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November California Dowse, Part 2

[Editor's Note: Dowsing sessions are indicators of possibilities, but the future is always in a state of flux and many unseen forces are at work to bring about stability and mitigation. Hold the mind set that these events will NOT unfold as planned by the Dark Side. ASSUME that it's not going to happen. The energy will come in to change the circumstances which will lead to a different reality. Awareness of the possibilities is the best way to short circuit their plans. ..Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
November 11, 2005


If your readers missed the prior dowse of a month or two ago about up-coming HAARP induced statewide earthquakes in California, this update is enough to be forewarned, although right now rather short notice. Although references are made to private dowsings for individuals in the Bay Area, it applies statewide to California. Private dowsings indicate far northern California will not get hit as bad. Another board, the old "big assed planes" were flying associated earthquake equipment out of Ukiah up to South Eastern Oregon and setting up shop, eqpt. part of this planned quake fiasco. A fellow dowser tipped me off to recheck my dates; thus this update. Dowse explains whys and wherefores. This dowse has not been checked by anyone.

Philip N. Ledoux

I was just asked: Have you double-checked the dates [of Calif. Quaked]? This was early in the morning of 11 November 2005. I was on Instant Messenger and started a double check. Another excellent dowser I am in touch with regularly, tipped me off 2 days ago the recheck me dates on this same quake prediction. I had done so and came up with confirmation of my original dates, locations and severity. The following results indicated that my friend manages to “lock into” the top of the decision chain and myself into the operations end. [As a humorous aside, I’ll have to ask my friend for a copy of the door key he uses; ha ha.] Here is a condensed version of the IM dowsing session:

I could be latching into the same false umbrella, don't know

I'll do it without numbers [I sometimes have problems with numbers.]

Start of California dowse:

1. Will California experience a state-wide earthquake in the month of November 2005? Yes

2. These earthquakes will be in the magnitude of R7 and R8? Yes

3. Last week of Nov? No

4. 4th week? No

5. 3rd week of November? Yes

6. End of week? No

7. Beginning of the 3rd week of November 2005? Yes

[This is the new information:]

8. Sunday? Yes

9. Monday? Yes

10. 3rd week Nov, Tue, Wed? Yes

11. Sunday R7 & R8? Yes

12. Mon, Tues, Wed After shocks into R5? Yes

[A prior private 9 AM deadline Saturday to leave Bay Area starts to make sense]

13. Earthquakes on last day of 2nd week of November? Not No, Not Yes

14. 2nd week Nov last day R3 Yes

15. As Preliminary shocks? Yes

16. In the category of testing equipment? Yes

[Non published private dowse indicated limited egressfrom Bay Area during Saturday]

17. Road checks and road blocks to start last day of 2nd week Nov? Yes

18. Roadblocks etc. are timed (to start) via first preliminary shocks? Yes

19. Mid morning latest time to successfully leave Bay Area California? Started strong possibly yes, possibly no; then gradually moved to yes

20. Have TPTB changed the time-table from a week ago? Yes

21. Purposefully changed time-table to upset any predictions? Yes

22. Were my previous dowses locked into false umbrellas? No

End of dowse.

Philip N. Ledoux

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