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The Bush-Clinton-Katrina fund Dowse

[Editor's Note: I initially head from Stephanie Relfe of that a hurricane relief fund named the Bush-Clinton-Katrina fund was established some months before Hurricane Katrina actually hit New Orleans. If the story is accurate, it adds credibility to the proposition that Katrina was preplanned to hit New Orleans with HAARP technology. The US oligarchy needed to to create an excuse for bringing in troops and declaring martial law, as well as clearing out poor blacks from New Orleans neighborhoods which will be gentrified and upgraded for commercial development. A unknown person put his life at risk in order to get this information out to the public. We need to silently express our gratitude to him (or her) and aks the universe to protect him from discovery or harm. .Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 19, 2005


In the included dowse, I know who made the leak. I changed the dowse to protect that person't life. Amazing how clever the SOBs are in trying to find out who did the leaking of info. They have psychology right down pat, don't they? Figuratively put a gun to a talk show host to make people think they are doing a service to the population at large and unknowingly sign the person's death certificate. Yet, I can remember the day when I would have taken the bait unknowingly. How stupid I was! Therefore I cannot say "how stupid can people be?"

Philip N. Ledoux

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Date: Mon Sep 19, 2005 11:56 pm
Subject: PS - Bush-Clinton-Katrina fund info source icsn2202
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Listening to Alan Stang here, talking with a caller about his June 14th date for the establishment of the Bush-Clinton Katrina Relief Fund. Alan states that he has not been able to entirely verify that June 14th date for the establishment of the Bush-Clinton Katrina Relief fund.

He states a source, which he has not named, emailed him that information. He further states his hope was that by way of his sharing that alleged information with his listeners, someone may be able to get BETTER confirmation than an email.

My personal guess is that chances are the fund itself may have been established in June, but it's likely at that time it did not bear the specific hurricane name Katrina (unfortunately.)

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Bush-Clinton-Katrina fund Dowse

Did Bush and Clinton create a Bush-Clinton-Katrina fund? Yes

Was that fund created 14 June 2005? Yes

Did lawyers create the fund? Yes

The creation date is the notarization date? Yes

Were monies seeded to start the fund? Yes

$2,000 in initial funding? Yes

Kept in a banking account? No

Invested? Yes

Bush and Clinton manage the account? No

The fund is professionally managed? Yes

Bush and Clinton can withdraw as desired from the fund? Maybe

They are main beneficiaries? Yes

Not the Hurricane Katrina victims? Yes

The title is to disguise? Yes

Public gifts enlarge the fund? Yes

Only token disbursements go to victims? Yes

Was the original fund named Bush-Clinton-Katrina Relief Fund? Yes

Did the original name include “Katrina”? Yes

Bush and Clinton knew the plans for Hurricane Katrina in June 2005? Yes

And set up this fund for future donations? Yes

Did Bush or Clinton conceive the original idea? No

It was a friendly lawyer’s idea? Yes

Did Bush and Clinton put up the seed money? No

The friendly lawyer put up the seed money? No

Lobbists friends put up the seed money? Yes

Legal paperwork done in Washington, D.C.? Yes

Was source information reliable and honest? Yes

If source informer were made public is that person in danger? Yes

This is why the elusive email route for the information? Yes

The desire was to give enough information for others to search and find? Yes

Is it possible to currently trace the source and date of notarization? Yes

Without knowing actual source informer? Yes

There are enough people involved that nobodycan figure out leak source? Yes

A little genuine sleuthing in D.C. would find documents? Yes

It is a matter of industry expertise? Yes

Alan Sang is taking the lazy solution to find informer? Yes

It could endanger informer? Yes

Is Alan aware of this? Yes

Alan is “taking orders”? Yes

His superiors need to know whom informed? Yes

To eliminate the informer? Yes

End of Dowse

Philip N. Ledoux

“Shoot the messenger syndrome”

Dowse not checked by others for accuracy



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