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Upcoming Earthquakes Planned for March 12
by TPTB to Initiate Martial Law?

[Editor's Note: Dowsing is an indicator. These events may or may not occur. It's a possibility to be aware of. Using your focused intention, steer these events into multible small releases to help Mother Earth dissipate the energy. If it doesn't happen, Yippee, we nipped it clean. It if happens, the plan for martial law will flop completely -think it, believe it.

Update: March 10, 2006: I received a note (posted below) from Lilly O. <> concerning the strong possibility of earthquakes occurring within the next few days. You can find out about "boosting" at her web site and participate in the mitigation or (hopefully) abrogation of these engineered events designed to create the excuse for martial law or at least more draconian police state impositions. The sessions will take place at Lilly's web site at 6PM Pacific time on Friday (March 10), Saturday (March 11), and Sunday (March 12)

Get's your country, your family, your freedom, and your future that are at stake. ..Ken]

By Phillip Ledoux <> and
Tim Hicks
March 9, 2006
The following dowse was originated by Tim Hicks. He asked me to verify the dowse “blind,” an explanation might be of interest to readers: Tim had set aside his dowse, and 5 hours later caught me via telephone. On a blank piece of paper Tim reads off a number, and I (the verifier) dowse the answer, and so on to the ending number. Tim’s dowse answers are in blue and mine red. Some of the differences in answers come from Tim’s civilian life experiences vs my military experiences in understanding word-expressions.
In the past Tim and myself have both identified planned earthquake activity by TPTB, and we have tried to give enough advanced notice to help people prepare and those same people plus others around the world to join in and negate and/or mitigate these planned events. The mitigation and negation results have been amazing enough that we both appear to have egg on our faces; although under the circumstances we gladly wipe-off any egg. There is a high probability that outside forces were also called in to help. Incidentally, no help is ever forthcoming until we as an individual start action on our own initiative (however skilled or inept it might be), then and only then can we ask for help.
Tim tells me that TPTB are not going to reap the results as planned, and the outcome is to be dismal in TPTB’s opinions. Mother Nature has some built up pressures that need relief and will utilize the opportunity. If you decide to join the fray, leave the option open for Mother Nature to vent naturally. (Philip N. Ledoux)
Date:    Wed, 8 Mar 2006 16:03:17 -0500
e/q = Earth Quake    12 March = Sunday    y = yes    n = no
1. Is there a working plan by TPTB to create major e/q activity on March 12, 2006 (Sunday) ? y Y

2. Does this plan include more than 1 epicenter? y Y

3. Does this plan include 5 epicenters in the U.S.? y Y

4. Is there also volcanic action planed? y stationary pendulum (no read)

5. These e/q events are to shake all parts of the U.S.? y Y

6. Strength of these events to range above 8 R scale? y maybe

7. This is planned for the afternoon on Sunday the 12th? y y

8. Will these events happen as planned by tptb? y y

9. Will these events be as severe as planned by TPTB? n y slow to develop a weak yes

10. Are these events being controlled by helpful forces more powerful than TPTB? y N

11. These events will be a cleaning of unhealthy momentum? y y

12. These events will be controlled as to their devastation? y maybe

13. Will TPTB attempt to install military command?  y y

14. Will TPTB succeed in installing military law in the aftermath of less destruction than expected? y maybe
15. Will this cause open rebellion/civil war? y y

16. Will this lead to the down fall of the military command? y  no read

end of dowse

Phillip N Ledoux

Important note from Lilly of concerning the mitigation of these engineered earthquakes

----- Original Message -----
From: "Constantin & Lilly" <>
To: "Ken" <>
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 11:21 AM
Subject: earthquake, boosting request

Hi Ken,

Regarding the upcoming earthquakes article you posted.

Last night  I was reading a book when suddenly I had this FEAR in my solar plexus, I knew was not mine.  My whole abdominal area was shaking. I knew immediately that something bad is going to happen and I went  high "above my space" and asked why do I have this fear.  I got the word "EARTHQUAKE".  I asked when and got "soon", "few days".   When I looked at your website today and saw the article about upcoming earthquake, I had another confirmation, and feel that is very serious and needs lot of "work".

I will ask everyone in to participate Friday (tonight) , Saturday, and Sunday in boosting sessions  to stop this earthquake, as well as the upcoming war in Iran.  We boosted few days for this invasion in Iran, and we keep getting WAR.

I am also asking you to let everyone know that we'll be having boosting sessions Friday,  10 (tonight) Saturday, March, 11, 2006 and Sunday March, 12  all at 6:00 pm Pacific Time and we invite everyone to participate with us etherically to stop this earthquake as well as Iran invasion.

In the last boosting sessions we found out that between March and June 2006, there will be many man made disasters. Ken, We need a lot of work, and the more the better, UNITY is what need NOW. Yasmine wrote a boosting request Boosting with the Planets and Celestial Influences (updated)  I ask if you can post her request as well.  She will write to you.

Thanks and hope that everything will be just fine,

God's willing.


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