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Hurricane Mitigation: Calling All "Rita" Veterans!

By Philip N. Ledoux
October 21, 2005


Somebody posted on your board, via a dowse, that around 40,000 people participated in reducing the ferocity of Rita. The results were obviously successful; yes, we CAN fight back TPTB’s efforts to damage people, property and things. It takes effort, time and willingness to fight; yet it is a fight that is unseen by most human eyes. And yes, the “bad boys” can be countered; at least what they physically try to accomplish by adding to nature’s natural forces.

The signatures carried along with Hurricane Wilma, which infrared enhances and makes visible and the speed with which “she” has been enhanced; all point to another major effort by TPTB trying their old tricks of using a force of nature to do their dirty deeds. It matters little what the target is, the enhancement signs are there for most of us to recognize. The important thing is that together we can again surprise TPTB by working together to remove the enhancements and bring Wilma to a reasonable natural force or natural cleansing.

Steven Dainis is crying for help from his forum. His instructions remain the same as in the past: IF you have an orgonite creation that you yourself made (not something you bought).

1. Printup a copy of the radar (or satellite image) map of Wilma for the day.

2. Channel your INTENT into (your creation) as you set it atop the map to weaken Wilma back to tropical force status. Use SPECIFIC thought-form suggestion: ‘Wilma is now a tropical storm!! Wilma harms no human!’ (Use present tense terminology.)

3. Focus your intentions on the hour or the half hour to gain power in numbers.

Obviously we 40,000 all do not have an orgonite creations; whatever you/we did about Rita and Ophelia must have been correct, so let us all do the same again PRONTO.

My dowsings from these last mitigated hurricanes, which were prompted by actions of friends in other groups, is for those of us who have to work, etc. to try to do something on the hour or half hour. As people work unseen, though accumulative, the number of people working simultaneously become exponential rather than linear.

(For those who didn’t like math in school, that merely means that 1 + 1 +1 does not equal 3, it equals 5. Multiply that by dozens or hundreds! It becomes astronomical.) The old saying that something is better than nothing, so do not let a clock interfere. For those who can spend 15 seconds, 45 seconds on the hour (and/or half) it is worth the effort because of the exponential factor.

And pass the word around far and wide and quickly.

Philip N. Ledoux

P.S. I was off the internet because I didn’t distribute the FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) in a “timely manner”. Thanks to Ken, I’m back on trying to catch up. The Almighty works in strange ways, no? And just in time to remind everyone to call all their friends to help on Wilma.

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