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Dowse on Government Bunker Exercise Possibly Set for June 19, 2006

[Editor's Note: It's important to view this and all other dowses as a POSSIBILITY of future events. It's not a GUARANTEED thing. We can change the course of our reality by affirmative, collective thought.  By holding the thought (focused intent) that negative developments will NOT unfold, we have the ability to stymie, adversly affect or entirely abort a planned disaster. Do not allow FEAR to dominate or control your emotions or outlook. Look at this and similar insights as an OPPORTUNITY to EXPOSE negative plans and to kick out the slats from under the Dark Siders and shorten the time we have to put up with these parasites. There has been indicators from astrologers and other sources that June 2006 MAY hold a surprise event, but I'm also told that IF it happens, the "event" will resolve very quickly. Let's see to it the June passes without any unpleasantries and get on to exposing these rats before the November elections. Positive thought leads to positive outcomes. ...Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
June 14, 2006

The government is to implement an exercise starting 19 June 2006 of conducting government from secure sites. I have wondered about this for some time.

Baseline check: Normal (to fro Yes)

The government going into hard bunkers etc. is merely a test? No

There is a hidden reason for this so-called exercise? Yes

There is a threat to continued government operations? Yes

The threat is real which could panic the general population? Yes

Because of potential panic the exercise cover was chosen? Yes

Is only the US government threatened? Yes

The threat is from within the government itself? Yes

The threat is being minimized by select participants to the exercise? Yes

This excludes most of the threat? Yes

The bunker participants are Illuminati friendly? Yes

The threat is information release exposing Mt.Carmel, 911 and Iraq? Yes

The information to be released would constitute a coup? Yes

The Illuminati were aware of all the preparations? Yes

Normal Illuminati counter measures were not working? Yes

The exercise will disrupt the planned release of information? Yes

This is a truth vs. lies encounter in the government? Yes

The number of truth seekers outnumber the lie creators? Yes

The ratio is 2 truth vs. 1 liar? No

Is this ratio greater in number of truth? Yes

Truth vs liar is approximately 7 to 1? Yes

The liars occupy all the key positions? Yes

These key positions can be overthrown by publication of truth? Yes

The bunker exercises will prevent effectiveness of publication? Yes

The exercise is not expecting metorite damage? Yes

The exercise is not anticipating military operations? Yes

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

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