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Free Clearing Technique

From: Philip Ledoux
April 16, 2005

13 April 2005

"PlatinumChi-Star Clearing"

A Method To Cleanse The Entire Body

By Steven Dainis

Edited by Philip N. Ledoux

For those who are new to the etheric body, I will try to introduce some background information. We have been educated to live by our senses - touch, smell, sight and hearing. By limiting our education results in the limiting of our abilities to develop our total potentials. Actually, we are limiting ourselves to interacting with only half of our body and mind. There is another unseen portion to our bodies called the etheric body, some refer to it as the 4th dimensional existence. Science is just discovering that it is the auric body (this etheric body of each individual) that carries the memory of scars. One cannot remove scars from the physical body with permanence without first removing the scar memory from the aura.

A few gifted people (some say we all have it but learn to forget via parental scolding) are able to see the aura around a person, and depending on the coloration, tears, holes, etc. the observer can tell which organ in the body is having difficulties, how badly affected an organ is and the general health of the person. Just as our physical bodies get a vicious cold, catch the flu or have plugged sinuses, The etheric body, this aura and the associated chakras can be toxic, can be plugged and can be functioning badly. As we mentioned, the physical body can affect the auric body, likewise the auric body can affect the physical body; and that is what this free information about "PlatinumChi-Star Clearing" for cleansing the total body is all about.

Here is a "Do It Yourself" set of information that any person can do all by themselves to cleanse the auric body. You, the user of this information, do not have to be able to see your aura, nor the associated chakras, nor the actual events you will create; although you do have to be able to visualize and feel within your mind the steps which follow. All of the steps have been carefully dowsed to ascertain their necessity; the complete dowse is included at the end of this essay if you wish to peruse the verification. So, let's get started with the very easy to understand and easy to apply steps to auric self-cleansing. Very similar to a child learning how to bathe themselves, it is more important to start and try than to observe and ponder.

In some location where you will not be interrupted:

1. Increase/alter your brain-wave frequency. (More on this below)

2. Visualize what it was like to use light in the past. (If no experience merely visualize using and handling light and what it feels like.) [Steven prefers to use PlatinumChi light]

3. Mentally visualize and feel what it was/is like to verbalize the word "CLEAR"

4. Combine all of this through visualization and mental feeling into a compact ball which is further compacted until it becomes a bright point and looks exactly like a bright star in the night sky.

5. Bring this compacted feeling-visualization-star-like-point into your crown chakra, or merely down through the top of your head into your body. [Steven prefers to bring it into his body through the solar-plexus] (more on the chakra system below)

6. Now allow this "star-point" to expand and literally-mentally-explode within your physical-etheric-body. Simultaneously think/feel the command "CLEAR!" as the PlatinumChi-Star explodes!

That is all there is to it. All done silently, personally and effectively. Is it all done within this physical body of ours? Well, the etheric body and the physical body are not two separate entities, they are intertwined, so the answer is both a yes and a no, the reality being a solid yes.

If after trying the above for yourself you do not see, sense or feel any changes in your life, send a private email to <> . State the area of interest or specific problems you have, if you like. At the end sign/state your full name, along with your email address. Steven Dainis offers this remote-clearing work for a $25 gift.

The Chakras
The chakras are vortexes of energy that look somewhat like a funnel or a trumpet. In general they face "forward" similar to a person using a bugle. There is also an associated "rear" chakra extending out the back of the physical body (in the etheric realm) which is a cleansing device and much smaller than its associated chakra. There is one "grounding" chakra that uptakes energy from the earth, the small end pointing up into the torso and in general winds around the spine which all the other chakras connect to, and a major "crown" chakra that intakes energy from the universe. The other chakras from the bottom to the top of the torso: Sacral Plexus, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Bridge (over the eyes) and Third Eye (center of forehead). These all combine into an interconnecting system. Because of our lack of knowledge our physical bodies become sluggish or blocked; likewise for the same reason our etheric body via the chakra and auric system becomes blocked. The clearing system described clears out the etheric body and as a result of the interactions with the physical body, the physical body is also cleared to a great extent.

Steven added: "the explosion is just that, an explosion that spreads outward throughout the whole auric & etheric bodies, clearing all the chakras as a matter of course in the process."

