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Dowse on Foreign Troop Movement- Montana Westward

By Philip N. Ledoux
October 21, 2005

Re: Foreign Military Convoys Spotted in Washington State and Montana (Oct. 20, 2005)

Montana Headed Westward


Here is another dowse that gives the dowser a sick in the pit of the stomach heaviness as it is accomplished, but a lift at the end, because all is not gloom and doom. We can fight the SOBs just as we have successfully put a great big monkeywrench into the planned horrific hurricanes. The trick is to work together and someone figure out a networking system, but not one system, rather several small networks so nobody can knock the whole network in one slam. And apparently we have to concentrate of the target area, not the transmitters.

Philip N. Ledoux

21 October 2005

Dowse on Troop Movements headed West from Montana

1. The black uniformed battle ready troops were Russian? YES

2. They were to form-up with troops on Russian Ships off Washington State? YES

3. They used tank sized many axle wheels instead of treads? Yes

4. Do American troops have these types of equipment? No

5. Experimental? Yes

6. Does the UK use these types of equipment? No

7. Standard equipment for Russian military? Yes

8. Standard equipment for German military? Yes

9. Standard equipment for French military? Yes

10. Standard equipment for Chinese military? No

11. Is there to be faked emergencies in America's NorthWest to declare martial law? NO

12. Will real emergencies be used there for martial law? YES

13. IS it planned for martial law in Seatle, WA within 90 days? YES.

14. The troop movements are ahead of time for forgetfulness by people? Yes

15. Troops and equipment will be kept "out of sight" for time-being? Yes

16. Russian ships will gradually unload troops and equipment? YES

17. To not become obvious? Yes

18. Will the trigger event be part of another dowse's world-wide illusion events? Not yes, not no

19. The real emergency be "earth, air, fire, water"? --- Fire? Yes

20. Can "fire" be enhanced like hurricanes and earthquakes? Yes

21. Electronically? (HAARP)? Yes

22. A "city" fire can be changed into an uncontrollable inferno? Yes

23. All via HAARP? Yes

24. IS HAARP-enhanced fires currently planned for Seattle, WA within 90 days? YES.

25. IS the plan to destroy ~70% of Seattle, WA by HAARP-induced fires within the next 90 days? YES-strong!

26. Will Tacoma, Washington be a target for fire? No

27. Will Portland Oregon be a target for fire? No

28. Will Eugene, Oregon be a target for fire? No

29. Will the forests to the east of Seattle be set on fire? Yes

30. From Seattle to 175 miles to the east? Yes

31. The width of burn about 150 miles N to S? Yes

32. Once fire starts, HAARP make it uncontrollable? Yes

33. Can combined mental effort (as with Rita) counter HAARP enhancing fires? YES-strong

34. Can combined effort prevent HAARP from enhancing anything? YES

35. Combined effort targeted towards transmitters? No

36. Combined effort must target affected area? YES

End of dowse.

Philip N. Ledoux

Verified and words improved by Steven Dainis

Addendum Saturday, October 22, 2005


To remove myself from the “cycle of control,” which I became aware of back in the early 1980ies, I stopped listening to TV, radio and movies. I do occasionally watch a VCR and DVD. To me, the most interesting part of some of these recorded movies is the added “cuts” and behind the scenes additions after the end of the credits. I assume that many of your readers are likewise minded and are curious about what really goes on “behind a dowse”.

Below I have included some correspondence with Steven Dainis who has verified my dowses, suggested improvements in question forming, and has helped me connect my subconscious, conscious and higher self, which is a hidden part of making the unseen connections needed in dowsing. We truly all have the ability; a strong desire is really a pre-requisite, and we all are able to “connect”. Just as when we learned addition, subtraction and multiplication, we had no comprehension that calculus existed. In a similar manner, connecting the inner self, the middle self and the higher self are the non expected part (similar to calculus). This is obliquely referred to in the correspondence.

As an “outsider” observing Don Croft vs. Steven Dainis (I hope the reader can smile a bit at this phrasing) there has been no love lost between these two “characters”. I am pleasantly surprised that Steven gives credit where credit is due: Don was "full of crap" concerning Russians on our northern borders; yet despite that "crap", a skeptical Steven quadruple checked his own dowse to make certain – and “fear mongering” was a miscalculation. YES, Russians DO exist along the border, just as Don had been saying. To me, a DamnedYankee, it takes a man to admit that he is wrong and more-so to state it publicly.

I’m a country raised boy, and certainly would be lost in the jungles of the city and easily devoured. It is easily ascertained that Steven knows that jungle well, which often times sets priorities like: "the information is more important than the style it is presented in". So, read the missive with a kindly attitude towards the jungle survivor’s style.

This is the “confirmation letter” from Steven about the Russians moving from Montana dowse. This is probably one of very few private notes sent to me that any reader will ever read:

Philip N. Ledoux


[From Steven Dainis]
22 October 2005

I only dowsed the 11 (or so) MOST PERTINENT questions. I figured if there is fault in those answers you received, then the rest was pretty meaningless. I dowsed it with a skeptical-bent, I might add. I've have thought for years (sorry, I never dowsed it to confirm/deny at that time, nor since) that Croft's reports of Russians on US-soil, and at the border of Canada was ALL fear-mongering. My dowsing was double & triple & quadruple checked.
After I did all that with the eleven questions, re-wording a few for clarity, I dowsed the over-all accuracy of the dowsing about "Russian Troops In Montana (by Philip Ledoux 10-21-2005). It is an over-all accuracy rating and was over 95%. When it is that high, there may be just one or 2 wrong answers, or may be none at all!! The 5% error rating comes ALSO from non-concise wording and/or meaning.

To dowse further was too time-consuming for me, personally. I was satisfied with the final write-up with my input/entries made.

As you are finding out, I'm sure, the subconscious mind can be a stubborn-cuss, eh?? Has to be repeated over and over before the process goes the way you the dowser, or the middle-self, wants it to go. Plus, having a cleared path between the subconscious mind and the HighSelf sure doesn't hurt, either ;-) !!


[PS from PNL: I omited a bit of non-related private information]

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