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Was New Orleans Chaos a Repeat of Mao's China Script?

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 7, 2005


This started my mind to thinking: New World Orleans: Microcosm for the "New America" Special report on the elite police state takeover | September 5 2005 (
By Steve Watson

Imagine an America where everyone is displaced. It's survival of the fittest as all law and order has broken down. Martial law has been declared with 24 hr curfews, Posse Comitatus has been overturned and there are troops on the streets shooting anyone who disobeys their orders.

I am composing on line so it will be short, TPTB hack during my on line time.

Back in the 1950ies was it when Mao took over China [I think The Great March of Mao was in 1949..Ken]? Nothing in the media, but a renagade newsletter carried the report from someone who had left China or had been expelled. Everyone in China had been relocated. Those from the South to the North, from the North to the West, etc. etc. Total chaos, because in China of that time, the people from one valley separated by mountains couldn't talk with people from the next valley because of language differences. There were nearly a hundred Chinese dialects. The next stage was reported in the media, "volunteers" and "heroes" were going from settlement to settlement teaching the illiterates how to read.

Let's put this into perspective with later information. How can you control a country of 100 "states" who all use a different language? You create chaos. You move everyone around in the country, label them "illiterate", and educate them to a new standard of Cantonese (?) Chinese. Now you have a country unified in language, and thusly unified so they can be manipulated as a total unit rather than manipulating 100 units.

They were clever weren't they?

In another context, The rehearsal was done 60 or 70 years ago, so this New Orleans/Katrina fiasco needs no rehearsals. The script is an old one. Merely change the language to English, and adjust a few obsolete phrases. Voila -- America under "control".

Respectfully, Philip N. Ledoux

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