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Courage To Indict Dowse

[Editor's Note: May 4, 2005. I've received a few e-mails about this article that has caused some concern. While the information is sobering , understand that dowsing is an art and nothing is set in stone when it comes to the future. No dowser worth his salt would ever claim infallibility, but a good dowser will tend to get accurate information to a very high percentage. The future is changeable and a consensus by many competent dowsers is the way to go to determine if any one particular dowsing question yields the same answer. Information such as this is presented to give you an opportunity to see over the horizon and plan for the future. Information is Power. Use it to assist and aid you, not depress you. Just because the NWO is planning on a destructive course, doesn't mean that we have to allow it to happen. Get busy and get in the fight. Do your part and help bring these satanic scum to their knees. They are vulnerable and hardly invincible! Read Don Croft's material to see what ordinary people can accomplish if they have the will and fortitude to engage the cowardly parasites and their minions..Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
May 1, 2005


I really do not like what my pendulum gave me for answers. So far it has been reliable. Ugh!

Philip N. Ledoux


Ol' "blabbermouth" started the following exchanges by recently commenting about her initial reactions to 911, and related events of new friends who died in the tragedy.

No need to be apologetic ref 911. There is more than enough data to indict the regime's major players many times over.

Jerome W


Philip Ledoux replied:

Who has enough courage and clout to indict?

To which this reply came in my private mail:

That is the $64,000 question, Philip. Whether the critical mass of evidence which continues to mount, as snippets of the complex story come out (but never in mainstream), and ever gains enough traction to suddenly chain react before it becomes a mute point, as pressure mounts amongst more people to simply survive, ... well, ... let's see. ...

A series of well organized questions to your pendulum might be an interesting probe.

Jerome W


To which my pendulum went to work:

Dowse 1 May 2005

1. Was the 911 tragedy executed by Bush II, Cheney and "pals"? Yes

2. Was the concept of 911 by Bush II, Cheney and "pals"? No

3. Was the planning done at the Bilderberger level? Yes

4. In the true legal sense, is Bush II, Cheney and "pals" traitors? No

5. There is no Constitution in force? Yes

6. Our country operates under presidential rule? Yes

7. The court system is (executive) presidential? Yes

8. The eagle on the flag-staff indicates executive court? Yes

9. Bush giving the orders for 911 would not constitute treason? Yes

10. With enough opposition, can the perpetrators of 911 be brought to justice? No

11. The president can create new rules as he wishes in the judicial system? Yes

12. This would prevent anyone connected to 911 from Being found guilty? Yes

13. The amount of evidence has no bearing on outcome? Yes

14. We the people have no recourse to justice? Yes

15. We are in the same position as the founding fathers in the 1770ies? Yes

16. Bloodshed will be required to regain our rights? Yes

17. Can we regain our rights via the pacifist approach of Ghandi? Not Yes Not no

18. Will peaceful demonstration regain our rights? No

19. Would a nation-wide strike regain our rights? Maybe

20. Are the foreign troops in the US under UN command? Yes

21. Strikers would be killed by UN troops? Yes

22. In immediate response? Yes

23. Demonstrators would be killed by UN troops? Yes

24. The smallest sign of revolt would be killed by UN troops? No

25. The controllers are depending on mind control technology? Yes

26. UN troops are a back-up should mind control fail? Yes

27. Whether we revolt or continue business as usual, the controllers win? Yes

28. Would a genuine revolt find and kill off the controllers? No

29. Are guillotines in storage in the US? Yes

30. Are there enough for most towns and cities? Yes

31. Opposition leadership will be brought to the guillotine? Yes

32. Before the assembled masses? Yes

33. The beheadings will effectively stop any revolt movement? Yes

34. Beheadings will start within 3 years? No

35. Beheadings will start within 4 years? Yes

36. Are concentration camps holding pens for guillotine victims? Yes

37. Most concentration camp detainees will be gassed? No

38. Most will be guillotined as a deterrent? Yes

39. All guillotining will be public? Yes

40. No guillotining will take place in the concentration camps? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux


* [Editor's Note: The use of guillotines in America, as in the Illuminati-orchestrated French Revolution of 1788, is not news to me as Cisco Wheeler had already confirmed this in a phone conversation in November of 2004. Pam Shuffert has also mentioned the stockpiling of guillotines at America's concentration camps. The purpose of public beheadings is to terrorize the American people into submission and break the will to resist. ..Ken]

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