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Hiding History in Plain Sight

By Philip N. Ledoux
July 4, 2006

Most of us rely on a few translators of Ancient Greek as to what happened back when. Sitchen is an excellent example of the herd believing the translators about Ur yet he taught himself cuneiform and came up with an entirely different "story" using the same source texts. Yet, all this is understandable in the context of so much time passing from the original text writing and the translations.

What about purposeful lost history to living peoples? I had never thought of that! The Turkish people had a written language that was simplified as text, although not in spoken form. In other words the spoken language never changed, only the symbols placing that language on paper (or stone) was simplified. This was around 1910. After 1970 there would be no living people in Turkey who knew the original written language and the newer simplified text. Therefore no one could read the historical texts written prior to 1910, nor understand them except for linguistic specialists. In practical application within a generation, no one could understand the original texts because it no longer was taught in the school systems.

And in recent Chinese history, the same thing happened. I believe it was in the late 1950ies or 1960ies that the Chinese ideographs have been simplified. Effectively in China today, again with the noted exception or very old people, no one can read the original written texts (newspapers, books, etc.), therefore it is non-existent other than what the government declares what the past has been and was written; which we know are not compatible with actual events.

This is nothing more than "for what it is worth" department. Those little known tidbits that are so highly significant in trying to sort out what is really happening in the world.

Philip N. Ledoux

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