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Dowse on Cloaking Devices & Intent Deception Employed by TPTB

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 28, 2005


Here is some information that started out as a couriosity factor and ended up unearthing something few of us were aware of. It is not published as a help to others who are puzzled. Nothing more than connecting another dot in a very complex picture.


Cloaking Devices Dowse

Are dark forces used to protect a storm's real intent? Yes

Dark forces use false intent to protect? Yes

False intent is to mislead searchers? Yes

Searchers "lock in" on intent? Yes

This false intent is mechanically/electronically enhanced? Yes

The false intent is many times stronger than original intent? Yes

Thusly honest searchers find the strengthened false intent? Yes

Does the false intent interfere with storm control? No

Is the false intent field propagated in the storm? Yes

All done electronically? Yes

All storms have false intent fields associated with them? No

Man-directed-enhanced storms have these false intent fields? Maybe

Did major storms before Katrina have these false intent fields? No

Mass population reduction-intent prompted this additional factor? Yes

These false intent fields are to prevent early warning for masses to counter-affect storm? Yes

Searchers must change their target intent? Yes

Basically avoid the storm itself? Yes

Concentrate on operating personnel? Yes

HAARP operators/supervisors? Yes

GWEN operators/supervisors? Yes

FEMA leadership? Yes

Elizabeth II and the Vatican? No

President and associates? No

Elizabeth, Vatican & President have false field protection? Yes

Also have psychic shield protection? Yes

HAARP etc. operators have psychic shield protection? No

HAARP etc. bases have standard psychic shield protection? Yes

But not operating/supervising personnel? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux and Robert L Booth

Must use a form of energy as vortexes of energy to break the shield. It is like shooting arrows of energy at the various points of field. But must use varying frequencies to break the barrier. Alternate the direction of the vortexes and concentrate on using a changing pattern.


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