiation fields to disorient the Star Being captives. The Cabal had code-named this prison SkyHawk-ULTRA.

Our psychics learned that the person in charge of the taking of Star Visitors prisoner and assigning them to one of the various detention installations like this one is named Anders. I believe that I have made possible identification of who this individual is, but until he is brought to justice and convicted, I am not going to provide further identification.

Another psychic sketched a rough map of the installation's levels based on remote-viewing. (See attachment.)

Judy provided further information from the Orbs folk about security measures the Cabal had emplaced in the containment tunnels. Other details came in from various team psychics. Without the abundant, accurate and detailed intelligence developed by this psychic team, the good-guys in charge at DNI, CIA and DII would not have believed there was a rogue operation under the legitimate laboratory. These women are heroes in the dismantling of the Cabal.

We were ready for me to convene a Joint Psychic Exercise inviting thousands of members of my on-line groups and mailing list to join us. The Exercise would involve using psychic abilities to effect the incapacitating of the subterranean prison, and the leading of the Star Visitors to the surface and freedom.

Then Star Nations advised us to not put out a general Joint Psychic Exercise notice.

I previously had invited the leader of the counter-insurgency team (CIT) that had effected the liberation of Human-Star Visitor clones from a Cabal detention installation in Iceland to consider joining our effort to free the Star Visitors from the Cabal holding cells in New Mexico. He immediately agreed, and had his team do supplementary reconnaissance of that site.

On May 11, the CIT leader sent me an electrifying encrypted message. He had been approached by CIA officers, who had been decrypting and reading our communications. They stated that they had been unaware of the New Mexico installation's secret activity being done by the Cabal. They did their research and discovered that it was all true. They said that they would be releasing the Star Visitor captives upon the CIT leader's request. They further revealed hat they were under orders from Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell, the CIA Director, General Michael Hayden, and the Director of Interstellar Immigration, Thomas Kithins. The CIT team leader said he had never heard of the Dept. of Interstellar Immigration, (nor had I.) Undoubtedly it is extremely secret. Until now. :-)

These officials are aware of the Cabal, but the Cabal members' individual names are not known. As of this operation, they will have some names.

They agreed that a joint operation would be conducted. The CIT Team would lead, accompanied by a CIA team and an NSA team. The CIA team would consist of 20 credentialed officers, carrying official orders to take control of the unauthorized Lower Levels and shut the holding facility down. The NSA team would consist of 25 elite DELTA and Shadow Knights special-forces operators prepared to Kick Kabal Keister, if necessary. The purpose would be to extract the Star Visitors from the installation, with no shots fired, by presenting official orders.

The CIT leader demurred at my suggestion to overlay a Joint Psychic Exercise on this military-intelligence liberation operation. (My surmise is that the military and intelligence leaders had seen the damage we had effected on the Cabal-area equipment at Naval Weapons Station Charleston, and the "deactivated" Rome Air Force Base (New York), and preferred their way.)

Star Nations passed on through me and the CIT leader to NSA the request for a three-mile-diameter cleared airspace around the place where the freed Star Visitors would be picked by their starcraft at 11:30 am, MDT, flanked overhead by two additional Zeta craft. The starcraft would be cloaked, and the Star Visitors transferred from the ground to on-board via teleportation. Star Nations would also provide protective energy to those involved in the liberation.

The Star Nations were so impressed with the CIT Team's courage and selfless readiness to serve that they explicitly compared them to what in Earth culture are called Jedi Knights.

On the morning of May 17, at 10:00 New Mexico time, the CIT Team, accompanied by the CIA and NSA Teams and the by-now informed and cooperating commander of the official-government installation, accosted the commander of the Cabal Lower Depths. I'll let the CIT leader relate the details.

Dr. Boylan,
"I am back from NM a lot earlier than expected, and everything went fairly smoothly. I don't know if you've heard anything from Star Nation's side, but I am pretty impressed with our friends in the "good" part of the CIA/NSA. They were very professional, and followed my orders perfectly. My old commander had no problems with me, nor did I with him (although I still dislike him a great deal).

All of the Star Visitors were extracted. I hope Star Nations is pleased. No violence was necessary.

