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The Weather Channel & Chemtrail CODES

By Philip N. Ledoux
February 7, 2005

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I just picked this up a few minutes ago. As you should know, everything is coded, the code being in plain sight. Here it is. I have not edited anything. “in the raw” I think it was from chem...3

Philip N. Ledoux

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From: "seti_starr" <seti_starr@y...>

Date: Mon Feb 7, 2005 12:10 pm

The Weather Channel has a slick way of announcing heavy spraying in your area. The weekly chart they show with the sun image and clouds..etc have a secret meaning to them. I found this a year ago, but never posted about it....I didn't want them to change their format. The sun symbol with one lonely cloud to the left means spray day. The two clouds to the right are the normal days. I have seen chemtrails on normal days, however, I feel sick on the days they show the one cloud to the left. These days may be other harsher poisons..don't know, but could be. Also the Weather Channel has something called "Local on the 8's" or something like that. At 8,18,28,38..etc minutes after the hour, they show local weather and a radar of the region. The radars they are now using are very general and the weather modification signatures don't show up well on these. They are hiding these things from the public. I hate these new radars..they're absolute crap! The sun and cloud symbols are part of this Local on the 8's...



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