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April 18, 2008 Midwest Earthquake Calibration Run for August Temblor?

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From Tim Hicks and Philip Ledoux
April 21, 2008

April 18, 2008 Midwest Earthquake Calibration Run for August Temblor? (May 7, 2008)

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Subject: Earthquake in Midwest U. S. whicih occurred on 04/18/08

Dowse 04/20/2008

1.Was the reported Earthquake magnitude of 5.2 correct? yes [Verify]

2.Was the report of six aftershock tremors correct? no [Maybe]

3.Were there more aftershock tremors than reported? yes [Verify]

4.Were all the aftershocks a natural settling of the pressure release? no [Possibly yes, possibly no]

5.Were all aftershock tremors concluded within 24 hours? yes [Verify]

6.Is there any major significance to the incorrect aftershock reports? yes [Verify]

7.Was this misreporting intentional by U.S. government agencies? yes [Verify]

8.Was this to conceal evidence of the cause of the Earthquake? yes [Verify]

9.Was this Earthquake triggered by man made technology? yes [Verify]

10.Was this scaler technology that was used to trigger? yes [Verify]

11.Was ultrasonic technology coupled with scaler technology the methods used? yes [Verify]

12.Was the primary reasoning for this earthquake event targeting and calibration? yes [Verify]

13.Was this E/Q event monitored by non-physical beings? yes [No read]

14.Was the intensity of this event affected by non-physical beings? yes [Verify]

15.Was the effect of this intervention to very slightly lessen the magnitude? yes [Verify]

16.Was this measured intervention to reduce damage and loss of life but still allow the event to occur? yes [No Read]

17.Was the intent of those that intervened to stir awareness of the possibilities of man-made "natural disasters" and also their willingness to respond to focused requests for intervention? yes [Verify]

18.The overall desire of these non-physical beings that intervened is to have invitation to intervene into the physical reality by those who actually live in the physical? yes [Verify]

19.The definition of invitation is requests for appropriate assistance to self create the desired reality in the physical? yes [Verify]

20.Thus, if enough passion, desire and focus on creating a reality that does not include these man-made disasters were expressed by enough of those of us here in the physical, they would not be allowed to happen? yes [Verify]

21.Is this preceding statement the lesson most needed to be understood by us in the physical? yes [Verify]

22.This assistance is delivered with the most complete Love for us all and is within respect for our own freewill and powers of self creation? yes [VERIFY]

23.Was the targeting and calibration of this event done as preparation for a near future event planned for August 2008? yes [Verify]

24.Are there plans to man-make a major Earthquake event in August of 2008? yes [Verify]

25.Can this event and all others be negated with self determined creation? yes [Verify]

end of dowse

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