Now I'm sure you want to know why I said, "fairly smoothly," and not, "perfect." Well, we did have a little run in with about ten of the Cabal's agents, who tried to present us with fake Presidential orders saying this base was to remain "as is" by order of our Commander-in-Chief. At first I was shocked, fearing that it was legit and that we had traveled all this way and worked so hard to make this mission go smoothly for nothing. Fortunately for all of us this was not the case, because then we'd have to double-back home to prepare a less orthodox operation. It seemed that the, "presidential orders," were fake, which was pointed out by A., who is a paper-pusher for the NSA who is pretty high up in the analysis department. He was there to oversee intelligence gathering and code decryption during the mission. Thank God he was there, or I'd be sitting here pulling my hair out trying to put together another operation.

Anyway, once they knew they had been beaten, the Cabal agents left in anger, and did nothing to defend their unlawful installation. Their totalitarian-like leaders were unable to do anything.

The installation commander had been notified prior to going there, and was very, very willing to help. He was indeed unaware of what was going on below him, the lower levels being ran by yet another installation commander. The top, "clean," levels were used, oddly enough, for seismic activity research in one part and advanced communications research in another part. Below them were six levels, two which were toxic and unused, and four below them that were being used for activity unknown to them for quite awhile (the actual amount of time is unknown). Being obviously outnumbered, the Cabal-appointed commander surrendered the captive Star Visitors with no stand-off or argument. We gave him an hour to release them, or we were going in hot. He allowed us access to his part of the facility fifteen minutes after he was notified. At first he said he could be there because he had, yet again, presidential orders. It turned out he really did think he had those orders, but they were the same orders presented to us by the Cabal agents prior to contacting him. Commander G. tried to convince him he was wrong, but the [lower-levels] commander begged to differ. I decided to have a go at it, and it turned out we knew each other (him knowing me a little more than I knew him). Needless to say, I have had a less-than-fruitful history with this man.

To make a somewhat long story short, we got the Star Visitors out of there and transported them five miles due east of the facility, just in case. Once we had transported them, they knew exactly where to go to be transported up to Star Nation's ships (I don't know how, but I'm glad they did, because even I did not know where exactly they should go, the ships being shielded and invisible), and [the liberated Star Visitors] vanished out of thin air.

Well, that about covers it. Congrats to all who helped with this operation on a job well done!"[End of CIT leader's report]

I also heard from the CIA and NSA teams Task Force, which evidently had code-named itself SATL.

Dr. Richard Boylan,

"On behalf of all of us who participated in Thursday's event, I would like to say thank you. Without you, and the connections [Star Nations; and Human psi teams] you have, none of this would have been known to us for quite some time, if at all.

"Inform [CIT leader] that we, again, are thankful of his abilities, and his devotion. We have already expressed our ratitude plentifully, but no thanks is enough for what he has done.


One final thing: why do I call this the New D-Day? Because the Cabal has considered the United States government, the most powerful in the world, as a principal source of its power, by infiltrating it and subverting its power, especially in military and intelligence operations. The Cabal rely on being invisible and not found out.

And therefore, this Thursday's action goes deep. It is my intuition that this marks a Turning Point, on an equivalence to D-Day in WW II, when the tide of the war turned, and the Nazis began to fall back. For Thursday, May 17, 2007 marks the Turning Point, when the Cabal begin to see the handwriting on the wall. "Mene, Mene, tekel upharsin." "You have been weighed in the scales of justice and found wanting." [Book of Daniel, 5:25-27]

With the Director of National Intelligence, Director of Central Intelligence Agency, and Director of the Department of Interstellar Immigration now quite aware as to Cabal infiltration and usurpation of legitimate military and government assets to accomplish their dirty work, the Cabal no longer have the advantage of being invisible in order to escape scrutiny.

It makes a difference, too, for Star Nations. They are "deeply" touched when Humans choose to extend themselves in service, and indeed at considerable risk of harm, to see to the restoration of well-being to Star Visitor guests upon our planet. Thursday marked a signal day in the improvement of Star Nations' perception of Humans as a species. We are capable of altruistic self-sacrifice not only for our own kind, but for Visitors from the stars as well. Such is the mark of an advancing species.

