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Aug. 11, 2006 Dowse on Current Events:
Liquid Explosives Threats to Air Travel, BP shutdown of Alaskan field pipeline, Iran and weather wars

By Philip N. Ledoux
August 11, 2006

A dowse concerning current events; liquid explosives threats to air travel, BP shutdown of Alaskan field pipeline, Iran and weather wars.

1. Was it planned that these events would occur simultaneously? Yes
2. The liquid explosives problem has been known for over 5 years? Yes
3. The recent Homeland Security Condition Red (liquid explosives) is all part of mass psychological conditioning? Yes
4. The liquid explosives threat has been factored into air travel hazards? Yes
5. Air travel over oceans can be taken down by satellite laser weapons? Yes
6. Thus leaving no fingerprint of what happened? Yes
7. Such an event would be blamed on conventional explosives? Yes
8. The high security and news coverage is part of a stock market price manipulation? Yes
9. Are waking up individuals' awareness and "prayers" countering genuine threats? No **

10. Is purposeful, guided intent by aware people affecting the plans of TPTB? Yes
11. A dramatic drop in hurricane numbers affecting the Americas an example? Yes
12. Destructive storms in the Asian sphere is a major shift in TPTB planning? Yes
13. Asian destructive storms are primarily population reduction? No
14. These storms are part of an internal power play by TPTB? Yes
15. The main world planners are not concerned by internal politics? No
16. The main world planners demand long range plan compliance? Yes
17. Which also includes short-term events? Yes
18. It is easier for TPTB to manipulate Asian weather than elsewhere? Yes
19. Because of lack of interest by aware people? Yes
20. Aware people can mitigate Asian destructive weather dramatically? Yes
21. The same people who have/are affecting constructively American weather? Yes
22. These people should "expand their horizons"? YES

23. Prudhoe Bay pipeline corrosion problems have been reported (SOP) for 15 years? Yes
24. BP has known of the problems for 15 years? Yes
25. There is an internal guideline of amount of leakage before action is taken? Yes
26. Repairs are not scheduled for contamination under two acres? Yes
27. The current field shut-down is for marketing profits? Yes
28. The news is part of the psychological conditioning of the masses to accept ever increasing gas (petrol) prices? Yes
29. This is part of an overall plan to destroy the American economy? Yes

30. American troops attempted to enter Iran two months ago? Yes
31. The results indicated that a military take over was not feasible? Yes
32. A back-up plan of an external coup was then implemented? Yes
33. American linguistic experts were teleported into the Iranian government? Yes
34. Many Iranian leaders were kept hostage? Yes
35. Many Iranian leaders were killed? Yes
36. All this was kept out of the Iranian press? Yes
37. These American experts took over Iranian government management? Yes
38. This operation has become a failure? Yes
39. A failure because of non-comprehension of Iranian culture? Yes
40. Because of the gross errors, gossip has spread the news throughout Iran? Yes
41. Iran is operating normally via its local governments? Yes
42. The American experts are not aware that they are ignored/isolated? Yes
43. The "stale-mate" will continue about two years? Yes **
44. Fierce bloodshed will occur in a recapture of the Iranian government? Yes
45. No American expert will remain alive? Yes **

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

** Certainly individuals who wake up are some kind of a threat to TPTB. And once we "wake up" we quickly learn to counter TPTB via prayer and intent. My feeling is that no genuine terrorist threat exists; it is our own government which is the threat. It is difficult to pray against a non-existent threat. We have to direct our prayers and intent against the correct target. Only when correctly targeted does prayer and intent become effective.

My friend Twirpy gave me a hint about teleportation and the take over of the Iranian government. Without knowing the culture and normal decision making in that culture, those directly affected or delivering daily government decisions quickly recognize this via abnormalities. From this group the farce of out of context decisions quickly spread amongst the population at large. The primary reaction is to allow the take-over forces to play their silly games, and are ignored to keep life, business and commerce proceed normally. Eventually the Iranians will take back their government from these American experts, probably in some kind of jihad which will shed much blood with no (teleported) American remaining alive.

End of dowse explanations by PNL

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