Increasing Brain-Wave Frequency
Most people reading this should have some sort of experience in altering their brainwave frequency through some sort of technique that takes some time to learn. Be it drumming, meditating, mantra usage, self-hypnosis, deep-rythmic-breathing, etc...The point is that you should use a technique that gets you very relaxed, yet very focused. And use this technique right at the beginning of the steps outlined above. Also, if you are at all familiar with making orgonite, then have some around you before you begin this technique. Orgonite will boost your personal Chi-level, and orgonite is very responsive to mental-commands.

You can purchase orgonite if you do not know how to make it. Beware, not all orgonite is identical. The intent of the fabricator is imbedded within orgonite, and thusly will affect the buyer/user strongly for good or evil. It is difficult to "know" your source of orgonite when buying; many a black majik magician creates and sells orgonite as the "best". Known reliable sources: Jon Logan, Wizzer's Workshop, 250-446-2032, Mail - PO Box 139, Westbridge BC V0H2B0, Email -; on chemtrails2 at yahoo-groups are several members who create orgonite, their handles are - Ginny, Gail and Cowboy, who create for others. A simple message on that board for "help" will result in a reply.

The Dowsing history pertaining to all the above:

12 April 2005 23:46

I have permission to dowse Steven's PlatinumChi Star Clearing Visualization

Is Steven's reference to "page 9" referring to the Springmier book? Yes

At that point, did Steven feel strongly personally empowered? Yes

Did Steven do the internal visualizations while on break as stated? Yes

Did Steven do internal visualizations while at work? Yes

Do these internal visualizations while at work interfere with Steven's work? No (strong)

Is reading the materials the key reason why Steven gets centered perfectly? No read (dead pendulum, not any indication starting with stationary pendulum)

Did Steven clear himself using a method he never ever used before or read about? No

Did Steven clear himself using a method he never read about? No

Did Steven clear himself using a method he never used before? No

Is it a memory lapse why he doesn't remember? Yes

Has Steven used this technique in this time-line before? No.

Has Steven read of this technique in this time-line before? Ambiguous, pendulum circles strongly

Is the description of the technique accurate? Yes

Does Platinumchi contain more frequencies than white light? Ambiguous, circling pendulum

Is it important to think that Platinumchi contains more frequencies than white light? No

Is the principle more important than the type of light? No

Is the type of light one of the keys to this technique? No

Is the visualization an important part of this technique? Yes

Is the feeling an important part of this technique? Yes

Is the color-frequency-vibration important in this technique? No

Is the feeling of the color important? Yes

Is the visualization of color important in this technique? Yes

Is sensing the vibration of this color important in this technique? Yes

Do each of these steps have to be individualized? Circling pendulum

Can all of these steps be combined? Yes

Is the statement: (remember, it's an illusion, time is) a truthful statement? Yes

Is it necessary to have experienced this in the past? No

If this is a new experience will the technique work? Oval swing to pendulum but never gets to a genuine yes.

Is using the word "CLEAR" a necessary part of the technique? Yes

Is it necessary to say "CLEAR" vocally? Basically a circling pendulum, with some weird gyrations.

Can the word "CLEAR" internalized work? Yes

Is it necessary to combine the feeling of "CLEAR"? Circling pendulum

Is it necessary to combine the feeling of "CLEAR" and Platinumchi frequency? Yes

Is it necessary to combine all this into a point? Yes

Is it necessary to combine all this into a point like a star? Yes

Is bringing this point to the solar plexus important? No

Is bringing this point to the solar plexus chakra important? Yes

Will it work if brought to other charkas? Yes

Is bringing this point to certain charkas more effective than others? Circling pendulum

Should the selection of the chakra be left to the user? No

Several elimination dowsesIs the crown chakra the most effective with this technique? Yes

Is the visualization of this point brought inside and exploding, important? Yes

After visualizing the explosion, is it necessary to visualize the "CLEAR"? Yes

Is it necessary to visualize where this explosion exists in the body? Yes

Has Steven forgotten other important steps in this technique? Yes

Will it work without the steps Steven has forgotten? No

Several elimination dowses

Is there more than one step missing? No

A few elimination dowses

Is the missing step at the start of the technique? Yes

Are there other important things I should ask in this dowse? No

End of dowse. Philip N. Ledoux

I have permission to continue dowsing for Steven

Is the initial missed step the altering of the brainwave frequency? Yes

When Steven says he forgets that he is altering the frequency is he honest? Yes

When visualizing the "explosion" is it important to visualize it expanding into the total auric field and cleansing all the chakras? Yes

End of dowse. Philip N. Ledoux


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