It is now up to us to finish the job of extirpating the Cabal infiltration into our institutions of power and influence. Then we will become fit to have Star Nations openly and formally begin public dialogue on our cosmic future.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Councillor of/for Earth, Star Nations Council
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CouncillorPresident, Star Kids Project,
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Subject: Star Visitors Rescue Mission
From: Philip N. Ledoux <>
Date: Fri, May 25, 2007
To: Editor

25 May 2007

Dowse relating to: [DrRichBoylanReports] May 17, 2007
- D-Day in the Campaign to disempower the Cabal 2007/05/19 Sat PM 07:21:48 CDT

Is this report from Dr. Boylan? Yes
1/3 of the information is truthful? Yes
Were Star Visitors liberated on Thursday, May 17, 2007. Yes
The number "130" was used for this group. Is this correct? Maybe
"130" was guards, administration and Star Visitors? Yes
95 Star Visitors were involved? Yes

Are lightworkers working with Boyland actually breaking the power of the Cabal? No
Are lightworkers collectively breaking the power of the Cabal? Possibly Yes Possibly No
A total of 2 weeks from discovery to release? Yes
List of psychics working with Boyland correct? Yes
These psychics were assisted by Star Visitors? Possibly Yes Possibly No
3 psychics were assisted by Star Visitors? Yes
Are there "good-guys" within Special Forces, NSA, CIA? Possibly Yes Possibly No
The good-guys who assisted were all genuine good-guys? No read

Fran (remote viewing) originally discovered this group? Yes
The installation is within DeBaca County, New Mexico? Yes
The installation is five miles underground? Yes
The code-name for this prison was SkyHawk-ULTRA? No read
SkyHawk-ULTRA is not the real code-name? Yes
Boyland is protecting special interests by changing the name? Yes
Star Visitors were being held and abused? Yes

The surface was a legitimate government research installation? Maybe
The surface installation was a secret government research facility? Yes
The installation commander was aware of the 2 contaminated levels? Yes
The commander was aware of the lower levels? Yes
The surface commander was in command of the Star Visitor facility? Yes

Star Visitors were held by complex electromagnetic-containment fields? Yes
and by artificially-generated radiation fields? Yes
These fields disorient Star Beings? No read
These fields hold Star Beings captive? Yes
"Anders" is responsible for assigning Star Being captives? Yes
Will Boyland try to bring Anders "to justice"? NO
Boyland worked indirectly with "Anders"? Yes
Once the facility had been discovered, Star Beings were transferred in and out? Yes
Therefore Star Beings released were not considered important? Yes

Star Nations advised us [Boyland] to not put out a general Joint Psychic Exercise notice? NO
CIT Iceland -- team did supplementary reconnaissance of NM site? NO
No reconnaissance was needed? Yes
Through base commander, Boyland knew the complete layout? Yes
Which verified Fran's discoveries? Yes
CIA officers had been decrypting and reading our [Boyland] communications? NO
Boyland was reporting to CIA? Yes ***
Does the department of Interstellar Immigration exist? No
Interstellar Immigration is a "red herring" to mislead honest people? Yes
"Cabal members names as of this operation will have some names" Is the statement truthful? NO
25 elite DELTA and Shadow Knights were involved in the operation? NO
The "presidential orders" event was "smoke and mirrors"? Yes
Star Nations requested a three-mile-diameter cleared airspace? NO
Star Visitors were transferred from the ground to on-board [craft] via teleportation? No read
The craft were invisibility cloaked? NO
Star Visitors "walked" aboard waiting craft? Yes

Star Commanders are aware of Boyland's dual loyalties? No read
Star Commanders do not trust Boyland? Yes
"once they knew they had been beaten, the Cabal agents left in anger" Is this a truthful statement? No
This is all part of a pre-planned script by CIA? Yes ***
"Below them were six levels, two which were toxic and unused" Truthful? Partial truth
There are 7 levels total? Yes
Does this base do hybrid work? Yes
This facility is larger than Area 51? Yes
The psychics could have discovered this other part? Yes
The rescue operation diverted this possibility? Yes

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

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