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Dec. 4, 2006: Dream & Dowse of Attack on Iran

[Editor's Note: As with every other predictive dowse posted here, this is offered up as information only. There are no guarantees, but only possibilities. If it happens, then you read it here first, If it doesn't happen, then all the better. We much prefer to abort and short circuit nefarious plans rather than see them materialize. Just read it and apply focused intention to abort it. Politically, an attack on Iran doesn't make sense to me at this time. I would assume that the regime would repeat the same MO as they used before attacking Iraq and pretend that they tried to use 'all diplomatic options' etc., before deciding on a military 'necessity', blah, blah. You know the routine. Of course, surprise and expedience are ALWAYS their excuse for ramming their agenda forward, but enough 'conscious' objectors, worldwide, can upset their plans, sometimes substntially. ..Ken]

From Tim Hicks and Philip Ledoux
December 4, 2006 .shtml


Here is the complete history of information sent to me by Tim Hicks. Kindly hold publication until you call Tim (he currently works from 3 or 4 AM for 10 maybe 12 hours)or maybe Tim will contact you. I've send this identical info to Tim and ZSL.

From: "Tim769"
To: Philip Ledoux
Subject: urgent: time sensitive, please give your comments and assistance
Date: Mon, 4 Dec


It is just after 3:00 am on Monday morning (local time). I have been awakened in just enough time to allow me to do some dowse work about a dream I had just before waking, just moments ago before heading to work. My mother, who has passed many years ago, came to tell me of large events on world scale. I have reasoned and dowsed that this concerns an attack on Iran by Israel aided by America. I believe the timing is to be just after the full moon.

I have done what I know to do and asked for intervention in the ways I have been taught over the last couple of years. Each of your thoughts, comments and assistance is asked for and welcome, whatever it might be.


Dowse 4 December 2006
10:19 PM

1.Did Tim’s mother visit him in his dream? Yes
2. The information relayed was of “large events on world scale”? Yes
3. Is Tim’s dowse “an attack on Iran” correct? No read
4. Is Israel planning an attack on Iran? No read
5. Are American Forces planning an attack on Iran? YES
6. Is this attack planned for just after the next full moon? No read
7. An “open attack” by American Forces has gigantic political problems? Yes
8. An American attack could trigger revolt on U.S. homeland? Yes
9. The American political leadership has ordered an attack on Iran? No read
10. The extended Bush Cabal has ordered an attack on Iran? Yes

11. Openly carrying out this attack would be political suicide? Yes
12. To prevent political suicide, the plan is to include Israel? Yes
13. Just enough Israeli participation so that News Spin can make it appear as total Israeli? Combination Answer: Yes AND Possibly yes.
14. The key element to attacking is (are) the psi-ops elements? Yes
15. The second important element is (are) the electronic destruction special equipment? Yes
16. These two elements determine the outcome of any major attack? Yes
17. The regular Army movements are necessary? Yes
18. Real purpose is to hide the key elements? Yes
19. Most of the electronic destruction equipment is under Navy control? Yes
20. The Navy disguises this equipment as Army/Air Force equipment? Yes

21. Part of this plan is a small genocide of Iranian population? Yes
22. To reduce their political viability in the area? YES
23. An attack by Israel would be a failure? Yes
24. The psi-ops and electronic destruction is necessary for success? Yes
25. This equipment the Americans retain total control of? YES
26. Anti-gravity platforms are needed for this equipment? Yes
What can us individuals do to counter this technology and prevent the un-necessary slaughter of our own forces and the Iranians? -----
27. Awareness is the first step? Yes
28. Calling upon The Almighty (in any form we recognize Him to be) to intervene? Yes
29. Protests by Americans would be immediately squelched? Yes
30. And be blanked from all news media? Yes

31. The “counter-battle” will be in the unseen? Yes
32. Just as individuals mitigated hurricanes by working together, we must work likewise in preventing slaughter “over there”? YES
33. Groups and individuals with special abilities also need individuals seeking similar goals for anyone to become effective? Yes
34. There are no special prayers, incantations, etc. needed to counter the “official plans”? Yes
35. Words composed from the mind, the heart and the spirit suffice? Yes
36. The objective is to prevent implementing any attack on Iran? YES
37. Differing thoughts, words, etc. will not interfere with the outcome? Yes
(The outcome being prevent any attack.)
38. In the unseen 1 + 1 = 3 ? Yes
39. Thusly 1 + 1 + 1 = approximate 6 ? Yes
40, As more “ones” are added the sum becomes exponential? YES
41. This emphasizes the necessity of individuals working together? Yes
42. TPTB fear this possibility of happening? Yes

End of dowse.
Philip N. Ledoux

PS: The power of the mind is unlimited, awesome, unimaginable. All we need to do is close our eyes, think about a situation and its solution is started on its way to reality. We do not need to be experts in this field of endeavor, the only requirement is that we try. Even though my solution might differ from yours, as long as we are trying to solve the same problem, the combined “thoughts” intensify exponentially as more participate in using the power of the mind to create a solution; thusly we can effectively counter the plans of The Powers That Be (TPTB), The Cabal, whatever one wishes to call the people who order destruction “over there.” The simplest solution to coordinating efforts is to spend a minute (even less if need be) “on the hour.” No matter where one is in the world “on the hour” is the same moment in time. (Yes there are a few exceptions, please do not nit pick.) It will be “business as usual” over there if we do not participate. The battle is in the unseen, the battle of the mind. TPTB have successfully propagandized so that we do not believe in the power of the mind, and have no idea of the exponential force when we combine mental effort; if fact they fear it happening. You will receive no confirmations whether you were effective or not. “No news” is the confirmation. This will be necessarily an on-going-effort, rather than a one-time-shot; kindly make it a habit for the next 3 weeks to mentally “battle” via thinking a solution or thinking preventing any attacks on Iran, several times during the day “on-the-hour.”


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