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The Influence of Negative Entities Upon the Human Psyche

By Tim Hicks
December 12, 2011

The Influence of Negative Entities Upon the Human Psyche (Dec. 12, 2011)


I am writing to pass along some intuitive perceptions that I think are quite relative to the circumstances that we now, as a society, find ourselves involved in. That which will be talked about here is of an adult nature, but concerns the most vulnerable of our human family, our precious children. I ask the reader to provide appropriate measures to assure that only the mature read this, as it is most disturbing.

I wish to begin by stating that the things I speak about here are of my intuitive understanding and are not documented "facts and figures" in the traditional sense of the phrase. Actually, a great effort has been expended to hide and confuse the subject matter under discussion here because as more people become aware of these things, the more tenuous is the grip of the manipulators on our society's perception of itself.

Those who have built the box we live in have taught us to not think of that box as a restriction (although they live outside of it) and to think of it as 'safety.' Thus, we, the captive bird, live passively inside the imaginary cage, observing their ever increasing thirst for the illusion of power.

It is my desire to expose the unseen control of the personality of human society, the personality of the individual human, and the personality of each individual human thought. We need to recognize the unseen manipulation of the human on the spiritual battlefield, for truly, the human psyche (and its perception) is the battlefield.

I am not speaking of evil human beings.

I am speaking about what makes the personality of a human reflect and induce evil into this reality.

It is stated in the Bible that God made man in His image, a reflection of His Divinity. How then, could a dark angel such as Lucifer cause this human being-ness, an incarnation of Gods' image to act in evil? How could he cause the reflection of Gods' Light to be dimmed by desire for something perceived as not-of-God?

Surely a frontal attack would be repulsed. But, if Lucifer could covertly inject a dark entity into the thinking faculty of the human and cause a false thought, and then have that human blame himself...

Well, the human would then doubt his Oneness with All that is Divine, because he has had evil thoughts, acted them out, and (falsely) enjoyed the illusion of power not-of-God.

He no longer thinks himself worthy of the Divinity that he truly is. He assumes guilt; the guilt that never was his. Lacking the anchor that is Truth, he embraces the defiled thought process engendered by this dark entity and concealed as his own ego.

Lucifer is now "on a roll" so to speak, but he still has some difficulties to be solved:

How to get the entity into the thinking faculty?

Answer: How about having the entity"hang around" the human so it is always ready to jump in if an opportunity arises. An opportunity such as intense grief, severe bodily injury, anger or a drunken stupor. There is now an influence in place to be utilized to wreak whatever may be Lucifer's desire and the controlled human will accept the blame!

The next problem for Lucifer is that this process is not fully under his control. He has to wait for the right set of circumstances to happen. And what if the controlled human dies?

Answer: create traumatic circumstances.

Lucifer directs the entity to direct the thoughts of the controlled human to exert abuse towards another human to create the needed circumstances which will create another controlled human by injecting another entity into the victim.

What kind of abuse? And what kind of victim?

Answer: Sexual abuse of children.


Sexual abuse can be done in a wide variety of ways that can be hidden,. It is the most evil and veil assault on a victims' sense of self worth and self esteem and is the fastest route to a broken will and a sense of hopelessness.

Children are chosen because they are defenseless, trusting, and will more easily believe the abuse to be 'normal' human behavior as they do not have any historic reference to determine the wrongness of such acts. Also, it is generally accepted that a child is much more likely to split their personality into fragments to emotionally survive the violation to their self definition.

Thus, creating a personality that appears to be reasonably normal and other personalities to be host to the entity that is causing all the issues. This is the picture and definition of the most evil act against humanity. From this springs, all the evil that one human can do to another. And so, the picture that has been painted here is more of subconscious influence from within than one of an attack from without.

How prevalent is this?

Intuitively, I have determined that 22% of the human population has been exposed to direct sexual abuse by another human with the intent by the attackers' entities to insert standby entities to create another controlled human.

Nearly all of these victims don't remember the abuse sessions in their conscious mind. About half of these attacked humans manage to exert enough control over these inserted entities and their destructive thoughts, that they do not act out the urgings which they recognize as abnormal and unnatural, but suffer nonetheless with variations of "What is wrong with me?" and "What a terrible human am I!" and "How could I even think such things?" for the duration of their life.

They may develop drug and alcohol addictions and other self destructive behavior patterns such as over (or under) eating or indiscriminate sexual habits among adults. Obviously, there is little chance of a happy or even a satisfying life.

The other half of this group, may embrace this evilness to varying degrees. At the worst end of that spectrum is the ritualistic sacrifice of animals and humans to honor the dark deities in control of the entities that have been placed in the human.

Since these entities and deities are not in the physical realm, they can recognize and communicate with each other without being seen or detected by humans.

Most of the influenced humans do not have any idea of what has happened to them from within that portion of their personality that does not partake in it. They only know that their life is totally dysfunctional and they usually are dealing with very dysfunctional families (with children most likely repeating the same dysfunctional life cycle for themselves).

Because of this unseen cooperation, thoughts are implanted and generated which will decide who will attain influential appointed positions, who gets the promotions and the pay raises in the workplace, and who gets the nominations that lead to successful elections.

Those that lead us into war and killing are guided and influenced by this installed evil.

And the other 90% (80% that are not directly subjected to the trauma of abuse plus the 10% that control the injected entities to some extent) don't have any idea as to what is leading society. We only see evermore dysfunctional people acting in evermore dysfunctional ways.

Just a few months ago, I could not have written this information without certain demise and a decimation of reputation. The wheels of change are in motion in both the physical and nonphysical.

The unchallenged powers that were in place, are no more. Those that willingly served this evil and believed that this evil served them are of absolute power no more.

The secretive manipulations of the old power systems are now in disarray. The snakes and beasts are now deflated, un-animated. What used to be hidden business-as-usual is being exposed and will be exposed all the way to the depths of power that once was, but is no more. Watch the current news stories of child abuse cases and notice how their latest revelations expose the roots of this evil vine.

Timothy W. Hicks


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