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Dowse on Russian Troop Traffic, Macon, GA. on Oct 21, 2005

By Philip N. Ledoux
October 22, 2005


Here is a dowse that started out as a simple curiosity to fill in a simple puzzle about strange traffic noises. As the expression goes “it grew like Topsy” and involved several dowsers and many phone calls and emails and lots of surprises; it even locks into the current hurricane Wilma and developing hurricane Alpha.

As you know, and few readers have any suspicions about, that TPTB (The Powers That Be) have given me some rough times including high-speed-lead-poisoning attempts. These dowses you are publishing, are very serious business indeed. You are treading on some very important toes by publishing information that TPTB do not want anyone but themselves “in the loop” about. At minimum that makes you and I vulnerable to being targets of retaliation. Rather than endangering any more people including the innocent “tipster”, I have omitted any reference of verifications, those who added valuable information I missed, and other genuine heroes in this fiasco. Me a hero? Hell no, I have a big yellow streak down my back and while in the military I learned to be flat on the deck by the time the “Hi” of “Hit the deck” was completed. (Ha, ha). All I do is start something which others nail my errors about, eat humble pie about and take the flack about.

We are supposed to be malleable, unwitting, manipulaetable pieces of human flesh. Once we start to see the Wizards behind the curtain, the needed predictability for TPTB is gone. I do not like being manipulated, and I have a great big hunch that most of your readers are likewise minded. How often I and my friends have often dreamed, desired and drooled over being able to have psychic eyes and see the manipulators at work. I’ve joked with you before about the Almighty putting me through school and me kicking and screaming that I don’t want to be here. And now he now has me in a very quiet, small apartment with three lead sinkers on a heavy thread doing exactly what I had dreamed of doing. Not the way I was asking for, but the end results are the same.

With nothing more than 3 lead sinkers and 6 inches of thread and the help of several friends (who have to remain unsung heroes), We are able to hoist the periscope and peer into the most damning plans of TPTB, of the Illuminati and the “hidden government”. I and my friends are only a small cog in the whole process of “liberation” from hidden slavery. We pass on the “view” for others to make use of, to be prepared for, or to get out of the way of. Nobody should, nor is expected that we get feedback; it would only endanger the users. What is comforting to see, is the massive working together to counter the technology of HAARP, etc. in mitigating hurricanes.

The groups I am working with and suggestions we are getting indicate that our hidden work needs a better “broadcast” methodology and/or presentation formats. That’s where Ken and others whom he gives permission to use his copywrite materials take over. It is a long chain of action. Everyone along the chain, never knows for certain if the “guy” at the end of the line is making use of the info. We have to assume they are. From the last several dowses Ken has published for me, I can see another part of the puzzle we all need to be aware of. Not only can HAARP enhance hurricanes, but it works with substations to create earthquakes, and amazingly turn simple fires into infernos. The light at the end of the tunnel is that if we work together as we have about hurricanes (by targeting the results and not the transmitters) we can mitigate earthquakes (that why the advance notices) and snuff the fires. Anything that technology enhances, collectively we can nullify. That is exciting.

And now with that educational-lecture out of the way, let’s get to the nitty gritty of the dowse. The start is part of the missive I received Saturday morning.

Philip N. Ledoux

“Yesterday morning I was awakened at 4:30 and then 5:30 a.m. with noisy traffic on 475, which goes around the western side of Macon. Usually the traffic sounds start around 6 a.m.”

22 October 2005

Abnormal traffic movement Macon Georgia

Friday morning 21 October 2005

Start of dowse

1. Was the not normal 4:30 to 5:30 AM 21 Oct west of Macon, GA Route 475 traffic, military traffic? YES

2. Was this American military movements? No

3. Was this Russian military movements? Yes

4. These Russian military operating alone? Yes

5. They are headed South? Yes

6. Russian military on training exercises? NO

7. Russian military movement coordinated by US Military? Yes

8. US Military is telling Russians where to go? Yes

9. Russians in battle ready mode? Yes

10. Are the troop movements plans flexible to change if storm damage from Wilma is sufficient? Yes

11. Russian troops in Florida would give easy deception as to emergency assistance? Yes

12. Foreign troops to appear as if air dropped to military base to support emergency relief only? Yes

13. Will deception flights and landings arrive at military bases to support this act? Yes

14. If Wilma is degraded as to not cause great damage the troops will move on to military base in Alexandria, La.? Yes

15. Did this Russian troop movement split destinations? Yes

16. Logistics and support are in Alexadria, La? Yes

17. Main body of Russian troops are in Florida? Yes

18. Rusian troops in approximate Orlando, Fl. Area? Yes

19 Can storm Alpha change plan to move troops to Alexandria, La.? Yes

20 Has target for storm Alpha been chosen? Yes

21. Are there multiple potential targets? Yes

22. Target changes per people-combined-prevention? Yes

23. Primary target is in Florida? Yes

24. Primary target is Jacksonville area? Yes

25. Gulf of Mexico? No

26. East coast? Yes

27. Northern East coast? Yes

28. As a secondary target? Yes

29. New York City? Yes

30. Damage moving up the coast? Yes

31. New York City secondary major target? Yes

32. Washington D.C. part of target plan? Yes

33. Major damage part of plan? No

24 Is storm alpha to secondary target New York City? Yes

25. Russian troops ordered to hold fire until ordered otherwise? YES

26. Russians are to return to Georgia? No

27. Russians temporary destination is Florida? Yes

28. Russian convoys will pass through Florida? YES

29. Russian troop travels to stay on interstate systems? YES strong

30. Russian military destination is Alexadria Louisiana? Yes

31. Is quake of 63/64 days in future to be at or close to Christmas? Yes

32. Is epicenter of Christmas quake to be in Mississippi State? Yes

33. is epicenter of Christmas quake to be Centerville, Mississippi? Yes [Centerville is in SW corner of Mssissippi]

34. Is the Centerville quake the only planned quake in the Christmas event? Yes

35. Quake 5 days before Centerville a minor R2? Yes

36. “5 days before” is a target test? Yes

37. Quake 5 days after Centerville R5? Yes

38. Is there other quake planned before the Centerville quake? No

39. Is this other quake planned after the Centerville quake? Yes

40. Is this other quake planned before January 1, 2006? Yes

41. Is this other quake after Centerville and before Jan 1? Yes

42. Is the quake after Centerville in the middle Mississippi Valley? Yes

43. Is this series of quakes to appear as the Centerville quake caused the (after shocks) second quake? Yes

44. Are there more quakes planned in this series of quakes? Yes

45. A total of 5 quakes? Yes

46. All quakes R6 or greater? Yes

47. does this series of quakes include the West Coast? No

48. Is this series of planned quakes primarily in the center region of the US along the Mississippi River? Yes

49. Are these series of quakes planned to be concluded by the second week of Jan. 2006? Yes

50. This series for maximum psychological impact? Yes

51. Is there a US Military base in Alexandria La area? Yes

52. Russians are to be based in Alexandria? Yes

53. To work openly with population? NO

54. To be held in reserve? Yes

55. For the planned earthquake series? Yes

56. Russians to take place of FEMA? YES

57. When martial law is imposed in quake area? YES

58. Too many people suspicious of FEMA? YES

59. Part of a federal plan for take over of USA? Yes

60. Hidden powers have continuous series of catastrophes for never let up campaign? YES strong

61. Short range objective is most of Mississippi under federal control by year's end? YES

End of dowse.

Philip N. Ledoux

© Copyright 2005  All Rights Reserved.

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